20 Polish Chicken Recipes

If you love chicken, then we highly recommend trying these flavorful and delicious Polish chicken recipe variants. They are unique, with many having been passed down from one generation to the next. Best of all, they are made with love and are hearty and could be some of your family’s favorite meals.

You can also wow your guests with a different cuisine style, plus add the techniques to your list of cooking abilities. Either way, you will enjoy trying out these recipes and mastering them, as they are all simple yet very yummy indeed.

Polish Chicken Recipe: Our Top Picks Brought to Your Kitchen

1. Yummy Polish City Chicken

Yummy Polish City Chicken

Polish City Chicken is a tasty kebab-style dish made traditionally with pork or veal instead of chicken. The story of City Chicken dates back to the Great Depression when chicken became extremely expensive.

As a result, a pork or veal variant of the dish developed. The meat pieces are cooked on a skewer coated with a breadcrumb spice mix. The meal is more of an American-Polish dish.

2. Polish Chicken Devolaj (Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast)

Stuffed Chicken Devolaj is a delicious Polish chicken recipe fit for any dinnertime main. The original variations from Poland would usually have the chicken breast filled with a stick of butter to help keep it succulently moist and fresh dill adds to the flavor dimension.

The Chicken Devolaj in our selection has a cheesy center with added cilantro (coriander).

3. Polish Chicken Soup (Rosół)

Polish Chicken Soup

There’s nothing like some warm, comforting soup on a cold winter’s day. The next delicious Polish chicken recipe includes Rosół. It is a hearty Polish Chicken Soup in a rich chicken broth, chicken, and carrots.

Traditionally, Rosół is eaten as is, but you can add some noodles to give it an extra boost. Remember to cook the noodles separately and then ladle them into the soup afterward.

4. Polish Chicken Schnitzel (Sznycel Z Kurczaka)

This Polish Chicken Recipe is delicious as a meal, adding vegetables, fresh salad, savory rice, or starch on the side. You may even split the sides to have a bit of everything and balance your meal.

The Polish Chicken Schnitzel is covered with seasoned spice and, breadcrumbs, and egg to create a batter, then fried in shallow oil for about two minutes.

4. Dutch Oven Polish Chicken Paprikasz

Dutch Oven Polish Chicken Paprikasz

Paprika is the star spice in this Polish chicken recipe, and it is very well so because it adds that smokey, rich flavor that complements the chicken exceptionally.

Dutch Oven Polish Chicken Paprikasz is an absolute favorite and a must-add meal to your weekly line-up. This variation only takes 30 minutes to prep and 1.5 hours to cook in a Dutch oven.

6. Polish Fried Chicken Breast Cutlet (Kotlet Z Piersi Kurczaka)

Polish Fried Chicken Breast

As the name suggests, this tender Polish Fried Chicken Breast Cutlet is a must for any dinner occasion. It is soft and juicy inside with just the right amount of crunch on the outside.

Similar to Southern Fried chicken, the breast is coated in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs before it is fried. You may serve it with vegetables and a side of potatoes.

7. Polish Chicken Rissoto (Risotto Z Kurczakiem)

Sure, this Polish Chicken Risotto may sound a tiny bit controversial because it is usually associated with Italian cuisine, but you can do a Polish variation. This Polish Chicken Recipe calls for a roast chicken which will be added to the rice, mushrooms, and peas. It’s easy to make, and the family will love it.

8. Polish Chicken Roast

Polish Chicken Roast

If you enjoy chicken, then you will find this Polish Style Roast Chicken very tasty. The recipe calls for classic ingredients like seasoning; don’t forget the paprika.

It also adds garlic, onions, and sour cream. The star of the dish is the two roast chickens, perfectly seasoned and cooked until tender and juicy. You can serve this delicious meal with starch and vegetables.

9. Yeast Pierogi with Chicken (Drozdzowe Pierogi Z Kurczakiem)

This Pierogi is a Polish chicken recipe, which is great if you have leftover roast chicken from the previous day and would like to incorporate it into a new dish. It is a delicious bake that also makes the perfect side snack or as an additional finger snack at a party.

The stuffing is flavourful and wholesome because you can add onions and other additions to create a delicious little powerhouse of flavor in your mouth. Try this easy recipe, as it only takes a few minutes to prepare.

10. Polish Chicken Patties

Polish Chicken Patties

Polish chicken patties are quick and easy to make, flavourful, and just the right protein addition to any dinner.

Shredding the vegetables that will go into these patties is essential to the preparation process as it will create an even fry and distribution. This particular recipe has been passed down for generations and is worth trying out in your very own kitchen.

