25 Best Gochujang Chicken Recipe

Korean cuisine offers a wide array of tastes. However, two flavors keep popping up: spicy and fermented. One of the most famous condiments that features this flavor is gochujang. With this compilation of 26 Best Gochujang Chicken Recipe, you can make your own Korean spicy chicken at home.

What is Gochujang Chicken?

What is Gochujang Chicken

Gochujang is a spicy paste that came from Korea. The condiment is known for its sticky texture and bright red color. It’s funky, nutty, and has a mix of sweetness and spice.

Gochujang features one of the most common Korean spices: chili peppers. With the addition of aromatics, sticky rice, and sweeteners, gochujang is ripe with flavors. As a fermentation product, gochujang has a funky note akin to kimchi and sauerkraut.

You can make gochujang in the comfort of your home or buy one at an Asian grocery store. If you love a mix of spicy and fermented flavors, gochujang is a sure-fire way of elevating your meals.

Now that we know what gochujang is let’s see the chicken recipes you can make. What are you waiting for? Get a notepad because we are sure that you will have your next meal with this list of x best gochujang chicken recipes.

1. Sheet-Pan Gochujang Chicken and Roasted Vegetables

Sheet-Pan Gochujang Chicken and Roasted Vegetables

What is better than gochujang chicken? Chicken with roasted vegetables. This filling and hearty baked meal are perfect for cooking a weeknight dinner.

Pour the ingredients into a sheet pan, add the spicy gochujang sauce, and you are good to go. In less than ten minutes of prep, you can have this all-in-one dish ready to serve.


2. Gochujang Chicken Bulgogi

Gochujang Chicken Bulgogi

Smokey and spicy, this gochujang chicken bulgogi recipe is a perfect way to mix two Korean dishes. Pop the ingredients in a grill or grill pan, and you are good to go. It’s an easy grill dish that’s perfect for samgyeopsal-style dining. You can eat the chicken bulgogi with some leafy greens and soju for fun and relaxing time.


3. Gochujang Chicken and Rice

It’s no surprise that rice will appear on this recipe list. This mix of gochujang chicken and garlic butter rice is a perfect comfort meal.

It features a blend of yogurt and gochujang as the base for the sauce, making the chicken tangy and spicy. With its easy steps and fast prep time, this gochujang chicken and rice is a weeknight-friendly meal.


4. Slow-Roast Gochujang Chicken Recipe

Slow-Roast Gochujang Chicken Recipe

This chicken gochujang recipe features melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It’s a rotisserie-style chicken with gochujang sauce and potatoes. It might look daunting, but with this easy recipe, even a novice in the kitchen can make it.

The recipe is a great way to elevate family dinners without breaking too much sweat. Since it’s a slow-roast dish, you need to wait for 2 to three hours for it to cook.


5. Korean Fried Chicken with Gochujang Sauce

Crispy and saucy, this Korean fried chicken with gochujang sauce is here to level up your meal. The gochujang provides a tangy, spicy, and sweet taste in one bite.

However, the chicken is not left behind, marinated and coated with buttermilk; it has a crunch like no other. This fried chicken is an easy yet showstopper dish.


6. Oven Baked Korean Spicy Chicken with Gochujang

Oven Baked Korean Spicy Chicken with Gochujang

Don’t want to fry your spicy chicken? Well, this recipe might be the answer. Being baked in the oven, the gochujang does not provide crunchy chicken skin but has a tight and flavor-packed rotisserie-style cooking.

You are in for some lazy prep as it only requires you to do two significant steps: prepare the sauce and the chicken. Pop the marinated chicken cuts in the oven, and you are good.


7. Lemon Gochujang Chicken Recipe

You can taste the delicious citrus zest with this lemon gochujang chicken recipe. The homemade laze sauce is perfect for the tenderized and juicy chicken.

You will surely love this recipe if you love the hint of lemon aroma. You can also serve it with a side of rice and vegetables to make a hearty and satisfying meal.


9. Braised Chicken with Gochujang

Braised Chicken with Gochujang

You are in for a tender and flavorful meal with the slow-cooked chicken. The gochujang sauce slowly simmering gives the chicken a deeply infused flavor. Braised with sake, the chicken has a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The three-step process makes prep and cooking easier and faster. Even though it has less than an hour of cooking time, you can ensure that the braised chicken is packed with flavor.


10. Gochujang Chicken Wings

Many spicy wings are available worldwide, along with a Korean twist on the dish. With this recipe, you can make crispy and tasty gochujang chicken wings in the comfort of your home. It’s the perfect balance between sweetness and spice.

The most significant thing is the recipe has six ingredients—a perfect snack with less than 30 minutes of prep and cooking time.


11. Sweet, Sour, and Spicy Yangnyeom-Tongdak

Yangnyeom-Tongdak, or Korean fried chicken, is commonly made spicy with gochujang. However, this yangnyeom-tongdak recipe takes it up a notch by mixing the sweet ketchup with the sour white vinegar.

The sauce provides a nice blend of delicious flavor paired with the crispy breaded chicken cutlets. With its fast prep and easy steps, you can serve fantastic Korean fried chicken in no time.


12. Sweet and Spicy Gochujang Chicken Bowl

Sweet and Spicy Gochujang Chicken Bowl

Do you want a filling and balanced meal? This spicy chicken bowl is an excellent option. Filled with chicken, rice, and vegetables, it’s an easy weeknight meal and provides a nutritious twist.

