24 Best Crown Royal Apple Cocktail Recipes

Not a fan of sipping Crown Royal Apple whiskey on its own? No worries! Its sweet and honeyed flavor is perfectly suited to elevate some fantastic cocktails.

In fact, it’s the star ingredient in these 24 mouth-watering concoctions that will quench your summer thirst and leave you feeling happy and tipsy.

Crown Cranapple Cocktail

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The Cranapple recipe, a delightful combination of cranberry and apple flavors, surprisingly doesn’t involve using actual fruits. Instead, it relies on store-bought cranapple juice as its foundation. If you find yourself without access to this unique blend, fear not – making your own is an easy alternative. Simply add some cranberries and an apple to your juicer, or opt for a simpler approach by mixing equal parts of apple and tart cranberry juice. The beauty of this recipe lies in its flexibility, allowing you to substitute other red fruits if desired. Once the juice is prepared, pour it over ice and combine it with a shot of Crown Royal Apple. Top it off with fresh apple slices for a stunning garnish. This effortless cocktail requires no shaking whatsoever, merely combining the ingredients to enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of apple.

Plum Apple Cider Toddy Cocktail

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For those who revel in the flavors of fall, this seasonal cocktail recipe is sure to delight. A harmonious blend of Apple Crown, rum, brandy, black tea, and spices creates a warm yet refreshing drink that’s perfect for your autumnal gatherings. The combination of apple cider and plum nectar juice adds an extra layer of fruitiness, pleasing the palate. If you can’t find plum brandy, regular brandy will suffice. A cinnamon stick garnish is essential to this fruity concoction, allowing you to leave it in as a decorative touch or remove it after shaking – either way, it adds a touch of elegance.

Crown Royal Apple and Lemonade

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Sizzling summer days call for a drink that’s just as refreshing as it is unexpected. Why settle for just one when you can combine the classic flavors of lemonade and apple-flavored whiskey into a single, show-stopping cocktail? With this quick and easy recipe, you’ll be sipping on a cool treat in no time – even if you’re using pre-made lemonade from your fridge. Simply pour it over ice, add a shot of whiskey, and garnish with fresh apples or lemons for a touch of elegance. Just be warned: the combination is so refreshing that you might not even notice how quickly you’re slipping into a relaxed state. If you don’t have lemonade on hand, limeade makes a great substitute. And when you’re sipping this beachy punch at your next backyard bash or pool party, everyone will be green with envy – and begging for the recipe.

Crown Royal Apple Cranberry Shooter

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While some might think that quick, potent drinks mean sacrificing style, it’s entirely possible to serve a short, get-me-drunk-quick drink in a sophisticated way. A great example of this is the Crown Royal Apple cranberry shooter, which is sure to impress your friends and earn you some bonus points. The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity – just fill a shot glass halfway with Crown Royal and top it off with cranberry juice. For larger gatherings, feel free to scale up the recipe by mixing the ingredients in a large glass bottle and serving them in individual glasses. What really takes these shots to the next level is the decorative apple slice fan on top. Once you’ve tried this recipe, you’ll understand what I mean.

Fall Punch

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The warm and cozy atmosphere of the fall season is perfectly complemented by the inviting aroma and taste of a delicious punch. This signature drink, often the life of the party at social gatherings, can easily become a staple of your Thanksgiving celebration. To craft this delightful concoction, simply combine an apple-cider base with sparkling water, add a generous amount of ginger beer, and infuse it with a cup of Crown Royal for added depth. To keep things refreshing, be sure to load up on ice. For a visually appealing touch, consider garnishing the punch with sliced apples. The end result is a flavorful and festive drink that’s sure to satisfy your guests and leave you wanting more.

Crown Apple Cider

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This understated cocktail recipe combines the simplicity of apple cider with the richness of Crown Royal whiskey, resulting in a refreshing and flavorful drink that belies its humble ingredients. The subtle blend of sweet and tangy notes is elevated by the crunch of ice and the vibrant orange hue of the drink itself, which begs to be garnished with crisp apple slices. For an added layer of complexity and a nod to the autumnal season, consider adding a dash of cinnamon to give the drink a warm, spicy kick.

