30 Easy-to-Cook Chicken Supreme Recipes

Most people avoid the breast part of the chicken. However, it is where you can have the best part called chicken supreme, which is a boneless chicken breast. If you do not love white meat, these 30 easy-to-cook chicken supreme recipes might change your mind.

1. Chicken Supreme With Mushrooms In White Wine Cream Sauce

Chicken Supreme With Mushrooms In White Wine Cream Sauce

This chicken supreme claims to be the tastiest among the other recipes. It has a cream sauce with white wine that bathes the chicken and whole mushrooms. You can cook the chicken breast on the pan or leave it in the oven if you have other things to do. Since the dish is flavorful yet simple, there are many sides to match it.


2. Chicken Supreme With Bacon And Mushroom in a Cream Sauce

Two proteins in one meal? This recipe has the tenderness of chicken breast and the greasy goodness of bacon. The cream sauce has a white wine base that adds to the acidity, shallots, and garlic. You may add mushrooms to add earthy flavor and components to the dish. It doesn’t take much time to make, and you will only need one pot.


3. Creamy Chicken Supreme

Creamy Chicken Supreme

Anyone can do this creamy chicken supreme on any day for dinner as it is simple and quick to make. Instead of flavoring the sauce with oil from the chicken, you will add bacon to the mixture. According to those who have done this recipe, it is delicious, and the frozen leftovers are still incredible. This dish is perfect with mashed potato and steamed vegetables.


4. Creamy, Tasty, and Easy Chicken Supreme

This recipe had different methods of making the chicken supreme tasty. Cutting the meat allows more flavors to coat the chicken. You will saute the chicken before adding it to the creamy sauce. Cooking it to the sauce will let the white meat absorb the sauce. Use more milk and heavy cream to achieve the creamy sauce. Et voila! A creamy, tasty, and easy chicken supreme.


5. Makeover Swiss Chicken Supreme

Makeover Swiss Chicken Supreme

If you love cheesy food, this chicken supreme will hit that spot thanks to the Swiss cheese or any cheese you prefer. For the cream sauce, you will use sour cream and milk, which will suit the cheese. Furthermore, you will add buttered cracker crumbs to the dish, making an interesting texture. You may substitute the crackers with panko instead if it is not available.


6. Classic French Chicken Supreme Recipe

Nothing can go wrong with a classic recipe, especially from the origin of chicken supreme. The veloute sauce makes this French dish more authentic. You will keep the skin of the chicken breast to have a crispy texture as you cook it on butter. Everyone knows how butter can make every food marvelous, so you can rest assured that this recipe will be as well.


7. Chicken Supreme with Mushrooms

Chicken Supreme with Mushrooms

This dish is best with rice. Instead of making the cream and adding mushrooms to make the sauce, you will use cream of mushroom soup instead to make it extra earthy. The sauce will be creamier and savory with the cheddar cheese. This recipe makes a great heavy meal you can make from time to time.


8. Creamy Garlic Chicken Breast

This one-pan recipe is perfect for you if you are on a keto diet. Using the same pan after cooking the chicken gives the sauce more flavor. Dry brining the chicken breast with salt and pepper will also make the meat good on its own. The neutral creamy garlic sauce allows you to use this dish with pasta or rice.


9. Creamy Mustard Chicken Supreme

Creamy Mustard Chicken Supreme

If you want a kick for your chicken, mustard is the best ingredient to add to the cream sauce. You may choose any mustard you like, but people highly recommend hot English mustard as it is more flavorful. Aside from mushrooms, you may add other vegetables to the sauce, such as broccoli, carrots, and peas. Enjoy this dish with rice or pasta.


10. Jamie’s Italian Chicken Supreme

Even though chicken supreme is French, this Italian rendition takes the dish to the next level. Instead of cream, the sauce will be oil-based and white wine with many fresh ingredients: tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, and parsley. The many components in the sauce add a lovely texture to the dish. Top this with a fried sage, and you have a great dinner.


