38 Simple Sous Vide Recipes for Gourmet Meals

Sous vide, which translates to ‘under vacuum’ in French, is often overlooked as a cooking technique. However, with these straightforward recipes, you’ll be impressing friends and family in no time. The method involves sealing ingredients in a watertight bag, then submerging it in water for a precise temperature control.

This unique approach ensures perfectly cooked meals every time. While investing in a sous vide immersion cooker or machine can provide unparalleled results, the basics are surprisingly simple: just combine a deep pot, food-safe bags, and a water bath to create a foolproof cooking setup. For added convenience, certain Instant Pots and Ninja Foodi cookers even feature built-in sous vide functions, allowing you to easily whip up a delicious recipe.

Instant Pot Turkey Breast

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Unlock the secret to a perfectly moist turkey breast this Thanksgiving, without sacrificing precious oven space. Sous vide cooking with your Instant Pot is the game-changer you need. To get started, season your turkey breast liberally with your favorite spices, salt, and pepper – garlic powder and paprika would be an excellent combination. Take it a step further by mixing softened butter with your dry spices before adding it to the turkey, ensuring a boost of flavor and tenderization within the sous vide bags. When cooking is complete, give your turkey a finishing touch by broiling it to achieve that coveted golden color. The result? A mouth-watering Saturday dinner that’s sure to impress.

Sous Vide Chicken Breasts

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Sous vide cooking allows for incredible versatility in recipes, and this simple yet flavorful dish is no exception. Pair it with creamy mashed potatoes and your preferred steamed vegetables for a well-rounded meal that’s sure to please. To begin, season the chicken breast liberally with salt and pepper within the vacuum-sealed bag. The addition of fresh rosemary and citrus slices – orange and lemon – brings a vibrant, herbaceous quality to the dish. Before serving, give the chicken breast a brief sear for a crispy, golden-brown coating that adds texture and depth. If you’re struggling to decide what to cook for dinner tonight, this recipe is an excellent choice.

Sous Vide Shredded Chicken

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When cooking shredded chicken using the sous vide technique, you can achieve unparalleled tenderness and juiciness. The added bonus is that this method lends itself perfectly to incorporating flavors commonly found in Mexican cuisine, such as BBQ sauce. To season your chicken, simply combine paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and dried oregano within a plastic bag before sealing. Next, place the seasoned chicken into a sous vide bag along with half a cup of BBQ sauce and thinly sliced yellow onion. If you prefer an extra kick to your dish, consider adding sliced jalapeño peppers for an abundance of flavor. This harmonious blend of ingredients results in mouthwatering shredded chicken that is sure to please even the most discerning palates.

Sous Vide Pork Chops

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When cooking pork chops via sous vide, the result is consistently moist, juicy, and tender. To elevate the dish further, incorporate a Vietnamese-inspired marinade that harmoniously balances umami, sweet, and salty flavors. The marinade itself can be crafted using a combination of brown sugar, chili flakes, cilantro, and ginger. For added authenticity, include soy and fish sauce to impart Asian flair. A small portion of the marinade should be reserved as a glaze before finishing the pork chops on the grill. To further amplify the flavors, add a squeeze of lime juice and some garlic. This technique not only yields delectable results but also offers a cost-effective solution for family meals.

Sous Vide Steak

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When you cook steak sous vide, the results are nothing short of phenomenal – every single time. The key to achieving this level of culinary excellence lies in the attention to detail during the seasoning process. Begin by generously sprinkling salt and black pepper over your soon-to-be-cooked masterpiece before carefully placing it within a sous vide bag.To elevate the flavor profile, add a pat of butter, some fresh rosemary, and thyme to the mix. This trifecta of tastes will leave you with a steak that’s simultaneously rich in buttery goodness and infused with the subtle nuances of herbs.Once cooked to perfection, sear your steaks briefly in a cast iron skillet or pot for a minute or two. This step is crucial in creating a beautifully caramelized crust – crispy on the outside, tender within. The end result? A truly show-stopping steak that’s sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

Sous Vide Cod

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When cooking fish sous vide, the result is always a mouthwatering texture that simply melts in your mouth. To elevate this dish to the next level, consider pairing it with a rich and creamy bechamel sauce.

