20 Dainty Spring Cake Recipes for Any Spring Occasion

Springtime brings colorful blooms and warmer temperatures. It also means more outdoor activities to celebrate and enjoy. But it would not be complete without the main dessert on the table – cake! So we curated a list of spring cake recipes for all spring occasions you can recreate. 

In this list, you will find a variety of fruit-flavored cakes, modern and elegant style cakes, and more. We also include the occasions when it is best to serve so you can plan and prepare. A cake with alcohol is also featured in this list for all our adult readers who want to spice things up during parties.

Have you thought of a cake style you would like to serve in spring? If you are still on the lookout, here are 20 spring cake recipes you should try.

1. Breath of Spring Floral Cake


This cake recipe mirrors the plants growing and flowers blooming during Springtime. It has a soft and feminine decoration perfect for events like Mother’s Day or a wedding shower.

The blog also shares tips to pipe leaves and flowers for bordering and designing. You can customize the cake by adding a personalized message or creating a buttercream border.

2. Speckled Easter Egg Cake

Spring is the season of new beginnings and regrowth after the colder months. It also means Easter is coming, and children are expecting easter eggs.

This cake recipe features a soft blue vanilla crumb coat and speckled chocolate eggs on top. The toasted coconut flakes also capture the characteristics of a nest. Thus, adding to the spring scenario.

3. Mini Red Velvet Cakes


Time to prepare your spring picnic basket to enjoy the great outdoors with friends. Enjoy the sunshine while indulging in these sweet mini cakes topped with fresh raspberry and mint leaves.

This red velvet cake has slightly savory mascarpone cheese icing, balancing the sweetness in every bite. Designed in minis, it creates a perfect go-to treat for small gatherings.

4. Single Layer Carrot Cake

This moist and fluffy 6-inch single-layer cake has the warm flavors of cinnamon and chopped walnuts. The cream cheese frosting also has congruent sweetness and a nutty flavor.

Thanks to the powdered sugar and mixture of browned butter and cinnamon. You can make this even without the use of a mixer. A bowl, whisk, and spatula are enough to create the best carrot cake.  

5. Spring Strawberry Layer Cake


The vibrant color of this strawberry cake rightfully deserves to be on the must-try spring cake list. It has a light, airy vanilla cake layer with fresh strawberries between.

Also, there is no added food coloring to achieve the spring hue. Their secret? It is the fresh strawberries and aluminum-free baking powder that ensure the color of the cake.

6. Campfire S’mores Cake

Spring break calls for a bonfire and an ooey-gooey campfire treat for your kids and family. This cake recipe twists the classic s’mores. It has layers of vanilla cake, creamy milk chocolate buttercream, and toasted marshmallow meringue. The dark chocolate ganache drizzle and white chocolate bark complete the cake.

7. Pink Lemonade Cake


A cake that is pleasing to the eyes and enjoyable to the palate is a combination we all need. This pink lemonade cake gives a simple yet elegant look providing evenly split layers when sliced. Every bite gives you a sweet, tart citrus flavor that will remind you of a refreshing glass of pink lemonade. Yum!

8. Cotton Soft Blueberry Cake

This cake is incredibly soft but amazingly holds its form and shape. Cotton soft sponge cake forms the layer while combined with blueberry puree for a distinctive flavor.

The sourness of blueberry balances well with the sweetness and saltiness of cream cheese frosting. But if you prefer frosting it with buttercream or whipping cream, that would work too.

9. Daffodil Cake


Like a daffodil growing in the spring, this cake emanates a bright white and sunny yellow inside. The base is a mix of an angel food cake and a sponge cake, giving it a cloud-like texture. Aside from it, you will also learn to create a strawberry mash that would complement the light and airy texture of the cake.

10. Margarita Cake with Lime Curd

A cake with an extra kick is perfect during Cinco de Mayo or a 21st birthday. This tequila lime margarita cake has three layers: a moist lime cake with zesty lime curd, smooth buttercream, and boozy gelatin on top.

