64 Best Indian Recipes You Can’t Miss

If you’re an aficionado of Indian cuisine, bringing its rich flavors and aromas into your own kitchen is easier than you think. With a collection of fifty-seven mouth-watering recipes at your fingertips, you can effortlessly recreate the bold and vibrant tastes of India in the comfort of your own home.

From classic dishes to innovative twists, each recipe serves as a trusted guide, walking you through the simple steps needed to create an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out, these easy-to-follow Indian recipes will demystify the process and have you enjoying a delicious homemade meal in no time.

So why not take the first step towards bringing the vibrant flavors of India into your daily routine? With these fifty-seven delectable recipes, the possibilities are endless!

Indian Breakfast Recipes

In many parts of India, the morning meal is characterized by a distinct culinary approach that diverges significantly from Western breakfast traditions. A common thread among Indian breakfast dishes is their reliance on fermented basmati rice, dairy products, and bread as key ingredients. As a starting point for exploring this unique breakfast culture, here are four recipes that showcase these elements:

Indian Scrambled Eggs

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Starting your day off right with a flavorful and aromatic twist on traditional scrambled eggs, also known as bhurji. This Indian-inspired breakfast recipe is not only delicious but also incredibly easy to prepare, making it perfect for serving a crowd. Simply cook up a big batch in one pan and serve with bread or dinner rolls for an authentic touch that will transport you straight to the streets of India.

Mango Lassi

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Imagine a refreshing drink that’s an upgrade from your typical smoothie – enter mango lassi, a vibrant and flavorful beverage that’s sure to kickstart your day. As you take a sip, the sweet and tangy notes of fresh mango explode on your taste buds, accompanied by a burst of creamy texture. The best part? Each subsequent sip is even smoother and more indulgent than the last.But what really sets this drink apart is the subtle addition of cardamom – a pinch of spice that adds depth and warmth to the mango’s natural sweetness. It’s the perfect way to balance out the fruit’s earthy undertones, creating a harmonious blend that’s both refreshing and satisfying.Mango lassi is also incredibly convenient, as it can be prepared ahead of time and taken on-the-go – making it an ideal choice for brunch gatherings or picnics with friends. So go ahead, pour yourself a glass (or two), and experience the delightful combination of flavors and textures that this Indian-inspired drink has to offer.

Instant Chai

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Imagine sipping on a warm and comforting latte infused with the aromatic flavors of India. This chai-inspired drink is a perfect alternative to your morning coffee routine. Not only will it start your day off right, but it’s also sure to impress your friends at brunch when you whip it out. To take it to the next level, use freshly ground spices for an even more complex and inviting flavor profile.

Coconut Flour Roti

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While following a keto lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrificing cultural traditions, it does require some creative substitutions to maintain compliance. One such innovation is the coconut flour roti, which cleverly mimics the real deal. This versatile flatbread can be enjoyed alongside other morning staples like dal and chai, providing sustained energy until lunchtime with no need for a mid-morning snack.

Indian Lunch Recipes

Looking for a flavorful and satisfying lunch option that packs a punch? Look no further than these top-notch Indian recipes, expertly crafted to deliver a perfect balance of heat and delight. Whether you’re in the mood for something light yet fulfilling or craving a hearty meal to keep you going all afternoon, these tried-and-true dishes are sure to hit the spot.

Spicy Indian Tomato Soup

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In our collection of lunch recipes, we kick off with a spicy tomato soup that’s reminiscent of India’s popular ‘tamatar ka shorba.’ This comforting yet light soup is designed to be devoured as an appetizer or main course, making it perfect for any meal. What sets this recipe apart is its remarkable speed – it can be prepared in just 15 minutes! With minimal effort, you’ll have a delicious and satisfying lunch ready for the whole family, with some leftovers to spare.