To begin, season your cod with olive oil, salt, and black pepper before sealing it in a sous vide bag.

For the bechamel, slowly whisk milk into a roux mixture to create a smooth and velvety texture. Add a pinch of salt, pepper, chopped green onions, and fresh parsley to give your sauce a burst of flavor.

To add some crunch to your dish, toast panko breadcrumbs with butter and garlic powder until they’re golden brown. Sprinkle them over your cod and bechamel before serving for a delightful textural contrast.

Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

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Indulge in a mouth-watering pork tenderloin, expertly cooked with a burst of freshness from herbs. The key lies in seasoning the meat with salt and pepper before immersing it in a flavorful sous vide bath, where you can incorporate your favorite fresh herbs such as parsley, basil, or cilantro. As the pork tenderloin emerges from its cooking journey, a quick sear in a skillet, enhanced by the aromatic presence of minced garlic and caramelized onions, yields a satisfying golden crust. This delectable dish is sure to impress on any special occasion.

Flat Iron Steak Sous Vide

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When it comes to cooking flat iron steak, sous vide is an ideal method for achieving tender and juicy results. For optimal flavor, marinate your steak in an Italian dressing of your choice, allowing the herbs to tenderize the meat while infusing a deep and savory taste.Once cooked, remove the steak from the marinade and season it as desired before serving. To add a satisfying textural element, sear the steak for a crispy golden crust that complements the tender interior perfectly.

5-Ingredient Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

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When it comes to cooking veggies for your soup, the sous vide method is a game-changer. This technique yields perfectly tender vegetables that can be easily blended into a silky smooth consistency. By submerging sliced butternut squash, tangy apples, and sweet yellow onions in a sous vide bag, you’ll achieve a harmonious balance of textures. Simply cook until tender, then blend with a touch of sea salt and heavy cream to create a rich and creamy soup. For an added layer of texture and visual appeal, garnish with crunchy diced apple upon serving.

Sous Vide Guinness Beef Stew

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Indulge in a hearty, comforting beef stew infused with the rich flavors of Guinness Beer. The slow-cooked recipe yields tender, fall-apart cubes of beef that are simply irresistible. While it may take an entire day to prepare, the end result is well worth the wait.

To begin, season your beef with salt and pepper, taking care to lock in those precious juices. Set aside and then sauté a medley of aromatics – carrots, garlic, onions, and tomato paste – adding a touch of bay leaf for subtle depth. The real magic happens when you deglaze the pot with a splash of Guinness, allowing the beer to soak up all those browned bits of goodness.

Next, combine everything into a sous vide bag and let the slow cooking process work its wonders over 24 hours. When it’s time to serve, simply thicken the luscious sauce and pair it with a crusty Irish soda bread for a truly satisfying meal.

Instant Pot Egg Bites

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Indulge in sous vide-style egg bites with ease by cooking them quickly in your Instant Pot. You’ll only need a few simple ingredients.

To get started, whisk together whole eggs, Gruyere cheese, and heavy cream until well combined. Don’t forget to season the mixture with salt and black pepper for added flavor.

Now it’s time to assemble your egg bites. Place slices of cooked bacon in the bottom of a silicone mold to add some smoky goodness.

Next, pour your creamy egg mixture over the bacon, making sure to fill the mold to the top. Set your Instant Pot to high pressure and cook until the eggs are tender and set.

