16+ Best Side Dishes For Fried Chicken

The quintessential comfort food, fried chicken, is often elevated by a medley of side dishes that complement its rich flavors and textures. Whether you’re serving traditional Southern-style fried chicken or baked chicken tenders, these 16 mouth-watering options are sure to satisfy your cravings.

From the familiar warmth of candied sweet potatoes to the crunchy delight of hush puppies, each dish offers a unique flavor profile that pairs perfectly with the crispy, juicy goodness of fried chicken. The list includes a range of comforting classics like biscuits and mac and cheese, as well as some unexpected twists on traditional favorites

Candied Sweet Potatoes

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Indulge in the quintessential Southern delight that transcends traditional boundaries – candied sweet potatoes. This delectable treat masquerades as a side dish, yet its irresistible sweetness will leave you craving more. With its intense flavor profile, it’s no surprise that one serving often isn’t enough to satisfy even the most discerning palate.


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Fried chicken and biscuits – a match made in heaven! The tender, buttery biscuit provides the perfect contrast to the crispy, savory fried chicken. By incorporating buttermilk into your biscuit recipe, you can elevate this classic combination to new heights. For many Southern households, having these two staples together is a non-negotiable tradition. With this simple recipe, you too can bring this beloved duo to your own table.

Mac and Cheese

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Another beloved aspect of Southern comfort food is the pairing of crispy fried chicken with creamy macaroni and cheese. This match made in heaven can be prepared countless ways, allowing for endless experimentation and customization once you master the basic recipe. The harmonious blend of tender, crunchy fried chicken and velvety macaroni and cheese is so satisfying that it’s almost as if your taste buds are asking to take a nap afterwards.

Peach Cobbler

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When it comes to wrapping up a classic Southern dinner, a show-stopping dessert is the perfect way to cap off the meal. And what better way to do that than with a warm, comforting peach cobbler served alongside a generous scoop of creamy ice cream? The combination of flaky crust, sweet and tangy peaches, and crunchy crumble topping is nothing short of irresistible, making it the ideal choice to round out your Southern-inspired feast. For a truly satisfying ending to your meal, a warm slice of peach cobbler is the only way to go.

Baked Beans

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When the craving for fried chicken strikes again, consider pairing it with a side of baked beans to prolong the savory experience. While baked beans are often associated with cookouts, they complement the flavors of fried chicken surprisingly well. A small serving is all you’ll need, as the combination will likely satisfy your appetite and leave little room for additional bites. To elevate the dish further, consider adding some crispy bacon bits to the baked beans, amplifying the savory notes and creating a truly satisfying pairing.

Squash Casserole

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The savory goodness of your chicken dish can be elevated by introducing a touch of sweetness, which is precisely what this squash casserole has to offer. This harmonious blend of flavors is further enhanced by the addition of nutritious greens and other wholesome ingredients, resulting in a delightful and healthy accompaniment to your fried chicken. According to gimmesomeoven.com.


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In the ongoing debate between biscuits and cornbread, it’s now possible to indulge in both without sacrificing flavor or texture. This recipe offers a harmonious union of crumbly bread and tender, crunchy chicken, making it an ideal accompaniment for your favorite fried chicken dishes. Additionally, this versatile cornbread can also serve as a clever absorbent for leftover gravy, allowing you to savor every last drop.

Baked Potatoes

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The notion that potatoes pair perfectly with fried chicken is a game-changer. Adding a touch of starch to your protein-rich meal can only enhance the experience. When it comes to baked potatoes, the possibilities are endless. You get the comforting flavor of a classic potato, which serves as the perfect canvas for an array of toppings. Sour cream, cheese, butter, crispy bacon, and chives all complement each other beautifully within the confines of your potato. Load it up just right, and you might find yourself with a satisfying meal that rivals your original chicken dish.

Mashed Potatoes

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When it comes to indulging in comfort food, pairing fried chicken with a side of creamy mashed potatoes is a match made in heaven. Not only do they complement each other’s rich flavors, but the textures also work beautifully together – the crispy exterior and juicy interior of the fried chicken perfectly balanced by the smooth, velvety mashed potatoes. And let’s not forget the added bonus of being able to dip those tender pieces of fried chicken into the potato goodness for an unparalleled southern-style experience.

Potato Salad

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While mashed potatoes are a classic pairing with fried chicken, potato salad is a refreshing side dish that can actually surpass its savory counterpart in terms of flavor and satisfaction. This is largely due to the fact that potato salad is typically served chilled, which allows the cool temperatures and bright flavors to cut through the richness of the accompanying chicken. The debate surrounding the ideal dressing for potato salad has been ongoing for ages, with some staunchly advocating for mayonnaise and others passionately arguing in favor of mustard. Regardless of personal preference, it’s undeniable that a well-crafted potato salad can elevate even the most straightforward meal into something truly special.

Hush Puppies

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While hush puppies are often associated with seafood, they can also be a delightful accompaniment to many fried chicken recipes. In fact, these sweet little treats can be cooked right alongside your chicken and emerge with a satisfyingly crispy exterior giving way to a soft, doughy interior. For an added layer of flavor, consider serving them with a side of remoulade sauce for dipping – it’s the perfect way to elevate this classic pairing.

Fried Green Tomatoes

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When it comes to pairing sides with fried chicken, a fried green tomato is an underrated gem that’s sure to become a staple at your next cookout. Unlike its ripe counterparts, green tomatoes possess a tangier flavor profile that beautifully complements the tender and juicy texture of fried chicken. In fact, once you experience the harmonious balance they bring to the table, it’s likely you’ll be reaching for them again and again – so much so that they’ll become a go-to addition to all your future outdoor gatherings.

Green Beans

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Kickstart a healthier side dish habit by pairing your fried chicken with a delicious and easy-to-make green bean recipe. Simply sauté the beans in olive oil, garlic, and salt to achieve a satisfying crunch that complements the richness of your fried chicken. This flavorful combination will make you feel better about indulging in this classic comfort food.


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While there are various approaches to preparing coleslaw, a well-crafted slaw can elevate the overall dining experience when paired with crispy fried chicken. The creamy, crunchy texture of the cabbage and the tangy flavor profile create a harmonious balance that complements the rich flavors of the chicken. This delightful combination allows for a satisfying second helping, as the freshness of the coleslaw provides a welcome respite from the savory notes of the poultry.

Fried Okra

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Indulge in the quintessential Southern delight that is fried okra. When the fryer’s already hot, why not toss in some crispy okra to elevate your meal? For those craving a fried fix, incorporating this veggie-packed treat can add a delightful twist to any dish.

Corn on the Cob

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For generations, fried chicken has been paired with corn on the cob, a classic southern side dish that’s simplicity belies its versatility. While it’s true that corn on the cob is easy to prepare and doesn’t require an exhaustive list of ingredients, this doesn’t mean that you can’t elevate it to new heights. One way to do so is by adding a pinch of seasoning to give it an extra burst of flavor. Additionally, don’t forget to generously butter your corn for a rich and indulgent taste experience.

Final Words

These recipes are a surefire way to bring people together. Whether you’re hosting a family dinner or a casual gathering with friends, these dishes are sure to be a hit. Take a moment to share your thoughts and let us know what you think!

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