25+ Coffee Drinks (+Recipes)

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee to start the day, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and try something new, like iced coffee or a fancy coffee cocktail. With so many types of coffee drinks out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

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Indulging in the flavors of autumn, this Pumpkin Cold Brew has won me over with its effortless preparation and unmistakable seasonal taste. With every sip, I’m convinced that it might just become my go-to coffee drink, a true must-try experience reminiscent of cozy fall days.

Coffee Soda

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Imagine sipping on a refreshing beverage that combines the richness of black coffee with the fizziness of soda. If you’re a fan of both, then coffee with soda is an intriguing idea worth trying out. To craft this unique drink, start by brewing your favorite cup of cold coffee using either the standard or French press method. Next, mix equal parts of the cold brew and club soda to create a delightful blend that’s sure to quench your thirst.

Iced Coffee

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Iced coffee is often the go-to choice for those looking to whip up a quick and easy brew at home. And yet, it’s not just limited to sweltering summer days – its refreshing charm can be enjoyed anytime of the year. For some, iced coffee has become an integral part of their daily routine, serving as a revitalizing morning pick-me-up. But what’s really exciting is that you can tailor your iced coffee to suit your taste buds, ranging from bold and rich to sweet and indulgent. So go ahead, get creative, and make iced coffee your own!

Espresso Con Panna

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The concept ‘espresso con panna’ may be unfamiliar to some, but it’s essentially espresso served with a generous dollop of rich and creamy whipped cream. This harmonious union of flavors creates an incredible sensory experience, where the boldness of the coffee is beautifully balanced by the velvety texture of the cream. To craft this delightful beverage, start by brewing a single or double shot of espresso, then top it off with a generous dollop of whipped cream. While ‘espresso con panna’ originated in Europe, its popularity has transcended borders and gained traction in the United States as well. What’s more, this coffee drink is incredibly versatile – you can create your own whipped cream using heavy whipping cream or opt for a store-bought version. Either way, the result is a scrumptious combination that’s sure to satisfy any coffee lover’s cravings.


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The allure of fancy coffee drinks has captivated many of us, with the caffe latte being a pioneer in this realm. This beloved cafe drink is characterized by its creamy body and delectable frothy milk. A key differentiator from its cappuccino counterpart lies in the proportion of steamed milk to espresso. While a traditional cappuccino boasts equal parts of both, a latte typically features 2/3 steamed milk and 1/3 espresso. Furthermore, baristas utilize microfoam – a type of foam prized for its velvety texture – to create stunning latte art, adding an artistic touch to this already-appealing beverage.

Pour Over Coffee

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For those who crave rich and nuanced flavors, pour over coffee is a popular choice. A Chemex coffeemaker, which is surprisingly affordable, is often the tool of choice for many coffee enthusiasts. By using a Chemex, you can unlock the full flavor potential of your favorite coffee beans. When brewing, it’s essential to maintain hot water at an optimal temperature between 200 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for a clean and balanced extraction.

Irish Coffee

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While some may opt for the richness of Bailey’s Irish Cream to elevate their Irish coffee experience, traditionalists know that the authentic recipe relies on the smooth, velvety texture of Irish whiskey. This classic recipe requires just four simple ingredients: a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey (or an alternative), a drizzle of maple syrup, a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee, and a dollop of whipped cream to top it all off. Whether you prefer to whip up your own heavy cream or rely on store-bought, the addition of this fluffy topping adds a delightful texture to the drink. For those looking to mix things up, sugar (in its various forms) can be substituted for the maple syrup to suit individual tastes. And for the more adventurous types, a shot of coffee liqueur can add an extra layer of depth and complexity to the drink. In short, this recipe offers a tried-and-true formula for crafting an Irish coffee that’s sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Iced Latte

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The iced latte is a timeless coffee drink that harmoniously balances espresso’s bold flavor with refreshing creaminess. To craft this treat, you’ll need milk, espresso, and an optional sweetener. The key difference between an iced latte and iced coffee lies in the use of espresso, which imbues the former with a richer, more intense character. To make an iced latte, start by brewing a double shot of espresso, then froth approximately one-quarter cup of whole milk using a whisk or shaking it in a jar. Finally, sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener, such as maple syrup or simple syrup.