Sous Vide Lamb Chops with Mint Chimichurri

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Indulge in the delectable tenderness of these lamb chops, perfectly paired with a zesty homemade mint chimichurri. To begin, season the lamb with olive oil, salt, and pepper before storing it in your bag. A dash of lemon juice and crushed garlic adds an extra layer of flavor to this mouthwatering dish.Meanwhile, craft your chimichurri by combining fresh mint, parsley, garlic cloves, shallot, and vinegar, then seasoning it with salt and red pepper flakes. Blend the ingredients until smooth, then mix with olive oil for a rich and tangy sauce.To complete the dish, sear the tender lamb chops to achieve a golden crust before serving. Finally, drizzle a generous amount of mint chimichurri over the top for a visually stunning and flavorful presentation.

Sous Vide Potatoes

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When it comes to side dishes, few things are as comforting and delicious as sous vide potatoes cooked in butter. These tender, fluffy, and creamy spuds are elevated by the rich flavor of butter, making them a perfect accompaniment to a fresh green salad. For an added layer of flavor, prepare a simple garlic-infused butter that can be easily mixed into your potatoes. To take things to the next level, add some freshness with a sprig of dill in the sous vide bag – its subtle herbal taste will complement the dish nicely. And if you prefer a crisper texture, simply sear the cooked potatoes briefly in a hot skillet for a satisfying crunch.

Sous Vide Pork Shoulder

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Achieving tender, mouthwatering pulled pork requires a two-step process that involves cooking the pork shoulder sous vide for an extended period and then gently smoking it to enhance its flavor. The key to this success lies in cooking the pork for 24 hours, allowing the collagen to break down and rendering the meat incredibly tender. After the initial cooking phase, you can finish it off with a few hours of gentle smoking to add a rich, smoky flavor that will elevate your pulled pork game.

To take things to the next level, use your favorite dry rub to infuse the pork with a depth of flavor that will leave you wanting more. Once the pork is cooked and removed from the sous vide bath, pat it dry to remove any excess moisture. This step is crucial in allowing the second layer of dry rub to adhere properly, further enhancing the overall flavor profile.

The result is tender pulled pork that’s simply irresistible, with a complex flavor profile that will impress even the most discerning palates.

Sous Vide Pot Roast

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Indulge in the ultimate comfort food experience by serving tender sous vide pot roast alongside a medley of roasted seasonal vegetables. The key to this delectable dish lies in searing the chuck roast to lock in its juices, then carefully combining it with aromatic ingredients like garlic, butter, sugar, and salt. Fresh thyme adds an unmistakable herby essence, while slices of apple provide a sweet contrast to balance out the savory flavors. As you take your first bite, the harmonious union of garlic, thyme, and tender meat will leave you craving for more. This mouthwatering pot roast is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional dinner recipes to date.

Sous Vide Yogurt

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Start by creating a healthy and delicious base for your yogurt parfait by using plain whole-milk yogurt as a foundation. You can customize it to your taste by adding crunchy granola, sweet fruit, and a drizzle of honey. If you prefer a thicker yogurt, use whole milk, while skimmed milk will give you a lighter texture. It’s essential to use high-quality milk that is either raw or pasteurized for optimal results. To make the yogurt, combine it with live cultures and warm milk, then let it cool before refrigerating it overnight. Serve chilled and top with your favorite ingredients.

Sous Vide Teriyaki Chicken

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Indulge in succulent sous vide chicken thighs that are both tender and juicy, elevated by a rich teriyaki sauce infused with sweet, tangy, and savory flavors. To achieve this delectable dish, start by marinating your chicken overnight in a mixture of chicken stock, brown sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic, ginger paste, and onion powder, allowing the bold flavors to meld together. Next, place the marinated chicken into a sous vide bag and cook until it reaches a lovely, moist consistency. Once cooked, set the thighs aside and thicken the reserved sauce. Finally, serve the chicken over fluffy steamed rice, drizzle with the luscious sauce, and garnish with crispy green onions for a visually appealing and satisfying meal.

