19 Best Gluten Free Chicken Recipes

Abdominal bloating and pain, chronic diarrhea, and constipation are just a few of the long list of symptoms associated with celiac disease.

You may also experience bothersome symptoms from foods containing gluten without having celiac disease. The good news is that a gluten-free diet doesn’t have to be overly restrictive, complicated, or boring.

It’s easy to find a gluten free chicken recipe from our list that incorporates healthy ingredients into tasty main dishes with chicken, a source of protein that is naturally gluten-free chicken. The dishes have been carefully vetted to be convenient to prepare on busy weeknights, healthy, and, most of all, delicious.

1. Spicy Paprika Chicken

Spicy Paprika Chicken

A creamy, orange-hued sauce full of smokey paprika and tomato flavor with a tinge of oregano is the secret to this delicious Paprika Chicken recipe.

It’s made in one large pan by sauteeing diced red peppers and courgette (zucchini) in garlic-infused oil and adding chunks of chopped chicken breasts and spices, tomato puree, and gluten-free chicken or vegetable stock. Serve over rice, potatoes, or in a gluten-free wrap.


2. Easy Chicken Picatta

A few fresh ingredients and pantry staples are used to create this visually appealing gluten-free Chicken Picatta. Begin with crushed garlic cloves, shallots, thinly-sliced lemons, and lemon juice.

After browning and removing cut chicken breasts in a pan of olive oil, the fresh ingredients are added along with a few other ingredients. Add the chicken back to the pan and pop it into the oven until the sauce is reduced.


3. Crispy Baked Oregano Chicken

Crispy Baked Oregano Chicken

This Crispy Baked Oregano Chicken is perfect for a special gluten-free weeknight dinner. It’s done in 30 minutes and tastes amazing.

First, boneless skinless chicken breasts are coated in Dijon mustard, then tossed into a bag or container for a coating of Parmesan, garlic salt, oregano, and pepper. Make it even healthier by cooking it in your air fryer.


4. Healthy Lemon Garlic Chicken

Both gluten-free and dairy-free, this dish is spiced with high-anti-oxidant ingredients like garlic, ginger, lemon, paprika, and turmeric. It can be made in one pan for easy clean-up and is ready in 30 minutes.

The spices are mixed and sprinkled over cut boneless chicken thighs that are seared on both sides in avocado oil. The chicken is removed and the other ingredients are sauteed before adding the chicken back.


5. Best Chinese Honey Chicken Recipe

Best Chinese Honey Chicken Recipe

Skip the Chinese take-out and opt for this healthier and tastier Chinese Honey Chicken. The recipe has earned lots of 5-star reviews and raving comments.

The author created it for her brother who was diagnosed with celiac disease and wanted a gluten-free version of his favorite dish. Double or triple the sauce ingredients to make more honey chicken or use it in other recipes.


6. Chinese-Style Sweet and Sour Chicken

This 2-step recipe is easier than it looks and can be done in 30 minutes. The first step is to make a gluten-free batter to coat the diced chicken breasts. These can be deep-fried or cooked in an air fryer.

Then it’s just a matter of making a tangy sauce with pineapple chunks, white rice wine, tomato ketchup, and other sweet and sour ingredients. It’s delicious paired with egg-fried rice.


7. Quick and Easy Creamy Tuscan Chicken

Quick and Easy Creamy Tuscan Chicken

This recipe for classic Tuscan Chicken is gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, and surprisingly dairy-free. It’s made in one pan in 25 minutes.

Full-fat coconut milk works best to give it that rich, creamy taste and texture Tuscan Chicken is famous for. Spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh herbs give it color and flavor. Make it with chicken thighs or flattened breasts and serve over white rice, cauliflower rice, or mashed potatoes.


8. KFC Copycat Fried Chicken

This KFC Copycat Chicken is just as yummy as the real McCoy from the Colonel’s secret recipe. The brine is made with buttermilk, an egg, salt, and a dash of hot sauce.

The seasoned flour calls for a gluten-free rice flour blend, corn starch, and several spices, including paprika and Old Bay. Use 4 lbs of cut-up whole chicken and fry in vegetable oil in a cast iron skillet.


9. Spicy Salt & Pepper Chicken

Spicy Salt & Pepper Chicken

The ingredients for this Chinese take-out style dish are simple pantry basics. It can be fried in oil or cooked in an air fryer. It’s naturally gluten-free and uses cornstarch instead of flour.

