20 Mouth Watering Chicken and Rice Recipes

Chicken and rice are dishes everyone loves. Chicken and rice recipes have become a comfort food for many because they are easy to make and use easy-to-find ingredients.

The rich and tender chicken flavor and freshly cooked rice are simply delicious. If you enjoy chicken and rice, here are 20 delectable recipes. Read on for a fulfilling and satisfying article.

1. One dish of chicken and rice bake

One dish of chicken and rice bake

You’ll make rice and chicken with condensed cream soup in this recipe. This one is quick, easy, and tastes so good that you’ll want it again and again. You put the rice, mushroom soup, and water mixture into the baking dish.

Salt, pepper, paprika, or other spice are used to season the chicken. Bake the chicken on the rice mixture for 45 minutes until tender. Boom! Your chicken-and-rice dish!


2. Easy and healthy chicken and rice recipe

This chicken recipe only uses one pan and is great for weeknight meals. It’s simple to make, has healthy ingredients, and tastes great.

For this one, the chicken is marinated with Mediterranean flavors like lemon, oregano, thyme, garlic, onions, and spinach.

When you bake it, the marinade will help it taste better. This cozy family meal is inexpensive because the ingredients are readily available. This recipe is so unbelievably delicious that the entire family will devour it.


3. Oven-baked chicken and rice

Oven-baked chicken and rice

Fan of garlic rice? This chicken recipe is suited for you! Instead of plain rice, you use garlic rice with a generous amount of butter.

This recipe uses a juicy baked chicken thigh without skin to reduce oil. Sauté garlic in butter in the oven to enhance its flavor. It’ll be insatiable. This doesn’t need a sauce because the rice is flavorful, and the chicken is juicy.


4. Roasted chicken with yellow rice

This is a great holiday recipe! This yellow rice roasted chicken is delicious. Due to its Peri-Peri sauce, this chicken recipe is unique.

This recipe calls for a whole butterfly-cut chicken. Marinate the chicken in herbs and spices overnight in the refrigerator. Mix turmeric powder with Japanese rice to make it yellow.


5. One Pot Chicken and rice

One Pot Chicken and rice

This chicken and rice dish has a lot of flavors because both the chicken and the rice are well-seasoned.

Chicken thighs seasoned with your favorite herbs and spices are needed for this recipe. First, cook the chicken with the seasonings, then add the rice and vegetable broth to the same pan. Use chicken without bones for this recipe.


6. Chicken fillet with rice

Instead of using a whole chicken, let’s switch to a recipe that requires a chicken fillet. This chicken fillet rice bowl recipe calls for marinating the chicken in a mixture of soy sauce, oyster sauce, eggs, pepper, and cornstarch for three to five minutes.

Crust with bread crumbs. Under medium heat, thoroughly dry the chicken fillet. Prepare your plain rice in a bowl while the chicken is still frying. Garnish the rice bowl with the sliced chicken fillet and mayonnaise.


7. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice

It is made up of a perfectly boiled whole chicken that is exceptionally juicy and moist and served over rice with various sauces. This dish has become a Singaporean street food staple despite its Chinese origins.

This dish is typically prepared with yellow chicken (of the Asian variety). Instead of the usual chicken thighs and breasts, a whole chicken is used in this recipe.


8. Singapore roasted chicken rice

A staple dish in Singaporean cuisine is roasted chicken rice. Like Hainanese chicken, this dish starts with a single whole chicken, but the roasted chicken is marinated, dried, and then deep-fried.

The second round of air drying follows frying, served with chicken-flavored rice steamed. This delicious recipe is easy to make at home and can feed a small party of three to four.


9. One-Pot Creamy Garlic Chicken and Rice

One-Pot Creamy Garlic Chicken and Rice

This dish of creamy chicken and rice can be prepared in a single pot with minimal effort.

With less than an hour to prepare and cook, you can enjoy a bowl of delicious garlic rice and well-seasoned chicken. The creamy taste comes from the chicken broth and heavy cream used to cook the rice.


10. Creamy chicken rice

Another one-pot creamy chicken and rice recipe has all the creaminess of Italian risotto and the heartiness of plov. Perfect for lunch or dinner, any leftovers can be refrigerated and eaten later.

