20 Candy Cake Recipes You Can’t Miss

Candies have been timeless favorites. Old or young, everybody has a favorite candy. Even people who don’t strongly like desserts have an open room for candies. As flexible and diverse as they are, these candies can be incorporated into cakes– upgrading your plain layers into layers of fun.

If you are a cake person and someone who enjoys candies now and then, these recipes are for you. We’ve searched the internet for the best cakes and the most loved sweets by the public and found these 20 candy cake recipes.

Whether you like something fruity and colorful, something nutty, or something chocolatey, there is a candy cake recipe you can try. The excellent mix of texture differences and the fusion of ingredients will surely take you on a sweet ride.

1. Rainbow Surprise Inside Cake

chocolate candy cake recipes

This is a good option if you like colorful desserts that are both delicious and aesthetically pleasing. This recipe uses the bright characteristics of M&Ms and showcases them in a way that will surely surprise guests.

The crunchy texture of the M&M’s exterior blends well and adds brightness to the soft and simple cake. On the other hand, the surprise effects add depth to it.  

2. Chocolate Candy Cake

As people always say, who doesn’t like chocolate? This cake features a nice layer of chiffon cake and a soft and rich layer of mud cake, giving it a two-toned look when sliced and a good flavor combination. The cake is covered with a nice and silky chocolate frosting, fenced, and topped with your favorite candies.  

3. Candy Cake

candy cake recipes

For this recipe, you can choose between or combine your favorite candy bars like Reeses, Snickers, and other candies with a nutty touch.

The whole point of this bundt cake is to bring out the fantastic combination of crunchy and nutty with the soft and delicate cake. This cake also features a nice chocolatey drizzle that complements the whole mix.  

4. Snickers Cake Recipe

Snickers are one of the most loaded candy bars available out there. Nougat, caramel, nuts, chocolate, it’s everything a sweet tooth would be looking for.

This recipe mimics your favorite candy, Snickers. It’s like having a bigger version of a Snickers bar but with cake. It’s nutty, chocolatey, and, most of all, Snicker-y.  

5. Chocolate Caramel-Creme Candy Cake

popping candy cake recipes

A good contrast with bitter chocolate would be caramel. The sweet, smooth, and rich caramel creme filling allows for a fantastic texture diversity and, most of all, the addition of flavor.

Once you’re done, you’ll find this cake to be just like your favorite chocolate candy bar– chocolatey, creamy, and a great dessert. This recipe also features a ganache that elevates the cake not only in presentation but also in flavor.  

6. Kitkat Chocolate Cake

“Have a break, have a KitKat,” this recipe brings the crunch and comforting chocolate of Kitkat bars onto your favorite chocolate cake. This recipe features a special Kitkat buttercream that will change the trajectory of your cake inclinations.

Of course, KitKat bars are present, too; you can design it any way you want and mix and match your bites! This recipe also uses a smooth ganache that further elevates the cake.  

7. Candy Land Cake

cotton candy cake recipes

This cake looks just how it sounds– like candy land. This is a good option if you want something colorful for a bright and colorful event like a birthday party.

What’s great about this recipe is you have creative freedom regarding the design and the candies you want to be involved in the recipe. It’s a great time to unleash your creativity and have fun designing.  

8. Moist Nutella Chocolate Cake

Well, if you like Nutella on your bread, what more when combined with a soft cake? This recipe uses a hazelnut chocolate buttercream that beautifully complements the moist cake. The name may sound too sweet, but this cake is well-balanced.

This recipe also has Ferrero Rocher as toppings– who wouldn’t love that? With every bite of moist cake and smooth filling, you also get an additional crunch and nutty goodness of Ferrero.  

9. Cotton Candy Cake Recipe

bundt candy cake recipes

Cotton candy can unlock a certain level of nostalgia. Cotton candy is one of the most popular childhood snacks: whether you are a sweet tooth or someone that enjoy eating the sugar cloud that melts in your mouth.

