17 Best Types Of Martinis to Try (with Recipes)

The martini cocktail is an iconic and versatile drink that has been enjoyed for over 100 years. With its rich history, it’s no wonder why people like James Bond and Ernest Hemingway have made it a favorite.

The classic cocktail has two main types: dry martinis, which are typically made with gin and vermouth, and sweet vodka martinis, also known as wet martinis, which are fruity and sweet. When it comes to crafting your own martini or ordering one at a bar, understanding the differences between these types will help you appreciate the subtleties that make each one special.

Bikini Martini

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The Bikini vodka martini, also affectionately known as the Hawaiian martini, is a refreshing and vibrant cocktail that’s sure to delight those who crave sweet and fruity drinks. Its tropical essence shines through in its colorful presentation, making it a stunning addition to any gathering.

This indulgent concoction bears some resemblance to the Malibu Sunset, yet its unique blend of vodka, coconut rum, sweet grenadine, and pineapple juice sets it apart as a standout recipe among our favorites. To elevate this drink’s visual appeal, you can layer the ingredients for an impressive color gradient effect.

To achieve the perfect pour without disrupting the layers, it’s essential to do so slowly and deliberately. Once complete, garnish with an olive to add a touch of sophistication. With practice, you’ll feel like a pro mixologist!

French Martini

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The French martini is a refreshing twist on the classic dry martini, offering a sweet and fruity flavor profile that’s hard to resist. While it may not be an exact opposite of its gin-based counterpart, the French martini is certainly distinct in its own right, with pineapple juice and black raspberry liqueur combining to create a nuanced and intriguing taste experience. As you sip this balanced cocktail, you might find yourself craving more than just your typical martini – the French martini’s unique flavor has a way of capturing your attention and leaving you wanting more. To craft this fruity delight, simply combine pineapple juice and vodka, then add a splash of Chambord for that signature raspberry flavor. Finish it off with a chilled glass and a few fresh raspberries garnishing the rim, and you’ve got a French martini that’s sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Classic Martini

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While the exact origin of the classic martini remains unclear, many experts agree that it’s closely related to the Martinez, a cocktail born in the 1860s in Martinez, California. One notable milestone was the publication of a recipe for the classic martini using dry vermouth in a book in 1988.For those seeking the perfect gin martini, this timeless recipe is all you need. The beauty of the classic martini lies in its simplicity: just two essential ingredients – gin and dry vermouth – combined with a stirring technique that’s been perfected over time (no shaking involved!).Elevate your creation by garnishing it with a green olive or a lemon twist. If you’re interested in experimenting with vodka-based martinis, simply substitute vodka for gin, and you’ll be sipping on a delicious vodka martini or dry vodka martini.

Chocolate Martini

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The indulgent world of martinis is elevated to new heights with the decadent chocolate martini, a drink that effortlessly combines sophistication and flavor. Imagine sipping on a boozy dessert in a martini glass – this is what the chocolate martini promises to deliver.
To craft this indulgent treat, you’ll need a few key ingredients: chocolate liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream, vodka, and of course, rich chocolate syrup. Start by drizzling a small amount of the syrup into each martini glass, then take it to the next level by creating a chocolate rim on the glass itself.
To achieve this delightful touch, simply pour some chocolate syrup onto a saucer and then run the chilled martini glass along its edge. As you gaze upon your handiwork, you’ll be ready to top off your masterpiece with a sprinkle of high-quality shaved chocolate for the ultimate garnish.

Watermelon Martini

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Indulge in the refreshing sweetness of a watermelon martini, a vodka-based cocktail that combines the essence of fresh lime juice and mint leaves with the luscious flavor of orange liqueur. The recipe, inspired by rachelcooks.com, requires a splash of Cointreau or Triple Sec to deliver a delightful citrus twist, while ripe watermelon can be used as a natural sweetener, eliminating the need for simple syrup. To complete this delightful drink, garnish with a wedge of firm yet ripe watermelon, leaving the rind intact for added visual appeal.

