24 Best 6-Inch Cake Recipes on the Internet

Baking is one of the best activities to spend time with, alone or with a few helping hands. Beginners eager to learn more about baking will likely want to try out 6-inch cake recipes after mastering cupcakes and cookies.

However, so many recipes are scattered over the internet nowadays, and the options just keep piling and piling up until you can’t choose one. To help you solve this dilemma, we came up with a list of the top 24 best 6-inch cake recipes.

The recipes on our list are mostly straightforward to follow, which is perfect for anyone to enjoy doing. It can immediately give beginners a boost of confidence and enough experience they need to tackle bigger baking projects. Let us not keep you waiting; check out the following 6-inch cake recipes below.

1. 6 Inch Vanilla Cake

6 inch cake pan

Some beginners might be very doubtful of their skills, so we recommend starting with this recipe from Sally McKenney of Sally’s Baking Recipes.

This basic vanilla cake will take up to three hours, so ensure you have extra spare time. They also offer flavors such as Coconut Carrot and Lemon Blueberry which may excite those who prefer something unique rather than the classic vanilla.  

2. Cake Beginner Made Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Are you a big fan of anything strawberry? Then, we have the perfect recipe for you from SweetHailey. This South Korean channel showcases baked goods like pastries and cakes.

Their take on this strawberry shortcake is a bit different since they incorporated genoise cake instead of the usual sponge cake like most of the recipes on this list.


3. Small Red Velvet Cake

6 inch cake feeds how many

If you like Red Velvet cakes, you will definitely enjoy this next recipe from homemade in the kitchen. It features a single-layer red velvet cake that you can pair with anything you want, but cream cheese is highly recommended.

The recipe also explains the difference between chocolate and red velvet cakes which some people might not know up until this point.  

4. Mini 6 Inch Vanilla Cake Recipe

how many people does a 6 inch cake feed

Planning an event and forgetting to buy a cake? This fantastic cake recipe from I Scream for Buttercream will help you save the day.

With less than an hour of total preparation and cooking time, this recipe will give you a yummy classic vanilla cake that you can share for small groups and celebrations. The buttercream frosting is totally to die for; you can even experiment and play around with it.  

5. 6 Inches Moist Chocolate Cake

One of my favorite types of cake is the moist chocolate cake, and Mary Cookhouse is here to deliver a recipe you wouldn’t want to miss.

Watching the video tutorial alone will keep your mouth watering with the insane amount of chocolates used, and all the stirring and mixing, and pouring is bound to make you go crazy. All you need to do is follow the recipe for your own version of this chocolate heaven.  

6. 6 Inch Vanilla Bean Cake

6 inch cake actual size

Fresh April Flours enters our list with their version of 6-inch cake recipes. Their recipe follows conversion patterns from 12-15 cupcake recipes into two layers of 6-inch cakes.

The same goes for turning half an 8-inch cake recipe into two to three layers of 6-inch cake. Their take on Vanilla Bean 6-inch cake is great, but you can also check out their website for other flavors that you might be interested in too.  

7. 6 Inches Cake | Mini Chocolate Cake

To add more chocolatey options to our list, here is another 6-inch chocolate cake recipe from Cocoa & More.

This cake is a chocolate overload masterpiece, with chocolate in every single part, from the cake base to the ganache. It’s a perfect cake to bake for rush events and small celebrations since it can be done in at most 60 minutes.  

8. Small Batch Vanilla Layer Cake Recipe

6 inch cake size comparison

Chel Sweets gets a spot on our list with her Small Batch Vanilla Layer Cake Recipe, which is oozing with perfection and simplicity in one.

It contains very easy-to-follow instructions with detailed steps to achieve the perfect vanilla cake. If you’re not a big fan of the ingredients they used, they also offer a list of substitutes for each ingredient.  

9. Mini Vanilla Cake Recipe

With a cake base made out of less than 10 ingredients, you’ll simply have a wonderful hour spent on baking this delicious 6-inch vanilla cake from Chenée Today.

It also comes with a buttercream frosting made from four basic ingredients that you can find in your home. That means less grocery trips to enjoy yourself with a mini vanilla cake, perfect for two.  

10. Small Chocolate Cake (6 Inch)

6 inch cake recipe

If you haven’t got enough of Sally’s Baking Recipes, check out this next chocolate recipe from their website. This recipe features your choice of how many delectable chocolate cake layers are covered with more chocolate to pump up your appetite and keep you wanting more.

Anyone can easily make this cake in less than two hours which is perfect for small birthday parties.  

11. Mini Chocolate Cake Recipe

Among our list is another recipe from Chenée Today, but this time with a mini chocolate cake recipe. There are quite a handful of ingredients used in this recipe, but I can assure you that all will be worth it once you take a bite of the chocolatey goodness.

The recipe comes with a printed version below on the details of the video, so you can choose to follow that.  

12. 6-Inch Vanilla Cake

6 inch cake servings

Tired of recipes with too much going on? We want you to check out this next recipe by Danielle of LIVE WELL BAKE OFTEN, which features a 6-inch vanilla cake.

