18 Best Basketball Cake Recipes

Are you looking for a basketball cake recipe to celebrate your favorite team’s win? Well, you are in the right place, Baller! We have 18 basketball cake recipes for you to check out today! Whatever basketball cake you need, one or two of these cakes will likely do the trick.

We looked through the dozens and dozens of basketball cake recipes, scrutinized and then sifted through them, and we have come up with this list! Yes, we did the research, so you do not have to!

With that, let us not dilly-dally anymore. Let us get on the court right now!

1. Simple Basketball Cake Recipe


As the name implies, our first basketball cake recipe for today is simple. It is the ideal recipe to go for those in a pinch. This recipe only requires a 20-minute cook time.

With that, you will likely be able to serve it in less than an hour! Also, this recipe does not require anything fancy skills or ingredients. With that, even a novice could make this cake!


2. Single Tier Basketball Cake Recipe


This recipe could be ideal for those who want a basketball cake recipe that can fit any basketball-themed occasion. This cake is easy to customize. With that, this recipe can work with whatever basketball-themed party. With a few tweaks, this cake can quickly turn into a birthday cake, a celebratory cake, or, well, just a cake to eat during a ballgame!


3. 3D Basketball Cake Recipe


This recipe is one to consider if you want something to impress the guests!

As you can guess, this cake is not the easiest on the list. However, the mere sight of your finished product will be worth the trouble. As the name implies, this cake is a 3D basketball cake. With how realistic it looks, you might have to warn your guests not to try and dribble the thing!


4. Purple Basketball Cake Recipe

Basketball balls are often orange. However, we cannot forget that these balls can come in different colors – like purple!

This recipe is one to consider if you want something that fits the basketball theme but also something a little different. On the other hand, it could also be the ideal cake to celebrate your favorite team’s win if the team’s color is purple!


5. M&M Basketball Cake Recipe


Do you like M&Ms? Well, this recipe might be the best one for you!

This recipe is ideal for chocolate lovers, as the M&Ms will likely help the chocolate goodness of the cake get to another level! That is not all, though. The M&Ms will also help with the texture of the cake. As you can imagine, with it, your cake will have some crunch to it.


6. Basketball Ball Cake Recipe

If you want a 3D basketball ball cake, this one is a recipe to consider. It uses fondant, making it an ideal choice if you want a realistic-looking cake. Also, as it uses fondant, designing this cake will likely be more doable. However, do not say we did not warn you! You can end up with a cake that looks too good to cut through with this recipe!


7. Wacky Chocolate Basketball Cake Recipe


Do you want to make a cake for a friend who cannot have dairy? Well, this basketball cake recipe is one you want to give a shot.

This recipe does not use any eggs, milk, or butter. With that, it is not only vegan and lactose intolerant-friendly. It can also be ideal if you want cake but cannot be bothered to go out to get any of the said ingredients!


8. Basketball Birthday Cake Recipe

If you want something a little different, you might want to consider this basketball cake recipe. This cake looks like a basketball about to be scored. We do not know about you, but we believe that can score you a thumbs up with the guests!

This recipe is also ideal if you want a cake with more, well, cake! After all, who would say no to more cake?


9. Easy Basketball Cookie Cake Recipe


Do you like cakes and cookies and cannot decide which one to choose for your party? Well, worry no more! With this recipe, you can have the best of both worlds!

This cake is both a cookie and a cake. That is not all, though. It is also one of the most budget-friendly choices here, costing less than $10! With that, it is a cake you can whip up anytime!


10. Jordan-Loving Basketball Fan Cake Recipe


If it is basketball we are talking about, we cannot forget to mention the man. This cake is ideal for the Jordan fans out there!

On the other hand, it is also a cake to consider if you want to stray from the bright orange of the ball. While this cake still sports the hue, it is only for accents, as it is mostly black!


11. Easy Brownie Basketball Cake Recipe


Picking between brownies and cakes could be a tough choice. Fortunately, this recipe does not need you to decide! It is both! However, you do not need to worry. While this cake is 2 in 1, it does not need twice as many ingredients, time, or effort. With that, you can enjoy the best of both worlds without much of a hassle.


12. Basketball Trophy Cake Recipe

If it is a cake for a victory celebration you are after, this recipe is one you want to check out. It is designed like a basketball trophy. However, we would argue that it could be better than an actual trophy because you can eat this one!

This one does require more work than the others on this list, but we believe the outcome is undoubtedly worth it!


13. Chocolate Basketball Cake Recipe


If you want a simple chocolate basketball cake recipe, this one is worth checking out. This one is easy to make but can undoubtedly get the job (i.e., be a delicious treat) done!

This one might be a chocolate cake, but you do not need to worry it will be too, well, chocolatey for the adults. It uses cream cheese buttercream frosting to compliment the chocolate layer!


14. Basketball Ball and Jersey Cake Recipe

If you are making a cake for your basketball superstar, this cake is one you want to consider! However, you do not have to worry. While this cake looks extra, it is easy to make.

One of the best things about this cake is that it features a jersey. With that, you can customize this part to look like your superstar’s jersey! Easy and fun! A great duo, right?


15. Personalized Sphere Basketball Cake Recipe


As the name of this recipe implies, this cake is one you want to consider if you want something personalized.

This cake allows you to easily put the name of its recipient on it with the help of some cookie cutters. With that, it is an ideal cake to make if you want to surprise someone but are not yet a master baker! Easy and yummy! What’s not to love?


16. Basketball Jersey Cake Recipe

Do you have a favorite basketball player? Whether it is a famous player or your little basketball superstar, if you want to make a cake for someone on the court, this cake is one to consider.

On the other hand, this cake is also ideal if you will celebrate with a crowd. It fits the theme and is easier to split up than many of the other cakes here.


17. Reese’s Pieces Basketball Cake Recipe


Do you like Reese’s Pieces? Well, this one is the cake for you, then!

This cake does not only boast of its chocolatey goodness. It is also one of the easiest ones on this list to do. If you are not good with icings, frostings, and fondants, this recipe will let you decorate your cake with chocolates! Not only does that make designing easy, but also fun!


18. Basketball Hoop Cake Recipe

We come to our last basketball cake recipe for today. However, make no mistake. It is not the least!

This cake features a basketball ball, board, and basket. With that, it can be the perfect cake to celebrate the winning point of a team!

This cake can look daunting. However, you do not have to fear or worry. It is a cake that is undoubtedly doable.

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