36 Easy Sunday Meal Prep Ideas For A Healthy Week

Sunday meal prep is a game-changer for those dreaded Monday mornings. As you ease into your weekend relaxation, it’s tempting to think that cooking up a week’s worth of meals will be overwhelming. But fear not! Meal prep Sunday can be as simple or complex as you like, and still yield a week’s worth of healthy meals.

You don’t have to cook everything on Sunday – start with small tasks like chopping veggies for the week or cooking a batch of brown rice or quinoa in your instant pot. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, whip up a few meal prep recipes that can be reheated and enjoyed throughout the week.

Greek Chicken Meal Prep Bowl

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Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Greece with this mouthwatering chicken dish, where olive oil, garlic, oregano, and lemon come together to create a culinary masterpiece. The Mediterranean-inspired combination is elevated by the addition of succulent olives, fresh tomatoes bursting with juice, crunchy bell peppers, and refreshing cucumber slices.

As you prepare this delightful meal, don’t forget to add a dollop of creamy tzatziki just before serving – it’s the perfect accompaniment. And if you’re feeling adventurous, imagine this flavorful filling nestled in warm pita bread for an added layer of comfort.

Salmon Meal Prep with Veggies

When it comes to protein-rich alternatives to meat, fish is an excellent option. The omega-3 rich salmon takes center stage in this dish, offering a delicious and nutritious base for the accompanying vegetables. For added sweetness, pair the salmon with parsnips, carrots, beets, or sweet potatoes. Alternatively, those seeking less sweet options can tone things down by incorporating cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles into the mix.

Ground Turkey Meal Prep Bowl

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Sunday meal prep just got a whole lot easier with this simple ground turkey recipe that requires only four ingredients: frozen quinoa and ground turkey as the protein powerhouses, broccoli as a nutrient-dense side dish, and Trader Joe’s spicy peanut vinaigrette to tie everything together. The harmonious combination of flavors is sure to please even the pickiest eaters, and adding some crunchy sliced scallions on top takes it to the next level.

Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein, making them incredibly filling. While they may be bland on their own, they offer endless opportunities to add exciting flavors and textures. The beauty of this salad lies in its simplicity, combining fresh summer ingredients like English cucumber, pungent red onion, and sweet tomatoes. By mixing these veggies with a zesty garlic, white wine vinegar, and olive oil dressing, you’ll create a refreshing and flavorful delight. Feel free to experiment with your favorite vegetables, but keep in mind that the juicier ones will add an extra layer of depth and complexity to the dish.

Pulled pork Burrito Bowl

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To truly unlock the full potential of this pulled pork, it’s essential to prepare it ahead of time – ideally on a Sunday. This allows you to effortlessly assemble your weekday meals in just 10 minutes. The key is to defrost the pulled pork and then reheat it before adding your preferred toppings. For this recipe, we’ve opted for corn and black beans, which bring a delightful sweetness and protein boost. Feel free to get creative with your own favorite burrito toppings, including shredded cheese, salsa, and sour cream – whatever tickles your fancy!

Lemon Chicken and Veggies

When it comes to pairing flavors, lemon and chicken are a match made in heaven. The brightness of the citrus perfectly balances out the savory qualities of the dish, adding a welcome touch of sweetness. Meanwhile, the broccoli and sweet potatoes you’ll be roasting will undergo a transformation as they caramelize, resulting in a rich and depthful flavor profile. To take things to the next level, consider marinating your chicken overnight to unlock a deeper complexity of flavors. And if that’s not enough, the addition of light dill cherry tomatoes will bring an extra layer of sweetness to the table.

Chicken and Rice

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Indulge in the bold flavors of the Caribbean with our latest spicy chicken recipe, featuring Jerk seasoning as its star ingredient. For maximum juiciness, we recommend using chicken thighs – a staple choice that never fails to impress. To complement this mouthwatering main course, whip up a bowl of zesty rice infused with the brightness of lime juice and the freshness of cilantro. Pair it with halved grape tomatoes and your go-to guacamole for a meal prep masterpiece that’s sure to become a weeknight staple.

