32 Cheap Crockpot Meals Anyone Can Make

Create your own affordable slow cooker meals without sacrificing taste or quality. The idea of simply tossing all the ingredients into a pot and letting it do the work for you is incredibly appealing. These recipes are not only delicious, but also nutritious and family-friendly.

Hamburger Stew

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As temperatures drop, there’s nothing quite like a warm and comforting bowl of stew to thaw out your senses. However, when working with a budget, the thought of splurging on an expensive cut of beef can be daunting. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a delicious and satisfying stew. This Hamburger Stew recipe is a game-changer, using ground beef instead of pricey chuck roast or round. With a price tag under $2 per serving, this hearty and flavorful dish is accessible to all. The combination of carrots, onions, potatoes, and frozen peas creates a rich tapestry of textures and tastes, while the beef broth adds depth and complexity. Not only is this stew a treat for your taste buds, but it’s also a nutritional powerhouse, packed with Vitamins A and C to boost your immune system and fiber to keep your digestive system running smoothly. One serving provides nearly a third of your daily fiber needs, making it an excellent choice for meal prep. And the best part? This stew only gets better with time, retaining its flavor and texture even after reheating or freezing – up to 2 months, to be exact. Simply store it in glass meal prep containers that are oven, dishwasher, and freezer safe, making them a practical and eco-friendly option for your cooking needs.

Chipotle Chicken Soup

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Indulge in the bold flavors of Mexico with this mouthwatering Chipotle Chicken Soup. The combination of corn, jalapeno peppers, and green chiles creates a vibrant culinary experience that will leave you craving more. A touch of smoky heat from the chipotle pepper is expertly balanced by the tanginess of sour cream, making for a truly fiesta-like sensation. To add satisfying texture to this hearty soup, simply shred your chicken using two forks or opt for a meat shredder for an even easier experience. But what really sets this recipe apart is its impressive nutritional profile. Packed with Vitamin C and a good source of iron, this soup will keep your energy levels soaring. Try it today and reap the benefits! Per serving: Calories – 251, Fats – 10g, Protein – 26g, Carbs – 17g, Fiber – 3g, Sugar – 6g

Crispy Whole30 Keto Pork Carnitas

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Savor the flavor of Mexico with these delectable Pork Carnitas, boasting a tender and juicy texture. The harmonious balance of savory pork, sweet orange juice, and refreshing lime juice will leave your taste buds and stomach dancing in delight. Not only do they tantalize the palate, but they also pack a nutritious punch, loaded with Vitamins A and C, as well as potassium for healthy blood pressure. What’s more, these carnitas are keto-friendly, making them an excellent addition to any meal plan. Serve them with tortillas to create a satisfying and filling meal. Per serving, you can expect: 245 calories, 10g of fats, 33g of protein, 4g of carbohydrates, 1g of fiber, and only 1g of sugar.

Sweet Potato Chili

As a meat lover, I’m well aware that it’s not always necessary to indulge in hearty portions of meat. Sometimes, taking a step back and giving our taste buds a break is just what we need. And that’s exactly where this Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili comes in – a deliciously chunky and satisfying dish that doesn’t rely on meat for its flavor or substance.

The sweetness of the sweet potatoes perfectly balances out the pungency of the garlic, while the black beans and veggie crumbles add a filling and nutritious element to the dish. Meanwhile, the nutritional yeast flakes bring a pleasant umami flavor to the party, making you forget that there’s no meat in sight.

But what makes nutritional yeast flakes truly special is their impressive nutritional profile – they’re not only a complete protein, but also contain beta-glucans that have been shown to boost immunity. And the best part? You can add them to all sorts of dishes beyond just chili and soups – even popcorn or pasta!

