15 Best Korean Cake Recipes to Try

Everybody across the globe and on social media sites is raving about Korean snacks, pastries, and cake recipes!

Well, who would blame them because Korean cakes are just heavenly, perfect, and mouthwatering that you would want them to have almost every day in your lovely, humble homes! In response to this present domination and supremacy of the famous Korean desserts, we decided to write a blog featuring a list of Korean cake recipes.

In curating and making this write-up, we chose recipes that are quick and easy, so it would only consume a little of your hectic schedule. On top of everything, we included some vegan recipes to accommodate people who want healthier and more nutritious snack options.

Whether you’re a Korean pastry and dessert avid fan or a newbie in the world of baking, this article is definitely for you! So, let’s get the ball rolling because we’re showcasing here the 15 Best Korean Cake Recipes! Jal meokkessumnida!

1. Korean Fresh Cream Cake Recipe



In this easy and quick recipe, Irene Yoo takes you to another list of tips and a bunch of ingredients that you need to make your own Korean Fresh cream cake in the comfort of your humble home.

To jumpstart the cooking process, here are the ingredients you must prepare beforehand: large eggs, cream of tartar, caster sugar, cake flour, vanilla extract, vegetable oil, kosher salt, water, and lemon.

And yes, for a delightful taste and hint of sweetness, you might want to add some hulled and sliced strawberries or any seasonal fruit of your liking, such as kiwi or mandarin orange, as a topping or filling for your cake.

2. Korean Sponge Cake Recipe

Have you been eyeing and planning on making the best Korean cake recipe your whole family will love? Well, here’s a video recipe brought to us by Angela Kim!

This classic Korean cake recipe comes in soft, fluffy sponge cake layers filled with fresh strawberries and wrapped in a creamy, light whipped cream frosting! To avoid any toss and turn or any form of hassle, gather the ingredients before your baking day!

3. Korean Lunchbox Cake Recipe



Here’s another delightful, surprising, and straightforward Korean cake recipe that you’ll definitely enjoy. And yes, what makes this recipe stand apart from the rest s the fact that it comes in a cute lunch box with eye-catching confection and dreamy embellishments!

The cooking time of this Korean cake recipe is around twenty-five minutes. But if your day seems a bit more hectic than usual, but you still want to go on with this cake recipe, we recommend that you prepare the buttercream frosting a week before!

And yes, never forget the gel food coloring for the bright-colored frostings for your Korean cake.

4. Korean Style Blueberry Shortcake With Whipped Cream

In this YouTube video recipe, Hanbit Cho, a Korean pastry chef shares to you a Korean Style delicious shortcake topped with blueberries in a whipped cream filling. You can start this Korean cake recipe by first creating the syrup out of sugar, water, and orange liquor and bringing it to a boil.

Then go ahead in making the blueberry puree out of lemon juice, pectin, and sugar. And yes, the most important thing you should not miss in this Korean cake recipe is none other than the whipped cream! By following the steps provided in the video from the heart, I’ll bet that you’ll create a recipe everybody will come to love!

5. Korean Castella Cake Recipe



My Korean Kitchen shares with you another delightful cake recipe you can easily prepare and make at home. This Korean Castella or otherwise known as the honey sponge cake, is only made of a few simple ingredients like a pre-made mix, large eggs, egg yolk, and milk.

Start the baking process by adding the eggs, egg yolk, sugar mix, and corn syrup into a kneading bowl. Then, mix them by utilizing a hand mixer on high speed for around five to six minutes.

Afterward, using a spatula, add and mix the milk and flour. Once done, pour it into the cake tray and put it in the oven at around 170 degrees Celsius for around thirty to forty minutes.

6. Spicy Korean Fish Cake Recipe

Future Neighbor YouTube Channel brought us another Korean cake recipe made of nothing but spicy stir-fried fish cakes. All you have to prepare are store-bought Korean fish cake sheets, onion, soy sauce, minced garlic, honey, and green onions.

And, of course, for the spicy highlight taste, never forget to put in some gochujang! Promise, with this cheap and economical cake recipe, you’ll have a taste of Korea without actually going there!

7. Korean Saeng Cream Cake Recipe



Korean Saeng Cream Cake Recipe is something that you and your precious loved ones can have when you’re celebrating a milestone or having a family get-together or reunion.

Indeed, this fluffy and light slice of heaven is perfectly crafted for grand celebrations! On top of everything, if you want to have a pastry that is not so sweet, Korean Saeng is the sure way to go!