Red Kidney Bean Burger Bowls

Weekdays can get a boost with a satisfying burger meal, especially during the summer season. One delicious alternative to traditional burgers is the red kidney bean burger bowl, packed with protein-rich beans that gain depth from spices. For an added kick, feel free to add some hot sauce to taste. A colorful medley of vegetables such as English cucumbers, carrots, and beets provides a perfect complement to the dish. Meanwhile, sliced avocado adds a creamy texture, making for a well-rounded and flavorful meal.

Keto Greek Salad

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As you prepare the keto Greek salad in mason jars, you’ll be enjoying an effortless grab-and-go solution for busy weekdays. The recipe relies on the harmonious union of feta cheese and green olives, which infuse the dish with authentic Greek flavors. The crunchy texture courtesy of cucumber and red onion adds a delightful contrast. To complete this culinary delight, a rich Greek-style olive oil dressing is the perfect finishing touch. While you may choose to add lettuce for an added layer of freshness, it’s essential to do so just before consumption to prevent sogginess.

Low Carb Chicken Meal Prep Bowl

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This meal prep bowl is a game-changer when it comes to planning ahead. The star of the show is a creative take on traditional mashed potatoes – think cheesy cauliflower instead! The combination of sautéed green and red veggies, including zucchini, red bell pepper, and red onion, adds a pop of color and flavor. To elevate the dish even further, a blend of paprika and oregano brings out the best in the chicken. And let’s not forget the indulgent touch – simply crumble some feta on top for an added layer of richness.

Freezer Chicken Soup

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For a stress-free weekday lunch or dinner, this soup recipe is a lifesaver. The best part? No cooking is required during the week, just some quick assembly and a 30-minute simmer.

Zero Freestyle Points Healthy Chicken

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Enjoying WeightWatchers doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor or satisfaction. This zero-point chicken prep bowl is a game-changer! Simply layer sliced chicken breast atop a bed of fresh spinach, then add your favorite veggies such as crunchy cucumbers, sweet bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. For added protein and creaminess, top it all off with hard-boiled eggs and a tangy Greek yogurt dip – the perfect combination to keep you full and satisfied.

Chicken Grain Bowls

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Imagine trading in your usual weekday lunch for a nutritious and flavorful grain bowl that’s both easy to prepare and packed with goodness. One delicious combination is the harmonious union of slow-roasted tomatoes, crisp salad greens, and farro, topped off with succulent chicken. To take it to the next level, drizzle on a zesty lemony garlic vinaigrette in two ways: first, use it as a marinade for the chicken before cooking, then finish the dish by serving the leftover dressing over the salad greens. Feel free to customize this bowl to your taste with other favorite ingredients, such as toasted pine nuts or crumbled feta. The possibilities are endless!

Air fryer Turkey Meatballs

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When it comes to Turkey-based meals, a great alternative option is Turkey meatballs. One of the best things about these bite-sized morsels is that they can be cooked in advance and reheated as needed. To make them, start with ground turkey as the foundation, then add some texture and flavor with chopped bell peppers and fresh herbs like parsley or thyme. These Turkey meatballs are a cinch to prepare and can be served alongside a variety of dishes, including cauliflower rice for a low-carb twist. For added color and nutrition, toss in some roasted veggies like broccoli or Brussels sprouts.

Chicken Burrito Bowls

There’s no excuse to rely on takeout during the week when you can whip up a delicious, satisfying meal in under 30 minutes. This recipe yields enough burrito bowls for two or three days’ worth of meals, making it a great solution for busy days.To create this flavorful dish, simply combine shredded chicken with spiced rice and top with an assortment of tasty ingredients, including juicy grape tomatoes, black beans, peppery arugula, and sweet corn. Add a drizzle of Caesar dressing (or your preferred sauce) to bring everything together.If you’re looking for more mouthwatering meal prep ideas featuring chicken and rice, you’ve come to the right place!

