19 Best and Easy Tofu Chicken Recipes 

Whether you want to try a vegan protein diet or are a complete vegan looking for new and alternative ways to make tofu more delicious, this terrific tofu chicken recipe has you covered.

We selected these recipes based on individual ingredients.

Some recipes may appear similar, but they are different. When it comes to tofu, one extra component can make a huge difference in how you want your dish to turn out.

With our carefully selected recipes loaded with various ingredients and flavors, tofu should never be bland again.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the precise ingredients because our recipes provide alternatives available in your store. Although, if you aim to use the exact ingredients, your tofu will turn out as in the recipe.

Here are the 19 best easy tofu chicken recipes.

1. Stir-fried chicken and tofu

Stir-fried chicken and tofu

This Indonesian gluten-free tofu is perfect for quick-cooked lunches as it only takes 15 minutes to prepare.

It is made of stir-fried diced chicken and tofu with succulent veggies.

It’s then tossed in a satay chicken source with tantalizing ginger, basil, garlic, and chili flavors. You would love the Passage to Asia source.

Serve with rice and sprinkle evenly-chopped sliced peanuts and a piece of lemon on the side.


2. Steamed tofu and chicken gravy

You can always go right with steamed tofu if you need a simple, quick fix with fulfilling flavors.

The tenderly steamed tofu well absorbs Oyster and soy sauce aromas in the minced chicken gravy to give it a firmer, meatier feel.

Freshly prepared chicken gravy is then sprinkled generously on the steamed tofu and then seasoned with crispy sautéed shallots and spring onions to your liking.


3. Crispy tofu without oil

Crispy tofu without oil

Of course, you can make crispy tofu without oil.

Just get the extra firm tofu.

To make your tofu ultra-crispy on the outside and meat-like on the inside, you will need a large enough grill and space.

You don’t have to press the chicken tofu unless you plan to marinate it.

Well-grilled tofu is crispy and can be eaten with or without an accompaniment, depending on your preference.


4. Soy-free tofu

If you are allergic to soy or want to reduce its intake, try this soy-free tofu recipe.

You will only need either red lentils or chickpeas and the seasoning of your choice.

You can also control the firmness and texture of your tofu with the water quantity you add while whisking.

The result is flavorful tofu loaded with vitamins and proteins, a healthy choice for vegans and non-vegans.


5. Tofu chicken teriyaki

Tofu chicken teriyaki

You can make this savory delicacy by cooking your tofu in teriyaki sauce, either homemade or bought from the store.

For better results, freeze your tofu overnight, as this increases its firmness and creates meaty-like tenderness when you add teriyaki source.

Serve your tofu chicken teriyaki with mushrooms and vegetables.

Apart from cooking your tofu in the versatile teriyaki sauce, you can add it to your liking during feasting.


6. Tofu with oyster sauce

If you love oyster sauce, you may want to try this super easy, super-fast tofu recipe.

Start by deep-frying your firm, nicely wedged tofu under medium heat, and then fry it with boneless chicken breast, some ginger, garlic, and red onions.

Add your soy and oyster sauce and season it with spring onions to your liking.


7. Diabetes-friendly stir-fried tofu chicken

Diabetes-friendly stir-fried tofu chicken

This low-caloric diabetes-friendly chicken tofu is a good choice if you want to try a dairy-free tofu recipe loaded with nutrients.

To enjoy this tofu delicacy, we recommend you set 1- 4 hours before your desired cooking time to marinate the ingredients.

This period lets the tofu sip just enough of the ingredients—especially the special Worcestershire sauce, which adds more flavor to your tofu.


8. Braised tofu with shrimp

If you have yet to try braised tofu, here is a perfect recipe that gives you all the reasons to try it.

The tofu is deep-fried and marinated, then cooked with shrimp and mushrooms.

You will then add sesame oil and soy sauce to your liking.

When seasoned with spring onions, the resulting aroma is Succulent, smooth, and sweet to go with hot steamy rice.


9. Oil-tossed baked tofu

Oil-tossed baked tofu

This simple, oil-tossed, and baked tofu could be a perfect flavor for you.