Caramel Apple Jello Shots

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There’s no denying the allure of these Jello shots. One compelling factor is their high-proof boozy content, which adds a whole new level of excitement to an already intriguing treat. The vibrant green-apple hue also plays a significant role in piquing one’s interest. However, it’s the sumptuous caramel sauce and the playful touch of gummy apple rings on top that truly make these shots irresistible. But let’s be real – the true appeal lies in their delectable appearance. So, don’t be surprised if your little ones are clamoring for a taste (or two). To ensure a smooth operation, consider preparing a special batch without the Crown Royal for them. Just remember to keep the ‘grown-up’ versions out of reach!

Caramel Apple Pudding Shots

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Who wouldn’t fall in love with the sweet and boozy combination of apples, caramel, and a hint of liquor? This recipe takes the classic treat to a whole new level by infusing it with vodka – or, if you prefer, Crown Royal for an even richer whiskey flavor. The result is a decadent pudding shot that’s sure to be the star of your next gathering. With a preparation time of approximately 75 minutes, these indulgent treats are well worth the wait.

Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

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Another sweet treat that’s sure to please is the combination of caramel and apple flavors. To make it, you’ll need Crown Royal, apple cider, ginger ale, and salted caramel whiskey – a fantastic mix that’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser. If you can’t find salted caramel whiskey, don’t worry, you can easily customize the recipe with what you have on hand. For instance, you could use regular whiskey and drizzle it with caramel sauce. To take it to the next level, try freezing caramel sauce in an ice cube tray and then adding a few of those cubes along with your regular ice. This clever trick will give your drink a fun textural element that’s both refreshing and delicious.

Crown Apple Slushie

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Before rushing to the next refreshing drink, consider keeping things as they are – a delicious Crown Royal-based cocktail served over ice with apple juice. This combination is sure to please, no blending required! However, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to take it up a notch, go ahead and blend it all together for a unique slushie experience. Either way, I highly recommend making a batch of this cooling beverage and serving it in mason jars with wide straws – the perfect summer treat!

Crown Royal Whisky Sour Apple Cocktail

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For this scrumptious cocktail, you’ll need just three ingredients – Crown Royal Apple whiskey, Sour Apple Pucker, and a splash of sweet cranberry juice (although feel free to substitute another fruity drink if you prefer). Cranberry juice is an excellent choice for cocktails, not only because it gives your drinks a rich, deep red hue, but also because it complements the liquor so well. If you don’t have cranberry on hand, you can swap it out with another sweet and fruity juice to get a similar effect.

To craft this delightful cocktail, simply fill a shaker (or glass) with ice and combine all three ingredients. Give the mixture a good vigorous shake until everything is well blended, then pour it into your favorite cocktail glasses.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a cocktail shaker – just pour the drinks over ice in a glass and use a straw to mix things up. The end result will be a tasty and refreshing drink that’s sure to please.

Crown Royal Apple and Cranberry Cocktail

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Imagine sipping on a ‘crownberry’, a stunning red cocktail that harmoniously blends cranberry juice and Crown Royal Apple Whiskey. This impromptu concoction is the perfect party-saver, as it can be effortlessly crafted in just two minutes and impresses with its elegant appearance. When served in a fancy glass, garnished with apple slices on a toothpick, your friends will assume you’ve spent hours planning the perfect cocktail. The crownberry’s sweet, subtle flavor profile is elevated by a surprising kick at the finish, ensuring that you don’t forget you’re indulging in a delightful adult beverage.

Whisky Apple Pie Float

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Indulge in the sweet and tangy world of dessert cocktails with this delectable apple pie float. Combining the smoothness of Crown Royal whiskey, the creaminess of vanilla ice cream, and the subtle essence of vanilla vodka, this concoction is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling delightfully tipsy.

Imagine savoring a warm slice of apple pie à la mode, but instead of using a spoon, you’re swirling it with whiskey. The addition of vanilla vodka adds another layer of complexity to the drink’s flavor profile, much like the perfect balance of sweet and savory in a well-crafted dessert.

Feel free to get creative by sprinkling a pinch of cinnamon on top for an added burst of warmth and spice. While it may not be essential, this finishing touch elevates the overall experience to new heights. So go ahead, grab your favorite glassware, and let the sweet and spirited adventure begin.

