22 Best Donut Cake Recipes To Try At Home

This blog wants to help you search for the best donut cake recipes. But before anything else, let us first give you the history of this pastry and why it is becoming increasingly popular.

As we all know, people are looking for alternatives to what they are accustomed to, especially food. No one wants to keep eating the same recipe over and over again. This urge to look and invent led to the birth of donut cake.

Donut cake is a pastry that uses leavening agents like baking powder and baking soda. This is its main difference from the regular donut, which uses yeast as the rising agent.

Donut cake has been part of American food culture since the 1830s. It has also been regarded as a staple food for French soldiers during World War I.

Enough of historical facts. Let us now talk about these new 22 donut cake recipes. We compiled this list after thorough research on different sites. We made some comparisons to assure you that these recipes will have minimal similarities.

1. Glazed donut cake


Our first recipe will be an old-fashioned donut cake covered in glaze. This one is perfect for occasions like birthday parties. Indeed, this one is a crowd-pleaser, especially if your crowd is kids!

If you make this recipe, expect that it will have a dense and tender crumb. A sweet glaze and a tangy flavor because of the buttermilk. This classic donut cake becomes perfect if dunked in coffee!


2. Moist chocolate donut cake

Who’s up for some chocolate? We will focus on a moist chocolate-flavored cake for the next donut cake. Yes, the batter is chocolate, not just the topping or frosting.

Unlike other chocolate recipes, the one used here is black coffee. Another fun fact is that vinegar is one of the ingredients.

If you follow the exact measurement of ingredients, you will get 24 pieces of a cake donut.


3. Giant vanilla donut cake


For people who like vanilla instead of chocolate, this recipe is for you! We have here the giant vanilla donut cake.

This recipe is best to use on bright-themed occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The beautiful pink vanilla icing will add life to the cake.

The key to avoiding the batter from overflowing is to put only enough! Remember, the batter will rise.


4. Easy-baked cake donut

Here’s another classic donut cake! If you crave a store-bought donut but are on a budget, this recipe is something you should consider. This donut cake is just like the ones you can buy in stores.

This recipe is beginner friendly because it is too easy. You can make this work with just a few ingredients, an oven, and a chocolate dip.


5. Powdered donut cake


Powdered donut cake is one that fought the idea of regular circle-shaped donuts. The shape of this makes it look more like bread than a donut.

In fifty minutes, you can already make this powdered donut cake. Not much of a time compared to other recipes. This one also yields sixteen servings of square-shaped donuts. Avoid wearing white shirts when you eat this!


6. Homemade pillowy cake donut

One reason why people love cake donuts is because of their tenderness. They don’t need extra effort to chew, unlike regular donuts.

But this homemade pillowy cake donuts recipe we will give you is for people who want it to be extra soft! Yes, you can still make it more pillowy than usual. Just do not overmix the batter, and do not over-fry it.


7. Cinnamon sugar donut cake


Instead of using glaze or frostings, this recipe will use cinnamon, sugar, and butter for the topping. This donut cake is perfect for people who want a simple yet tasty pastry.

The cooking process will require fifty minutes, while the prep time will be twenty minutes. Nevertheless, your devoted time to this recipe will be worth it since it will yield eight servings of delicious donut cake.


8. Apple cider donut cake

Another donut cake with an unusual ingredient! The next recipe on our list includes apple cider and apple cider sauce to moisten the cake. The topping used is cinnamon. If you want to know how apple cider changes the taste of the classic cake donut, then we recommend you try this one.

Here’s a tip: apply butter and flour to the mold if you want a perfect shape.


9. Jelly doughnut bundt cake


Various desserts in one donut cake!

Jelly doughnut bundt cake combines donuts, jelly, and glaze. Expect that this recipe will result in a sweeter donut cake because of the jelly. The filling in this recipe is raspberry, but you can always change that to your liking.

Honestly, this recipe is time-consuming. So, if you don’t have much time to spare, just better save this for later.


10. Rainbow donut cake

You won’t be able to resist this rainbow donut cake recipe, especially if you have kids. This is an excellent donut cake to attract their attention. Plus, the method of cooking used in making this is steaming. Rest assured that this is a much healthier version of a donut cake.