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Kachumber, often referred to as India’s answer to a salad, is a refreshing dish that has gained popularity across the country. Its unique blend of crisp vegetables and aromatic herbs makes it an ideal accompaniment to spicy meals, effectively cooling down the palate. The star of the show, however, is the abundance of coriander, which lends a depth of flavor that’s simply irresistible. This salad is a true delight, boasting a texture that’s both crunchy and fresh. What’s more, its versatility allows it to be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator, making it the perfect choice for a hot summer day when a light and revitalizing lunch is just what you need.

Naan Pizza

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Give your pizza an Indian-inspired makeover by substituting traditional pizza crust with naan bread. The result is a delightful combination of flavors and textures, boasting a tender crumb, a satisfying crunch, and a mouthfeel that’s simply irresistible. Plus, the best part? Naan bread is incredibly easy to work with – its simplicity makes it an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned bakers alike. With this fundamental recipe under your belt, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any future pizza-making endeavors.

Pumpkin Curry

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Winter’s cozy grasp is met with a hearty, filling curry that harnesses the rich flavors of root vegetables and creamy coconut milk. As the spices infuse into each bite-sized morsel, the dish transforms into a robust, warming delight perfect for cold winter nights. This recipe’s versatility shines as it can be easily scaled up for meal prep, allowing you to make a large batch ahead of time and enjoy it throughout the week – and surprisingly, its flavors only intensify with time, making it an excellent trick of the trade.

Aubergine Bhaji

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Brinjal bhaji, a flavorful eggplant curry, is a delightful addition to any meal. Its rich aroma and satisfying texture make it a popular choice as both a side dish and the main event. Typically, this Indian classic is cooked in a tandoor oven, but our simplified recipe allows you to achieve similar results in just twenty minutes. This versatile dish can be prepared with either regular or miniature eggplants, making it an excellent option for any occasion.

Indian Style Chicken Salad

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Transforming leftover chicken into a culinary masterpiece is easier than you think! This recipe takes the humble remains of a meal and turns them into a flavorful delight, courtesy of a medley of spices and simple ingredients. For those without an extensive spice collection, curry powder provides a reliable substitute. However, if your pantry is bursting with international flavors, this dish offers endless possibilities for experimentation! Simply combine your leftover chicken with fresh vegetables and a zesty dressing, then top it off with the satisfying crunch of sesame seeds.

South Indian Beef Fry

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Returning home after a long day, there’s nothing quite like indulging in the bold flavors of this iconic South Indian dish. The harmonious blend of warm and punchy notes in each bite is truly satisfying.

While it’s perfect for any time of day, marinating the beef overnight elevates the dish to new heights. Simply prep your beef the night before and you’ll be all set to cook up this treat in no time on the day of. Its versatility also makes it an excellent choice for casual lunches with friends.

Matcha Chai Latte

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Transforming a cup of chai into a heroic beverage is possible with this matcha chai latte recipe. By blending Japanese and Indian flavors, this fusion drink offers a unique taste experience that can be enjoyed hot during the winter or cold in the summer – it’s the perfect choice for any time of year.

Ditch the overpriced Starbucks drinks and learn how to make this matcha chai latte at home. Once you’ve mastered the recipe, there’s no going back to the ordinary.

Lemon Lentil Soup

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Lentil soup, also known as dal, is an ideal choice for a light and refreshing lunch option. Its subtle flavor profile makes it filling and nutritious without overwhelming the palate. Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to prepare ahead of time, making it perfect for meal prep or a quick reheat during the busy fall season. One of the aspects I appreciate most about this recipe is its ability to accommodate any random vegetables lingering at the end of the week. The crisper drawer can be a treasure trove of ingredients, and this soup’s versatility allows you to get creative with your additions. So go ahead, toss in those errant carrots, bell peppers, or zucchini – the result will be a deliciously tasty and satisfying meal.

Indian Dinner Recipes

There’s something special about enjoying a delicious plate of Indian cuisine during dinner time. The bold spices and aromatic flavors in many main courses are truly irresistible. To satisfy your cravings, try one of these straightforward Indian dinner recipes. What’s more, some of these dishes can be prepared at a leisurely pace, making them perfect for cooking while you’re busy with other tasks throughout the day.


