21 Best Chicken Roulade Recipes

Chicken is one of the most familiar types of meat to people worldwide. Because of its flexibility and availability, it has been a subject of countless dishes all around the world. One of these dishes includes chicken roulade, which delivers a variety of flavors to your mouth.

To get to know this dish, the first thing you would want to do is to know why it’s named as it is. Roulade comes from “rouler,” a French term “to roll.” A roulade is seen and utilized in many dishes in the culinary world. Whether sweet or savory, they have a common denominator of being both flavorful and beautiful to look at.

There are just so many possibilities when it comes to roulades. Whether a savory dish or a dessert, the surprise and anticipation of tasting that delicious filling never disappoints.

Chicken Roulade

Chicken Roulade

And now, for the main character, let’s get to know more about chicken roulades. While chicken is one of the meats out there that’s delicious and traditional on its own, it could always use a little bit of polishing up every once in a while. And chicken roulade is an example of it.

A chicken roulade is a dish made with chicken cutlets pounded out and filled with whatever desirable filling you may want to add. Following the stuffing process, the roulade is first fried to a golden brown color; it already sounds delicious, right? But wait, there’s more.

After frying the rolls to a golden brown color, the next step is to bake the roll. A sliced chicken roulade is always an appealing dish that can be prepared in advance whenever you anticipate visitors. It’s certainly a dish you can readily prepare and serve whenever the occasion calls for it.

For the fillings, you can try various ingredient combinations, but the most basic ones can be leafy green spinach and a particular type of cheese, depending on your preference. Overall, it’s a joy to experiment with fillings and sauces so you can be as creative as you want in combining flavors.

One of the reasons why it’s one of the most flexible chicken dishes out there is the variety of stuffing you may be able to put together to improve flavor and visuals. Thus, there are a variety of recipes available for you to try. Here are 21 chicken roulade recipes you can try out.

1. Chicken Roulade Recipe

Chicken Roulade Recipe

If you like feta cheese and chicken, this recipe offers a great way to see them together in a dish of the chicken roulade. The zesty hint of lemon and the solid but tasty white wine flavor compliments the meat and the cheese very well. With the right amount of seasoning, olive oil, plus ample thickness of the meat, you are sure to get a zesty, cheesy, overall mouthwatering dish.


2. Chicken Roulade with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

With a nutty, cheesy, and leafy filling, this chicken roulade is sure to be a good kickstart for people who love pine nuts. Sauteed to perfection, the leafy greens, nuts, and cheese elevate the pounded chicken meat just right.

In addition to these flavors, the creamy mushroom sauce seals the deal. A slice of the nutty and cheesy roulade dipped in a creamy sauce is a perfect combination on warm or cold days.


3. Chicken Roulade Spinach Combo Recipe

Chicken Roulade Spinach Combo Recipe

Crunchy spinach, flavorful mushrooms, and rich ricotta cheese are the stars of the show for this recipe. What sets this chicken roulade recipe from the rest is the addition of tasty strips of bacon wrapped around the roll as an extra securing bond and extra flavor.

In the last few minutes of the baking process, the setting for the oven is changed from bake to broil so that the bacon can get nice and crispy.


4. Fine Dining Chicken Roulade Recipe

With a combination of goat cheese, chili, and pistachios, this recipe will take your chicken roulade to another level. The spiciness is just right with a good mix of baked beetroot seasoned to perfection. But wait, the flavor combination does not stop there, as this roulade also calls for onion puree and a good beetroot sauce that sits perfectly with every bite.


5. Creamy Chicken Roulade With Spinach and Mushrooms Recipe

Creamy Chicken Roulade With Spinach and Mushrooms Recipe

This chicken roulade recipe emphasizes the creaminess, and crisp outer layer, made possible by the special breaded coating. Every bite offers variety– from gentle, soft, to crispy.

The sauteed onion, crispy baby spinach, mushrooms, soft chicken layer, crispy coating, and creamy sauce contribute so much to the superb flavors. The featured alfredo sauce packed with milk, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, etc., is beautifully sprinkled on the crust to complete every flavorful bite.


6. Chicken Roulade Recipe

This chicken roulade recipe is all about chicken and seasoning. The masterful and careful slicing, rolling, and seasoning make this chicken roulade stand out from the rest. With its neat finish and tasty chicken, you can then add to the plate your choice of sauce and toppings like your favorite leafy greens and perhaps some sauteed tiny shrimps for an addition of color and texture.


7. Chicken Roulade Recipe

Chicken Roulade Recipes

This chicken roulade recipe offers a perfectly cooked dish with many colors, adding to the lovely meal. The filling is carefully sauteed, including the garlic and nuts, mixing in the parsley, making sure nothing is burnt.

These juicy chicken rolls are brimming with both ample sweet and savory ingredients. Every little bite is packed with an excellent combination of flavors, nothing too overwhelming. This way, you enjoy every component.


8. Easy Fine Dining Chicken Roulade Recipe

Carefully incorporating flavors like minced and caramelized garlic, walnuts, basil, goat cheese, and seasonings, these flavors are then wrapped in chicken meat and poached perfectly.

After poaching, the roll is ready to be fried in oil and butter until golden brown, letting the meat absorb all the flavors. Plated with boiled juicy and bright red tomatoes and baked chicken skin crackers, this dish will exceed your expectation– a feast for your taste buds and the eyes.


9. Chicken Bacon Roulade Recipe

Chicken Bacon Roulade Recipe

This chicken roulade is prepared with perhaps one of the most popular western breakfast staples, bacon. The bacon is cooked well, but not to a crunch point.

