22 Healthy Pantry Recipes That Are Insanely Easy To Make

Transforming your pantry into a culinary haven is easier than you think. With a few staples at the ready, you can whip up a multitude of nutritious and delectable meals.

The beauty of relying on pantry products lies in their convenience – no need to worry about expired ingredients or last-minute grocery runs. Instead, focus on elevating these humble items into something truly special.

Easy Rosemary Garlic White Bean Soup

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White bean soup is a nutritious and budget-friendly meal option that relies on canned white beans as its main ingredient. These versatile legumes are not only a great source of protein but also offer an affordable solution for those looking to stretch their food budget.

When it comes to blending hot liquids, caution is advised when using traditional blenders. To avoid accidents and ensure a smooth consistency, consider investing in an immersion blender, specifically designed for this purpose.

Nutritional Information (per serving):
Calories: 380
Fats: 8.2g
Protein: 14.28g
Carbs: 61.91g
Fiber: 17.05g

Salmon Patty

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Canned salmon is the star ingredient in this recipe, and it’s a great choice for those looking to boost their protein and omega-3 intake. Not only does it provide a significant amount of protein, but it’s also an excellent source of brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids. However, it’s worth noting that canned salmon can be high in sodium due to the salt used in the packaging process. To minimize this issue, consider using no-salt added canned salmon instead.

Here is the nutrition information for each serving:
Calories: 177
Fats: 7g
Protein: 20g
Carbs: 8g
Fiber: 1g
Sugar: 1g

Firecracker Chickpea Meatballs

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While traditional meatballs are made from animal products, this innovative recipe uses canned chickpeas as a more sustainable alternative. Not only do these vegetarian meatballs boast a reduced environmental impact, but they also pack plenty of flavor. The sweet and smoky taste is perfectly balanced by a rich, spicy sauce. To prepare the mixture, simply combine chickpeas, breadcrumbs, onions, garlic, soy sauce, and spices in a food processor until well combined. For best results, consider investing in this high-quality food processor. According to our nutrition calculations, each serving of these meatballs contains approximately 257 calories, with 5.1g of fat, 7.6g of protein, 46.3g of carbohydrates, and a respectable 5.9g of fiber. Additionally, each serving includes 12.9g of natural sugars.

Black Bean Buddha Bowls With Sweet Potato & Quinoa

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Indulge in these vibrant Black Bean Buddha Bowls, where the harmonious balance of roasted sweet potatoes, fluffy quinoa, creamy avocado, and black beans in a zesty citrus sauce will transport your taste buds to a state of culinary nirvana. Beyond its irresistible flavor profile, this recipe boasts an impressive array of nutrients that will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied. A single serving provides a substantial dose of vitamin C, essential for maintaining a robust immune system.

Easy Veggie Enchiladas

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Kick off your week with a meatless Monday that’s as satisfying as it is delicious. Our veggie enchiladas are the perfect way to do just that, with their creamy cheese and hearty filling of corn and black beans. And don’t worry about sacrificing flavor or texture – these enchiladas are packed with nutritious goodness.To ensure your meals stay fresh and tasty all week long, be sure to store them in good quality freezer-safe containers. This will help prevent the dreaded freezer burn that can quickly ruin even the best dishes. For more healthy and delicious recipes you can freeze, check out our collection of tasty and easy-to-make options.

Spicy Honey Garlic Instant Pot Noodles

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Indulge in the explosion of flavors with these delectable Instant Pot noodles, a harmonious balance of sweet and spicy notes that will leave you craving more. The best part? You won’t need an arsenal of pots and pans to prepare this culinary masterpiece – your trusty Instant Pot will do the trick. For my top recommendation on Instant Pots, look no further.Per serving, these noodles boast an impressive nutritional profile:Calories: 404Fats: 15gProtein: 26gCarbs: 40gFiber: 3gSugar: 8g