11. Crispy Baked Chicken Supreme

Crispy Baked Chicken Supreme

Baked chicken supreme might be one of the great choices to prepare this delicate meat. But adding stuffing mix for chicken and parmesan for a crispy upper crust makes it even better. You will not bathe the chicken with sauce; instead, you bake the condensed cream of chicken soup with sour cream and the meat.


12. Creamy Lemon Chicken

One of the classic combinations is lemon and chicken. However, this recipe has a different take on the sauce, making it creamy. The thick sauce has the same chicken broth and heavy cream ratio to balance the taste and creaminess. Of course, since this dish has lemon juice and zest, do not forget to add the dill as they go hand in hand.


13. Curried Chicken Supreme On Rice

Curried Chicken Supreme On Rice

You will know the smell of curry from miles away, and it will make your stomach grumble. The smell of the spices is addicting, and the spiciness is satisfying. You may add many proteins to a curry, but for this recipe, you will use chicken supreme. What better way to eat curry other than Jasmine rice? Garnish it with fresh cilantro to make it more pretty.


14. Julia Child’s Suprêmes de Volaille aux Champignons & Glazed Carrots

The recipe’s name translates to chicken supreme with mushroom sauce and glazed carrots. Following this recipe will give you a juicy and tender chicken. The mushroom sauce becomes the star that enhances the chicken. Meanwhile, the glazed carrots are soft, which is a perfect side dish for such a delicate dish. This fancy dish is ideal if you plan to have a dinner date at your house.


15. ‘Speyside’ Chicken Supremes

'Speyside' Chicken Supremes

For the alcohol lovers out there, this recipe is for you. The main star for the chicken supreme sauce is the Speyside whisky reduced in chicken stock. Just like the sauce, the preparation of the chicken has a Scottish influence as you will stuff the breast with haggis pudding. Of course, the Scottish dish will not be complete without mashed potatoes and scotch.


16. Creamy Garlic Mushroom Chicken

You’ll not only season your chicken with salt and pepper and let the sauce take over for this recipe. Instead, you will have a lemon pepper rub on the meat before you cook it. For the sauce, you may use your choice of mushroom. The parmesan cheese in the sauce will add saltiness and creaminess. Place the chicken on the baby arugula with vinaigrette for a light and fresh side.


17. Chicken Supreme with Wild Berry Sauce

Chicken Supreme with Wild Berry Sauce

Wild berries on a savory dish? Why not! This recipe will use the tanginess and acidity of the raspberry while also giving the dish sweetness. The combination of the berry, mustards, cream, and chicken broth is out of the world, but it is surprisingly phenomenal. You must try this at one of your dinner parties to share the experience with your friends and loved ones.


18. Easy Crockpot Chicken Supreme

Do you want to cook chicken supreme with less hassle? Try cooking it in a crockpot. You will cook everything in the pot simultaneously, including the mushroom and other dry ingredients for the cream sauce, plus the chicken breast. Cooking it for 6 hours will result in tender chicken breast. After 6 hours, you may add the wet ingredients.


19. Chicken Supreme With Coriander

Chicken Supreme With Coriander

Chicken supreme with coriander sauce accompanied by balsamic vinegar has a nutty and earthy taste. Instead of being served whole, you will cut the chicken breast into strips. The cream sauce will complement the ingredients with vegetable broth rather than chicken. You will have a little heat from the crushed hot peppers, but you can add more based on your preference.


20. Super Chicken Supreme

This dish might be the easiest one, and it comes with a mashed potato and carrot batons recipe to pair with the chicken supreme. The chicken is cut into cubes to cook it in a shorter time evenly. While sauteing, you may start adding ingredients for the sauce bit by bit in the same pan. You will finish cooking everything in just under 20 minutes.