8. Easy Korean Fish Cake Recipe



Are you like me, who’ve been looking for a recipe that will satisfy my inner Korean cravings? Well, try this quick and easy Korean fish cake or tteokbokki recipe that comes in a few simple ingredients.

First, saute garlic and onion in a heating pan. Afterward, add around 400 grams of slice fish cakes and stir and cook it for about 3 minutes. For a crispier and lighter texture and finish, add more cooking oil. And, of course, for a hint of spiciness, pour in some Korean chili paste known as the Gochujang.

9. Korean Sweet Rice Cake Recipe



Are you spotting for some Korean light snacks you can have on your cozy noon break? Well, if that’s the situation, why not try this Korean Sweet Rice Cake Recipe?

You can make this fantastic gluten-free and vegan snack using only the microwave in just a span of ten minutes. Easy and quick, right? On top of everything, this Korean cake recipe is made only of a few basic ingredients like sweet rice flour, roasted soybean, salt, water, and sugar.

10.  Korean Sweet Potato Cake Recipe

The Korean Sweet Potato Cake or otherwise called as “Goguma Cake” is definitely the ethereal dessert recipe that would spice up your fall season!

Layered with whipped cream and enveloped with sweet potato filling, this cake recipe comes in a sweet taste that you and your precious loved ones cannot resist! So, if you’re nothing but curious, check out this recipe and start baking this delectable and mouthwatering cake that everyone would die for.

11. The Korean Vegan “Berry Cake” Recipe



Have you ever heard of a Korean cake recipe that has a touch of vegan and comes in healthier and more nutritious ingredients? Well, the Korean Vegan blog share with us a delightful Korean-style cake recipe that incorporates organic, gluten-free, and vegan.

Instead of using dairy products, healthier substitute is used for vegans to enjoy cake without compromising their principle and diet. This recipe also shares tips and tricks on making vegan food incredibly delicious, which will make everybody and anybody included in a happy celebration.

12. Pinterest Korean Minimalist Lunchbox Cake Recipe

Do you want to get into the bandwagon ride of creating a Korean miniature and minimalist cake for a day-to-day light snack? How about checking out this YouTube video Korean cake recipe brought to us by the dessert and pastry expert Claire Saffitz?

In this tutorial, Claire shared valuable tips on how to make the perfect Pinterest and Instagram-worthy Korean minimalist lunchbox cake dominating the Internet!

For the yellow base cake, she uses cake flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda, unsalted butter, granulated sugar, and egg yolks. If you want to find out more, just click the above link and try creating this homemade recipe!

13. Korean Strawberry Cake Recipe



Do you like to try reinventing the infamous popular French pastry, the strawberry shortcake, but in a Korean style? Well, our featured recipe is just exactly like that! If you want to revisit the French version of strawberry cake with a touch of Korean vibe, there’s no stopping you from trying this recipe brought to us by Amour Du Cake.

On top of everything, what’s so special about this pastry recipe is that all of the ingredients are something that is readily available in your local neighborhood store! So, if you’re running out of some snack ideas at home, this Korean Strawberry Cake Recipe can definitely be your backup plan!

14. Korean Bento Cake Recipe

Craving for cake but not sure if you can finish a whole big cake? Then this small bento cake may be for you! Derived from its name, bento cake is a cake that fits a small bento box of 18.5 cm x 18.5 cm. It is convenient and easy to prepare for a small celebration or quick snack, just like Designer Cake Studio recipe made it.

Just like a regular cake made of the usual ingredients, this Korean bento cake is downscaled to perfectly fit a small box for its packaging. Worry no more for small and spontaneous occasions because this Korean Bento Cake will save your day.

15. How to Make Korean Fresh Cream Cake




If you’re looking for a cake recipe that you can serve on memorable occasions, intimate family gatherings, or a grand celebration, Korean Fresh Cream Cake is definitely your match! This soft, fluffy cake recipe is loaded with slices of fresh fruits and enveloped with your favorite whip cream.

On top of everything, this Korean cake recipe would not consume too much of your busy schedule since it would only take around fifteen minutes to prepare and a cooking time of thirty minutes. For the ingredients, prepare cake flour, baking powder, fine salt, oil, water, lemon juice, zest, vanilla extract, cream of tartar, and sugar.

Final Thoughts on the 15 Best Korean Cake Recipes

Indeed, Korean cake recipes are truly delightful since it makes satisfy our sweet dessert cravings that surely saves us whether on sad and happy moments! On top of everything, Korean cakes are something people look forward to in the present day and because of this, we hope that you love our list of 15 Best Korean Cake Recipes.

We’re excited for you to try making them in your humble kitchen and tell us what your favorite is among them is all!


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