Blood Orange Martini

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For those seeking a stunning and refreshing cocktail, look no further than the blood orange martini. This vibrant drink boasts an exquisite balance of citrus notes, bitterness, tartness, and sweetness, making it a perfect choice for any occasion. To craft this masterpiece, you’ll need London dry gin, homemade orange juice made from fresh blood oranges, Cointreau or Triple Sec (or Grand Marnier), and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes and strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass. Garnish your creation with sliced blood oranges or lime wedges for a visually appealing finish.

Lemon Drop Martini

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The allure of the lemon drop martini lies in its timeless appeal and versatility, making it a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts. This classic recipe is particularly well-suited for Cointreau’s unique flavor profile. When crafting your lemon drop, opt for freshly squeezed lemon juice or a reputable bottled variety. To prepare the drink, combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes and give it a thorough shake. The key to elevating this martini from good to great lies in its cleverly crafted rim. Achieve this by simply combining lemon zest with plain white granulated sugar, then rub the mixture onto the rim of your glass. Finally, garnish your masterpiece with a delicate lemon twist or peel for a visually appealing finish.

Dirty Martini

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The origins of unique martini flavors can be traced back to the humble dirty martini. This classic cocktail is surprisingly simple to craft, requiring only gin, dry vermouth, and a splash of olive juice – or, for a more dramatic touch, a green olive garnish. The story goes that the dirty martini gained popularity in the 1930s when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt served one to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, an anecdote that has become an integral part of its enduring appeal.

Raspberry Martini

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The allure of this raspberry martini lies not only in its stunning pin color, but also in its delectable sweetness. This delightful cocktail is perfect for special occasions, such as the holidays, Valentine’s Day, or New Year’s Eve, when you want to impress your guests with a refined and fruity drink. To create this masterpiece, it’s essential to serve it chilled, which requires shaking it with crushed ice. For the base of the martini, choose between gin or vodka, paired with dry vermouth for a subtle complexity. The addition of cranberry juice takes the flavor profile to new heights, while the raspberry simple syrup brings a tangy and fruity dimension. To craft the raspberry simple syrup, combine water, sugar, and fresh raspberries – a trifecta that yields a sweet and tart delight. Finally, garnish with an abundance of fresh raspberries for a pop of color and added visual appeal.

Cranberry Martini

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Indulge in the festive charm of the cranberry martini, a harmonious blend of tart and sweet that’s sure to impress your holiday guests. This elegant cocktail, featuring orange liqueur, vodka, and cranberry juice, reaches new heights when garnished with an orange slice and sugared cranberries. To craft this masterpiece, simply shake all ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a martini glass. For added flair, create a sugar rim around the glass and adorn it with skewers of sugared cranberries and a vibrant orange slice. And for those who prefer a gin-based twist, this recipe is easily adaptable. With its sophisticated flavor profile and visually stunning presentation, the cranberry martini is an ideal choice for any cocktail party or holiday gathering.

Cucumber Martini

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While the concept of cucumber vodka might be new to some, it’s surprisingly a thing! If you can’t find this unique spirit to create your cucumber martini, don’t worry – you can easily replicate the flavor by muddling fresh cucumbers and using regular white vodka. The real game-changer in this recipe is the elderflower liqueur St. Germain, which adds an array of floral notes that elevate the overall taste. Of course, there’s also a simpler variation that features just cucumber, vodka, St. Germain, and dry vermouth. To take it to the next level, garnish your martini with thinly sliced cucumbers for a refreshing and visually appealing drink.

Vesper Martini

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For those who consider themselves connoisseurs of literature, the Vesper martini is an elegant cocktail that may pique their interest. This sophisticated drink has a rich history, as it was born between the lines of a book and became synonymous with James Bond, aka 007. Ian Fleming, the author of the renowned ‘Casino Royale,’ penned the recipe for this iconic cocktail in his 1953 novel. In the story, Bond meticulously orders his Vesper martini from the bartender, naming it after his then-current love interest, Vesper Lynd. This potent concoction combines gin, Lillet Blanc, and vodka, ensuring a memorable drinking experience.

