36 Easy Mixed Drinks

Crafting the perfect cocktail is an art form that anyone can master, and it’s especially enjoyable when you can whip up a delicious drink at home with ease. There’s something special about gathering friends and family to share in the experience of creating and savoring these refreshing concoctions.

The world of mixology is full of endless possibilities, and we’re here to help you unlock that creative potential by sharing our top 36 easy mixed drinks recipes. From classic combinations to modern twists, these simple yet impressive cocktails are sure to become new favorites in your repertoire.

Hawaiian Shooter Cocktail Recipe

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For those seeking a sophisticated twist on fruity cocktails, the Hawaiian Shooter is an excellent choice. By combining the sweetness of Midori Melon Liqueur with the tanginess of orange and pineapple juices, this drink offers a delightful balance of flavors. The addition of Southern Comfort gives it a distinctively grown-up taste that’s sure to impress. While it can be enjoyed straight up or strained into a glass, serving it over ice in a tall glass is also a great way to enjoy the refreshing qualities of this cocktail. Feel free to experiment with cranberry juice or peach schnapps for added depth, and garnish with your choice of citrus fruits, cherries, or strawberries for a pop of color.

Mint Julep

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The iconic Mint Julep, originating from Kentucky, has won the hearts of many. As the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby, this classic drink is a staple during Derby weekend, with over 120,000 Mint Juleps allegedly served annually.To create a homemade Mint Julep that will transport you to the Derby’s lush green fields, gather the following ingredients: fresh mint leaves, good bourbon, simple syrup, and crushed ice. The perfect blend of these elements will leave you craving for more. Simply garnish with additional fresh mint leaves to complete this refreshing and timeless cocktail.


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One of our most beloved easy cocktail recipes is the classic Gin Gimlet, a drink that exudes elegance in its simplicity. Despite the numerous variations of Gimlet recipes out there, the original formula remains delightfully straightforward.

To craft this timeless cocktail, you’ll need just three ingredients: gin, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup. For added flair, you can also substitute Rose’s Lime Juice for a unique twist.

Other popular interpretations of the Gimlet include the Vodka Gimlet and the Cucumber Gimlet, each offering its own distinct charm.


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The decadent Mudslide cocktail has gained popularity for its rich, indulgent flavor profile. At its core, the classic recipe involves mixing Irish cream liqueur like Baileys with coffee liqueur, such as Kahlua, in a shaker. However, the frozen variant blended with vanilla ice cream has also become a crowd-pleaser. Whether you choose to serve it chilled or slushy, the Mudslide’s dessert-like taste is undeniable. To create this indulgent treat, you’ll need heavy cream and vodka as essential ingredients.

Americano Cocktail Recipe

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The Americano cocktail is often overlooked despite its unique charm, comprising just three ingredients: Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda water. This simplicity belies a complex drink that’s both bitter and bubbly. Interestingly, the Americano’s creation story is tied to its popularity with American tourists. According to records, it was invented in the 1860s by the owner of Milan’s Caffe Campari, who likely didn’t anticipate the drink’s lasting impact on the world of mixology. The Americano’s influence can be seen in the Negroni, another beloved cocktail that shares a similar flavor profile. Despite its understated nature, the Americano remains an integral part of the cocktail canon.

Fresh Lime Margaritas

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A classic Mexican cocktail, the margarita has a special place in many hearts. When it comes to enjoying this sweet and salty drink, we’re big fans of serving it on the rocks. What sets our take apart is its focus on all-natural ingredients – a refreshing departure from the sugary concoctions often found on restaurant menus.

To craft this revitalizing margarita, you’ll need just four key components: fresh lime juice, premium tequila, orange liqueur like Triple Sec, and simple syrup. Feel free to add a touch of salt around the rim or enjoy it without – the choice is yours.

Garnish your creation with a sprightly lime wedge for a pop of color and a hint of its citrusy essence.