Per serving, this recipe delivers:
Calories: 99
Fats: 2g
Protein: 6g
Carbs: 15g
Fiber: 5g
Sugar: 3g

Keto Crockpot Chicken Thighs

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On a keto diet, it’s common to experience rapid weight loss. However, this way of eating can sometimes come with a higher price tag. Fortunately, there’s a delicious and affordable option that combines the benefits of a low-carb meal with cost-effectiveness. This recipe features tender chicken thighs smothered in a flavorful sauce, served atop a bed of cauliflower rice infused with rich chicken broth and crisp cabbage. Not only is this dish a nutritional powerhouse, but it also fits neatly within keto guidelines.Each serving boasts an impressive 4.5 grams of net carbs or less, making it an ideal choice for those following the ketogenic diet. The real secret to this recipe’s low-carb status lies in the cauliflower rice, which not only keeps carb counts in check but is also incredibly nutritious. One cup of cauliflower rice contains nearly 60% of your daily Vitamin C needs and is a rich source of folate, an essential nutrient for DNA synthesis.As an added bonus, cauliflower rice is remarkably low in calories, making it a guilt-free addition to any meal. Here’s the nutritional breakdown per serving:Calories: 286Fats: 9.3gProtein: 41.5gCarbs: 8.1gFiber: 2.7gSugar: 3.8gRecipe: [insert recipe details here]

Vegetable Beef Soup

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While it’s true that we all need more veggies on our plates, the reality is that they can be pricey and time-consuming to prepare – especially when they’re out of season. Frozen veggies offer a convenient solution, often being cheaper than their fresh counterparts. This Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup is packed with frozen goodness and tastes amazing, making it hard to stop at just one bowl. Yet, each serving contains only 107 calories, so you can enjoy multiple bowls without guilt. Moreover, this nutritious soup provides approximately a quarter of your daily protein needs, along with immunity-boosting Vitamins A and C. With the following nutritional breakdown per serving: Calories – 107, Fats – 1.8g, Protein – 12.2g, Carbs – 11.5g, Fiber – [unknown], Sugar – 6.2g.

Teriyaki Chicken

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Indulge in a flavorful and nutritious meal by swapping Japanese takeout for this Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken. The dish is packed with sweet, savory, and umami notes from the homemade Teriyaki sauce, making it a treat for your taste buds. But its benefits don’t stop there – the chicken also boasts potassium, which helps regulate healthy blood pressure levels, and high-quality protein that keeps you full. Serve it with brown rice or fried rice to round out the meal. With each serving, you can expect:Calories: 348Fats: 7gProtein: 37gCarbs: 35gFiber: 1gSugar: 27gTo recreate this mouthwatering dish, simply follow the recipe.

Thai Peanut Chicken

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Satisfy your cravings for Asian-inspired flavors with this mouthwatering Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken. The dish boasts tender chicken thighs smothered in a rich, creamy peanut sauce, garnished with the crunch of roasted peanuts and the freshness of cilantro. A burst of heat from the sriracha sauce is tempered by the coconut milk’s cooling properties, while the peanut butter adds sweetness and velvety texture. What sets this recipe apart is its remarkably low sugar content – a single serving contains only 3 grams of sugar. Here are the nutritional highlights: Per Serving, you can expect Calories: 560, Fats: 47g, Protein: 28g, Carbs: 11g, Fiber: 2g, and Sugar: 3g. Simply combine all the ingredients in your slow cooker and let the magic unfold.

Crockpot Vegetable Chicken Potato Soup

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As the chill of winter sets in, there’s no better remedy than a hearty bowl of soup to warm both body and soul. This particular recipe is a true comfort food, packed with an abundance of vegetables and boasting impressive nutritional credentials.

Not only does it provide a welcome boost to your immune system, but its rich profile also makes it an excellent choice for supporting heart health. The key to achieving the perfect chunky texture lies in the careful shredding of chicken breast, a task that can be accomplished with the aid of two forks.

Nutrition Breakdown (per serving):
Calories: 334
Fats: 6g
Protein: 49g
Carbs: 19g
Fiber: 4g
Sugar: 5g

3-Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Tacos

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Indulge in the simplicity of Taco night with these scrumptious 3-Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Tacos. What sets them apart is their effortless preparation – a true time-saver. Simply combine skinless chicken breasts, low-sodium taco seasoning, and jarred salsa in your slow cooker, then let it work its magic. The result is mouthwatering chicken tacos packed with flavor. Not only are they delectable, but they’re also an excellent source of protein, making each serving satisfyingly filling. Per serving, you can expect: 137 calories, 3g fats, 22g protein, 5g carbs, 1g fiber, and 2g sugar.