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The world of biryani offers an astonishing array of flavors and varieties, each one a delicious discovery in its own right. This particular recipe is a spice-lover’s dream come true, boasting a rich tapestry of flavors that will leave your senses tingling. As you cook this dish, you’ll find yourself putting every spice and herb to good use, making it a great opportunity to clear out your pantry and give your spice cabinet the workout it deserves.

While the end result is well worth the effort, there’s an added layer of complexity when it comes to the chicken. Marinating it beforehand adds a depth of flavor that takes this dish from good to great. And with its generous helping of Indian rice, you’ll be left feeling satisfied and full – the perfect comfort food.

Fish Tikka Masala

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In India, fish is a staple meat that’s renowned for its versatility and ability to absorb flavors effortlessly. Its mild taste makes it an ideal choice for incorporating bold spices and herbs, which are characteristic of Indian cuisine. This recipe showcases the humble sardine, one of the most affordable fish options globally, as the star of a mouthwatering fish tikka masala. The small fish’s oily flesh allows it to soak up the rich flavors of the curry, while its natural saltiness enhances the overall taste experience.

Goat Curry

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In India, goat meat is a beloved staple, particularly in South India where it’s a common feature on many plates. Despite its popularity, some people shy away from cooking or consuming goat due to misconceptions about its taste or texture. However, this curry dish is a testament to the versatility and flavor of goat meat. By using a pressure cooker, you can create a tender and spicy masterpiece that showcases the best qualities of bone-in goat. The rich flavors infused into the gravy by the goat’s bones make it a true highlight of this dish.

Mackerel Curry

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This thirty-minute recipe is a game-changer for busy nights. The star of the show is the mackerel, which soaks up the curry’s spices and flavors like a sponge, amplifying them to new heights. As you take your first bite, you’ll be transported to culinary nirvana. And the best part? It’s incredibly easy to prepare, with no need to sacrifice flavor for convenience. With this recipe, you can enjoy authentic Goan cuisine any night of the week.

Beef Madras

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Indian cuisine is synonymous with the iconic Madras dish, and this recipe brings a modern twist by utilizing the convenience of a slow cooker. By setting it up in the morning, you can let the flavors meld together while you’re busy with your day. As the aroma wafts through your home, you’ll be rewarded with a rich and velvety gravy that’s sure to impress your family. The key to achieving this depth of flavor lies in roasting the spices beforehand, infusing them with an extra layer of complexity and warmth. Simply take the time to prepare the spices, and let the slow cooker do the rest, resulting in a truly show-stopping Madras curry.

Lamb Curry

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The mere thought of lamb in a curry is enough to tantalize the taste buds, don’t you agree? This recipe yields a rich and flavorful dish that’s deeply rooted in Indian cuisine. And the best part? It can be prepared effortlessly with the help of an Instant Pot, eliminating the need for hours spent hovering over a hot stove. To take it to the next level, consider cooking the curry a day ahead and allowing the flavors to meld together overnight – the result is nothing short of mouthwatering.

Prawn Curry

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Prawn curry is an out-of-this-world culinary experience, with the sweetness of the prawn flesh harmonizing perfectly with the spicy kick of the gravy. If you’re a fan of prawns, this recipe is an absolute must-learn. The bold and tangy flavors characteristic of South Indian cuisine provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing plump, succulent prawns.

Lamb Shanks

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When it comes to lamb shanks, adding a generous amount of spice takes them to the next level. The beauty of this recipe is its simplicity – just slow-cook those tender morsels and let the flavors meld together with the accompanying sides. This dish is a staple for anyone embracing the keto lifestyle, as lamb shanks are not only delicious but also surprisingly affordable. What’s more, they’re an excellent choice for those on a budget, given their relatively low cost compared to other cuts of lamb. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to serve alongside your lamb shanks, be sure to explore our curated list of the best side dishes for a truly satisfying meal.