Red Sangria

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Spain’s gift of red sangria has brought joy to the world for centuries. This ancient drink is believed to have originated when the Romans first planted vineyards on the Iberian Peninsula over 2,000 years ago. The recipe we’re about to share is a fruit-filled delight that incorporates oranges and apples, giving it a unique flavor profile. To make this sangria truly special, use high-quality Spanish red wine and add a splash of brandy for added depth. The sweetness in the drink comes from a combination of organic brown sugar and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Tequila Sunrise

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In a surprising twist, the iconic Tequila Sunrise has roots in rock ‘n’ roll history. This beloved cocktail was first served in the 1970s at Sausalito’s social scene when it was conjured up by two bartenders, Billy Rice and Bobby Lozoff. The drink gained instant popularity after being endorsed by none other than Mick Jagger himself. He fell so deeply in love with the refreshing blend that he ensured its availability at every Rolling Stones performance in the US. To truly experience the essence of a Tequila Sunrise, it’s essential to use freshly squeezed lime juice, complementing the traditional trio of orange juice, tequila, and grenadine.

Black Russian

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The Black Russian cocktail may not have originated in Russia, but its name is rooted in the country’s affinity for vodka. In fact, this classic drink was born at a Brussels hotel bar, specifically created for an American ambassador. The combination of vodka and Kahlúa (or another coffee liqueur) gives the Black Russian its distinct flavor profile. To recreate this drink, you’ll need just two ingredients: vodka and Kahlúa. Serve it over ice with a Maraschino cherry garnish to complete the experience.

Whiskey Sour

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For over a century, the Whiskey Sour has been a timeless classic cocktail that never fails to impress. Its popularity peaked in the 19th and 20th centuries, with its iconic recipe first appearing in print as early as 1862. Jerry Thomas, a renowned bartender of his time, published ‘The Bartender’s Guide’ which featured this very recipe for the Whiskey Sour. A key component that sets it apart from other cocktails is the use of egg white, which Thomas employed to achieve a silky, balanced texture. While it’s certainly possible to make a Whisksey Sour without the egg white, we’ve opted to include it in our recipe. For those interested, the original source for this classic cocktail can be found at acouplecooks.com.

Piña Coladas

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The piña colada, a tropical cocktail staple, has been delighting palates since the 1950s. While variations abound, this recipe stays true to its origins, offering a genuine take on the classic drink. To craft the perfect piña colada, you’ll need rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice, frozen pineapple, and fresh lime juice. The original recipe called for serving the piña colada straight up or over ice, sans freezing. For added flair, garnish with a Maraschino cherry or a pineapple wedge. As a nod to its enduring popularity, this cocktail has transcended time, remaining a beloved favorite.

Brandy Old-Fashioned Sweet

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Dating back to the early 19th century, the Old Fashioned cocktail has gained a special place in Wisconsin’s heart. This sweet rendition of the classic recipe requires cherry juice, a sugar cube, Angostura bitters, and good brandy, accompanied by seltzer water or grapefruit soda for added fizz. The drink can be finished with Maraschino cherries and an orange slice, but feel free to experiment with unconventional garnishes like green olives if you’re feeling adventurous.

French 75

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In the heart of Paris, France, Harry’s New York Bar was abuzz with activity during World War II. It was here that a clever bartender created the iconic French 75 cocktail, which would go on to become a timeless classic. But what makes this drink so special? For starters, its origins are tied to the powerful French 75 mm artillery gun – a nod to the potent kick it packs. The French 75’s botanical flavors and tangy undertones come together in perfect harmony, with fresh lemon juice providing a delightful zing and champagne adding a celebratory air. With its unique blend of sophistication and whimsy, it’s no wonder the French 75 remains a beloved cocktail among mixology enthusiasts.


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The classic Negroni cocktail requires only four essential components: gin, Campari, semi-weet or sweet red vermouth, and a dash of orange peel. Despite its straightforward ingredient list, the Negroni’s flavor profile is surprisingly complex. The harmonious balance between the bitter notes of Campari and gin effectively counterbalances the sweetness of the vermouth, preventing the drink from becoming cloyingly sweet. This recipe’s simplicity makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a quick and effortless cocktail creation.