Chicken Burrito Bowls

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Satisfy your craving for bold Mexican flavors with these Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls. The combination of creamy black beans, sweet corn, smoky green chiles, and flavorful taco-seasoned chicken creates a vibrant fiesta in every bite. For an extra kick, elevate the dish by topping with ripe avocados, spicy guacamole, or a drizzle of hot sauce. This recipe delivers a satisfying serving that’s both nourishing and exciting.Per Serving:Calories: 314Fats: 5gProtein: 38gCarbs: 31gFiber: 8gSugar: 5g

Shredded Mexican Chicken Thighs

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Savoring the flavors of Mexico, we’re pleased to present another delicious recipe that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. These saucy chicken thighs are infused with a delightful warmth courtesy of cumin and chili powder, while coriander adds a fresh and herbaceous note. The passata contributes a tangy acidity, perfectly balancing the dish. With six essential spices to work with, it’s crucial to have accurate measuring spoons on hand to ensure the perfect blend. This recipe is sure to become a staple in your kitchen, providing a long-lasting benefit from its durable ingredients. For more 400-calorie recipes that are both nourishing and flavorful, be sure to explore further. Per serving, this dish boasts: Calories – 380, Fats – 24g, Protein – 41g, Carbs – 1g, Fiber – 0g, Sugar – 0g.

BBQ Pineapple Meatballs

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When stress takes over your workday, the last thing you want to do is spend time in the kitchen. But what if you could come home to a delicious, comforting meal that requires minimal effort? Enter these scrumptious BBQ Pineapple Meatballs. Simply combine store-bought frozen meatballs, BBQ sauce, and crushed pineapple in your slow cooker, then let the magic happen while you unwind. The resulting dish is a perfect blend of sweet and savory, with the tropical flavor of pineapple adding a welcome respite from the stresses of everyday life. Per serving, this recipe packs a punch: 56 calories, 3g fat, 2g protein, 4g carbs, 0g fiber, and 3g sugar.

Lentil Sloppy Joes

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If you’re craving vegan comfort food that’s both satisfying and nutritious, look no further than these Lentil Sloppy Joes. They’re a masterclass in texture and flavor, with chunky lentils and a rich sauce that’s sure to become a new favorite. Just be prepared for things to get messy – after all, sloppy joes are supposed to be just that! The best part? These vegan comfort food staples pack a serious nutritional punch, thanks to the protein-rich brown lentils. Lentils are an excellent source of plant-based protein and have been shown to promote bone health through their mineral content, including manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium. With only 166 calories per serving, you can indulge in these comforting bites without worrying about blowing your diet. Check out more 200 calorie meals here for inspiration.

Thai Pumpkin & Red Lentil Soup

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Indulge in the ultimate vegan comfort food with this soul-soothing soup that’s as rich and creamy as it gets. The harmonious blend of ginger, Thai red curry paste, and coconut milk creates a tantalizing flavor profile that’s both spicy and sweet, thanks to the subtle sweetness from the pumpkin. But what really sets this soup apart is its silky smooth texture – achieved by blending the mixture once it’s cooked. This way, you’ll be left with a velvety consistency that masks any visible veggies or lentils, making for a truly comforting bowl. Just remember to use an immersion blender or a high-speed blender designed for hot liquids, as regular blenders might not withstand the heat. Per serving, this indulgent treat packs in 365 calories, 17g of fats, 14g of protein, 42g of carbs, 12g of fiber, and 11g of sugar.

Korean Chicken

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Want to mix things up with your chicken dinners? Try making a delicious and healthy Slow Cooker Korean Chicken dish. This recipe is packed with bold Korean flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. The slow-cooked chiles add just the right amount of spice, while the oyster sauce and soy sauce bring depth and umami. To balance out the savory flavors, dark brown sugar adds a touch of sweetness. And the best part? This dish is also loaded with nutritious veggies like potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms. So, not only will your taste buds be dancing, but you’ll also be getting a nutrient-rich meal that’s good for you too. With 742 calories, 42g of fat, 45g of protein, 43g of carbs, and 5g of fiber per serving, this recipe is a winner in our books.

