20 Easy and Delicious Pudding Cake Recipes

Pudding cake originated from the creative minds of our ancestors to combine a cake and a pudding in a single serving.

When you take a bite of it, you will feel the fusion of softness and crustiness of its base, which is cooked similarly to the no-bake and all-steam procedure of puddings. Add some heavy milk and fresh fruits to it, and voila, you made yourself some old-fashioned pudding cake.

If, this time, you want to step out of the traditional way of doing it and explore something new, the internet can supply you with a bunch of recipes to try. However, the process of searching and racking every source might tire you.

So, to save you more time steaming, beating, or baking, we gathered 20 fool-proof pudding cake recipes that are simple and easy to follow. Check them out and serve yourself or your family a brand-new dessert!

1. Perfect Vanilla Pudding Cake

jello instant pudding cake recipes

This classic pudding cake recipe takes only 45 minutes from preparation to baking. The good news is you can make this with just everything from your fridge. All you need to make this dessert perfectly flavorful is to trickle 10 ml of vanilla.

The recipe also includes a tip to flavor your Chai tea pudding cake. Just add 2 Chai tea bags and ground herbs.  

2. Delicious Chocolate Pudding Cake

You might want to check out this video tutorial if you’re looking for a straight-to-the-point pudding cake without creams and other stuff. Just follow the instructions carefully, and you will have the perfect outcome of jiggly and literal pudding turned into a block-size cake.

It is also coated with cocoa powder so prepare yourself with an exploding, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flavor.  

3. Hot Fudge Chocolate Pudding Cake

lemon pudding cake recipes

Sweet-toothed will love this other recipe of chocolate pudding cake, but this time, the recipe will yield a crusty and fudgy pudding cake. A layer of rich chocolate hot fudge and a baked cookie-like base, which you can top with any flavor of ice cream, will surely satisfy your sweet palate.

While making, you can use dark chocolate powder or unsweetened cocoa powder.  

4. Bajan Christmas Pudding Cake

Another straight-to-the-point pudding cake, this pudding cake is best if you just feel like eating one. It is simple and more bread-like than cake, but it is equally tasty and worth the try.

This will look gorgeous sitting at the center of your festive table during Christmas and utterly make dining with your family very special.  

5. Chocolate Pudding Cake

pudding cake recipes

This 3-step chocolate pudding cake is for you if you only have 50 minutes to spare. Although quick and easy to make, it can already satisfy 16 people.

And even not included in the recipe, it is highly suggested to add whip cream on top of it. But if you don’t have one, you can also try other toppings that will go well for your palate.  

6. Soft and Creamy Vanilla Pudding Cake

Who would not love their pudding cakes to be squishy? And this recipe will even melt in your mouth as its pudding rests on top. After a bite, you will first taste a creamy milk and vanilla flavor before feeling the soft cake.

Hot chocolate or coffee will perfectly accompany this creamy squish pudding cake.  

7. Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cake

jello pudding cake recipes

With everything you can find inside your pantry, you can make this pudding cake by Holly. As an option, you can toss in a variety of nuts, such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and sliced almonds. You can add some cherries, peanut butter, or even ice cream!

Bring in your kids; surely, they will have fun customizing their own Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cake.  

8. Hot Fudge Chocolate Pudding Cake

Another option to try for hot fudge fans, this recipe by Cafe Delights will surely delight you with its crackly top and soft and runny insides. Anyone of any age who loves chocolate will fall in love with its flavorful taste.

Top your delicious pudding cake with your favorite ice cream, and you’re good to go.  

9. Easy Pudding Cake

chocolate pudding cake recipes

You just got home from work, want to eat something sweet, and thought of a warm and creamy pudding cake. You’re tired and can’t make one, but you suddenly remember that you can cook one easily and hassle-free!

Like this recipe from The Typical Mom, you’ll need a pudding mix and other add-ons, and your craving is easily satisfied.  

10. Orange and Carrot Pudding Cake

Want a healthier take on your pudding cake? You might want to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your recipe to balance it with your guilt of too much sugar.

