21 Best Butterfly Cake Recipes

When I started baking cakes, I was very intimidated by the idea and the process of putting everything together.

However, when I came across various Butterfly Cake recipes, I realized that baking is not as hard as I thought it would be. Over the years, I have tried baking Butterfly cakes for different occasions.

With that said, I thought it’d be a good idea to list some of the best recipes I have come across. These Butterfly Cake recipes are perfect for those who want something nice, easy, and delicious.

Whatever the occasion is, you know you can trust any of these Butterfly Cake recipes. These recipes would probably remind you of the fairy cakes you had as a child. So the next time you are thinking of something to add to your roster of sweets, consider these 21 Butterfly Cake recipes:

1. Sweetest Easy Butterfly Cake

butterfly cake toppers

You can’t go wrong with this Butterfly cake recipe. You can do something like this for a child’s birthday! The sponge cake is at the core of this recipe.

The recipe shows you how to make the sponge cake and how to assemble it. There are even photos that show you how the cake looks. Since this recipe requires a whipped cream topping, make sure you are using the right type of cream!  

2. Party Butterfly Cake

It would only take two minutes and 33 seconds to learn how to make this Party Butterfly Cake! In this short amount of time, you will learn everything there is to know about this cake.

The recipe video shows you the ingredients and the steps involved in making and baking the Butterfly Cake. You can also check the description in case there’s anything you missed.  

3. Chocolate Butterfly Cake

butterfly cake decorations

If you want something different from the usual Butterfly cake, make the chocolate variety. That’s what this recipe is all about! There’s no dilly-dallying with this Chocolate Butter cake recipe. It’s pretty straight to the point.

As long as you follow the instructions, you are good to go! This recipe tells you all the ingredients you need and how to bake this chocolate cake. It also lets you know how long it would take to prepare and bake this cake.  

4. Butterfly Cupcakes

If you watch this video, you will realize you only need eight ingredients in total to make Butterfly Cupcakes. Apart from being talked about in the video, you can find the things you need in the description. It’s easy to follow this recipe because you see how each step or procedure works.  

5. Classic Butterfly Cake

butterfly cake decor

You can never go wrong with baking a classic cake. If you want to stick to something close to the traditional Butterfly Cake, this is one of those recipes that you should check out.

This Classic Butter Cake recipe includes ingredients for the cakes and their filling. The instructions on how to bake the cake follow after. If you love strawberries, you will appreciate this recipe!  

6. Berry Butterfly Cake

The combination of a Butterfly cake and various kinds of berries makes my mouth water! Apart from the short introduction, the video is divided into three major parts – mixing the dry ingredients, making the Chantilly cream, and assembling the cake.

During the assembly stage, this is where the berry filings and the “wings” are added. And of course, you should not forget about your strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries!  

7. Easy Vegan Butterfly Cake

pink and purple butterfly cake

If you’re a vegan who longs for Butterfly Cakes, then I’ve got good news for you. Here’s a vegan version of the beloved Butterfly Cake! Since this is vegan, you can substitute regular milk with soy milk.

Some people who have tried this recipe before also used almond and oat milk. This recipe also includes the ingredients for the dairy-free frosting.  

8. Victoria Sponge Butterfly Cake

One of the best treats you can pair with your afternoon tea is this Victoria Sponge Butterfly Cake. No matter how old you are, you would love this cake that evokes a lot of nostalgia.

Just like with other recipes, the video focuses on the ingredients first. It’s then followed by making the batter and baking the cake. Since this Victoria Sponge Butterfly Cake needs some icing, you also learn what to do with the whipped cream.  

9. White Chocolate Butterfly Cake

butterfly cake pops

If you love Butterfly Cakes and White chocolates, then you will adore this recipe! It combines two of your favorite things! One of the key points in this recipe is your white chocolate.

It would make a world of difference if you use high-quality ones! This White Chocolate Butterfly Cake would taste even better once you fill it with either blackberry or raspberry jam!  

10. Easy Vanilla Butterfly Cupcakes

This has to be one of the shortest recipe videos about Butterfly Cupcakes. It’s less than two minutes long. Despite being a short video, the recipe does not miss out on anything you need to know about this recipe. You can use this video as a point of reference if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.  