With its intricate layer, expect it would take some time to finish. But the well-incorporated margarita and tequila flavor can make it all worth it. 

11. Raspberry Lemon Pound Cake


This raspberry lemon pound cake is perfect for breakfast with a cup of joe during spring. It has a lemon batter filled with fresh berries that is customizable with your choice of fruit. It also has no yeast, which means you can make it in an hour.

Ingredients substitution and variations are also provided in the blog, so you can add in the flavors you like. 

12. Orange Creamsicle Poke Cake

To channel the cheerful color of orange for spring, why not try a creamsicle poke cake? It is a vanilla cake soaked into a mixture of sweetened condensed milk and orange gelatin powder. The whipping cream layer at the top makes the orange candy slices pop more, shining a vibrant color. 

13. Spring Fling Cake


Spring fling cake makes a stunning centerpiece for any dessert table. It has a zucchini cake layer topped with fluffy cream cheese frosting and fresh fruits.

Although, there are two minor changes applied to this recipe compared to the original The Market cake. It has added zesty flavor from the orange to brighten the cake. The batter division also changed so that no cake goes to waste.

14. Lady Baltimore Cake

Lady Baltimore cake is a vintage cake that originated in South Carolina. It is a white, light cake with dried fruits and nut filling topped with meringue frosting.

You can also add edible flowers on top to make it more festive in time for spring. It also makes a great wedding cake because of its finish. But you can serve it on any spring occasion because of its versatility. 

15. Spring Daisy Lemon Layer Cake


Daisies make a great spring decoration on any cake. It symbolizes new beginnings and cheerfulness, aligning with the easter festival.

This cake has a bright, fresh lemon flavor and buttercream frosting. The gum paste forms the daisies with the help of a daisy-shaped cookie cutter. So do not get intimidated by all the crafty details of the flower.

16. Persian Love Bundt Cake

Bundt cakes are cakes perfect for gatherings and parties because of their size. The fragrant almond-spiced cake has a simple glaze on top.

It also has rose petals and pistachios scattered for decoration. It is simple to make because there is no frosting. All that is needed is rose syrup and good constancy glaze to pour over the bundt cake.  

17. Spring Garden Cake


If you are feeling creative and looking for a cake that screams spring, you can say the search is over.

This cake has a playful take on fondants showing elements representing spring. Vegetable crops sit on top of a buttercream-frosted garden chocolate cake. You can also shape fondant into your desired decoration. Serve this cake during Easter or a birthday party.  

18. Sunshine Citrus Cake

From its name, this cake features a vibrant color and citrusy taste of lemon and orange. It is a 6-inch three-layer cake, perfect for small family gatherings.

The layers include a creamy lemon curd, a citrus cake layer, and a not-so-sweet whipped frosting. Other citrus fruits are also welcome to add in the curd for added depth. 

19. Pistachio Cake with Pistachio Buttercream

Skip the instant pistachio pudding mix. And start creating a cake with real pistachio nuts by following this recipe. The cake layer is a sponge cake that has a pistachio paste and chopped pistachio baked into it.

The cake features multiple layers of Meringue Pistachio Buttercream. Thus, giving you a nutty goodness in each bite. And if it is not yet enough, you can sprinkle more crushed pistachio on top. 

20. Almond Coconut Cake

This almond coconut cake can be as light as spring because of its delicate layers. It features an almond sponge cake, white chocolate, and Mascarpone coconut filling.

The toppings include Raffaello Truffles, chopped almonds, white chocolate curls, and shredded coconut. It places your palate on a texture rollercoaster ride. It is not too sweet and not too dry due to the coconut milk-soaked layers.  

Take Away

Have you picked a spring cake recipe to try? Spring, when described, has a lively and cheerful feel that invites you to begin anew. Light, vibrant color, and citrusy are characteristics a good spring cake would embody. 

Strawberry cakes are a good starting point if you love a fresh, sweet taste to a dessert. You can bring it to a picnic with your friends or as a present for Mother’s day. Easter-themed cakes also make a great choice if you have kids at home who enjoy sweet treats. 


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