21. Chicken Supreme With Wild Mushroom And Tarragon Sauce

Chicken Supreme With Wild Mushroom And Tarragon Sauce

The tarragon and wild mushroom make a thick, sharp, yet delicious sauce that will take your taste buds on a fantastic journey. It is a perfect contrast to the delicate chicken breasts, which makes the ride even more enjoyable. People mostly use this sauce for their steak, but substituting it with white meat makes it more hearty.


22. Gordon Ramsay’s Chicken Supreme

Once you hear Gordon Ramsay in a recipe video, you know it will turn out incredible. The chicken seared in a cast iron skillet with garlic butter before baking gives the white meat a great crust and tender inside. The root vegetables to pair the chicken supreme with has different crops with bright colors. Drizzle some pan sauce all over the dish and serve.


23. Chicken Supreme with Truffle and Sage

Chicken Supreme with Truffle and Sage

Enough with the mushrooms. Another fungus that you may use for your chicken supreme is the truffle. It may be expensive, but the musky taste and aroma will tell you it is worth trying it even once. Because the flavor of the truffle may be strong, adding sage to the sauce will balance it out. Serve this dish with some roasted Jerusalem artichokes.


24. Chicken (Suprême de Volaille) with Chasseur Sauce

This chicken supreme with chasseur sauce or hunter’s sauce makes a great French dish. The brown sauce in this recipe has wine, brandy, mushroom, and butter. This dish is better with crispy skin, so leave the skin of the chicken breast intact. The sauce is light and perfect with white meat.


25. Supreme of Chicken with Julie Mango Mousseline and Mango Carob Sauce

Supreme of Chicken with Julie Mango Mousseline and Mango Carob Sauce

Longing for a tropical and refreshing chicken supreme recipe? Here is a mango-starred dish that you should try. The mango carob sauce goes well with the white meat, especially when you cook it with vegetables and herbs. The chicken has mango mousseline and cream inside. The dish goes well with spinach rice and a side of mango chutney.


26. Chicken Supreme with Vegetables

For a simple chicken supreme dish, try this recipe. Instead of bathing the chicken with cream sauce, you will grill the chicken giving a great char on the sides. Meanwhile, you can make your simple vegetable side dish: fried potato, chorizo, parsley, and baby spinach. You may add other veggies to your liking. Serve this dish with grilled lemon to drizzle.


27. Spanish Chicken Supreme with Spring Vegetables

Spanish Chicken Supreme with Spring Vegetables

Based on the name, this dish will have a kick of spiciness from the paprika and the aroma of oregano. Aside from the central Spanish spices, the rub for the chicken also has cumin, fennel seeds, salt, and black pepper. The recipe includes how you can prepare spring vegetables as a side dish.


28. Vol-Au-Vent Chicken Supreme Sauce

Vol-au-vent is a puff pastry that has hollow middle that you may fill with chicken or fish. In this recipe, chicken supreme will be on the inside. You will make the sauce from the stock of the chicken breast. Since the puff pastry is small, the chicken will be shredded and added to the sauce along with peas, carrots, and mushrooms. It is a different way to prepare chicken supreme.


29. Pepperoni Chicken Supreme


Pepperoni Chicken Supreme

Aside from bacon, pepperoni may add another protein to your chicken supreme sauce. This dish is relatively easy to do with few ingredients. Instead of making the cream sauce from scratch, this recipe uses condensed cream of celery soup. You may eat or top it on pasta to make a complete, heavy meal.


30. Tipsy Cheesy Chicken Supreme Tikka

Chicken is always great with Indian spices, and in this case, Tikka. The different leaves, seeds, and other herbs will pack the dish’s flavor. But what makes this dish different is the mozzarella cheese inside a rolled slice of chicken breast. You may add bourbon whiskey to the marinade to make it a bit alcoholic.



There are many ways to prepare a chicken breast. You may try some classic dishes or be creative with the flavor. Either way, here are 30 easy-to-cook chicken supreme recipes that will indeed have what you are looking for in a white meat dish.

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