34 Quick Keto Meal Prep Tips You Need

Embracing a Keto lifestyle requires a bit more planning upfront, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, with these simple keto meal prep ideas, you can effortlessly prepare a week’s worth of healthy, low-carb meals that will not only fuel your body but also help maintain ketosis throughout.

Buffalo Chicken Ranch

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Satisfy your hunger with the filling combination of shredded buffalo chicken served atop cauliflower rice. This satisfying meal is surprisingly easy to prepare, requiring only a reliable food processor and a simple steaming method. If you’re on a budget, consider investing in a quality food processor like [insert low-budget option here] and a veggie steaming basket for effortless meal prep.

Nutritional Information (per serving):
Calories: 287
Fats: 21g
Net Carbs: 5g
Protein: 13g

Cilantro Lime Chicken With Cauliflower Rice

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Indulge in a symphony of citrus and herbal notes with this delectable recipe. When paired with the subtle creaminess of cauliflower rice, the flavors come together in perfect harmony. If you’re looking to simplify meal prep, consider substituting homemade cauliflower rice with store-bought options. Here’s a breakdown of the nutritional profile: Per serving, enjoy approximately 378 calories, comprising 21g of fats, 9g of net carbs, and a generous 32g of protein.

Greek Chicken Meal Prep

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In order to unlock the secret to these keto-friendly recipes, it’s essential to focus on low-carb vegetables that complement each dish. Zucchini, tomatoes, and onions are excellent choices that pair well with these meals. Beyond the veggies, spices take center stage, allowing you to experiment with a blend of flavors from dill, parsley, oregano, and garlic powder. This trifecta of tastes will elevate your cooking experience.

Nutritional Breakdown (per serving):
Calories: 287
Fats: 15g
Net Carbs: 6g
Protein: 28g

Sesame Salmon with Baby Bok Choy and Mushrooms

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When the going gets dull, this sesame salmon meal prep recipe is sure to spark some excitement! If you’re a mushroom enthusiast, especially when it comes to the meaty Portobello variety, you’re in for a treat. To make it happen, simply pick up some fresh salmon on your next grocery run – there’s no substitute for the real deal. And if you’re craving more keto-friendly fish delights, don’t worry, I’ve got another recipe up my sleeve that’s sure to satisfy. Here are the details: in terms of nutritional information per serving, we’re looking at 283 calories, with a breakdown of 15.5g of fat, 2.5g of net carbs, and a whopping 32g of protein.

Sheet Pan Fajitas with Steak

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When it comes to fajitas, most people’s go-to option is chicken. However, steak fajitas are a game-changer, offering a distinct flavor profile that’s just as impressive. This Mexican-inspired one-pan dinner is perfect for busy individuals who want to indulge in a delicious meal without sacrificing taste or convenience. One serving of these mouth-watering fajitas provides 568 calories, with a breakdown of 42g of fat, 10g of net carbs, and 29g of protein.

One-Pan Italian Sausage Meal-Prep Bowls

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When it comes to fueling your body for a full day, simply cook some high-quality sausage with low-carb vegetables and you’re set. To add an extra layer of flavor without sacrificing your dietary goals, opt for a yellow mustard that is mindful of its sugar content. I’ve found this particular brand to be a reliable choice.

The nutrition breakdown per serving looks like this:
Calories: 319
Fats: 28g
Net Carbs: 6g
Protein: 12g

Crustless Quiche Recipe With Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese

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This crustless quiche is a fantastic low-carb breakfast option, providing a robust start to the day. The absence of a traditional crust means it adheres to keto diet requirements. To create this indulgent dish, you’ll need evaporated milk, which boasts a creamier texture and thicker consistency compared to regular milk. This unique ingredient can be sourced from online retailers or local grocery stores.
For those interested in exploring more low-carb breakfast ideas, I recommend checking out the recipe for keto quiche with zucchini and pepperoni. This flavorful combination is sure to please even the most discerning palate.
Nutritional Information per Serving:
Calories: 350
Fats: 25g
Net Carbs: 6g
Protein: 24g

No Bread Turkey Club

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Transforming a classic sandwich into a ketogenic meal prep is surprisingly easy, and this lettuce wrapper version is no exception. What may seem like a significant departure from the original, can be elevated by incorporating your favorite low-carb sauces. For those following the keto diet, I highly recommend investing in a pack of keto-friendly condiments to enhance the flavor. From a nutritional standpoint, here’s what you can expect: per serving, this meal prep yields 539 calories, with 42g of fats, 7g of net carbs, and a protein content of 31g.

Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas

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When serving this dish, consider complementing it with low-carb tortillas that are specifically designed for a keto-friendly diet. Alternatively, you can opt for cauliflower rice or even a refreshing keto salad to round out the meal. In terms of nutritional information, each serving provides approximately 318 calories, 13g of fats, 8g of net carbs, and 36g of protein.

One-Pot Garlic Butter Chicken Thighs and Mushrooms

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I’m particularly fond of whipping up one-pot meals that can be easily transported to the office. One such recipe that fits the bill is this keto-friendly lunch option, which I just can’t get enough of. For those who share my enthusiasm for rich and creamy chicken paired with earthy mushrooms and a blend of savory spices, this dish is an absolute must-try. As an added bonus, each serving boasts a respectable nutritional profile: 335 calories, 24g of fat, 6g of net carbs, and a whopping 25g of protein.

Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Chicken

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While we’ve explored a cilantro lime chicken recipe earlier, this variation stands out because it leverages the convenience of an Instant Pot. If you’re new to pressure cooking, I encourage you to consider investing in a reliable model like [recommended Instant Pot]. With this recipe, you can enjoy a harmonious pairing of juicy chicken and crisp green beans. The nutrition facts for one serving are as follows: Calories: 358, Fats: 30g, Net Carbs: 2g, and Protein: 18g.

Philly Cheesesteak Meal Prep

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Cheesesteaks are often a carbohydrate-heavy meal option. However, by making your own cheesesteaks, you can easily customize the ingredients to suit your dietary needs and preferences. This approach also allows for meal prep, making it easy to enjoy a delicious and satisfying cheesesteak at work or on-the-go.With this recipe, you can create a nutritious and flavorful meal that meets your specific nutritional requirements. Per serving, this meal yields:Calories: 310Fats: 14gNet Carbs: 8gProtein: 35g

Super Easy and Delicious Keto Pulled Pork

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For those who can’t get enough of tender, juicy pulled pork, a pressure cooker or slow cooker is an excellent investment. If you don’t already own one, consider opting for a budget-friendly yet durable crockpot that won’t break the bank. What sets pulled pork apart from other recipes is its incredibly low maintenance – simply add your ingredients and let it cook away. If you’re as big a fan of slow cooker recipes as I am, be sure to check out these keto crockpot recipes for some inspiration. Per serving, this dish boasts an impressive nutritional profile: 628 calories, with 41g of fat, 3g of net carbs, and a whopping 58g of protein.

Keto Breakfast Sandwich

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What sets this breakfast sandwich apart is its ability to deliver the same satisfying flavor as a traditional sandwich, while significantly reducing carb intake. In fact, it’s more of a ‘fat bomb’ than a carb-heavy option, making it an excellent choice for those following a low-carb diet.

To elevate the dish, it’s essential to use high-quality sausage patties. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make your own batch from scratch.

Here’s the nutritional breakdown per serving:
Calories: 603
Fats: 54g
Net Carbs: 7g
Protein: 22g

“Just Like the Real Thing” Lasagna

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Lasagnas are incredibly convenient as freezer meals, offering a flexible solution for meal planning. For individuals following a low-carb diet, preparing and freezing this lasagna ensures that when hunger strikes, a quick and satisfying dinner is just minutes away. Additionally, the dish lends itself perfectly to meal prep, allowing you to portion it out and take it on-the-go, whether that’s to work or another destination.

Per Serving:
Calories: 486
Fats: 34g
Net Carbs: 9.5g
Protein: 57g

Mom’s Low Carb Meatballs

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When it comes to these Italian-style meatballs, the focus is on their impressive nutritional profile – they’re packed with fats and protein while being extremely low in carbs. This makes them a great option for those following a specific diet or simply looking for a satisfying meal. If you do find yourself craving something more substantial to pair with your meatballs, consider swapping out traditional noodles for zucchini noodles. A spiralizer can make this process quick and easy, allowing you to enjoy your meal without the guilt. As for the nutrition information, each serving of these meatballs contains approximately 387 calories, with 22g of fat, just 1g of net carbs, and a substantial 19g of protein.

Hawaiian Pizza Chicken Meal Prep

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Satisfy your pizza cravings without sacrificing your dietary goals by trying this mouthwatering low-carb recipe. Marinated chicken breasts are smothered in a rich blend of Italian-inspired flavors, complete with the sweet and tangy addition of pineapple. Serve these flavorful breasts alongside a simple yet effective steamed broccoli side dish that won’t break the bank. With impressive nutritional stats per serving – 293 calories, 11g of fat, 9g of net carbs, and 40g of protein – you can indulge in this tasty treat without compromising your low-carb lifestyle.

Creamy Garlic Chicken

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If the idea of rich, creamy garlic sauce sends your taste buds into a tizzy, this recipe is sure to become a new favorite. The star of the show – juicy chicken smothered in an abundance of garlicky goodness – will tantalize your senses and leave you craving more. What’s more, this dish is a dream come true for low-carb enthusiasts, offering a satisfying and flavorful meal that won’t blow your diet.

Instant Pot General Tso’s Chicken

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The next time you’re in the mood for Chinese-inspired cuisine, why not try cooking it yourself? With your Instant Pot at the ready, you can easily create a delicious and healthy meal. To get started, be sure to pick up some coconut aminos – this is the perfect alternative to traditional soy sauce. You’ll also want to grab a good sweetener, such as the one recommended here. Additionally, a high-quality five-spice powder will add depth to your dish. For more keto-friendly Instant Pot recipes, check out the link provided. As for the nutritional breakdown of this particular recipe, it’s impressive: 276 calories per serving, with 13g of fat, 5g of net carbs, and a substantial 29g of protein.

Italian Chicken Skewers

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Savoring the zesty flavors of Italy, these chicken skewers are a delightful treat. Paired with a choice of cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles, each bite is a culinary escape. For those looking to indulge in the latter option, a simple and affordable veggies spiralizer is all that’s needed to create perfect strands. With a nutritional profile that boasts 276 calories per serving, along with 14g of fats, 2g of net carbs, and an impressive 33g of protein, this dish is both delectable and nutritious.

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

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These low-carb, high-fat and protein-rich treats boast a satisfying crunch courtesy of almond flour. For the best results, I highly recommend stocking up on this game-changing ingredient. Not only will it revolutionize your cooking capabilities, but it’ll also enable you to whip up delectable, low-carb versions of your favorite dishes. For further inspiration, be sure to check out some of our other mouthwatering ketogenic almond flour recipes.

Per Serving:
Calories: 104
Fats: 8g
Net Carbs: 1g
Protein: 5g

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