Navy Bean Soup

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Consider adopting Meatless Mondays as a way to reduce your expenses. Unprocessed plant-based proteins are often more budget-friendly than their meaty counterparts. For instance, dried navy beans are an affordable option. This Slow Cooker Navy Bean Soup is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. The combination of sweet carrots and aromatic fennel creates a satisfying flavor profile, while the bay leaf adds a refreshing touch. You’ll be left wanting more, with each spoonful providing 17 grams of protein to keep you full. Additionally, this recipe is high in fiber, offering nearly 80% of your daily recommended intake per serving. Not only will it tantalize your taste buds, but also support digestive health. With a nutrition breakdown of: Calories – 309, Fats – 6g, Protein – 17g, Carbs – 50g, Fiber – 19g, and Sugar – 6g per serving, this hearty soup is an excellent choice for both your palate and your well-being.

Vegetable Beef Barley Soup

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If you’re a meat enthusiast, this hearty soup is sure to satisfy your cravings. Its rich, earthy flavor is packed with tender chunks of goodness that’ll stick to your ribs. But don’t worry if you’re not a total carnivore – it’s also loaded with veggies like celery, potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms, making it a surprisingly nutritious option. In fact, this soup is a great source of Vitamins A, C, and potassium. Here’s the breakdown per serving: Calories: 385, Fats: 9g, Protein: 40g, Carbs: 33g, Fiber: 7g, Sugar: 3g.

Ham Bone Split Pea Soup

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When Thanksgiving festivities come to a close, the inevitable ham leftovers can be overwhelming. While sandwiches are a convenient way to repurpose the meat, it’s understandable that you might crave something more substantial. That’s where this Ham Bone Spit Pea Soup recipe comes in – a creamy, comforting, and flavorful solution to your culinary conundrum.

This soup is a masterclass in balancing flavors and textures. The sweetness of the carrots and celery provides a delightful contrast to the richness of the ham bone, creating a truly satisfying eating experience. What’s more, this recipe boasts an impressively low sodium content of just 267mg per serving – a far cry from the processed alternatives found on store shelves.

Per Serving:
Calories: 194
Fats: 1g
Protein: 12g
Carbs: 37g
Fiber: 13g
Sugar: 11g


Sweet and Sour Chicken

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Indulge in the sweet and sour flavors of homemade Chinese takeout with this delightful recipe. A harmonious blend of sweet, tangy, and umami notes is achieved through the clever combination of ingredients like orange juice, pineapples, and monk fruit sweetener. This dish not only satisfies your cravings but also offers a healthier alternative to traditional takeout. The addition of green and red bell peppers provides a refreshing crunch and a boost of nutrition.The unique sweetness from monk fruit sweetener is particularly noteworthy, as it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to spike. If you’re looking to stock up on this natural sweetener, now’s the perfect opportunity.Here’s a breakdown of the nutritional benefits per serving:Calories: 175Fats: 2gProtein: 16gCarbs: 33gFiber: 2gSugar: 23gTo create this scrumptious dish, follow the simple recipe below.

Easy White Bean Chicken Chili

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Ditch the usual beef chili and opt for this indulgent White Bean Chicken Chili instead. The comforting, creamy dish boasts a delightful balance of textures and flavors, with the mildness of white beans perfectly complemented by the richness of bone broth and the subtle heat of green chilies. To top it all off, a sprinkle of cheese and green onions adds a satisfying crunch. You might just find yourself trading in your old beef chili recipe for this new favorite. And let’s not overlook the nutritional benefits of bone broth – it’s a veritable vitamin boost! If you’re as hooked on this recipe as we are, be sure to check out more healthy college dinner ideas like this one here.