11. Gluten-free Butterfly Cake

blue butterfly cake

Some people can’t eat anything with Gluten. However, with this recipe, they have the chance to savor this delectable cake. Even if you have not made this Gluten-free Butterfly Cake before, you would probably have a fairly smooth baking experience. It’s because there are photos of the major steps involved in baking this Butterfly Cake.  

12. English Butterfly Buns

The title of the video might leave you a little confused. However, if you start watching it, you will discover that it’s talking about Butterfly Cakes. Let Mr. Paul teach you about this well-cherished English cake.

He lays down everything you need first and then shows you how to mix, bake, and assemble everything. And at the end, you can’t miss adding the butterfly wings!  

13. British Butterfly Cake

edible butterfly cake decorations

Since the Butterfly Cake comes from Britain, it only makes sense to name a recipe after it. With this recipe, it would only take about an hour to make 20 Butterfly cupcakes. It’s fast, easy, and delightful! This is probably one of those recipes that are close to the ones that British Nans used to make in the past.  

14. Basic Butterfly Cupcake

Knowing the basics is one of the best ways to master something. This rings true for the Butterfly Cupcake as well. This basic recipe begins with sponge batter.  Once you are done with the batter, you move on to making it into cupcakes. Finish the cupcake off with the filling, icing, and wings.  

15. Air-fryer Butterfly Cake

butterfly cake topper

If you don’t have an oven, don’t fret! You can still make a Butterfly Cake with your air-fryer! For a successful Air-fryer Butterfly Cake, stick to the correct ingredients and measurements.

You might also take note of some of the pointers mentioned in the recipe, including how much batter you should pour in your cupcake liner. While there aren’t many photos showing you how this recipe is done, the ones shown can help you out!  

16. Butterfly Fairy Cake

A bakery created this recipe video, so you know they know what they are talking about! It is perfect for those who are determined to bake this cake, especially for the first time. It also gives you other ideas on how to top this Butterfly Fairy Cake. You can use different colors of buttercream icing or add sprinkles!  

17. Paleo Butterfly Cake

butterfly cake ideas

If you’re following the Paleo diet but craving the Butterfly Cake from time to time, here’s a recipe made just for you. It’s a healthier option for those who long for the comfort this cake brings! In this recipe, coconut flour is used instead of regular flour. And to add more pizzazz and moisture to the cake, use coconut yogurt!  

18. Kitchen Butterfly Cupcake

You will probably spot the ingredients you need to make this Butterfly Cupcake recipe if you look around your kitchen. This recipe starts with some baking equipment you will use, such as the cupcake tin and bowl. You will need these in mixing the batter and baking it to make the Butterfly cupcakes.  

19. Jam And Cream Butterfly Cake

butterfly cake stand

Here’s a recipe that you and your kids can make together! It only takes 40 minutes in total and serves 12! You only need six ingredients to make the sponge cake. You probably already have all these items in your kitchen or pantry. All the other ingredients listed like the jam and whipped cream are for the filling.  

20. Lemon Curd Butterfly Cupcake

If you aren’t feeling the usual berry ones, one of the best options for a Butterfly cupcake is the Lemon Curd.

The first part of the video is all about the recipe – from sifting the self-raising flour to scooping the batter into the cupcake liner. The second part focuses mainly on assembling the cupcakes and ending it with the Lemon Curd topping.  

21. Passionfruit Butterfly Cake

simple purple butterfly cake

It seems that berries are the go-to fillings for Butterfly Cakes. If you want something more citrus-flavored, this Passionfruit Butterfly Cake is the perfect stand-in! With this Butterfly Cake recipe, you don’t only get to taste the fruit’s flavor in the Passionfruit Curd. It’s also in the sponge cake because you add about ¼ cup of Passionfruit pulp in the batter.

21 Best Butterfly Cake Recipes

Cuisine: Dessert

A Butterfly Cake won’t ever fail you if you’re running out of cake ideas. You can choose from the 21 Butterfly Cake recipes here, and you won’t regret it! These recipes might all fall under the same Butterfly Cake category, but they each have unique charms!


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