Smoky Tomato White Bean Soup

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Soups have a unique ability to warm the soul and fill our bellies with comforting goodness. This smoky tomato white bean soup is a perfect example, offering a hearty and chunky texture that’s packed with rich flavor. And let’s not forget the generous helping of garlic – not only does it add a pungent punch, but it also boasts numerous health benefits, including its ability to help fight off infections. In fact, incorporating garlic into your diet can be a simple yet effective way to boost your overall well-being. So go ahead and indulge in this satisfying soup, knowing you’re nourishing both your body and your taste buds.Nutritional Information (per serving):Calories: 312Fat: 5gProtein: 19gCarbohydrates: 51gFiber: 12gSugar: 8g

Alaskan Salmon Chowder

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Indulge in a comforting bowl of Alaskan salmon chowder, infused with the richness of tender flaky fish, heavy whipping cream that creates a silky smooth texture, and chicken stock that elevates the flavor profile. If using canned salmon, opt for wild-caught whenever possible, as it not only tastes better than farmed but also boasts fewer calories and greater nutritional value. This recipe is a great addition to a collection of low-calorie dishes.

Per serving:
Calories: 441; Fats: 19g; Protein: 13g; Carbs: 29g; Fiber: 4g.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

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This budget-friendly chili recipe is a game-changer, thanks to the use of black beans instead of beef. The result is a hearty and filling dish that’s packed with flavor. Fire-roasted tomatoes add a sweet and smoky dimension, making this a meal that will keep you satisfied until the next day. To take it to the next level, seven different spices come together in perfect harmony. Just be sure to have your trusty measuring spoons on hand to get everything just right. With this recipe, you can expect approximately 269 calories per serving, along with a good balance of fats (3.8g), protein (14g), carbohydrates (46.6g), fiber (14.4g), and sugar (5.4g) per serving.

Mediterranean Tuna Salad

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Tuna salad is a timeless classic that has been a staple in many households for generations. Its unique flavor profile is a result of the harmonious combination of textures and tastes, making it a delight to eat. The addition of celery and red pepper provides a pop of color and satisfying crunch, while the balsamic vinegar and spicy brown mustard add a tangy and spicy kick that will leave you wanting more.

nThe nutritional information for this recipe is as follows: Per Serving:
Calories: 282, Fats: 11g, Protein: 23g, Carbs: 23g, Fiber: 6g, Sugar: 6g. This dish is not only a treat to the taste buds but also provides a good balance of essential nutrients.

Instant Pot Corn Chowder With Sweet Potato

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Craving a plant-based chowder that’s just as satisfying as the traditional version? Look no further! This delightful recipe is packed with tender sweet corn, creamy goodness, and a pop of color from the sweet potatoes. Not only do they add visual appeal, but they also bring a boost of vitamins A and C to the table, supporting your immune system in the process.

Each serving of this nutritious chowder delivers:
Calories: 144;
Fats: 2g;
Protein: 4g;
Carbs: 31g;
Fiber: 4g;
Sugar: 7g.

Hearty Chickpea Noodle Soup

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Chickpeas, a plant-based protein powerhouse, take center stage in this nourishing noodle soup recipe. Not only do they provide a satisfying crunch from the celery and carrots, but they also infuse the dish with a rich Italian flavor thanks to the thyme, basil, and oregano. With 362 calories per serving, this meal is both filling and flavorful. Per serving, you can expect: Calories: 362, Fats: 3.1g, Protein: 14.4g, Carbs: 69.5g, Fiber: 9g, Sugar: 8.5g.

Chicken Taco Soup

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The chicken taco soup is a true delight, with the tender shredded chicken harmonizing perfectly with the corn and beans. To prepare this mouthwatering dish, simply combine your ingredients in your slow cooker – no fuss required! If you’re in need of a new slow cooker, you can currently find some great deals on this model. For more healthy crockpot recipes, be sure to check out our collection here. As for the nutritional breakdown per serving, it’s impressive: 176 calories, with a balanced mix of 3g fats, 14g protein, 23g carbs, and a satisfying 7g fiber, all while keeping sugar levels in check at just 7g.

Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

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Looking for a creative spin on traditional stuffed potatoes? Look no further! These Mediterranean-inspired masterpieces combine the creaminess of spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives with the satisfying textures of chickpeas and quinoa. The result is a dish that’s not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. With each bite, you’ll experience a harmonious balance of flavors and textures that will leave you wanting more.

In terms of nutrition, this recipe delivers. Per serving, you can expect:
Calories: 423
Fats: 15g
Protein: 13g
Carbs: 63g
Fiber: 11g
Sugar: 12g

Instant Pot Chickpea Chana Masala

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The flavor explosion in this dish comes from the harmonious combination of aromatic spices, homemade tomato sauce, and tender chickpeas. The canned chickpeas are surprisingly elevated by these ingredients, making them undetectable as store-bought. The addition of baby spinach adds a nutrient-dense pop of freshness, while a squeeze of lemon juice provides a perfect balance to the spices. This recipe is versatile and can be served with naan bread or rice, or even explore alternative options like cauliflower rice or roasted sweet potatoes. With its impressive nutritional profile, this dish makes for a satisfying and healthy meal option.

Per Serving:
Calories: 295
Fats: 5g
Protein: 9g
Carbs: 52g
Fiber: 5g
Sugar: 3g

Salmon Salad

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If you’re new to the world of salmon salad, prepare to have your taste buds tantalized by this delectable recipe. The creamy union of mayonnaise and egg is a game-changer. To ensure a perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg, consider investing in an egg maker or following tried-and-true techniques. This recipe yields a nutritious treat that’s both flavorful and satisfying. Per serving, you can expect: Calories – 232, Fats – 13g, Protein – 24g, Carbs – 3.8g.

Irresistible Red Lentil Curry

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This aromatic and spicy dish combines the best of Indian and Thai cuisines, with a delightful harmony of flavors. The pungency of ginger and the boldness of Thai red curry paste meld together to create a rich and savory experience. Meanwhile, the tangy pickled onions provide a refreshing contrast, while the crunchy cashews add satisfying texture. This well-rounded meal is sure to please even the most discerning palates.Per Serving:Calories: 452Fats: 22gProtein: 20gCarbs: 49gFiber: 20gSugar: 9g

Vegan Lentil Loaf

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Imagine a vegan lentil loaf that not only resembles its meaty counterpart in appearance, but also delivers on flavor and texture. The combination of sautéed onions, carrots, celery, and crimini mushrooms creates a rich and savory profile, while the lentils provide a satisfying bulk to the loaf. To ensure the loaf stays vegan, flax meal takes the place of eggs as a binding agent, boasting an impressive array of brain-boosting Omega-3s. This recipe is not only meat-free but also packed with nutrients.Per serving:Calories: 190Fats: 2gProtein: 10gCarbs: 35gFiber: 8g

Keto Avocado Chicken Salad

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Imagine a delightful salad that’s both creamy and bursting with flavor. This dish combines the crunch of crispy bacon, the richness of avocado, the freshness of celery, the sweetness of red onions, the tenderness of chicken, and the perfect texture of a hard-boiled egg. To create this masterpiece, start by shredding some cooked chicken – if you’re looking for added convenience, consider using meat shredder claws to simplify the process.

Per Serving:

Calories: 391
Fats: 33g
Protein: 15g
Carbs: 8g
Fiber: 4g
Sugar: 1g


Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili

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If you’re craving a unique twist on classic chili, look no further. This recipe is a game-changer – it’s rich, creamy, and packed with flavor. The smoky depth of the fire-roasted tomatoes perfectly balances the boldness of the cream cheese and pungency of the Blue cheese crumbles.The nutritional breakdown per serving is impressive:Calories: 378Fats: 20gProtein: 24gCarbs: 28gFiber: 5gSugar: 3gHere’s how to make this mouth-watering chili: [insert recipe details]

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