Beef Tenderloin Sous Vide with Pepper Cream

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To elevate the flavors of this tenderloin dish, start by seasoning the beef with salt and pepper before cooking it sous vide. Once cooked to perfection, sear the beef in a hot skillet with butter, garlic cloves, and fresh thyme to add a rich and savory element. Meanwhile, create the pepper cream sauce by whisking together milk, cornstarch, egg, and butter. Add a depth of flavor with red roasted pepper and tomato powder, and adjust the seasoning to taste. Finally, serve the tenderloin with the creamy pepper sauce and complement it with spicy side dishes for a well-rounded meal.

Sous Vide Corned Beef

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The sous vide cooking method is particularly well-suited for corned beef, yielding a tender and juicy texture that’s hard to match with traditional methods. A key factor in this tenderization is the mildly spicy seasoning coating, which develops flavor as the beef cooks. To create this seasoning, combine allspice berries, mustard seeds, red pepper flakes, coriander seeds, and black peppercorns, then generously pat it over your brined brisket, using the packet that came with the meat. Once cooked, give the brisket a quick sear to form a crispy browned crust, and serve with your favorite vegetable accompaniments.

Sous Vide Prime Rib

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For a mouthwatering prime beef rib dish, cook it to perfection using the sous vide method. The result will be a tender and smoky rib that’s so flavorful you’ll want to enjoy it on its own.

Start by coating your prime rib with your preferred dry rub seasoning. Store it in the fridge for up to 24 hours, allowing ample time for the flavors to meld together through the brining process.

Before cooking, add pats of butter and fresh herbs to your sous vide bag. These additions will not only enhance the flavor but also keep the meat moist and juicy.

Once cooked, briefly sear the rib on all sides to create a crispy crust that adds texture to each bite.

Sous Vide Short Ribs

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Achieving the perfect balance of tenderness and juiciness with sous vide cooking is particularly well-suited for short ribs. To begin, season the ribs with salt and black pepper, adding sliced onions for a touch of sweetness and garlic for depth of flavor. Thyme sprigs contribute a bright, herbaceous note. The result is a harmonious blend of flavors that will elevate your dish. After cooking, sear the short ribs in a hot skillet to create a crispy, caramelized crust that adds texture and visual appeal.

Sous Vide Chicken Thigh

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When it comes to cooking chicken thighs, achieving a moist texture is often the goal. But by cooking them sous vide, you can take that level of tenderness to the next level. Before adding your skin-on chicken thighs to the sous vide bag, give them a quick sear on both sides to add some color and texture. To really make the dish pop, add some butter and fresh herbs to the bag – thyme is a great choice, as it pairs perfectly with the richness of the butter. Once the cooking process is complete, finish your chicken thighs off by searing them in a hot skillet to crisp up the skin. And don’t forget to use the juices from the sous vide bag to create a rich and flavorful pan sauce, again incorporating some additional thyme for added depth.

Sous Vide Pork Chops with Herbs

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To elevate the flavor of pork chops, marinate them in a zesty mix of fresh herbs and citrusy lemon juice. Start by combining equal parts of olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice with chopped rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage for your marinade. This herbaceous blend is sure to complement the rich taste of pork nicely.
Next, spread the marinade evenly across both sides of your pork chops before placing them in a bag or container. Pour any remaining herby lemon mixture over the pork to ensure maximum flavor absorption.
When it’s time to cook, briefly sear the pork chops at high heat to create a satisfyingly crunchy crust that adds texture and visual appeal to the dish.

Sous Vide Lobster

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Ditch overpriced restaurant meals and cook succulent lobster sous vide at home! This method yields tender, naturally sweet lobster meat that’s sure to impress. To start, carefully remove the lobster meat from its tail before adding a pinch of seafood seasoning and some fresh herbs like tarragon, thyme, or oregano for an extra boost of flavor.

Next, fill the lobster shell with small pats of butter before sealing it in your sous vide bag alongside a slice of lemon. The creamy butter and citrusy lemon will complement the lobster’s natural sweetness perfectly.

Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken

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A harmonious union of flavors is achieved by serving tender, sous vide-cooked chicken pieces alongside a zesty ginger scallion sauce and a spicy fish-fragrant chili sauce. The former is crafted by combining fresh ginger, scallions, olive oil, salt, and toasted sesame oil, which lends a nutty aroma to the dish. In contrast, the latter relies on the pungency of ginger, garlic, and scallions, elevated by toasted sesame oil, chicken bouillon powder, and soy sauce. To elevate the overall fragrance, Sambal Oelek and Chinkiang vinegar are crucial additions.

Pork Tenderloin with Au Jus Sauce with Chocolate

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Savory indulgence awaits as tender pork tenderloin is expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection using the sous vide method. The star of the dish is elevated by a rich and decadent beef sauce infused with subtle notes of dark chocolate, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. To prepare this culinary delight, start by seasoning the tenderloin with salt, pepper, and pepper spread. Then, add it to a sous vide bag along with aromatic ingredients like garlic cloves, fresh thyme, oregano, butter, and olive oil. Once cooked, give the pork a brief sear until golden brown, then serve it alongside the indulgent beef sauce and creamy pea puree for a truly satisfying meal.

Sous Vide Pork Chops with Garlic

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To prepare succulent pork chops, a harmonious blend of flavors is achieved by combining the pungency of fresh garlic and the intense taste of sun-dried tomatoes through sous vide cooking. The preparation begins with seasoning the pork with olive oil, salt, and black pepper, then placing it in a bag along with sliced garlic, dried tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves. For optimal flavor infusion, ensure that the garlic is cut into thick slices. After the pork chops are cooked to perfection, they are briefly seared to create those coveted dark grill lines on both sides, adding texture and visual appeal.

Osso Buco Sous Vide

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Transforming osso buco, or beef shank, into a delectable restaurant-quality dish is possible when cooked sous vide at home. The key lies in infusing the meat with rich flavors through a luscious sauce. To begin, season the beef with salt and pepper, then coat it in flour to lock in its natural juices. A brief sear will further enhance its tenderness. Meanwhile, sauté carrots, celery, and onions until they’re softened and fragrant. The foundation of the sauce is built upon this aromatic base. Next, combine tomato paste, red wine, and chicken stock to create a deep, velvety flavor profile. Add aromatic notes with rosemary, thyme, and garlic for added depth. Once the sauce has cooled slightly, add it to a bag with the beef and cook until fork-tender. The pièce de résistance is serving osso buco with a bright, zesty gremolata made by combining finely chopped parsley and lemon zest.

Sous Vide Venison Tenderloin

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Achieving perfectly cooked venison is a breeze when using the sous vide method. This technique yields a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s simply irresistible, accompanied by an explosion of flavor. To start, generously coat your venison tenderloin in olive oil and then season it with your preferred blend of herbs and spices. The result is a truly mouth-watering culinary experience.

Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin

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For a culinary delight, herby pork tenderloin is slow-cooked to perfection, resulting in a succulent and juicy texture that pairs exquisitely with a sweet homemade blackberry BBQ sauce. The first step is to season the tenderloin with salt and pepper, then place it in a sous vide bag along with fresh thyme sprigs. Once cooked, a brief sear at high heat brings out a rich, caramelized crust, adding depth to this already impressive dish.

Sous Vide Creme Brulee

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Experience the ultimate in crème brûlée consistency and longevity by ‘baking’ it sous vide style. This innovative method ensures a perfect dessert every time, and its longer shelf life means you can indulge for days to come.

To craft your creamy custard base, whisk together egg yolks and sugar until thick and velvety. Then, combine with heavy cream, whisking until smooth and well combined.

Divide the custard into jars, sealing them partially before placing them in the sous vide machine. As they cook, the lids will seal as they cool. Once cooked, tighten the lids to secure the contents.

Transfer your perfectly cooked crème brûlée to the fridge and savor the creamy delight whenever you desire.

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