15 Best Unicorn Cake Recipes

Unicorn cake recipes have been joining the web as the newest dessert trend. After all, who wouldn’t want a pastry with a magical creature design, elegant eyelashes, creamy swirls, and silver ears and horns? Cosmopolitan says that the first unicorn cake ever created was designed by a humble bakery in Canada, Jenna Rae Cakes.

Since everybody wants to make their own Instagrammable-worthy unicorn cakes, we’ve become more curious! In this blog, we compiled simple but delightful dessert recipes that would not take too much of your busy schedule.

You can have it for an ordinary dinner at home. Or you can take any party, whether for kids or family gatherings, to the next level with these magical recipes.

No more waiting! Let’s all get into the hype. Here are the 15 Best Unicorn Cake Recipes we would love you to try!

1. Good Food Unicorn Cake Recipe

easy unicorn cake recipe

Do you like to surprise your loved ones with a fantastic cake recipe? See this unicorn cake recipe brought to us by BBC Good Food. This dessert would not take too long since you can prepare it quickly!

Prepare these ingredients: butter, caster sugar, vanilla bean paste, eggs, flour, milk, and baking powder. And, of course, don’t forget the black and white icing and the gold luster. Decorate with sprinkles!  

2. Rosanna Pancino’s Unicorn Cake Recipe

How about a delightful unicorn cake recipe for your kid’s upcoming birthday? In this unicorn cake recipe video guide, Rosanna Pancino offers us an easy unicorn cake recipe. I swear! Your family would love this!

Are you ready? Start mixing all the dry ingredients in a medium bowl. Then, add the egg whites to the dry mixture. Place the six-inch round cake pan on the table! Finally, it’s time to put the cake inside the refrigerator. For a beautiful presentation, take the time to do decorations!  

3. Simply Recipe Unicorn Cake Recipe

rainbow unicorn cake recipe

Here’s a unique unicorn cake recipe we can’t wait for you to try! I bet you’ll love this unicorn cake’s mild but sweet vanilla flavor! Promise you can make this recipe even if you’re not a baking expert!

Once all the ingredients are ready, start frosting the cake’s layer with a crumb coat. Then, let the unicorn cake chill for thirty minutes. And finally, create another layer of frosting. For a magical twist, fill the cake with candies and rainbow swirls!  

4. Rosie’s Dessert Spot Unicorn Cake Tutorial

Next on our list is a unicorn cake recipe perfect for any occasion. This video tutorial comprises four parts: preparation, decoration, creation of horns and ears, and presentation!

If you like to make a unicorn cake with American buttercream, try this recipe from Rosie’s Dessert spot! I’m sure that you and your loved ones would love it!  

5. Taste of Home Unicorn Cake Recipe

unicorn cake recipe from scratch

Here’s a showstopping dessert recipe you can’t help but try! To make this unicorn cake recipe, prepare the following ingredients: cake flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, butter, milk, egg whites, vanilla extract, and rainbow jimmies. Just follow the five quick steps!

And voila, you’ll bring to the dining table a magical unicorn cake that everybody will love! Don’t forget to check out the other kitchen tips for more details!  

6. Seller Fact G Rainbow Unicorn Cake Recipe

If you ever wanted a unicorn-themed party, here’s a cake recipe you should not miss! Check out your local grocery store for these ingredients: vanilla cake mix, buttercream, assorted food coloring, sprinkles, black gel icing, and a sugar cone. You’ll create a magical cake perfect for any occasion in just a few steps!

On top of everything, you don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen since this cake recipe is so easy to make. Plus, the total preparation time is only fifty-seven minutes. Amazing, right?  

7. Easy Unicorn Cake Recipe

gluten free unicorn cake recipe

Make your kid’s dream come true with this easy unicorn cake recipe! With its vibrant colors and pretty layers, this unicorn cake will surely take your little ones by surprise! And don’t worry because even novice bakers can successfully pull off this recipe!

For this unicorn birthday cake, here is the equipment to prepare in advance: cake pans, cake board, piping bags, piping tips, bowls, and toppers. And here’s our pro tip. In this recipe, it’s best to use vegetable or canola oil. This would make the cake fluffier, tender, and moist! And don’t forget to add sprinkles for a burst of magic!  

8. How to Make a Unicorn Cake

Take any celebration to the next level with this super easy unicorn cake recipe! Here are the ingredients to buy: margarine, medium egg, caster sugar, whole milk, lemon extract, plain flour, powder sachet, and chocolate chips.