Banana Cinnamon Overnight Oats

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For a stress-free weekday morning, overnight oats are an ideal breakfast solution. By preparing this meal the night before, you can simply grab and go, serving it in bowls or small glass containers straight from the fridge. The best part? This version offers a delicious banana bread flavor for busy mornings! One of the key secrets to achieving this taste is using almond milk, which adds a subtle nutty note. But that’s not all – the versatility of overnight oats means you can experiment with different flavors and toppings. Try substituting coconut milk or adding a spoonful of almond butter to the mixture for added depth. And why stop there? Top it off with some crunchy pecans for an extra boost. With these options, even the most important meal of the day becomes more exciting!

Buffalo Chicken Rice Bowl

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If you’re craving something other than traditional chicken dishes, look no further than this mouthwatering buffalo chicken and rice bowl. The combination of textures is truly satisfying. To start, add some crunch with raw, chopped veggies like carrots, onions, and celery. For a creamy contrast, include diced avocado. Then, take it to the next level by adding salty feta cheese and finishing it off with an extra drizzle of buffalo sauce for an added kick.

Kiwi Chia Pudding

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The versatility of chia seed puddings makes them an ideal option for a leisurely breakfast that can be prepared the night before. One of the most appealing aspects of these puddings is their vibrant color palette, which is sure to delight both kids and adults alike. The combination of chia seeds, dairy-free milk, syrup, and vanilla creates a delicious base that’s easy to customize with your favorite toppings. A spoonful of kiwi puree adds a burst of color and freshness, while blueberries and toasted coconut flakes bring natural sweetness and crunch. With minimal time investment required, these puddings are not only a great breakfast option but also make for satisfying quick snacks that the whole family can enjoy.

Vegan Lentil Soup

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Fall is an ideal time to cozy up with a warm and nourishing bowl of soup, and this vegan lentil soup with wilted greens hits all the right notes. With its impressive plant-based protein profile, this comforting dish is perfect for the cooler months. The rich flavor of red lentils and aromatic spices creates a hearty and warming base that’s enhanced by the addition of winter squash – a seasonal twist that adds depth and complexity to each spoonful. For an extra creamy touch, try incorporating coconut milk into your recipe. Alternatively, chickpeas provide another excellent source of protein for added satisfaction.

Vegetarian Bean Chilli

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For those chilly days, chili is an excellent warming option that’s also packed with protein-rich beans from your local grocery store. This recipe features a trio of nutritious options: pinto beans, kidney beans, and butter beans. Feel free to get creative and substitute in whatever beans you have stocked in your pantry! The sweetness of caramelized sweet potatoes pairs perfectly with the creamy texture of avocado slices. Enjoy this hearty dish with crunchy tortilla chips for a satisfying scoop or pair it with a fresh side salad for a lighter option.

Beef and Sweet Potato Skillet

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When it comes to weekday meals, beef is a reliable choice that pairs well with sweet potatoes. This beef skillet recipe brings together bold Southwest Tex-Mex flavors and can be elevated further by garnishing it with fresh cilantro, creamy avocado slices, and a squeeze of lime juice. For a twist, feel free to substitute the beef with ground turkey for a different take on this dish. Additionally, if you find yourself with leftover beef, consider using it in one of these healthy ground beef meal prep recipes, perfect for making the most of your ingredients.

Quinoa Casserole

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This hearty vegetarian quinoa casserole is a satisfying weekday meal option, boasting a medley of sweet veggies and pungent garlic as its flavorful foundation. The addition of vibrant red bell pepper and corn injects a pop of color, while the optional jalapenos provide a spicy kick for those who crave it – simply omit them for a milder taste.