It may sound like the chicken bowl can be too much with the rice and vegetables, but it’s far from the truth. The sweet and spicy provides an excellent complement to other ingredients without overpowering each other’s flavors.


13. Hot Gochujang Chicken and Cold Oi Naengguk

Hot and cold, this recipe plays with contrasting flavors of Korean cuisine. Oi naengguk, or cold cucumber soup, is another Korean dish. It might be a surprise that two extremes are put into one meal, but there is a reason for that.

The two dishes work together as a balancing act between each other. The refreshing cucumber soup balances the spiciness and fermented flavor of the gochujang chicken.


14. Oven Baked Gochujang Chicken

Easy and delicious, this gochujang chicken recipe provides a healthier substitute for frying. The chicken turns soft and tender with every bite as it uses the oven. With the gochujang marinade, the flavors seep into the meat thoroughly. The recipe provides trouble-free steps, so even beginners can make this gochujang chicken.


15. Gochujang Chicken Wings with a White BBQ Sauce

This gochujang chicken wings recipe perfectly bridges Southern American and Korean cuisine. The chicken wings are grilled in true South fashion for the ultimate smokey goodness.

The chicken is crunchy and spicy, while the white BBQ sauce makes for a refreshing and creamy taste. The white sauce serves as a balance with the rich hotness of the chicken wings.


16. Buffalo Gochujang Chicken Sandwich

Level up your gochujang chicken with this sandwich recipe. It provides a refreshing and flavorful taste through lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. The formula is very much like the standard hamburger bun.

Not that it’s a bad thing, as hamburgers are known for their filling and flavor-packed taste. This recipe adds a slightly spicy twist to the typical burgers.


17. Sheet Pan Sticky Gochujang Chicken Meatballs

Sheet Pan Sticky Gochujang Chicken Meatballs

Meatballs are not only made with pork. This delicious chicken meatball recipe provides a healthier twist to the dish. Tossed in the oven with a spicy gochujang sauce, you are in for a quick rice topper. With its easy prep, the recipe is a perfect meal you can do any day of the week.


18.  Spicy Korean Grilled Chicken

This recipe offers a smoky twist to your spicy chicken. A grill pan can minimize the mess of making your grilled chicken. The lemon zest on top adds a delicious citrus twist to balance out the intense flavor of the chicken. It’s a perfect rice topper that makes for a satisfying and hearty meal.


19. Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

Easy and delicious, this crispy Korean fried chicken recipe is a perfect way to make a gochujang chicken. With a quick cooking time, just pop the breaded chicken and sauce in the pan and let it cook.

The gochujang sauce might be the dish’s star, but the chicken cuts are also not left unflavored. It’s packed with different spices and buttermilk coating for a crunchy texture.


20. Spicy Gochujang Stir Fried Chicken

Stir fry is an integral part of Asian cuisine. With this spicy gochujang stir-fried chicken recipe, you can have a quick meal at home. As a trouble-free and quick recipe, this Korean dish is perfect for beginners in the kitchen. This recipe is ideal if you are in for some lazy cooking for a weeknight dinner.


21. Coconut-Gochujang Glazed Chicken with Broccoli

Coconut-Gochujang Glazed Chicken with Broccoli

If you are new to Korean-style cuisine, having gochujang’s pure hot and spicy flavor might be overpowering. With this recipe, the coconut will mellow out the gochujang for a creamier and milder spicy flavor.

While the recipe puts broccoli in the forefront, brussels sprouts and cauliflowers are also great alternatives. It serves a balance of sweet and rich flavors.


22. Spicy Chicken Bulgogi

Bulgogi, or sizzling Korean spicy chicken, is a typical pub and bar food in Korea. This one is perfect for you if you are looking for a dish that can go along with some soju or craft beer.

The mix of gochujang and gochugaru makes for an extremely hot-to-the-tongue dish. Just imagine it, biting into the spicy chicken cutlets and downing it with a cold refreshing beer.


23. Korean Chicken Stew with Gochujang Sauce

Korean Chicken Stew with Gochujang Sauce

The garlic and chili twist with this chicken stew will surely make you want more. Spinach and boneless chicken thighs are the main stars of this recipe. The gochujang sauce makes it a rich, healthy meal with a slightly spicy kick.

It’s an easy meal as you just put the ingredients in the pot and let it simmer. The warm and hotness of the stew make it perfect for a rainy day.


24. Gochujang Chicken Pot Pie

This pot pie guarantees meaty and spicy goodness within every slice. If you are tired of the common vegetables and rice to go with your gochujang chicken, making a pot pie might be the best solution for you.

The pot pie provides a comforting meal with its flaky crust and creamy chicken filling. It’s filling enough as a meal and light enough as a snack.


25. Spicy Korean Chicken Stew

Spicy Korean Chicken Stew

Dak tori tang, or spicy Korean chicken stew, is a comfort meal in Korean cuisine. The stew contains chicken, vegetables, and a spicy gochujang sauce. It’s a hearty dish, perfect for rainy days or a weeknight dinner.

The braised chicken has the flavor deeply infused through the slow cooking process. It provides a hot and spicy feel with every sip of the stew.


In Summary

Whether you love the spicy, creamy, or crunchy gochujang recipe, you can find it here. With this list of 26 chicken gochujang recipes, you can have your next Korean chicken meal in no time. Even if you are a beginner or a pro, there is a recipe for you.

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