32 Easy High Protein Meal Prep Ideas

Ditch those protein powders and stock up on protein with these high-protein meal prep ideas! These mouth-watering meals are not only delicious but also stay fresh in the fridge for a few days, making them perfect for meal prep.

You won’t need any fancy ingredients or equipment – just some basic containers and pantry staples will do. For added peace of mind, opt for BPA-free glass or plastic containers that keep your food fresh for longer. With these simple yet effective high-protein meal prep ideas, you’ll be well on your way to a protein-packed week! Let’s get started!

Healthy Chicken Fajita Meal Prep Bowl

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Chicken thighs are an excellent source of protein, providing a significant proportion of daily needs. A single skinless, roasted chicken thigh delivers 27% of the recommended daily intake. To create this flavorful Tex-Mex dish, we combine chicken with a blend of spices, including chili powder and paprika. For those looking for a budget-friendly option, I suggest considering this affordable paprika alternative.

This recipe is just one of many low-carb and high-protein meal prep options available. Per serving, you can expect:
Calories: 592
Fats: 32g
Protein: 59g
Carbs: 23g
Fiber: 6g

Healthy Shrimp Meal Prep

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Shrimp, often overlooked as a nutritious food option, packs a punch when it comes to protein content. A single ounce of cooked shrimp provides an impressive 36% of the daily recommended intake. To prepare this recipe, we’ll be cooking the shrimp in a high-quality cast iron skillet – I recommend using one that’s made for the job. The sauce requires raw honey, so if you don’t have some on hand, consider investing in a good quality variety. This honey garlic chicken meal prep offers an added layer of sweet flavors to balance out the savory notes. Per serving, this dish yields: Calories 345, Fats 6g, Protein 29g, Carbs 27g, Fiber 4g, Sugar 2g.

Instant Pot Pulled Pork

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To elevate this recipe, we utilize pork loin, which naturally boasts a rich flavor profile. This allows us to maintain simplicity in terms of ingredients without compromising taste.

For ease and speed, shred the pork using your hands or a food processor, depending on your preference. If you don’t already own one, consider investing in a reliable option like [recommended model]. The result is a tender and flavorful meal with minimal effort required.

Per Serving:

Calories: 472
Fats: 17g
Protein: 69g
Carbs: 6g
Fiber: 1g
Sugar: 3g

Enjoying these recipes? For visual learners, I’ve curated four additional high-protein meal prep ideas that are sure to delight. Otherwise, please continue reading!

Greek Turkey Meatballs

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As you walk in the door, a warm and satisfying dinner awaits with these Greek Turkey Meatballs. Boasting an impressive 34 grams of protein per serving, they also deliver on flavor. The crowning glory is the rich avocado sauce, which strikes the perfect balance between creamy and dreamy. To prepare this game-changing condiment, simply blend together your ingredients in a food processor or blender – I recommend using one of the top-performing models out there. Here’s a breakdown of the nutritional highlights for each serving: Calories: 460; Fats: 15g; Protein: 34g; Carbs: 42g; Fiber: 9g.

Hawaiian Pizza Chicken Meal Prep

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Indulge in a guilt-free pizza experience after your workout! The key to making this treat low-calorie is by skipping the crust and focusing on the flavorful toppings. You won’t even miss it. To round out the meal, pair with some steamed broccoli for a well-rounded, ketogenic comfort food that satisfies your cravings. Here’s a breakdown of the nutrition facts: Per Serving, you can expect approximately 293 calories, with 11g of fat, 40g of protein, and 11g of carbohydrates. Additionally, this pizza packs 2g of fiber.

Teriyaki Chicken

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For a unique Japanese twist on traditional meatballs, look no further. If you’re missing one crucial ingredient – coconut flour – don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I highly recommend this particular brand for its ease of ordering in bulk, making it perfect for those looking to make the switch from regular wheat flour to a healthier alternative.

Easy Lemon Butter Fish

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In just under 20 minutes, you can have a delicious and satisfying meal with this Easy Lemon Butter Fish recipe. One of the benefits of this dish is that it lends itself perfectly to using leftovers, making it a great option for busy weeknights. When preparing the fish, we opt for kosher salt instead of table salt, which helps to balance out the flavors and reduce the overall saltiness. To make this meal truly complete, consider adding some simple accompaniments like rice and steamed vegetables. For those who prioritize convenience and value, a sturdy vegetable steamer like this one is a great investment that will provide long-term use. According to our calculations for 150g (5.3 oz) fillets, each serving of this Easy Lemon Butter Fish recipe yields the following nutritional information: Calories: 287, Fats: 19.3g, Protein: 24.6g, Carbs: 3.4g, Fiber: 0.8g, Sugar: 1.5g.