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When embarking on a cocktail-making journey, many beginners’ first foray into the world of mixology is often the humble Screwdriver. Its simplicity is part of its charm, requiring only two straightforward ingredients: vodka and freshly squeezed orange juice. To elevate this classic concoction, it’s essential to opt for high-quality vodka and, crucially, use 100% freshly squeezed OJ. The payoff? A drink that’s exponentially more enjoyable due to the nuanced flavor profiles. For a visually appealing finish, garnish your Screwdriver with slices of juicy orange, and you’ll be sipping like a pro.


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The origins of the iconic Sidecar cocktail are steeped in wartime history. According to legend, an American Army captain was stationed in Paris during World War I and would often ride around town on his motorcycle, with a sidecar attachment. This adventurous soldier reportedly inspired the name behind this classic cocktail. Not surprisingly, the Sidecar was also born at Harry’s New York Bar, a famous Parisian establishment known for its innovative mixology. To recreate the original, opt for a high-quality cognac like Cointreau or XO, and you’ll be sipping like it’s 1918.


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The quintessential cocktail, the Martini, holds court among classic libations. While most aficionados are familiar with the iconic Dry Martini, this recipe delves into the realm of its sultry counterpart, the Dirty Martini. According to liquor connoisseurs, this indulgent variation has its roots in New York City during 1901, when a bartender named John O’Connor drew inspiration from the olive garnish that adorns a traditional Dry Martini. To craft a Dirty Martini, simply swirl an olive within the glass and add a judicious splash of olive juice. As the story goes, this indulgent twist on the classic was born in the city’s bars.

White Russian

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The White Russian cocktail, a layered classic, gets its creamy twist by adding a splash of dairy to the Black Russian’s vodka-based formula. The name may evoke Eastern Europe, but surprisingly, neither the Black nor White Russian has Russian roots – they simply feature Russia’s official liquor: vodka. To craft this velvety drink, you’ll need Kahlúa or similar coffee liqueurs like Trader Vic’s Kona or Tia Maria. Vodka is a must, and heavy cream or half-and-half provide the rich, creamy element that sets the White Russian apart.

Moscow Mule

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Although the Moscow Mule was first concocted in the 1940s, its popularity experienced a resurgence in recent years. A distinctive feature of this cocktail is its serving vessel – traditionally, it’s presented in a copper mug, which has become an integral part of the drink’s identity. The origins of the Moscow Mule are shrouded in mystery, with some attributing its creation to a bartender with a copper factory-owning girlfriend, while others propose that it was simply a clever marketing ploy to shift more copper mugs. Despite the uncertainty surrounding its inception, the Moscow Mule remains a beloved beverage with a remarkably simple recipe: three essential ingredients – vodka, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer – combined in perfect harmony.


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A Mimosa, the quintessential brunch cocktail, can be crafted with either premium champagne or quality sparkling wine. Its celebratory nature makes it an ideal choice for special occasions like bridal showers and Mother’s Day gatherings. When selecting a base, opt for a semi-dry or dry Oregon, California, or Washington sparkling wine, such as those from well-regarded producers like Veuve Clicquot or Krug. Alternatively, Prosecco or Spanish Cava can also serve as a suitable substitute.


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While the Boulevardier cocktail may appear similar to a Negroni at first glance, with its bourbon base, it has some distinct differences that set it apart. One key distinction is the ratio of spirits, which is 2:1:1 in the Boulevardier compared to the more traditional 1:1:1 found in a classic Negroni. This increased spirit content allows the sweet flavors of the bourbon to balance out the bitter notes of the Campari, resulting in a smoother, more mellow drink. To take it to the next level, use a high-quality vermouth like Carpano Antica, which adds depth and complexity to the cocktail.

Zombie Cocktail

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The Zombie cocktail’s lengthy ingredient list is a small price to pay for its legendary flavor and rich history. This iconic drink originated in the 1930s, becoming one of the first fruity cocktails to gain widespread popularity. The recipe was born at Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Hollywood, owned by the innovative mixologist Donn Beach in 1934. According to lore, Donn created the Zombie as a hangover cure for a local businessman, but its potency proved so remarkable that the man jokingly declared it turned him into a ‘zombie.’