The parmesan cheese in this recipe makes it more creamy. This one uses white wine to add flavor as well. Your family will think you are the best chef in the world if you make this.

11. Chicken and rice casserole

Chicken and rice casserole

The recipe has been handed down from generation to generation due to its universal appeal. This one is simple to make, delicious, and filling, and it has a lot of flavor despite using cheap ingredients.

This casserole dish’s rich flavor and luscious texture come from a combination of three cream soups: chicken soup, celery soup, and mushroom soup.


12. Street-style chicken fried rice

For this chicken and rice recipe, the boneless, skinless chicken will be cut into cubes and seasoned with chili powder, coriander powder, garam masala, corn flour, a pinch of turmeric powder, salt, and ginger paste.

The chicken needs to be fried in oil over medium heat. This recipe uses basmati rice, beans, carrots, capsicum, and cabbage to make the rice. It’s a little spicy because it contains a lot of chili powder and pepper.


13. Skillet chicken and rice

Skillet chicken and rice

Skillet Chicken and Rice taste just like any other chicken rice dish. Still, it has a more traditional flavor and is perfect for kids. For the benefit of children, this recipe calls for boneless chicken breasts cut into small pieces.

The secret to this recipe is rinsing the rice with cold water before cooking to prevent a sticky texture. Serve with salad or soup to complete the meal.


14. Instant pot chicken rice recipe

This instant chicken and rice are creamy and cheesy, and the chicken is tender. You’ll need a lot of grated carrots and onions to mix with the rice for this.

Sauté the carrots and onions to make the rice taste better. Low-sodium chicken broth is used for cooking the rice for this. When done cooking, you’ll see this dish tastes like a risotto but is easier and quicker to make.


15. Better than takeout chicken fried rice

Better than takeout chicken fried rice

It’s evident from the name that this dish is better than takeout, with its tender and juicy chicken and non-greasy rice.

Make this chicken rice in a single skillet in under twenty minutes, and you’ll never want to order takeout again. The fried rice’s secret ingredient is scrambled eggs; you should also use leftover rice.


16. Indian Chicken rice bowl

Get ready for a delicious meal of juicy chicken and rice with the right amount of spice from the chili and the smell of coriander. This Indian rice bowl is delicious and smells so good that you’ll want to devour it as soon as you smell it.

In most chicken rice recipes, the chicken is boneless. On the other hand, this one uses chicken with bones and big pieces. This one uses a green paste made of green chili, garlic, ginger, coriander leaves, and a famous Indian spice called garam masala.


17. Spanish chicken rice

Spanish chicken rice

You’re probably wondering why this one has the “Spanish” in its name. Here’s the answer: coriander, a Spanish seasoning, is used in this recipe.

Cumin tastes much like coriander, so you can use cumin instead if you can’t find coriander. For this, you should use chicken breasts with no bones or skin on them.


18. Baked chicken and rice casserole

Make this chicken and rice casserole from scratch in just one baking dish! The rice forms the base for the dish, including onions, flour, and butter.

As the sauce cooks, the flour will absorb some liquid and thicken it. To achieve this creamy texture, you will cook the rice in a mixture of chicken broth and heavy cream.


19. Lemon herb chicken and rice

Lemon herb chicken and rice

If you’re looking for a chicken rice recipe that will make everyone happy, this is the one. This one-pot chicken and rice with lemon herb spices and butter are hard to turn down. You’ll be hungry even before it’s served because it smells so good.

This recipe can be saved, and the leftovers are delicious. When you want to eat it again, heat it up. This one is also very flexible. You can add chili powder or spices if you want it spicy.


20. Chicken rice soup

A soup that’s already a complete meal! This recipe is perfect during the colder months because the chicken soup will warm you up. The soup adds vegetable stock powder, carrots, and celery. Unlike other chicken rice recipes, this one has a lot of liquid and less rice.


There are many ways to make chicken and rice at the same time. The best thing about these recipes is that they are easy to make and use inexpensive ingredients.

You can make the chicken and rice recipes on the list above at home. It’s good for you and tastes great, so your whole family will love it.

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