Lamb Vindaloo

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Ditch the takeout menu and get ready to spice up your life with a homemade vindaloo that’s just as fiery as its takeaway counterpart. With this simple recipe, you’ll be able to replicate the complex flavors of this popular curry without breaking a sweat. And if you opt for lamb leg, you can have it on the table even faster than a quick delivery! If you happen to have leftover lamb, don’t worry – we’ve got some easy ground lamb recipes that’ll make use of your surplus and keep things interesting.

South Indian Fish Curry

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When it comes to South Indian cuisine, coconut milk plays a starring role. And it’s easy to understand why this delectable fish curry has earned its place in the spotlight. The creamy coconut milk serves as a perfect counterbalance to the bold spice blend, creating a harmonious union that will leave you craving more. Combine that with perfectly cooked fish, and you’ve got a dish that’s sure to become a repeat offender on your menu – I speak from personal experience, after all.

Dutch Oven Shrimp Korma

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Savoring the rich flavors of a traditional korma doesn’t have to require hours of stirring over the stove. This innovative recipe cleverly employs a Dutch oven to achieve the same velvety texture with minimal effort. While the gravy may not be as thick as usual, it’s packed with nutty undertones and an abundance of vegetables – a delightful medley that’s sure to please even the most discerning palates. By adding succulent shrimp to the mix, this dish becomes a standout for any night of the week.

Pheasant Curry

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When venturing into hunting season, having a reliable and satisfying recipe up your sleeve can be a real game-changer. One such gem is a hearty and aromatic pheasant curry that’s sure to become a staple for the winter months ahead. The vibrant orange hue of this dish serves as a tantalizing indication of its exceptional flavor profile, with tamarind playing a key role in elevating the rich, gamey taste of the pheasant.

Indian Chicken Recipes

When it comes to cooking Indian cuisine, chicken is an excellent choice due to its versatility and affordability. Its ability to absorb the complex flavors of various spices, while remaining tender and juicy even when cooked in rich gravies, makes it an ideal protein source for a wide range of dishes, including curries.

Chicken Tikka Masala

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Indulge in the vibrant yellow and rich flavors of this effortless take on chicken tikka masala. Each bite delivers tender and juicy chicken, making it a satisfying choice for a weeknight dinner or meal prep recipe. The best part? You likely already have all the necessary ingredients at home, eliminating any need to go out of your way. This comforting dish is perfect for a stress-free Sunday family gathering.

Chicken Shahi Korma

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Savoring every creamy bite of this chicken shahi korma, you’ll discover a harmonious balance of spices that will leave you wanting more. This dish may require a bit of patience, but the reward is well worth the investment – even if it means making it a day in advance to save yourself some time before a big event. In fact, preparing this recipe ahead of schedule can be a clever strategy to ensure a stress-free experience.

Garlic Chicken

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When it comes to quick and easy Indian dishes, this one takes the cake. With minimal prep time required, you can have a flavorful meal ready in no time. The best part? All the ingredients are likely already stocked in your pantry, making it a great option for a last-minute dinner solution. The star of the show is the chicken, which boasts a vibrant and zesty flavor profile that pairs beautifully with a bed of fluffy jasmine rice. For an added layer of depth and complexity, consider sprinkling some crispy fried red onions on top – it’s a game-changer!

Chicken Jalfrezi

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While jalfrezi, a pepper curry, may seem like an ordinary dish, it’s actually a masterpiece that showcases the perfect blend of juicy bell peppers and bold spices. The key to this curry’s success lies in its attention to detail – every ingredient is carefully considered to create a truly unforgettable culinary experience. And the best part? It’s incredibly easy to prepare, requiring only a few minutes of upfront effort before letting your slow cooker do the work. Simply prep the ingredients at the start of the day and let the appliance handle the rest, allowing you to focus on more important things while still enjoying a deliciously flavorful meal.