The strips are then placed on top of the chicken breast, making a cozy blanket along with seasonings, pepper, lemon zest, shallots, and parmesan cheese. This dish is served with a nice and classy wine sauce adding up a punch of flavor to each slice.


10. Chicken Roulade Recipe

This dish uses marinated chicken breasts for better retention of flavor. The filling is then prepared to start with fresh spinach cooked in high flame along with seasonings and spices. This dish also incorporates chili powder adding flair to each slice, starting from the crush to the fillings. After frying the roll, you can plate it with your preferred colorful vegetable choices.


11. Chicken Roulade Recipe

Chicken Roulade Recipe-

This dish is one of the easiest and most convenient chicken roulade recipes. You can make this delicious dish with minced chicken, olives, bell peppers, cheese, jalapenos, thyme, wine, and other seasonings. The roll is then boiled for 40 minutes, taken out to cool, and ready for storage. You can choose what you want to do with the whole roll or the slices.


12. Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Roulade

This simple recipe incorporates a well-cooked and tender chicken meat sprinkled with scallion, sun-dried tomatoes, and the star of the dish, mozzarella cheese.

The layers are then rolled together, ensuring all ingredients and flavors are secured inside the roll. The roll is then boiled before it is available for frying until golden brown and basted in additional flavorings like butter, garlic, and thyme.


13. Roasted Chicken Roulade with American Triple Cream and Georgia Ham Recipe

Roasted Chicken Roulade with American Triple Cream and Georgia Ham Recipe

Ham and cheese have been a foolproof combination for a long time, and this combination is further elevated by putting them in a roll. This recipe calls for seasoned chicken breast on both sides, wrapping the ham, cheese, and arugula, locking in flavors.

The rolled dish is sauteed until the outside is cooked before transferring it to the oven. There, the meat is cooked throughout as the cheese inside melts into the meat.


14. Chicken Roulade Recipe

This easy chicken roulade recipe uses the essential ingredients but ensures a party of flavors inside your mouth. Chopped cheese, spinach, and mushrooms make up the stuffing.

To ensure that the filling is distributed evenly throughout the chicken breast, it is placed into the meat after thoroughly flattening the chicken. This chicken roulade is presented with a coarse tomato sauce made of cherry tomatoes and tobacco sauce. For the finishing touches, it’s garnished with some basil.


15. Bacon Mushroom Chicken Roulade Recipe

Bacon Mushroom Chicken Roulade Recipe

This dish is made by putting together a list of ingredients that beautifully complement each other. Diced bacon, garlic, spinach, mushroom, cream, mozzarella cheese, and seasonings are put together in just the right amount.

The bacon bits are initially fried to achieve that crispiness, adding to the variety of textures in the filling. Mixing the rest of the pan-fried ingredients with cream and cheese creates a flavor marriage of a lifetime.


16. Chicken Roulade with Sauteed Vegetables Recipe

Aside from the rolled chicken meat, this recipe has a special batter wrapping up the chicken meat. This gives the dish a more secure and layered roll and an extra texture switch. The colorful and delicious vegetables and the sauce are then sauteed in two separate pans. Hence, the process is quicker, and the vegetables stay crunchy and perfectly cooked when plated with the sliced roulade.


17. Baked Chicken Roulade Recipe

Baked Chicken Roulade Recipe

This baked roulade recipe is an excellent choice for a typical meal or a fancy dinner. Whatever the occasion is, caked chicken roulade can adapt. The fillings are simple and healthy, mixing asparagus and sauteed spinach; it’s light but a filling mix.

The crunch of the vegetables complements the well-seasoned chicken. Baked after frying to a golden brown, you now have both simple and elegant slices of the chicken roulade.


18. Chicken Roulade with Fondant Potatoes Recipe

The roulade’s filling is made up of a particular mushroom mixture. The filling is made by sauteing mushrooms and water chestnut. After being boiled the right amount, the potatoes are fried in butter to get that flavor absorbed and achieve desired crisp.

The roll is seared for a couple of minutes before being cooked on a simmer. Served with broccoli couscous, chicken roulade with fondant potatoes is an irresistible dish.


19. Goat Cheese and Herb Stuffed Chicken Roulade Recipe

Goat Cheese and Herb Stuffed Chicken Roulade Recipe

Succulent and beautifully seasoned with salt and pepper, this dish brings out the best in spinach and goat cheese flavors, including the crunch of breadcrumbs and garlic. The dish also features a good herb mixture, combining butter, rosemary, thyme, parsley, and lemon zest.

With the flattened meat, the layers of flavors are placed carefully, like a blanket, and rolled tightly, locking in all the flavors. Seared until golden brown and baked thoroughly, you are now ready to experience the bursting flavors.


20. Pesto Chicken Roulade Recipe

This dish goes out for people who love pesto and cheese. The flavor combination of the spices, and seasonings, especially the pesto and the cheese, screams warmth and tastiness. Baked just until slightly cooked, then transferred to a pan with oil and fried until golden brown, the melted cheese, and the pesto sauce melts beautifully into the meat and your mouth.


21. Greek Chicken Roulade Recipe

Greek Chicken Roulade Recipe

This dish is packed with various flavors, all complementing each other exceptionally well. Garlic, feta cheese, oregano, and lemon zest are the ingredients used to make the filling, influenced by Greek cuisine.

Wrapping up with the chicken meat, you get a bright, zesty, and overall flavorful bite as you slice into the beautifully-made roulade. Finally, a pan sauce of lemon juice, chicken stock, white wine, and butter is drizzled over the roulades.



Chicken roulades remain one of the easiest and classiest rolled chicken dishes. It’s popular not only because of the wide choice for filling but also for the taste and flavor of these combinations. As you try out these 21 chicken roulade recipes and experiment with flavors on your own, every slice is a good surprise.

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