11. Classic Polish Chicken Pate (Pasztet Drobiowy)

Polish Chicken Pate combines delicious flavors of mushrooms, parsley, pepper, chicken liver, and, of course, the star ingredient, chicken.

Once the chicken is completely cooked, it will go into a food processor and combine other ingredients to give it its full texture and taste.

When processing it in the food processor, the pate is baked in a loaf pan and later sliced. You may draw some comparisons to meatloaf; however, it isn’t the same but indeed a warm, hearty addition to your main meal, which may consist of rice, potato, and greens.

12. Polish Chicken Meatball Soup (Zupa Z Pulpecikame)

Polish Chicken Meatball Soup

The Polish chicken meatball soup is a favorite for many folks, even for their first time. You’ll soon learn how easy this recipe is to make and have many of them at your home.

Pulsing the chicken meat, vegetables, and other ingredients in a food mixer is crucial since you don’t want a pate-like paste. Once done, form balls and cook it with the soup. It’s a nice way to add protein to the soup dish you enjoy.

13. Polish Chicken In Mushroom Sauce (Kurczak w Sosie Grzybowym)

Polish Chicken In Mushroom Sauce

This delicious Polish chicken recipe is so reminiscent of chicken and mushroom pies without the pie pastry. It is a delicious meal, and cooking the meat to perfection will ensure juicy chicken soaked in that mouthwatering mushroom sauce.

The prep time is only five minutes, with the entire cooking time estimated to be one hour. Since it’s this quick, you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself with family rather than cooking all day.

14. Polish Chicken Barley Soup (Krupnik)

Polish Chicken Barley Soup

Another delicious soup variation to add to your list of Polish chicken recipes is this barley version. Since soup is an essential meal in Poland, it really helps keep you warm and cozy even on the much colder days.

Having many soup recipes handy allows you to interchange one soup variation with the next, so you’ll never get tired of this meal. Polish chicken Barley Soup with Mushrooms is a delicious and nutritious powerhouse of root veggies, protein, flavor, and more. Be sure to try this one out too.

15. Chicken Leg Quarters in a White Wine Sauce (According to an old Polish recipe)

Do you enjoy the fullness of chicken quarters? This is an old Polish recipe, and it makes for a delicious meal featuring the star chicken ingredient cooked in a yogurt basting and white wine sauce.


16. Polish Egg Drop Noodles Chicken Soup

Polish Egg Drop Noodles Chicken Soup

If it’s comfort food for those cold winter days you’re looking for, try the healthy Polish egg drop noodles chicken soup. With a broth made from scratch, you’ll enjoy the true flavors of hearty cooked chicken, plus the egg in the noodles as a filling addition.

17. Healthy Buckwheat and Chicken

If you’re looking for a meal packed with protein, iron, carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium thanks to buckwheat. In Poland, the use of buckwheat is also enjoyed in soups and used as a duck stuffing. This recipe is a favorite and is paired with peppers, and the chicken fried and sliced.

18. Polish Chicken Jelly

Polish Chicken Jelly

Polish chicken jelly features beautifully cooked carrots, peas, and onion with chicken. The jelly holds the entire dish together and gives it a unique look and flavor. Polish chicken jelly is a favorite for Easter and other major festivities celebrated as well as special occasions.

19. Mike’s Polish Smothered Chicken

Mike’s Polish Smothered Chicken

This Polish chicken recipe features the rustic flavors of moist grilled chicken, Portobello mushrooms, and Cajun seasoning for that bit of kick. It is a delicious and complete meal featuring rice.

20. Stress-free Polish Chicken Dinner

This simple-to-make, tasty, and quick Polish-style chicken dinner recipe will have you and your family’s dinner ready in no time. You can enjoy tender chicken quarters made on the stovetop with fresh herbs and spices. Serve this meal with mashed potatoes, fried chips, rice, roast vegetables, or a salad.

Are you Familiar With the Polish Chicken Breed?

Here’s a fun fact: Polish chickens, unlike other chickens, have a distinct crown on their heads and are predominantly found in Europe, also noted for their crested, fluffy feathers.

Polish chicken is a wonderful choice for poultry cuisine; however, it isn’t as meaty as other chicken breeds, yet its meat is tender and flavorful. They are also not known to lay as many eggs as other species of chicken. Thus, these chicken variants are more often shown to chickens because of their unique look rather than to eat.

Should you decide to try making some tasty Polish chicken dishes, we are pleased to have shared these lovely recipes with you.

Polish Chicken Recipes

20 Polish Chicken Recipes


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