Carnitas Burrito Bowls

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Indulge in the rich, tender flavor of this pulled pork dish, made possible by slow-cooking the pork tenderloin for 6-8 hours on low. This process allows the meat to break down and become incredibly tender, almost melt-in-your-mouth delicious. A reliable slow cooker is essential for achieving this level of tenderness. If you’re in the market for a new slow cooker, consider this affordable yet sturdy option.

If you enjoyed this recipe, be sure to check out some of our other popular slow cooker recipes, such as chicken burrito bowls. Not only will you find more delicious and easy-to-make meals, but you’ll also discover new ways to utilize your slow cooker.

Nutritional Information per Serving:
Calories: 408
Fats: 16g
Protein: 37g
Carbs: 31g
Fiber: 17g
Sugar: 9g

Spicy Pulled Pork

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For those who can handle the heat, this spicy pulled pork recipe is a must-try. With eight servings to go around, you can indulge in this mouth-watering dish every day of the week if you so desire. The harmonious balance of spices and seasonings results in a flavor profile that’s both spicy, sweet, and savory with an added zesty kick. A touch of maple syrup adds a natural sweetness to the dish, rounding out its complexity. According to our calculations, each serving contains approximately 863 calories, broken down into 53.4g of fats, 56.7g of protein, 39.5g of carbohydrates, and 4.6g of fiber. The sugar content per serving comes in at 19.2g.

Healthy Chicken Parmesan

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Chicken breasts are a premier source of protein, providing an impressive 53% of the daily recommended intake per serving. To prepare these nutritious breast portions, you will need to combine chickpea flour and almond flour. The former offers a unique advantage – it not only boosts protein levels but also reduces caloric content. For those seeking a high-quality chickpea flour option, I recommend exploring [available options]. When paired with a spiralizer, zucchini noodles can be effortlessly created, making meal prep a breeze. In terms of nutritional breakdown per serving, the numbers are as follows: 333 calories, 14.3g of fats, 32.8g of protein, 20.9g of carbohydrates, 5.9g of fiber, and 9.4g of sugar.

Slow Cooker Keto Pork Carnitas Bowls

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Embracing the flavors of Mexico, even on a keto diet, is easy with this pulled pork recipe that combines tender meat with a twist. The secret to its success lies in using a slow cooker, which allows the pork to become incredibly tender and infused with flavor. If you’re looking to take your slow cooking game to the next level, consider investing in a high-quality slow cooker like the one used here.To keep things healthy, cauliflower rice takes the place of traditional grains, adding a burst of freshness to each bite. And the best part? This meal prep recipe is surprisingly nutritious, with per serving stats that look great on a keto diet: 554 calories, 38g of fats, 41g of protein, and just 11g of carbs.

Smoky Chicken and Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potato Meal Prep

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Indulge in a flavorful twist on the classic chicken and potatoes combination. This sweet potato-based recipe adds a nutritious spin, as sweet potatoes boast higher antioxidant levels than their white counterparts and offer natural sweetness. The smoky chicken is elevated by seasonings that result in a harmonious balance of sweet, moist, spicy, and savory notes. To achieve this mouthwatering dish, be sure to have some budget-friendly brown sugar on hand.

Blackened Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

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If you’re seeking a unique twist on the classic combination of chicken and potatoes, this recipe is sure to satisfy. When it comes to seasoning your sweet potatoes, opt for high-quality sea salt instead of regular table salt. The coarser texture of sea salt means you’ll need less of it to achieve the perfect balance of flavors. What’s more, this dish is not only a flavorful delight but also an exceptionally nutritious option. With its impressive nutritional profile, per serving yields: Calories – 375, Fats – 15g, Protein – 30g, Carbs – 29g, Fiber – 5g, and Sugar – 10g.

Slow Cooker Butter Chicken

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Give your taste buds a thrill by indulging in the mouthwatering Slow Cooker Butter Chicken. This aromatic dish is a perfect blend of spices, including ground coriander, cumin, tandoori masala, and garam masala, which can be easily prepared with this salt-free alternative. To elevate the experience, serve it over fluffy rice or with crispy naan bread – if you’re feeling adventurous, try making your own using this trusty iron griddle. As for the nutrition facts, here’s a breakdown per serving: Calories: 348, Fats: 21g, Protein: 32g, Carbs: 7g, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 3g.