Key Lime Martini

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Indulge your love for key lime pie by savoring the delightful combination of flavors in this revitalizing key lime martini. The tangy zip of key limes is beautifully balanced by creamy and sweet undertones, thanks to a masterful blend of vanilla vodka, fresh lime or key lime juice, and a hint of coconut from cream of coconut (Coco Real being our preferred brand). A splash of pineapple juice adds the perfect touch of refreshment without overpowering the other flavors. To take it to the next level, we recommend adding a generous dollop of heavy cream for an indulgent treat. Finish the experience by garnishing with a crumbly graham cracker crust, just like in a classic key lime pie. This delightful concoction is sure to transport your taste buds to a tropical state of bliss.

Espresso Martini

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Indulge in the rich flavors of an espresso martini, a sophisticated cocktail that combines the best of both worlds – coffee and spirits. This decadent drink is perfect for sipping after a satisfying meal, its bold flavors sure to delight those who love the perfect blend of caffeine and booze. The espresso martini may evoke memories of Irish coffee, but with its simplicity and ease of preparation, it’s an accessible treat that can be enjoyed by all. To create this indulgent drink, simply combine four key ingredients: coffee-flavored liqueur like Kahlúa, vodka, cooled coffee, and simple syrup, then shake well over ice cubes before straining into a martini glass. For an added touch of whimsy and elegance, garnish your espresso martini with freshly ground coffee beans, the perfect finishing flourish for this indulgent treat.

Mexican Martini

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Imagine sipping on a refreshing twist on the classic martini, inspired by the famous Mexican martini from Trudy’s restaurant in Austin, Texas. This copycat version is just as rich in flavor, with the addition of olive juice that gives it a ‘dirty’ twist. The secret to this recipe lies in the combination of fresh lime and orange juices, which are perfectly balanced by the citrusy kick of Triple Sec or Cointreau. Good-quality tequila takes center stage, while a splash of lemon-lime soda adds a touch of sweetness. To complete the experience, rim the glass with coarse salt and garnish with a stuffed green olive and a lime wheel. With this recipe, you’ll be able to recreate the magic at home.

Pomegranate Martini

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Indulge in the sweet and tangy world of pomegranate martinis at your next cocktail gathering! This refreshing concoction boasts a delicate balance of flavors, with the sweetness of pomegranate juice perfectly offset by a hint of tartness. While it shares similarities with its cranberry-based counterpart, the Cosmopolitan, the pomegranate martini’s distinct flavor profile sets it apart. A splash of fresh lemon juice adds depth and a touch of citrusy zing, while the addition of Cointreau – with its inherent orange notes – further enhances the overall citrus character. Simple sugar syrup ensures the perfect level of sweetness, rounding out this delightful drink. To complete the experience, garnish with a lemon peel for a stylish finish.

Gibson Cocktail

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Imagine a classic martini variation that’s as fascinating as it is flavorful: the Gibson cocktail. This timeless drink has been delighting palates for over a century, its unique charm largely attributed to the tiny pickled onions that garnish each glass.

But where did this intriguing cocktail originate? Most mixology enthusiasts believe that Walter D.K. Gibson, a businessman from 1898, is responsible for creating the Gibson cocktail. According to lore, Gibson’s choice of pickled onion garnish was rooted in his conviction that onions possessed cold-preventing properties – a notion that adds an extra layer of intrigue to this already captivating cocktail.

To craft the perfect Gibson cocktail, you’ll need gin, dry vermouth, and, of course, those signature pickled cocktail onions. And for those interested in mastering the art of martini-making, we invite you to explore our extensive library of recipes and techniques.

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Gather your loved ones and get ready to indulge in these scrumptious recipes. We’re eager to hear about your experiences!

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