Lemon Chicken Biryani

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From its origins in Iran to its widespread popularity in India, it’s little wonder that biryani has captured hearts and taste buds around the globe. The harmonious blend of aromatic rice and tender meat is a match made in culinary heaven. If you’re looking to skip takeout and bring this mouthwatering dish home, look no further than this straightforward Dutch oven recipe. With its ability to lock in all the flavors into one single, satisfying serving, it’s out of this world – literally!

Chicken Kathi Rolls

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Imagine an Indian version of the humble burrito, where instead of traditional wraps, tender roti or flaky paratha take center stage. The filling? A flavorful medley of spices and grilled chicken or paneer that will transport your taste buds to the bustling streets of India. This unassuming dish is a perfect introduction to the world of Indian cuisine – easy to prepare yet full of depth and character, just like an authentic restaurant experience.

Indian Chicken Pickle

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Achari chicken, a popular Punjabi street food, is a true delight for the senses – its flavors are as vibrant as its presentation. While it’s more than satisfying on its own, it also pairs beautifully with your favorite bread, making it an excellent sandwich filling option for busy weeknights. The best part? This delectable dry curry requires only 45 minutes of preparation time to bring forth its bold, hot and sour flavors that are sure to win over even the most discerning palates.

Tandoori Chicken Skewers

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As the scent of sizzling meat wafts through the air, your neighbours will be tantalized by the mouthwatering aroma of tandoori chicken skewers. This recipe’s true magic lies in its harmonious union with the creamy cilantro raita – a match made in culinary heaven! Perfect for a barbecue gathering, these skewers are not only delectable but also effortlessly manageable as finger food.

The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity: simply marinate the chicken the night before and let it rest. Come grilling time, simply throw them on the barbie and serve. A smoky delight that’s sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Chicken Curry with Eggplant

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In Indian cuisine, eggplant and curry are a match made in heaven. Their affinity for absorbing rich flavors is unparalleled. The duo’s synergy is undeniable, making them an excellent combination for a quick weeknight dinner. Simply toss the ingredients into your Instant Pot, set it to work, and voilà! A satisfying meal will be ready in no time, leaving you with more hours to enjoy the evening rather than scrubbing away at dishes.

Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken)

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Unlike the standard fare found in takeout menus, authentic Indian butter chicken boasts a rich, dark gravy that’s the result of a medley of complex spices. So, before you settle for yet another subpar delivery, consider this: the extra effort required to make this recipe from scratch will forever change your perception of takeout. The reward is well worth the investment.

Peanut Chicken Curry

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In a refreshing twist on traditional satay flavors, the harmony of lime juice and coconut milk beautifully balances the richness of creamy peanut butter. This delightful dish is not only scrumptious but also incredibly straightforward to prepare. The simplicity is part of its charm, making it a perfect option for busy home cooks.

To create this one-pot wonder in under half an hour, simply fire up your stovetop. While the recipe calls for chicken as the protein source, you can easily adapt it to suit a vegetarian diet by substituting with roasted pumpkin or paneer. The result will be just as flavorful and satisfying.

Tandoori Chicken

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Tandoori chicken’s enduring popularity stems from its masterful blend of spices and cooking techniques. The dish’s characteristic smokiness, achieved through the grilling process, perfectly complements the rich flavors imparted by the spice blend. This harmonious balance ensures a truly addictive dining experience. When serving Tandoori chicken, consider pairing it with one of these delectable side dishes for a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

Indian Vegetarian Recipes

While it’s common knowledge that a significant portion of the Indian population follows a vegetarian diet, what’s equally impressive is their extensive understanding and appreciation for plant-based cuisine.

Chickpea Curry

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A quintessential Indian dish, chickpea curry is a beloved staple that’s both creamy and flavorful. For vegetarians, it’s an excellent source of protein, courtesy of the humble chickpea. This versatile recipe allows you to use either canned or dried chickpeas, resulting in two deliciously different outcomes.