You can never go wrong with this recipe if you select the firmest tofu from the frozen section, which is the right kind.

Remember to squeeze out all the excess water for perfect results.

When readily baked, you can eat your tofu ranging from cooking it in sauce to drizzling source on top to your liking.


10. Chinese tofu casserole

Chinese tofu casserole

If you like casseroles, you should try Chinese tofu casseroles. It is a delightful boiling dish that is preferably served in a clay pot to keep it hot throughout mealtimes.

Tofu casserole cooks for half an hour if ingredients are prepared beforehand.

You could still maximize this recipe and enjoy the irresistible steaming dish.


11. Vegan tofu nuggets

Vegan tofu nuggets

This vegan tofu nuggets recipe is an ideal gift for someone who doesn’t like tofu. They could be wrong.

If you evenly sliced your tofu before, try tearing. The tearing rough edges are perfect for marinating.

Butter makes this version of tofu very crispy, evenly crunchy on the outside, and full of flavor on the inside that you will never want tofu enough.


12. Salt and pepper tofu

It is a special addictive kind of salty and peppered tofu.

It involves an exceptional technique of boiling cubed tofu in salty water and coating it in cornstarch, egg, and butter.

You then deep fry your tofu, add it to stir-fried veggies with pepper, season, then serve.

The resultant tofu is soft, nicely crispy, and does not stick together.


13. American-Chinese cashew tofu

American-Chinese cashew tofu

If you want to go vegan without worrying about missing out on flavors, the cashew tofu recipe got you covered.

Try various angles of this recipe for a crispy, sweltered vegetable chicken that gets more aromatic when dipped in a syrupy sauce.

Cashews are a good choice, but you can always substitute them with peanuts. You can also pan-fry the tofu if you don’t have enough time to bake them.


14. Kung pao tofu

This Chinese-based chicken tofu is stir-fried with red chilies, peanuts, and pepper.

If you want this tofu recipe to stand out, dry the red chilies and remove the seeds, then mix them in sweetened and spiced sauce to compliment the flavors.

The chilies are mainly for adding flavor, but you can add extra pepper if you want your tofu very spicy.

Your family will relish this recipe.


15. Chicken tofu with olive oil

Chicken tofu with olive oil

You should try this recipe if you love olive oil-flavored dishes, whether raw or cooked.

You can make this chicken tofu by marinating it simply and frying it in a wok.

You don’t have to press the tofu, but it will still turn out delicious, crispy, and rich in plant proteins. In just 20 minutes, the dish will be all ready.


16. Tofu vegetable soup

The tofu vegetable recipe is an excellent place to start if you want to go vegan.

It is a simple, fast, and healthy method that will leave you enjoying the tofu mixed with napa cabbage leaves and enoki mushrooms.

This recipe is especially ideal for someone who wishes to bypass the frying or baking part of tofu and is okay with having the tofu soggy.


17. Vegan butter tofu

Vegan butter tofu

Have you tasted coconut milk tofu?

This recipe is a special butter tofu that you should include in your meal plans as its savors will make you want to prepare it for every other dinner.

The grilled tofu’s texture makes the difference, especially when diced in blended cashews and coconut milk served with rice. The aroma is irresistible.


18. Steamed tofu with minced garlic sauce

Steamed tofu with minced garlic sauce

Steamed tofu doesn’t have to be bland. With this recipe, tofu is sliced into sizable chunks, half an inch recommended.

After steaming for 8- 10 minutes, the sliced tofu is ideal for absorbing the minced garlic soy sauce juices.

This garlic soy sauce is purely homemade, giving your steamy tofu a delicious, moist, aromatic taste. You can also adjust the exact amount of ingredients according to your liking.

Final thoughts

Tofu chicken doesn’t have to be boring, as there are unique ways to make it more savory and flavorful. You have to know the right kind of tofu for your particular recipe. If you follow this easy tofu chicken recipe list, you can make plenty of delicious dishes from this vegan chicken till you finally settle on your favorite.

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