3 Ingredient Crown Apple Drink

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In just five minutes and with only three ingredients – plus a dash of ice – you can create a delightful and revitalizing cocktail perfect for sipping on a warm late-summer evening. The combination of Crown Royal Apple, cranberry juice, and lemon-lime soda makes for a refreshing blend that’s equal parts fruity, citrusy, and bubbly. No need to worry about shaking or fussing – simply combine the ingredients, add some ice, and voilà! This drink is sure to be a hit with anyone who tries it. Whether you serve it over cubed or crushed ice, the key to its success lies in serving it chilled and enjoying the perfect balance of flavors.

Baileys Apple Pie Drink with Crown Apple

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Indulge in the rich flavors of Baileys Apple Pie liqueur as we craft a sweet and indulgent cocktail recipe. Feel free to substitute regular Baileys if you don’t have the apple-flavored variety on hand. This drink is perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance, with instructions on how to expertly coat the rim and garnish this stunning beverage. The caramel syrup adds an irresistible dimension, making it difficult to resist sipping multiple servings – so consider skipping sweet treats for the day if you’re planning to serve this at your gathering.

Crown Apple and Sprite

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Imagine sipping on a refreshing, boozy, and incredibly tasty drink on a sweltering summer day. With just a few simple ingredients – Crown Apple whiskey and a can of Sprite – you can create the perfect concoction to quench your thirst. Simply combine the two over ice, and you’re all set for a delightful drinking experience. If you want to add an extra touch of elegance, try garnishing with some crisp apple slices and cocktail sticks, and see what creative combinations you come up with.

Crown Royal Caramel Apple Drink

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Imagine sipping on a warm autumn evening with Crown Royal whiskey, blended with rich caramel sauce, ginger ale, and apple cider. The sweet and bubbly concoction is elevated by a hint of spice from the ginger ale and the crispness of the apple cider. To take it to the next level, rim the glass with caramel sauce and coat it in brown sugar for an added layer of sweetness. While this cocktail is enjoyable without ice, a few cubes can add a refreshing twist. For an extra burst of flavor and aroma, garnish with a small cinnamon stick. This decadent apple and caramel cocktail is the perfect fall treat.

Crown Apple Cocktail

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Elevate your party game by whipping up this regal Crown Apple cocktail that’s sure to leave your guests in awe. The secret to its irresistible charm? A harmonious blend of Crown Apple whiskey and cranberry juice – that’s it! But don’t worry if you’re not a fan of cranberries; this recipe is equally delighted with other fruity juices like pomegranate, blueberry, or pineapple. Alternatively, go all out apple and substitute the cranberry juice with apple juice. If opting for a non-red juice, consider adding a splash of grenadine to bring in that pop of color, or use a red fruit sauce for an equally stunning effect.

Apple Crown Hot Toddy

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A traditional Irish hot toddy recipe combines liquor, water, sugar, and spices to create a soothing winter remedy that’s said to help alleviate cold symptoms. While its throat-soothing properties are uncertain, this delightful concoction is sure to warm the hearts (and bodies) of anyone who tries it. The recipe features tea, Crown Royal whiskey, and honey as main ingredients, resulting in a drink that’s both comforting and addictive. You can customize the flavor with various types of tea, including cinnamon-infused options or traditional black tea with added cinnamon sticks. For an extra touch, garnish with an orange slice and consider adding an additional slice for added citrus infusion.

Carnival Queen Mardi Gras Cocktail

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This show-stopping cocktail is the perfect blend of bubbly, sweet, and elegant. While it’s dubbed ‘Mardi Gras,’ its universal appeal makes it suitable for any celebration – including girls’ nights out. The drink’s feminine charm is sure to delight your friends, featuring a shot of Crown Royal, berry liqueur, lemon, and champagne (or sparkling water as a substitute). To complete the look, garnish with a lemon twist and serve with a flourish.

Autumn Apple Kombucha Moscow Mule

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For those who adore Moscow Mules but crave a more comforting alternative during the colder months, this recipe is a perfect solution. By combining Crown Royal whiskey, apple cider, and kombucha, you’ll create a drink that’s surprisingly warm despite being served over crushed ice. The cinnamon stick adds a rich depth of flavor, though feel free to omit it if you prefer.

To elevate the experience, garnish with crispy apple slices and savor this autumnal twist on the classic summer cocktail. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy Crown Royal Peach, be sure to check out these related recipes!

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