Dal Tadka

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Dal tadka is a protein-rich culinary delight that can be prepared in a flash. The unique aspect of this dish lies in its blend of various lentil types, resulting in an extraordinary medley of textures. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to whip up – a quality that makes it an excellent addition to one’s repertoire of quick and convenient meals. This is the kind of dish that can be relied upon when time is of the essence or when you’re looking for a culinary solution that requires minimal fuss. For more exciting dishes that start with the letter D, explore further.

Chickpea Spinach Curry

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For home cooks who are always on the go, running out of meal ideas at the last minute can be a major stress. But fear not! With just one ingredient – a humble can of chickpeas sitting in your pantry – you can whip up a delicious and satisfying dinner that’s ready in no time.

This recipe is a game-changer because it’s incredibly rich and packed with the deep, spicy flavor you know and love. And the best part? It’s incredibly easy to prepare and can be served over rice for a quick and nutritious meal that’s sure to become a family favorite.

Coconut Butter Cauliflower

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For a plant-based twist on traditional butter chicken, cauliflower makes an excellent substitute for chicken. Its mild flavor allows it to absorb the rich flavors of the dish effortlessly. Meanwhile, coconut milk lends its creaminess to create a velvety gravy that will leave you craving more. So go ahead and indulge in this vegan-friendly take on butter chicken – your taste buds won’t be disappointed!

Bombay Aloo

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Indulge in the flavorful world of Indian cuisine without breaking the bank! With just a few simple ingredients, including a bag of potatoes and your trusty spice cabinet, you can create a mouthwatering Bombay Aloo at home that’s sure to satisfy your cravings. This aromatic dry curry is packed with explosive flavor that will leave you wanting more – it’s ridiculously addictive!

Aloo Gobi

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Aloo gobi, a vibrant potato and cauliflower combination, boasts a striking yellow hue. This effortless, dry dish is an ideal solution for a hurried weeknight meal. Not only is it a healthy choice, but its bold flavors have solidified its place as a family favorite. The beauty of aloo gobi lies in its versatility – feel free to incorporate any vegetables you’ve got on hand, making it the perfect recipe for tackling your fridge’s contents at the end of the week.

Aloo Tikki

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Imagine a flavorful twist on traditional hash browns – welcome to Aloo Tikki! This Indian delicacy brings together the comforting familiarity of potatoes with an added layer of spice, making it just as delicious at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.The best part? It’s astonishingly easy to prepare. With this recipe, you can effortlessly reuse leftover potatoes, and even enjoy the benefits of freezing and reheating it later on.

Vegetable Bhuna

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For those new to Indian cuisine, this recipe is an excellent choice. The simplicity of the steps belies the impressive outcome, which owes much to the use of whole tomatoes that add a burst of juiciness and flavor. What’s more, this dish is entirely vegetarian-friendly, freeing you from the pressure of cooking meat to perfection.

Mushroom Tikka Masala

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For those who crave the flavors of Indian cuisine without compromising their dietary preferences, this mushroom tikka masala is an absolute delight. This vegetarian twist on a classic dish not only offers a meat substitute that mimics the texture and taste of traditional tikka masala but also boasts a significantly shorter preparation time than its chicken counterpart. The versatility of mushrooms as a flavorful and satisfying substitute for meat makes this recipe an excellent choice for those seeking a plant-based alternative to their favorite Indian dishes.

Spinach Curry

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Indian cuisine has an incredible knack for elevating even the most mundane vegetables into a culinary experience that’s hard to forget. This spinach curry is a testament to this phenomenon – a simple combination of canned chickpeas and fresh spinach can transform into a truly unforgettable meal. The rich, velvety spinach gravy serves as a vibrant backdrop for an intricate dance of spices, while a side of fluffy rice provides the perfect textural contrast to round out the dish. With its unique flavor profile and satisfying presentation, this spinach curry is sure to become a new family favorite.

Butternut Squash Curry

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This delectable butternut squash curry is a symphony of flavors and textures, perfectly showcasing the best of what the season has to offer. Whether you’re a regular at local farmer’s markets or simply eager to incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients into your cooking routine, this recipe is sure to delight.