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

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When you’re feeling under the weather, a warm bowl of Greek Lemon Chicken Soup can be just what the doctor ordered. This comforting recipe is packed with tender shredded chicken, carrots, spinach, and onions – a winning combination that’s not only delicious but also bursting with nutrients like Vitamins C, K, and antioxidants. These immune-boosting ingredients work together to combat viruses and keep you feeling your best. And let’s not forget the anti-inflammatory benefits of beta-carotene-rich carrots! With its bright citrus flavor and savory undertones, this soup is sure to hit the spot. Per serving, you can expect: Calories – 184, Fats – 4g, Protein – 27g, Carbs – 12g, Fiber – 3g, Sugar – 4g.

Chicken Tacos

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Simplify your Taco Night with this effortless recipe for Chicken Tacos. Simply combine chicken, taco seasoning, and homemade pico de gallo in your crockpot, and come home to a delicious meal that’s ready to devour. Not only do these tacos taste amazing, but the addition of pico de gallo also provides several nutritional benefits. This fresh salsa is a great source of Vitamin C, contains lycopene for added health benefits, and even includes jalapenos that can help with fat burning. For this recipe, we’ll be using homemade pico de gallo to add an extra layer of flavor and nutrition. Here’s the breakdown: Per serving, you can expect approximately 197 calories, 3g of fat, 18g of protein, 26g of carbohydrates, 2g of fiber, and 7g of sugar.

Salsa Verde Chicken

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Gathering with family is a wonderful way to reconnect and create lasting memories. Whether you’re engaging in friendly competition or simply enjoying each other’s company, it’s a time to bond and cherish the moments together.
But as the hunger pangs start to set in, that’s when this Salsa Verde Chicken recipe truly shines. This comforting dish is a breeze to prepare, requiring only four straightforward ingredients: chicken thighs, taco seasoning, salsa verde, and taco seasoning mix.
The result is a mouthwatering meal that’s sure to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites. With its rich flavors and effortless preparation, it’s no wonder this recipe has become a staple in many households.
Per Serving:
Calories: 271
Fats: 9g
Protein: 44g
Carbs: 1g
Sugar: 1g

Lentil Sweet Potato Chilli

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Are you expecting plant-based guests for dinner? Impress them with a hearty serving of Lentil Sweet Potato Chili. This recipe is a masterclass in balance, where the natural sweetness of corn and sweet potatoes is tempered by the savory flavors of garlic and onions. A pinch of cumin and chili powder adds warmth without overwhelming the dish, while red kidney beans and green lentils provide a filling and satisfying texture. Serve it as is for a delicious meal, or elevate it with a side of cornbread for an unforgettable experience. Nutritionally speaking, each serving boasts 407 calories, with only 1g of fat, 22g of protein, 78g of carbs, and a respectable 9g of fiber, making it a guilt-free choice. With just 15g of sugar, you can indulge without worrying about the consequences.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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While fancy restaurants can keep the romance alive, they can also be expensive affairs. A more affordable and equally impressive alternative is to host date nights at home. And what better way to do that than with a delicious dinner like these Stuffed Cabbage Rolls? Not only will you impress your partner, but you’ll also earn some serious brownie points. The only drawback is the time it takes to prepare them – an hour of prep work to be exact. But trust us, it’s worth the extra effort. To really make the evening special, serve the rolls on elegant dinner platters and enjoy a truly memorable date night. Here are the details: Calories per serving: 183, Fat: 6.5g, Protein: 12.7g, Carbohydrates: 18.7g, Fiber: 2.2g, Sugar: 8.9g.

Lentil and Ham Soup

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Indulge in a warm and satisfying bowl of Lentil and Ham Soup, a delightful combination of flavors and nutrients. The richness of the ham is expertly counterbalanced by the brightness of carrots, spinach, and celery, creating a harmonious blend that will leave you feeling nourished and content. The addition of lentils adds bulk to the soup, making it a protein-packed meal that also provides essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, one serving of this soup boasts an impressive 55% of your daily Vitamin A needs and a quarter of your daily Vitamin C needs – a nutritional powerhouse in every sense! If you’re a fan of this recipe, be sure to explore our collection of healthy fall recipes or discover more wholesome meal options under 300 calories.

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