And now, you can incorporate it into a cake! Despite sounding a bit complicated, this recipe is one of the easiest out there.  

10. 3 Musketeers Cake

It’s hard not to love 3 Musketeers, and it’s even harder to resist them when they are incorporated into a cake recipe. This homemade bundt cake recipe takes the chocolate cake to the next level. The candy’s soft nougat and a hint of salty note are perfect for the rich chocolate bundt cake.  

11. Jujubes Candy Cake

red velvet candy cake recipes

Jujubes, in the world of candies, are one of the most colorful candies available in the market. They do not have a strong flavor that works well with the cake, especially those requiring subtlety.

This recipe is great for events or parties that involve kids! However, this cake will be enjoyed by not only kids but also adults. The chewy jujube with a hint of fruity flavor is a great texture spinoff.  

12. Hershey’s Kiss Cake

Indeed, a slice of this cake is like a shower of kisses for your palate. This recipe combines the goodness of Hershey’s kisses and Nutella’s rich and velvety hazelnut chocolate. This might just be a candidate for the best surprises in a dessert.

This recipe features a Nutella-filled cake with a soft frosting topped with Hershey’s kisses. The results will delight you as the nutty Nutella beautifully engulfs the chocolate cake, and the cherry on top: Hershey’s kiss, starts and finishes the experience beautifully.

13. Chocolate Candy Bar Cake

best candy cake recipes

This cake recipe is simple and unapologetic, allowing your mouth to relax into the flavor combination. It’s earnest and filled with your favorite flavors.

The frosting for this recipe allows for customization as you can customize and put your favorite candies on top, like Hershey’s kisses, sliced chocolate bits, Reeses, etc. The diversity of the topping can also be incorporated into the cake.  

14. Twix Cake

Who doesn’t like the crunch that eases into your mouth because of the caramel brought by Twix? This candy is definitely a crowd favorite.

This recipe elevates a simple vanilla cake into an explosion of flavors. This recipe will blow you away, crunchy and chocolatey, with a hint of hazelnut aroma and flavor. Totally an excellent cake experience ahead!  

15. Milky Way Cake

candy cake

This cake might just be one of the best in the Milky Way (pun intended)! This recipe replicates your favorite candy bar: Milky Way. With the combination of caramel, buttercream, and chocolate, this cake is easily one of the most loaded cakes. However, despite the rich mixture, it’s not overwhelming for your palate.  

16. Skittles Poke Cake

This colorful, sweet, and sour cake recipe incorporates a simple vanilla or milk cake and colorful skittles. This recipe also features a special skittles buttercream, one of the most exciting things about this cake. Not too sweet and not too sour, this cake gives you a nice balance of candy and cake.  

17. Butterfinger Cake

cotton candy cake

If you like peanuts and Butterfinger candy bars, this recipe is for you. This recipe features Butterfinger as much as it can. Whether it’s the batter, the filling, or the topping, you will find a hint of this candy bar’s flavors. The dominant roasted nut flavor and aroma complement the chocolate cake excellently.  

18. M&M Cake

Slicing through a cake and finding your favorite candy bar is what you call a pleasant surprise!

This recipe features a moist and silky chocolate cake with great texture combinations from candy sprinkles and M&Ms. The crunch or sugar coating that hides a smooth chocolate button is a fun way to combine with your cake.  

19. Chocolate Caramel Rolo Cake

candy cake strain

Another caramel and chocolate duo you can try is this Chocolate Caramel Rolo cake recipe. Although you might assume that this could be an overwhelming bite, this recipe can assure you that it’s all about balance when it comes to desserts, and this recipe has that.

This special cake has been soaked in a salted caramel sauce, which elevates it a notch high as the saltiness wonderfully balances out the flavors involved.  

20 Candy Cake Recipes

These 20 candy cake recipes use the best candies and candy bars out there. You can start by trying out a recipe that resonates best with your taste and, perhaps, your favorite candy bar. These recipes elevate a baked cake and turn it into something tastier and visually appealing, allowing you to release your creativity.



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