Cafe Au Lait

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In the world of coffee, cafe au lait is a French favorite that strikes the perfect balance between rich, bold flavors and smooth, velvety textures. This delightful drink is an ideal accompaniment to brunch, pairing perfectly with sweet treats like muffins or croissants. What’s more, making cafe au lait at home is remarkably straightforward – you don’t even need a specialized espresso machine! The name ‘cafe au lait’ translates simply from French as ‘coffee with milk’, reflecting the drink’s humble yet satisfying essence. To create this morning staple, all you require are equal parts of whole milk and strong coffee, effortlessly combining to produce a delightful cafe au lait experience.

Flat White

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While cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites are all espresso-based drinks, they possess distinct characteristics that set them apart from one another. A key difference lies in their texture, with a flat white boasting an exceptionally smooth profile. This is largely due to the thinner, less frothy foam layer atop the steamed milk that defines a well-crafted flat white. In contrast, lattes and cappuccinos typically feature thicker, more robust foam layers, which can greatly alter the overall experience of enjoying these beverages.

French Press Coffee

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When it comes to brewing a perfect cup of easy and affordable coffee, the French press is an ideal method. This approach requires minimal additional equipment and allows for versatility in terms of roast types and coffee beans used. To make French press coffee, start by combining four cups of water with one cup of ground coffee.

Iced Espresso

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If you’re in need of a morning caffeine boost or an afternoon pick-me-up, look no further than an iced espresso. This refreshing drink can be enjoyed straight up or with the addition of a little whole milk, almond milk, or even a flavored syrup for added sweetness. To create your perfect cup, you’ll need to start with a double shot of espresso – feel free to use any type of milk you prefer. One of the best things about iced espresso is its bold flavor profile, which sets it apart from traditional coffee. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your caffeine fix or just want to mix things up, iced espresso is definitely worth trying.

Cafe con Leche

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While the traditional Spanish cafe con leche recipe typically combines espresso or strong bittersweet coffee with whole milk, a common variation sees coffee taking centre stage instead. This popular Latin American drink, also known as milk coffee, is characterised by its equal parts ratio of rich coffee to creamy milk. With sugar freely available for addition, it’s no wonder cafe con leche is often a family favourite, served to loved ones of all ages. Interestingly, this sweet treat differs from the French cafe au lait in terms of sweetness levels – whereas cafe con leche can be indulgently sweetened with added sweeteners or sweetened condensed milk, its Gallic counterpart tends towards a more subtle sweetness profile. Despite these differences, both drinks share a common thread: their ability to bring people together over a warm and comforting cup.


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For those seeking an intense caffeine boost without the extra calories that come with rich frothed milk, a well-crafted macchiato is the perfect solution. However, many popular coffee shops often deviate from traditional macchiato recipes, leading to confusion about what this Italian drink should truly entail. In reality, a classic espresso-based macchiato consists of a single shot of espresso topped with a delicate layer of frothed milk. The name ‘macchiato’ literally translates to ‘stained,’ implying the subtle infusion of the milk into the rich espresso. To highlight the key difference between a latte and a macchiato, it’s essential to note that a latte typically begins with steamed milk and then adds espresso, whereas a traditional macchiato starts with espresso and finishes with a touch of frothed milk.


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While personal taste plays a significant role in determining the best coffee recipe, many would argue that espresso is a top contender. This concentrated coffee drink has gained immense popularity worldwide, and its rich flavor profile makes it an ideal base for various coffee creations.
Espresso is an Italian method of brewing coffee, which involves forcing pressurized hot water through finely ground coffee beans to produce a single serving of highly concentrated coffee. A standard espresso shot typically measures one ounce, while a double shot, also known as dopio espresso or simply ‘double’ at Starbucks, yields two ounces.
Whether enjoyed on its own in small cups or used as a foundation for beloved drinks like lattes, Americanos, and cappuccinos, espresso’s versatility has contributed to its enduring appeal. With its bold flavor and velvety texture, it’s little wonder why espresso remains a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

Iced Cappuccino

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For those who adore cappuccinos but yearn for a refreshing cold coffee drink, this recipe for iced cappuccino may just become your new go-to beverage. The smooth, sophisticated flavor profile delivers a satisfying caffeine kick without the harsh bitterness often associated with plain espresso.

What sets this iced cappuccino apart is the crowning glory of cold foam topping, crafted from nonfat milk that’s been artfully frothed to perfection. Achieving this velvety texture requires a trusty milk frother and a splash of skim milk.