Healthy Chicken Fajitas Meal Prep

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If budget is a concern, you’re in luck! This nutritious chicken fajita recipe is not only delicious but also affordable. A key factor in its cost-effectiveness is the incorporation of black beans alongside chicken breasts. What’s more, one cup of black beans provides an impressive 30% of your daily protein needs, making them a nutritious addition to this meal. To make the most of our time in the kitchen, we take advantage of marinating bags like these high-quality Ziploc options to simplify the process. Nutritionally speaking, here’s what you can expect per serving:
Calories: 455
Fats: 13g
Protein: 53g
Carbs: 29g
Fiber: 9g
Sugar: 4g

Italian Chicken

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Give your chicken nights an Italian makeover by incorporating traditional herbs and spices. The secret to this dish’s authenticity lies in the addition of marjoram, a staple in classic Italian cuisine. I highly recommend using high-quality, organic marjoram for the best flavor.To make this recipe even healthier, consider substituting rice with cauliflower rice. A good food processor will make the process much smoother. Not only will you be reducing the calorie count, but you’ll also increase the nutritional value of your dish.Per Serving:Calories: 701Fats: 14gProtein: 57gCarbs: 82gFiber: 4gSugar: 3g

Super Easy Beef Stir Fry

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This recipe is simplicity itself, requiring just a few basic steps to produce a delicious and satisfying meal. To begin with, you’ll need to prepare the sauce, which involves combining raw honey, ginger, chili flakes, sesame seeds, fresh garlic, and liquid aminos. For high-quality liquid amino, I recommend this particular brand. Once your sauce is ready, it’s simply a matter of stir-frying your chosen vegetables and protein source. With no fuss or fanfare, dinner is served! As an added bonus, this recipe is also macro-friendly, making it an ideal choice for meal prep enthusiasts. Here’s the breakdown per serving (for a total of 3 servings): Calories: 408; Fats: 18.9g; Protein: 43.2g; Carbs: 12.8g; Fiber: 1.5g; Sugar: 1.8g.

Asian Lettuce Wraps

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Indulge in the bold flavors of Asia with a quick and delicious dinner that’s ready in under 30 minutes! The key to this umami-rich recipe lies in the sauce, which is surprisingly easy to make. Once you’ve got your sauce ready, simply cook your pork and add it to a mixture of sautéed shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, and that savory sauce. Voilà! A stress-free dinner that’s sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Per serving (approximate values for 1 wrap): Calories: 262, Fat: 12.3g, Protein: 25.3g, Carbs: 12.9g, Fiber: 1.5g, Sugar: 6.2g.

Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Casserole

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For those on a keto diet looking to boost their protein intake, this recipe is a game-changer. This spicy and cheesy dish requires only 5 ingredients, making it a convenient and flavorful addition to your meal plan. To keep things simple, opt for a buffalo sauce that’s free from added sugars. For an extra layer of convenience, consider using pre-made cauliflower rice or make your own – the choice is yours. Here are the nutrition facts per serving: Calories: 504, Fats: 33g, Protein: 43g, Carbs: 9g, Fiber: 3g, Sugar: 4g.

Chicken Buddha Bowl Meal Prep

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Indulge in the ultimate Buddha Bowl experience, bursting with a medley of vibrant mixed veggies. The star of this show is undoubtedly the jasmine rice, which not only adds fragrance but also makes for effortless meal prep. To elevate this dish to new heights, you’ll need some avocado oil – a heart-healthy choice that pairs perfectly with any culinary creation. As for nutritional highlights, each serving boasts: Calories: 348; Fats: 5g; Protein: 32g; Carbs: 34g.

One-Skillet Chicken Thighs With Roasted Grapes and Blue Cheese

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Looking for a unique twist on traditional chicken recipes? This dish is sure to satisfy your taste buds with its perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. The combination of red grapes and gorgonzola cheese may seem unusual, but it’s a game-changer. To take this recipe to the next level, you’ll need to have some star anise on hand. If you’re running low or haven’t stocked up yet, consider picking some up. With its unique flavor profile, star anise adds depth and complexity to this dish. Nutritionally speaking, each serving of this recipe contains approximately 380 calories, with 24g of fat, 32g of protein, and 9g of carbohydrates.

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