Bhindi Masala

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Okra, a staple in Indian cuisine, is often elevated by a simple yet flavorful bhindi masala. The key to its success lies in the harmonious blend of basic spices and sautéed onions, which can be prepared in a matter of minutes. For an added layer of convenience, consider freezing chopped okra for a quick and effortless weeknight meal solution.

Courgette Curry

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Undoubtedly, courgettes are often overlooked, but they truly shine in this curry recipe. The tender zucchini soaks up the rich flavors and spices, transforming into an incredibly delicious addition to any meal. This refreshing summer dish is perfect for a satisfying lunch or dinner, paired with a side of rice or roti for a well-rounded culinary experience.

Instant Pot Indian Recipes

In many Indian households, pressure cookers have become a staple for expediting cooking time and retaining flavors. With this familiarity in mind, the following Instant Pot recipes aim to replicate the same convenience and culinary benefits.

Chicken Curry

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As we begin our Instant Pot series, we’re starting with a delightful winter warmer that’s sure to become a staple in your household: a delectable chicken curry. This quick and easy recipe is ready in under 30 minutes, making it the perfect solution for busy families looking for a hassle-free meal. What’s more, this dish is incredibly flavorful, with each bowl overflowing with complex notes that will leave you wanting more. Enjoy it on its own or paired with a side of fluffy rice, and take it to the next level by serving naan bread for an authentic Indian-inspired touch.


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While often misunderstood as a straightforward noodle soup, dal is actually a flavorful and nutritious dish that packs a punch. The simplicity of its recipe belies the depth of its flavor profile, which is largely due to its reliance on lentils as its primary ingredient.

Lentils, being a plant-based protein source, bring a richness and complexity to each bowl of dal, making it an excellent option for those seeking a meat-free meal that’s both filling and delicious.

Chicken Korma

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Experience the rich flavors of an authentic chicken korma without relying on store-bought sauces or lengthy preparation times. With a mere glance at your spice cabinet, you’ll be whipping up a delicious and aromatic dish in no time. The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity – just toss all the ingredients into your Instant Pot, set it, and forget about it. This hands-off approach makes it perfect for meal prep enthusiasts who can cook large batches to enjoy throughout the week.

Quinoa Khichdi

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Khichdi is an iconic dish in India that has captured hearts with its rich flavor profile. Imagine a hearty rice porridge packed with lentils, vegetables, and spices – it’s no wonder this comforting meal has become a staple for many Indians.

To give khichdi a modern twist, I’ve replaced traditional rice with quinoa. This swap not only boosts the fiber content but also introduces an earthy undertone that elevates the dish to new heights.

Chicken Biryani

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Indulge in a mouthwatering chicken biryani with minimal fuss, courtesy of your trusty Instant Pot. This quick and effortless recipe is perfect for a busy day when you still crave a flavorful meal.

To ensure the best results, opt for chicken thighs as they’re less prone to drying out. Their ability to absorb flavors also makes them an excellent choice.

Veggie Curry

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Are you tired of opening your crisper drawer only to find a sad, wilted mess? Look no further! This recipe is a great way to declutter and repurpose any vegetables you’ve got lying around. Simply toss them into a flavorful curry with the added bonus of protein-rich chickpeas. The result is a warm, comforting bowl that’s sure to hit the spot. Perfect for a quick end-of-week dinner or lunch on-the-go.

Butter Chicken

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Transforming takeout into a home-cooked masterpiece, our final Instant Pot recipe is a crowd-pleaser – butter chicken that rivals any restaurant. With this easy-to-make dish, you’ll be enjoying flavorful and tender results in the time it takes to order delivery. For an added layer of complexity, consider marinating the chicken beforehand to amplify its rich flavor profile. The question remains: which Indian-inspired recipe will become your go-to for satisfying those spicy cravings? Do you have a trusty favorite that’s earned a spot in your culinary repertoire? Share your secrets with our community by commenting below!

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