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When it comes to coffee, few flavors are as beloved as mocha. When you combine high-quality chocolate, milk, and espresso, the result is nothing short of heavenly. The beauty of a mocha latte lies in its versatility – it’s an espresso drink that can be tailored to your taste by adjusting the ratio of chocolate syrup to steamed milk. And the best part? You don’t need to rely on a barista to create this treat, as you can easily make one at home. Of course, for the fluffiest foam, it’s essential to use fresh milk, as older milk may not produce the same level of foaminess. While some might resort to using hot chocolate as a substitute, this is indeed a shortcut. Instead, take the time to craft your mocha with care and attention to detail, and you’ll be rewarded with a drink that’s truly divine.


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The world of coffee is about to get even more exciting for those who haven’t yet discovered the delightful cortado. This Spanish-inspired drink is a masterclass in balance, combining rich espresso with velvety steamed milk to create a robust yet silky experience. While maintaining its bold coffee flavor, the cortado adds a smooth and creamy texture that elevates the overall taste. The perfect ratio of 50/50 espresso and steamed milk makes it a delightfully intense drink. Interestingly, the term ‘cortado’ literally means ‘cut’, which aptly describes how the espresso is ‘cut’ with steamed milk to create this unique brew. When serving, be sure to pour it into a glass cup that can hold 4.5 ounces of liquid for the ultimate cortado experience.


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A classic Caffe Americano is a staple in the world of espresso-based drinks, crafted by combining rich, concentrated espresso with hot water. This harmonious blend of flavors results in a cup that rivals the taste profile of drip-brewed coffee. The key to achieving this perfect balance lies in the ratio of espresso to hot water – a crucial detail often overlooked by novice baristas.

Interestingly, a traditional Americano never incorporates milk or cream. When you add dairy products, you’re essentially creating a cappuccino, latte, or macchiato. To create an authentic Caffe Americano, begin with a strong espresso roast and dilute it to your liking using the optimal proportion of one part espresso to two parts hot water.

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Red Eye Coffee

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When you need a serious caffeine boost in your regular drip coffee, there’s no better solution than whipping up a Red Eye Coffee. Essentially, it’s just that – adding a shot or two of espresso to your morning cup. The result is a bold and energizing brew that’ll keep you going all day long, perfect for those who need a wake-me-up without the risk of afternoon snoozing.

Cold Brew Coffee

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Crafting the perfect cup of cold brew coffee requires just a few minutes of your time, yielding a delightfully smooth and refreshingly chilled beverage. One of its most appealing aspects is that it can be effortlessly prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen. In contrast to hot-brewed coffee, which relies on a drip system, cold brew coffee involves soaking coffee grounds in filtered water at room temperature or cooler temperatures, resulting in a unique flavor profile. A crucial consideration when brewing cold brew is allowing the mixture to steep for an entire 24 hours before consumption, as this allows the flavors to meld together harmoniously. With its versatility and ease of preparation, it’s no wonder why cold brew coffee has become a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts.

Breve Coffee

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What sets apart a traditional Breve brewed coffee is its reliance on rich and creamy half and half to create a unique flavor profile. This distinctive beverage requires a bold, strong espresso as its foundation. The Breve coffee, also known by some as the cafe breve or breve latte, has gained popularity for its precise ratio of two ounces of half and half to one espresso double shot. To ensure consistency, it’s typically served in a 4.5-ounce glass cup. To craft this delightful drink at home, start by brewing a rich espresso double shot and then froth or steam the half and half to create a velvety texture.


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Cappuccinos are among the most renowned and adored brewed coffee beverages. The drink’s trifecta of ingredients – espresso, steamed milk, and frothy milk foam – combines to create a rich and complex flavor profile. With an espresso machine at your disposal, whipping up a cappuccino in the comfort of your own home is a breeze. While both cappuccinos and lattes are espresso-based drinks, they exhibit distinct differences that set them apart. The defining characteristic of a cappuccino lies in its equal parts composition – one-third steamed milk, one-third espresso, and one-third frothy foam. In contrast, lattes consist of two-thirds steamed milk and one-third espresso, with a thin layer of foam on top. Furthermore, the process of preparing a cappuccino is often more accessible to home brewers. If you’re intrigued by the various coffee drinks, particularly espresso-based concoctions, explore this informative video below.

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