For the decoration, look for a food color gel, white fondant icing, and icing sugar. Quick and easy, this unicorn cake recipe would only take 60 minutes! And just a tip, have your kids with you as you try this recipe and create beautiful memories with them!  

9. Rainbow Unicorn Cake

diy unicorn cake recipe

Now, here’s a unicorn cake recipe you can have for baby showers, kid’s parties, or just a chill hangout time over the weekends! What’s so special about this recipe is that you can customize it based on your liking! Plus, it’s perfect for any celebrations you could think of!

Once all your ingredients are ready, get rolling and start baking! Whisk all the ingredients- water, oil, and egg whites to make a cake batter! Using a digital scale, divide the cake batter into three bowls.

Then, dye it into different colors. Prepare your cake pans and bake the layers for eighteen minutes! Finally, wrap your beautiful rainbow unicorn cake recipe with buttercream frosting!  

10. No Cook Unicorn Cake Recipe

Next on our list is a unicorn cake recipe you can make without the hassle of using an oven. Making the cake looks pretty challenging at first sight. But don’t worry because you will get all the steps you need in this video.

Here are the ingredients you need to prepare: all-purpose cream, condensed milk, red food color, strawberry color, gelatin powder, vanilla essence, marshmallows, and graham crackers! So, if you’re looking for a cake recipe that will take your kids by surprise, look no further because it’s all in here!  

11. Siobhan Unicorn Cake Recipe

pinata unicorn cake recipe from nailed it

Go ahead and try this newest, delicious unicorn cake recipe brought to us by Dr. Oetker. I bet you’ll love the brightly colored mane design on top. Look for the ingredients at your local grocery store: salted butter, vanilla extract, golden caster sugar, medium eggs, self-raising flour, and baking powder.

With only an hour and a half, you can create a unique but trendy cake recipe the whole family will love! Have your kids come over to the kitchen. Together, try to make this unicorn cake recipe with them! You’ll love it!  

12. Simple Unicorn Cake Recipe

Get ready to make the most fantastic cake ever with this simple unicorn cake recipe! On top of everything, you don’t need excellent baking skills to pull off this beautiful cake. To create this unicorn cake recipe, you will need vanilla buttercream, gold luster dust, a sponge cake recipe, an ice cream cone, and simple syrup!  

13. My Food and Family Easy Unicorn Cake Recipe

two tier unicorn cake recipe

Make family parties and occasions extra special by creating this easy unicorn cake recipe. This dessert includes cream cheese, vanilla, marshmallow, and a waffle cone.

Check your neighborhood store for these ingredients: strawberry cake mix, marshmallow crème, vanilla, waffle cone, strawberry jam, sprinkles, decorating gel, and assorted candles!

Heat the oven to around three hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Then, prepare the cake batter. Beat the marshmallow crème and vanilla in a bowl. Mix until blended. After a few more steps, wrap the cake with decorating gel and candies!  

14. Buttercream Unicorn Cake Recipe

Get into the trend and try this buttercream unicorn cake recipe dominating the Internet! After all, who wouldn’t want a cake with a magical horn on top? So, suppose you’re looking for a beautiful pastry dessert to try over the weekend. In that case, this is your sign to make this simple unicorn cake recipe!

Here’s our pro tip. Always take the time to freeze the unicorn cake’s layers. It will help once you create the frosting. Plus, it would be better to invest in a cake turntable. For the decorations, shop for edible glitter, gold dust, and white fondant.  

15. Highway Unicorn Cake Recipe

rosana pansino unicorn cake recipe

How about a unicorn cake made of sweet strawberries with fluffy buttercream, chocolate drips, and macarons? Just the sound itself is mouthwatering enough. To make this highway unicorn cake, buy these ingredients: all-purpose flour, salt, caster sugar, Greek yogurt, eggs, milk, unsalted butter, and vegetable oil.

Prepare food gel, strawberry flavoring, purple pony sprinkles, and gold luster dust for the cake’s decoration. What’s even great about this cake recipe is that you can quickly turn it into unicorn cupcakes if you like.

15 Best Unicorn Cake Recipes

That’s it for our unicorn cake recipes! These desserts are nothing but surreal and magical. We hope you enjoy this list of unicorn cake recipes as much as we love them!
You can now create your own Instagram-worthy unicorn cake pastries! Have it for a simple or fancy dinner. Whatever you like, it’s all up to you! Please don’t forget to tag us and share your experience with us!


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