17 Best Almond Cookies Recipes

Are you looking for the best almond cookies recipe? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled an extensive list of various types of recipes from several trusted resources.

Not only did we collect the recipes, but we also tested each one and boy, are there some delicious options here! We looked for unique ingredients, advanced cooking methods, and recipes that have proven popular based on others’ reviews.

What you can expect from an almond cookie recipe off this list is the traditional sandy, crumbly texture blended with the savory almond flavor, all delivered in a crisp bite. These cookies are delicious on their own, but they also pair wonderfully with coffee or your favorite tea.

Take a look at this list of options and get in the kitchen and start baking. Try one or try them all, but take our word for it, you’ll love each and every one!

1. Traditional Chinese Almond Cookies

almond cookies recipe

Looking for something tasty to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Try these sweet, buttery, unique, and nutty Chinese almond cookies.

They’re similar to a sugar cookie, but the difference is almond flour instead of white. The crisp bite and sandy texture of this delicious almond cookies recipe make these a popular favorite.  

2. 3 Ingredient Simple Almond Cookies

If you want one of the easiest almond cookies recipes out there, this is it. You only need three ingredients, and no special tools or equipment are required.

What’s even more appealing is you can go from ingredients to finished product in less than a half hour! They’re great to bake around the holidays. Ultimately, you’ll get the traditional almond flavor and crumbly texture you’re aiming for without any hassle.  

3. Airy Almond Cloud Cookies

italian almond cookies

You can anticipate an airy, thin cookie with a moist, almond-flavored center when baking these widely popular and unique almond cloud cookies.

They’re gluten-free and require just 35 minutes of your time, including prep and baking. One ingredient includes an almond paste that must be prepared separately and added with the few other ingredients. Simple, easy, and delicious!  

4. Grandma’s Italian Almond Cookies

If you know Italian cuisine, then you know that they know what they’re doing! The same goes for desserts with these Italian almond cookies, just like grandma used to make. This is a recipe from generations past, and the flavor is traditional, nutty, and one you won’t be able to get enough of.  

5. Easy & Amazing Almond Cookies

chinese almond cookies

Have you heard of the classic Italian soft amaretti cookies? These are similar to that with a soft center, chewy crust, and ridiculously divine almond taste.

The cookies are made with just five ingredients, rolled into balls, coated in sugar, and topped with the almond of your choice before baking. Not only tasty but fancy as well, making them great to take to your next event or gathering.  

6. Soft & Chewy Almond Cookies

Rose water, lemon zest, and a lack of butter turn these almond cookies into something you’ve likely not seen in other recipes.

They’re also flourless, making them a healthier, gluten-free alternative to classic almond cookies. Chewy, soft, and amazingly flavorful, you can have about two dozen fresh cookies from your oven in 30 minutes or less with this popular recipe.  

7. Unique Almond Crescent Cookies

greek almond cookies

Crumbly almond crescent cookies are very different from others on this list because of the unusual shape of the dessert. The way they look makes them ideal for taking to parties or gatherings, and are always a real crowd pleaser.

The recipe comes natively from Austria but has been compared to Mexican wedding cookies or snowball cookies. Coated in sweet powdered sugar, they are overly nutty, quick, and easy!  

8. Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies

Easy, healthy, sugar-free, almond flour shortbread cookies are ready to be served in 15 minutes or less! You don’t have to chill the dough with this recipe, so it’s a time saver. Keto-friendly with one ingredient substation, Paleo, grain-free, and gluten-free, you can’t go wrong.

The maple syrup and coconut oil blended perfectly with the almond flour give you the same texture and an amped-up flavor you must try!  

9. Almond Butter Cookies

cherry almond cookies

You’re only six ingredients and four steps away from a traditional Switzerland almond cookie with this easy almond butter cookie recipe.

They are comparable to something like a pecan sandy cookie but with the sweet, buttery, almond flavor you’re looking for. They bake in just 15 minutes and come out incredibly crunchy making them perfect to pair with a glass of cold milk or your favorite coffee.  

10. Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

The best of both worlds combine in this almond cookies recipe for a flavor explosion! Chocolate blended with almonds creates an addictive flavor you’ll want to indulge in over and over again.

If you’re looking for a low-carb cookie, this is the best one we’ve come across. Only two grams per cookie! Also, with only 81 calories and seven fat grams, you’ll be popping more than one of these beauties.  

11. Buttery Smooth Almond Sugar Cookies

almond cookies chinese

Sweet, nutty, and rich is how to best describe these almond sugar cookies. After combining the simple ingredients and following the easy instructions, you’ll be met with a chewy, doughy texture that is completely perfect!

You can glaze these cookies with a sweet, almond-flavored icing to really intensify the taste. Add on some sliced almonds to create a little extra crunch, and this will undoubtedly be a favorite recipe.  

12. 4-Ingredient Almond Joy Cookies

Coconut lovers, listen up! Almond Joy almond cookies take your traditional almond cookie recipe to a whole new level.

Not only do you get the incredible almond flavor you’re used to, but the addition of coconut takes these to a whole new level. Even better, they only require four simple ingredients. The end result is a chewy, crispy, coconutty deliciousness that you can make easily on a busy weekday.  

13. French Almond Cookies

italian almond cookies recipe

Extremely light in texture with a chewy, almond-flavored, moist center and crispy meringue exterior make French almond cookies stand out amongst the rest.

Some that have tried and tested this recipe describe it as a cookie that tastes like a macaroon. The ingredients are basic, and they can be tossed together in just ten minutes in one single bowl.  

14. Almond Amaretti Cookies

These almond cookies are often referred to as biscuits and come straight from the kitchens of Italy.

Crispy on the outside with the perfect amount of softness on the inside, these cookies are ideal for taking to parties or to pair up with your morning cup of coffee. Not only delicious, but they are also gluten-free!  

15. Meltaway Almond Cookies

almond cookies italian

The almond glaze drizzled on top of these sugary, soft, airy treats makes them one-of-a-kind in flavor and truly melt in your mouth! You can compare this recipe to the likes of a shortbread cookie with a touch of icing on top.

However, unlike shortbread, these are delicate, fine crumbs packed with an almond-scented buttery flavor that’s irresistible. Try them out for your next cookie swap!  

16. Almond, Coconut, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Coconut, chocolate chips, and almond flavors, oh my! Blended together with some maple syrup and vanilla, you’ll have the most incredible mix of ingredients resulting in delicious cookies your friends and family won’t be able to keep their hands off. Fill up the cookie jar following four easy steps in about fifteen minutes or less.  

17. Sicilian Almond Paste Cookies

gluten free almond cookies

Because of the ingredients in this almond cookie recipe, you will end up with the perfect mixture of crispy edges and a chewy soft center. It’s an easy recipe with simple ingredients you likely have in your kitchen already. If you’d like to try something different, swap out the sugar for honey!

17 Best Almond Cookies Recipes

We know there are a lot of choices here for the best almond cookies recipe, but don’t feel overwhelmed! Pick one with your preferred ingredients or one that looks fast and easy. You’ll have a delicious aroma of almond cookies from your oven that your family can’t resist.


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