This recipe by Chef Harpal Singh incorporates orange and carrot to the base, which makes it taste citrusy and sweet, and look naturally orange-colored. You can add whipped cream on top, but it is delicious without one, either!  

11. Lemon Pudding Cake

banana pudding cake recipes

Heads up for lemon lovers; this next recipe will unquestionably satisfy your cravings. After the tarty cake base, you will taste the oozing jelly-like filling that bursts with equal sourness and sweetness.

You need not undergo the messy frosting here as the recipe will only use powdered sugar as toppings. Take note also that this recipe will require you to use room temperature ingredients.  

12. Carrot Cake Pudding

Carrot makes it an easy ingredient if you want to take your dessert into a healthy dessert. Carrots make any dish colorful, and it does not have a strong taste, making them go perfectly well with anything, including this Carrot Cake Pudding.

Enjoy its custard-like top, followed by a moist cake. Make it even fancier with some shredded carrots on top.  

13. Chocolate Pudding Poke Cake

strawberry pudding cake recipes

This recipe is ultimately easy to make as it will only require you any box of a cake mix and instant pudding and pie filling mix. Just by that, you’ll make yourself and the other 11 people a family dessert.

Though it is quick to prepare and bake the pudding cake, you’ll have to be patient as the recipe will require you to refrigerate it for 2 hours.  

14. Dates – Carrot Pudding Cake

If you’re looking for a healthy recipe for your pudding cake, you might want to check this recipe from Food and Craft Corner. The good news is you won’t need an oven to make this. All you need is a steamer or a pressure cooker.

Though it will take longer to make this delicious cake, it will surely be worth the try as it tastes exceptional.  

15. Caramel Pudding Cake

pineapple pudding cake recipes

This recipe dates back to the 1800s, and pudding cake lovers love it for a reason. When you get a spoonful of it, a lava-like filling hiding under its crusty top will shock you at first and will surprise you with its well-balanced taste.

The good thing about this recipe is that you can make it even after a tiring day, as it only requires two simple steps.  

16. Easy Carrot Pudding Poke Cake

Another quick and easy recipe, with a carrot to make it more savory, you can make this using just cake and pudding mix.

And the ‘poke’ in its name is not there for the recipe to sound fancy. After baking the cake mix, you will literally poke it to make small holes. This is to make the pudding mix drop down below and create a runny filling.  

17. Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

crock pot chocolate pudding cake recipes

As its name states, this last recipe by Nancy Fuller is best for those who want a sticky take on their pudding cake. It is also topped with crushed nuts, which makes a spoonful similar to a soft, chewy candy turned into cake.

Plus, this recipe only requires six simple steps, so treating yourself with something soft, chewy, and nutty will be much more possible.  

18. Red Velvet Pudding Cake

Want to make something for your special person? This recipe will give you a rich and delectable red velvet pudding cake in a heart shape!

Serving this during dinner dates will make your night sweeter. And this recipe is quick to make as you don’t need an oven to make this; just have a cast-iron skillet, and you’re good to go!  

19. Pudding Poke Cake

vanilla pudding cake recipes

Pudding poke cakes are irresistibly good! This recipe from Kraft Heinz is family-friendly as it only needs five ingredients and can make around 16 servings of pudding poke cakes. The scrumptious taste of this dessert is perfect for any occasion. You can serve it at parties, family dinners, or even picnic dates.  

20. Apple Pudding Cake

Want something sweet, tart, and creamy for dessert? Try this apple pudding cake recipe from Cookist Wow, and you’ll indeed be wowed by it. You’ll love how simple this recipe is, but it will give you a mouthwatering pudding cake. Serve this chilled along with the cream, and you’ll be in awe!

20 Easy and Delicious Pudding Cake Recipes

Ah, pudding cakes. Bare or topped with heavy creams, fruits, hot fudges, ice cream, or anything, it is undeniably irresistible! Baked or steamed, it still tastes the same, with the mouthfeel as its only difference. So, hurry and make yourself one with any of these pudding cake recipes.


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