Gin and Tonic

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For those seeking a classic cocktail that won’t break the bank or require an extensive array of ingredients, look no further than the iconic gin and tonic. The simplicity of this drink is part of its enduring charm.

When it comes to crafting the perfect gin and tonic, opt for premium gins like Tanqueray or Bombay to ensure a rich, complex flavor profile. Furthermore, serving your gin and tonic in a chilled stemmed glass not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also helps to keep the drink ice-cold throughout.

To add a touch of brightness and freshness, garnish your gin and tonic with a slice of lime, allowing the citrusy aroma to mingle with the botanicals of the gin.


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The mojito’s refreshing essence is deeply rooted in Cuban tradition, where the key to unlocking its full flavor lies in expertly extracting the aromas from fresh mint leaves. To elevate your mojito game, begin by placing a handful of mint at the bottom of a glass or cocktail shaker and employ a trusty muddler to release the herb’s subtle nuances. This labor-of-love process awakens the mint’s natural oils, imbuing the drink with an intoxicating aroma. Assembling the perfect mojito requires four essential components: fresh mint leaves, white rum (or its coconut-infused counterpart), a squeeze of fresh lime juice, and a drizzle of simple syrup. Finally, top it off with club soda for a crisp, revitalizing finish. For a stylish touch, garnish with a lime wedge.

Chocolate Martini

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Indulge in a rich and decadent treat by serving a boozy dessert in a martini glass. The combination of chocolate liqueur and vodka creates a perfect cocktail for those seeking a luxurious experience. What takes it to the next level is drizzling chocolate syrup along the rim of the glass, adding an extra layer of indulgence. This indulgent treat is crafted with Baileys Irish Cream, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, vodka, and chocolate syrup.

Mai Tai

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The allure of a fruity tropical rum cocktail can be overwhelming at times, and it’s then that we turn to the timeless classic, the Mai Tai. This refreshing drink has its roots in the 1940s, but what’s fascinating is how its original recipe differs from the sweeter variations that have evolved over time. A true Mai Tai should be a masterclass in complexity, with Triple Sec, rum, and almond syrup coming together in perfect harmony. But it’s the addition of a tiny float of dark rum on top that elevates this cocktail to new heights, making it a sophisticated sipper that’s sure to please even the most discerning palate.


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Elevate your cocktail game by recreating Ian Fleming’s iconic Vesper Martini, the drink of choice for James Bond in ‘Casino Royale.’ First introduced in 1953, this classic cocktail has gained a cult following and remains a staple of sophisticated gatherings. To channel your inner Bond, follow his exact instructions: combine three measures of Gordon’s gin with one measure of vodka, and finish it off with just half a measure of Kina Lillet. By doing so, you’ll be sipping on a martini that’s as sleek as Bond himself.

Champagne Cocktail

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As the festive season approaches, why not try a timeless classic to toast the occasion? The Champagne Cocktail is a delightful concoction that’s sure to bring cheer and sparkle to your celebrations. To craft this elegant drink, you’ll need a few essential ingredients: champagne, a sugar cube, Angostura bitters, brandy or cognac, and a Maraschino cherry (or lemon twist) for garnish. The real magic happens when you drop the sugar cube into the bottom of the glass just before serving – don’t miss this crucial step! With its sweet and sophisticated blend of flavors, the Champagne Cocktail is sure to impress your friends and family.

Irish Coffee

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In a delightful twist of fate, many people have taken to crafting Irish Coffees with the rich flavors of coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream. While this modern spin is certainly alluring, it’s essential to note that traditional Irish Coffee recipes rely on the smooth, velvety character of Irish whiskey.

To pay homage to this classic cocktail, our recipe will focus on the original formula, which dates back to 1951 when a travel journalist named Stanton Delaplane introduced it to the United States via the San Francisco Chronicle. For a truly authentic experience, we’ll be combining strong coffee, boiling water, brown sugar, Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, and lightly whipped cream.

Source: spicysouthernkitchen.com

Passion Fruit Hurricanes

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The city of New Orleans in Louisiana is often associated with vibrant celebrations like Mardi Gras and the lively atmosphere of Bourbon Street, but its iconic cocktail scene is equally renowned. Specifically, the Passion Fruit Hurricane has become an emblematic drink of the city’s culinary culture.