Since this is a rainbow cake, prepare different colors of food coloring and piping bags.


11. Triple-stack donut cake


The triple-stack donut cake recipe has the same idea as the previous recipe regarding colors. It is festive and hence will be perfect for joyous occasions. This one should be on your list if you want a donut cake that will radiate happiness.

You can make this in less than an hour and serve twelve people.


12. Basic cake donuts

Here is another basic cake donut recipe. It only takes six ingredients to make the batter, but the decorations are another thing to discuss.

In this exact recipe, you will see that the decorations were designed like cupcakes. Each piece has a different design. This is a great technique to make the donuts look like real cakes or cupcakes. But of course, you can always change the topping.


13. Buttermilk donut cake


If you want to avoid deep frying and secure less fat in your food, buttermilk donut cake is one of the recipes you can consider.

This recipe uses mace and nutmeg, which is unusual since most donut cake recipes only use the latter. But don’t worry, the mace is not required, and you can remove it. Pay extra attention to the glaze when you do this recipe.


14. Chocolate donut cake with coffee

This is another chocolate donut cake. However, this recipe’s needed mixtures are homemade, like the ganache. It also has cocoa powder which the other version doesn’t have.

The homemade chocolate ganache used in this recipe is really the crowd-pleaser. Let us remember the chocolate syrup. Indeed, this version of chocolate donut cake will satisfy those with a sweet tooth.


15. Pumpkin donut cake


Looking for a donut cake that will fit the fall season? We got your back with this pumpkin donut cake! Try this moist and airy donut cake without hesitation.

This donut cake is dredged in glaze, butter, and cinnamon sugar. But what’s really interesting about this is that its flavor is pumpkin. You can trick children who don’t like pumpkins with this.


16. Pineapple donut cake

Where are our pineapple lovers at? This recipe is for you!

This pineapple donut cake recipe is fluffy, light, and moist. To some extent, this is also a healthy pastry since it doesn’t have any oil or butter, and it has some real pineapples in it. The sweet and sour combination of pineapples makes this pastry different from others.


17. Sour cream donut cake


Tim Hortons’ sour cream donut cake is the inspiration for this recipe. One thing you’ll notice about this sour cream donut cake is that it does not have nutmeg– a common ingredient in donut cakes. All this recipe’s about is vanilla and sour cream.

For your next baking session, check this one out if you like milky rich, and tangy flavors.


18. Tutti Frutti donut cake

Tutti Frutti donut cake is a low-cost version of a donut cake. You don’t have to buy natural or fresh fruits for this recipe. Also, this donut cake is eggless.

This recipe is colorful and fluffy. Everyone will enjoy eating this because it’s just like bread. Hence, you can pair it with anything, either coffee or milk.


19. Mega Jam donut cake


Next is the Mega jam donut cake! And when we say mega, we don’t lie about that. Each piece of this donut cake can fill an empty stomach.

Feel free to modify by adding frosting beside the massive amount of jelly. Note that this recipe is only a single batch; you will need two batches to make the mega jam donut cake.


20. Gluten-free apple cider donut cake

We understand that not everyone can eat food with gluten, so here is a gluten-free apple cider donut cake.

This recipe is moist, tender, tangy, and crunchy. But more than that, this is the healthiest version of donut cake on this list. It doesn’t have oil and butter. Most of all, the apple cider is raw.

You can eat donut cake with ease with this gluten-free recipe!


21. Crumb cake donut


A crumb cake donut is the kind of comfort food you’ll want. It is soft, moist, and buttery. Due to nutmeg and cinnamon, it also has a kick of spice. Greek yogurt is also one of the ingredients.

This recipe is great even as a breakfast, dessert, or snack. The choice is yours on when you will eat it. Follow the exact recipe to make fifteen donut cakes.


22. Baked lemon cake donuts

Let’s end this list with the zesty flavor of baked lemon cake donuts. For those who like lemons, this is the perfect recipe. Plus, these donuts are moist and fluffy. The lemon glaze is another reason why you should try making this one.

This recipe will suit spring sunshine and warm temperature days!

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