Get to Know Me!

Hey, My Name is Diana Rattray!

Simply Chicken Recipe is my little food corner on the internet!

For years, I’ve worked as a chef, food recipe author, and creator behind Simply Chicken Recipe. Ten years ago, I spent my entire day in the kitchen, focusing on the art and beauty behind every culinary masterpiece.

Over the weekends, I go on a food trip adventure, trying different dishes in every nook of town. What started as my relaxing hobby turned out to be my full-blown career that reaches millions of netizens across the globe with featured chicken recipes, side dishes, and cooking tips each week!

At the moment, I reside in Sacramento, California, with my husband, Jake, and our lovely son, Charlie. My favorite things in life remain the same: hitting the big city and going out on a thrilling food adventure. All in all, I just want to savor each moment in life and indulge in fantastic food and cool drinks!

The Inspiration Behind My Personal Food Blog

Being a cook for eternity, I’ve encountered chicken countless times as a primary ingredient in the kitchen. Come to think of it. Chefs widely use this meat a lot to create different dishes we love. Moms out there include chicken in every grocery shopping list, and even kids share a delight in nothing but chicken! Indeed, chicken is a beautiful addition to enhance every meal we cook.

To top it all, chicken is an excellent source of nutrients. Healthy and all-around, this meat probably ranks among the most popular meats in the country. And a bonus part, my son, Charlie, loves chicken!

Because almost everybody loves chicken, I launched my so-called personal food blog, Simply Chicken Recipe. Over the years, I dreamed and planned to compile recipes that would recreate and transform chicken into a lovely, wonderful meal that the whole family loves.

The Creation of Simply Chicken Recipe

Simply Chicken Recipe is a food space featuring fresh, flavorful, and healthy chicken recipes. Most of the recipes I’ve showcased on my blog come with a few ingredients you can find at your nearest grocery stores. You can also buy them online!

When I garnered chicken recipes, I presented them less complicatedly. Being a busy person, too, I wanted to impart easy and quick recipes that would not take too much time out of my reader’s hectic schedule. My dream and passion are to share chicken recipes you can’t get out of your mind and that you’ll be thrilled to make.

So, don’t worry anymore when you have your strict days. I’ve been there too. Simply Chicken Recipe is a safe and comfortable space where I’ve got to share chicken recipes your family and friends will always look forward to.

On top of that, for the best dining experience, I’ve got to feature some best side dishes to enhance any chicken meal you would like. These food guides sum up recipes and ingredients in a nutshell. In times you feel puzzled, check out my chicken cooking tips! I’ve created info that comes in handy!

Launching and creating Simply Chicken Recipe is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I can’t wait for you to try out the personal chicken recipes I’ve collected. Check them out! I would love to hear your thoughts.

At Simply Chicken Recipe, I’ve promised that we get to exchange chicken food ideas that would make life more fun and enjoyable! Together, let’s make chicken a pleasant meal at the dining table!