It doesn’t require too much from your resources, mainly because it only needs five different ingredients and less than four hours of preparation and baking. They also include all the materials they used so that readers can compare.  

13. Chocolate Cake | Big Tall Chocolate Cake In 6 Inch cake Tin

Most of the time, eggs are considered one of the key ingredients in baking any pastry. But have you ever heard of a cake recipe that doesn’t require one?

Let us show you this unique chocolate cake recipe from Anyone Can Cook With Dr. Alisha. They use a different way to create a delectable chocolate cake that some people might consider as innovative when it comes to baking.  

14. 6-Inch Cake Recipe (Yellow Cake)

how big is a 6 inch cake

Celebrations and parties are now made easy with this 30-minute yellow cake recipe from Savor the Best. That would surely be a huge hit for couples or small families who intend to celebrate milestones with a cake.

What’s best is that you can make your own designs for the cake and make it different each time. No more worrying about themed cakes, which are too expensive for each event.  

15. How to make My Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

Does your family want sponge cake for every single celebration? Now, you don’t need to worry about that with this next recipe from CakesbyLynz.

There is no need to spend a lot on the ingredients since you would only need 10 different items to use to make the whole cake, base, and frosting included. You can make the cake look however you want it to be by using your imagination to come up with some decorative ideas.  

16. Small Vanilla Cake

how long to bake a 6 inch cake at 350

Cakes are one of the crowd favorites regarding afternoon snacks or after-meal desserts. While it may be tiring to bake a cake every day, this next recipe from Jessica Holmes of Sweetest Menu will make you want to do so.

With a single layer of vanilla cake base and vanilla buttercream on top, everyone would surely enjoy taking a bite out of this vanilla goodness.  

17. How To Make A Perfect Sponge Cake

Are you searching for a fool-proof sponge cake recipe? We recommend you choose this recipe from Georgia of Georgia’s Cakes.

Her recipe featured the most basic ingredients and easy-to-follow procedures. Do you want to know why it’s such a great recipe? It’s because you would be able to flavor it or style it however you want.  

18. 6 Inch Cake

how long to bake 6 inch cake

Some cakes are made to be soft and buttery at the same time, and this next recipe from Baran Bakery is exceptionally like that.

You can bake this cake easily if you have five hours to spare during your free time and various ingredients made for baking the cake. Their website will give you a rundown on all the things you need and how to make the cake and its frosting.  

19. The Most AMAZING Vanilla Cake Recipe

Baking an amazing vanilla cake has never been made easier with this next recipe from John Kanell of Preppy Kitchen. It comes with a very detailed explanation of the process in less than seven minutes. The recipe leaves little to no space for errors and mistakes since all you need to do is follow exactly what they did.  

20. Mini 6 Inch Chocolate Cake Recipe

6 inch cake pans

Can’t get enough of I Scream for Buttercream? We got you covered with another yummy cake recipe from them, and now, it’s a classic 6-inch chocolate cake.

You don’t have to worry anymore about desserts or milestone cakes and such after this recipe. Decoration ideas for this cake are unlimited, and you can do whatever you like.  

21. Vanilla Sponge Cake

If you’re looking for an easy recipe to follow that can translate to the fluffiest 6-inch cakes you can make on your own, then you need to check out this vanilla sponge cake recipe from Apron.

It can easily be done in less than an hour, and you’ll need 10 ingredients at most. No need to stress out when you suddenly crave a cake or forget to buy one from the store.  

22. 6 Inch Vanilla Cake

6 inch cake serves how many

Have you ever tried having a vanilla smash cake? Well, you’re in for a ride with Lindsay from Life, Love, and Sugar and her version of a 6-inch vanilla cake recipe.

She started the recipe article with some other flavor recommendations that others may want to try out before the recipe itself. Make sure to check out her tips in baking and some notes to help you breeze through the process.  

23. The Perfect One-Bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe

The next recipe on our list is a delicious one-bowl chocolate cake recipe that earns brownie points for efficiency. This recipe can make three layers of 6-inch cakes which can make up for a small birthday cake or celebratory cake for any of your loved ones.

Most of the ingredients can be found easily in any home, and you can design it which way you like, so let your imagination run wild.  

24. 6-Inch Birthday Cake Recipe

3 layer 6 inch cake

Before we finish off our list, we cannot miss out on this amazing birthday cake recipe from Recipes.net. This recipe doesn’t play around and will immediately give you the list of what you need in terms of ingredients and what to do.

They also added in the nutritional content of this 6-inch cake recipe so that people will know, which is useful if you’re serving it to people with certain health cautions.


Now, no matter how excellent you are when it comes to baking, you’ll be able to confidently bake a cake with the recipes from our list of the top 24 6-inch cake recipes. Take your time in picking out the recipe which suits your preference the best and enjoy baking.

25 Best 6-Inch Cake Recipes on the Internet


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