Make it with chicken thighs and spice it with sea salt, ground black pepper, Chinese Five Spice, spring onions, and red chilis. If you are sensitive to onions, omit them or use the green tops, sliced.


10. Easy Chicken Chow Mein

The secret to this gluten-free Chicken Chow Mein is a tasty sauce made with gluten-free soy sauce, dry sherry, ginger, and sesame oil. It’s just as good as you would get in an authentic Chinese restaurant but without all the gluten-laden ingredients.

Other ingredients include mixed stir-fry vegetables, green onions, and bean sprouts. Make your own egg-free noodles (recipe included) or serve over rice noodles or gluten-free spaghetti.


11. Panda Express Orange Chicken

Panda Express Orange Chicken

This copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken is easy to make at home for a mid-week surprise dinner. The tangy sauce is made with gluten-free soy sauce, orange juice, gluten-free rice vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, and ginger.

Cut boneless skinless chicken breasts into 1-inch pieces. Fry in vegetable oil or peanut oil. Make the coating with gluten-free all-purpose flour, cornstarch, ground ginger, and eggs.


12. Gluten-Free Chicken and Dumplings

Comfort food for a cold evening, this Healthy Chicken and Dumpling multi-step recipe is chock-full of crunch and flavor from onions, celery, carrots, and fresh herbs.

Save time by dicing the veggies while you sear the chicken breasts for the soup. Gluten-free flour helps turn the veggies into a buttery roux for the soup. Gluten-free Bisquick can be used to make the dumplings.


13. Italian-Style Marsala Chicken

Italian-Style Marsala Chicken

Mushrooms, Marsala wine, chicken broth, and coconut milk create a creamy sauce for this gluten and dairy-free breaded chicken dish.

Make the sauce thicker with a little tapioca flour. Use gluten-free flour and spices to bread the chicken breasts. It’s a quick dish to make (35 mins) and tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen.


14. Cheesy Crockpot Queso Chicken

Stay in and spice up Friday night dinner with Crockpot Queso Chicken. It’s a cheesy Mexican dish that can be used to make tacos, enchiladas, and more.

Cooked chicken is shredded with a fork for this gluten-free dish.  (You don’t really need a meat chopper.) The rest of the ingredients include shredded Queso Quesadilla Cheese, jarred salsa, and gluten-free taco seasoning.


15. Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie

Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie

Everyone loves a comforting Chicken Pot Pie, and if you’re gluten-sensitive, you don’t have to give one up with this gluten-free recipe.

It’s made from scratch and can be customized with your choice of veggies. This one is filled with a gravy-like sauce and onions, carrots, and peas. The crust is made with an all-purpose gluten-free flour blend.


16. Gluten-Free Chicken Noodle Casserole

Casseroles were invented for convenience, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Chicken Noodle Casserole is a classic and is made with rotini noodles, gluten-free flour, mushroom soup, green bell peppers, onions, and staples like milk and butter. It’s a favorite that you’re sure to make more than once. Serve it with a garden salad.


17. Crispy Chicken Parmesan

Crispy Chicken Parmesan

It only takes 30 minutes to get this gluten-free Chicken Parmesan dish on the table. It’s also a budget-friendly meal you’ll want to make often.

The chicken is coated in gluten-free panko crumbs, grated parmesan, and dried herbs and then baked to a golden crisp while tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese give it that authentic Italian flavor.


18. Gluten-Free Chicken Fingers

If you have gluten-sensitive kids, these Chicken Fingers will keep the whole family happy. Boneless skinless chicken breasts are trimmed into finger-sized strips and sprinkled with your favorite seasonings.

Then use a layering process to coat the chicken strips three times between wet ingredients and dry ingredients using gluten-free corn flour and tapioca flour before frying. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.


19. One-Pan Chicken With Broccoli and Cheddar Rice

One-Pan Chicken With Broccoli and Cheddar Rice

This easy-to-make dish is full of cheesy flavor and fresh ingredients like garlic, onions, rice, and cheddar cheese and is ready in 30 minutes.

A dash of hot sauce adds an interesting contrast. Chicken tenders are lightly coated in gluten-free flour. The chicken broth or stock used is also gluten-free. It goes well with any type of rice except brown rice.



Whether you suffer from celiac disease, digestive problems, or are simply looking for quick, easy, and healthy weeknight meals, it’s easy to find a gluten free chicken recipe that will please the whole family.

Chicken is naturally gluten-free and can be prepared in lots of different ways, so your taste buds will never be bored.

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