To craft this tropical treat, you’ll need to combine passion fruit juice, fresh lime juice, light rum, dark rum, sugar, and grenadine syrup. As a finishing touch, garnish your Hurricane with Maraschino cherries and orange slices for a pop of color and added flair.

Spiked Lemonade

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There’s nothing quite like a tall glass of lemonade on a sweltering summer day or evening to quench your thirst. But we’re not ones to stick to the classic recipe – we like to give it a little kick by adding some spirits. The most popular liquors for spiked lemonade are bourbon, vodka, and gin, but we’ve recently discovered a recipe that takes it to the next level by incorporating Limoncello liqueur, adding an extra burst of citrus flavor.

Pineapple Rum Punch

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Pineapple Rum Punch, a beloved Caribbean cocktail, typically consists of five fundamental components: liquor, citrus, sweetness, liquid, and spice or tea infusions. This classic concoction’s versatility is exemplified by its adaptability to a simple ratio-based formula, the ‘1, 2, 3, 4 method’, which balances one sour ingredient with two sweet, three strong, and four weak elements. In contrast, this specific Pineapple Rum Punch recipe boasts six distinct ingredients: orange juice, pineapple juice, dark rum, mango nectar, grenadine, and pineapple rum.


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In the heart of New Orleans lies a cocktail that has been delighting palates for centuries – the iconic Sazerac. Its origins date back to 1838 when apothecary Antoine Amedie Peychaud created his signature concoction by mixing Peychaud’s Bitters with cognac. This unique blend became the go-to drink at the New Orleans Sazerac Coffee House, establishing its reputation as a city staple. To recreate this timeless classic, you’ll need Peychaud’s Bitters, rye whiskey, and absinthe (or another anise liqueur). A sugar cube adds a touch of sweetness to balance out the flavors. For a finishing touch, garnish your Sazerac with a lemon twist, and you’re ready to transport yourself to the vibrant streets of NOLA.


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The Michelada Cocktail is a flavorful fusion of fresh lime juice, Mexican lager, and hot sauce. We’ve discovered an elevated recipe that takes things to the next level. This revamped version combines Clamato juice, fresh lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and hot sauce for a bold twist. Pair it with a crisp light Mexican beer like Sol, Corona, Modelo, or Tecate. To elevate the presentation, rim the glass with chili powder and salt and garnish with a wedge of lime or lemon. For inspiration, check out drizzleanddip.com


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In the realm of Mexican cocktails, the Paloma stands out as a refined and revitalizing alternative to the classic margarita. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and versatility – it’s an excellent choice to serve alongside a delicious Mexican meal. To create this delightful drink, you’ll need only a few ingredients: top-shelf Blanco tequila, ruby grapefruit juice, agave syrup (or sugar syrup), fresh lime juice, and club soda. A gentle stir is all that’s required to bring the flavors together; shaking it up would be overkill. Finally, complete the Paloma with a sprig of lime and you’re ready to impress your guests. And for those curious about its origins, this recipe is inspired by the experts at foodiecrush.com.

Bloody Mary

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While a classic Bloody Mary can stand on its own, there’s something undeniably exciting about crafting a loaded version with an array of creative garnishes. To get started, you’ll need the essential ingredients: tomato juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, garlic salt, black pepper, Tabasco sauce, and vodka – although feel free to mix things up with pickle-infused vodka for added depth of flavor.

For a simple yet satisfying Bloody Mary, a lone celery stick or lime wedge will suffice. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not take it to the next level with a DIY Bloody Mary bar? This can include everything from crispy bacon and briny olives to succulent cooked shrimp and even savory eggs or melted cheese. The possibilities are truly endless.

As you ponder which mixed drinks reign supreme among the cocktail elite, be sure to check out this engaging video for a rundown of the most iconic cocktails of all time.

Final Words

Indulge in these scrumptious recipes with your loved ones and share your experiences! With a total cooking time of just nine minutes, you can effortlessly please your family and friends. This delightful concoction is sure to impress, whether it’s a casual gathering or a special occasion.

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