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

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Indulge in a comforting twist on mac and cheese, minus the guilt! Cauliflower takes center stage, cleverly substituting the traditional pasta. The real game-changer, however, is the sauce – a rich, velvety concoction crafted using a roux thickener. To streamline cooking time, it’s essential to pre-cook the cauliflower before finishing it off in the oven. Rest assured, you won’t be sacrificing flavor or satisfaction; simply look forward to the creamy cheese topping, best achieved with a sharp cheddar – although feel free to experiment with your go-to favorites! The result is a healthier take on a beloved classic, reimagined for a new era of comfort food enthusiasts.

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

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A satisfying midweek meal can be achieved with a classic shepherd’s pie recipe. The star of the show is a rich mixture of lean ground beef and vegetables, which provides a filling and flavorful base for the dish.

In this variation, sweet potatoes take the place of traditional white potatoes. While you could opt for white potatoes if they’re readily available, the sweetness of the sweet potatoes adds a new layer of depth to the flavor profile.

This hearty pie is not only delicious but also nutritious enough to stand on its own. Feel free to further enhance the dish by adding even more vegetables and exploring different seasonings.

Breakfast Strata

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A breakfast strata may be unfamiliar to you, but it’s essentially a casserole that can be prepared ahead of time, requiring no morning prep work. The dish is designed for ease, allowing you to simply store it in the fridge overnight and bake it in the oven the next morning. This festive recipe is perfect for special occasions, featuring soft buttery brioche as the base for a medley of flavors. Nutty gruyere and savory sausage provide a rich foundation, while diced green apples and fennel add a sweet contrast that complements the dish. Finally, the strata is topped with a creamy egg custard and served warm from the oven, making it an ideal centerpiece for your holiday meal.

Pumpkin Pecan Baked Oatmeal

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Indulge in the comforting flavors of pumpkin-baked oatmeal, a seasonal breakfast treat that’s perfect for the festive season. The addition of warming spices creates a cozy atmosphere, while the pumpkin puree brings a creamy texture to the dish. Feel free to substitute canned sweet potato if you prefer. To add some crunch and texture, top with toasted pecan halves. Pair your oatmeal with coconut cream and a drizzle of maple syrup for a deliciously sweet and satisfying breakfast experience.

Stuffed Peppers

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Sunday meal prep just got a whole lot easier with stuffed peppers that can be frozen before cooking, making them a convenient grab-and-go option after a long day. To make these nutritious beauties, simply fill bell peppers with a flavorful mixture of ground turkey, black beans, brown rice, and quinoa – or feel free to swap out the quinoa for extra rice if you’re not a fan. The key to unlocking their smoky flavor lies in the spice blend, specifically smoked paprika, which adds a deep, savory note that elevates the dish as a whole.

Vegetarian Moussaka

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In the realm of Greek cuisine, Moussaka stands out as a beloved comfort food, boasting a unique twist on the classic lasagna concept. This delectable dish is reimagined by substituting lentils and eggplant for traditional ingredients. The absence of ground beef allows the hearty lentils to take center stage, while the eggplant slices cleverly supplant the customary lasagna noodles. To complete this culinary masterpiece, a generous sprinkling of grated mozzarella cheese adds a rich, creamy touch.

Bacon and Vegetable Egg Casserole

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Indulge in the savory goodness of the penultimate dish, a delectable bacon and vegetable egg casserole that’s as nutritious as it is flavorful. The medley of tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach, and green onions will leave you feeling satisfied, while the pre-cooked salty bacon adds a satisfying crunch. What’s more, this versatile recipe allows you to experiment with your favorite vegetables, elevating the dish to new heights.

Zucchini Egg Muffins

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Egg muffins make for an excellent choice when it comes to a quick and satisfying weekday lunch. These mini frittatas, packed with zucchini, cheddar cheese, and onion, offer a delightful combination of flavors and textures.

To prepare them, combine the fillings with eggs, salt, pepper, and basil, then let them cook for approximately 30 minutes. What’s more, these versatile muffins can accommodate your favorite vegetables – mushrooms being a great option, while goat’s cheese also adds a rich dimension. The possibilities are endless!

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