21 Easy And Delicious Drumstick Recipes That You Should Try

Chicken is always tasty and healthy to eat. Also chicken has a high proportion of proteins in it. There are millions of recipes that are made from chicken breasts and wings. But what about the most versatile part of the chicken?

Guess what?…….The drumsticks!

The drumsticks are the most juicy and most delicious part of the chicken. They are so perfect and impressive to eat at any time of the day. Moreover, they are so affordable at weekends to feed your hungry family.

They taste best whether they are baked, grilled, or fried. But when it comes to seasoning, there are several varieties. Honey, lemon, and paprika all these seasonings can make a perfect couple with the drumsticks.

Here we have gathered some chicken drumstick recipes for you. Have a look to decide the best one.

1. Crispy Oven Fried Chicken Drumsticks

Crispy Oven Fried Chicken Drumsticks

Whenever I want some crispy and spicy, I always end up on crispy oven-fried chicken drumsticks. They are always a good choice that gives me a simple but tasty dinner.

Their crunchy and crispy texture is so satisfying. Every time they give a spicy touch with an extra crispy munch.


2. Paprika Chicken drumsticks

Paprika Chicken drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks with paprika flavor are just love. They are prepared with only five ingredients. Chicken drumsticks, paprika, lemon, garlic, and olive oil combine to give a refreshing taste and color.

Also, they are kids friendly due to their charming taste and flavor. The flavor is enhanced if you use sweet or smoked paprika. It gives a doubled stronger taste.


3. Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks

Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks

Just imagine the sweet, tangy, sticky flavor of honey on the drumsticks. The crispy chicken drumsticks are soaked in the mouth-watering honey soy sauce.

The amazingly awesome fragrance increases the appetite. If you are going to try this today. Your family is going to lick their bowl and fingers.


4. Creamy Black Pepper Chicken Drumsticks

Creamy Black Pepper Chicken Drumsticks

This heart-winning recipe is prepared with chicken drumsticks and soft cheese flavored with black pepper. It gives a nice creamy kick with a delicious peppery note.

A slightly decent cheese with satisfying flavor glazed on the drumsticks will make your regular weeknight dinner feel extra special. It will be the best knock-out dish.


5. Brown Sugar Garlic Drumsticks

Brown Sugar Garlic Drumsticks

These chicken drumsticks are wrapped in the sweet savory aromatic with garlic-flavored brown sugar sauce. It’s the perfect drumstick recipe to rock tonight.

A little pinch of sriracha or red chili flakes will add an extra spicy touch. The minced garlic and the sprinkled sesame will definitely steal hearts.


6. Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks

Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks

These juicy, crispy, tender drumsticks are the love of both adults and kids. Just put the thick layer of perfectly seasoned teriyaki sauce on the chicken drumsticks. And let the remaining work your trustworthy oven do.

In just a couple of steps, you will get your desired meal. You can serve them with boiled rice.


7. Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks

Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks

Tandoori chicken drumsticks give a typical Indian tandoori taste. It is prepared in a tandoori oven. But we can adapt to grill or cook the drumsticks on the stove or bake in the oven.

The extreme level spices that are added to it makes it fully satisfying for the taste buds. The spices are enriched into the chicken flesh to give an equal dip into the taste.


8. Basil Parmesan Chicken drumsticks

Basil Parmesan Chicken drumsticks

The cheese and mayonnaise will create extra crust to keep the chicken drumsticks juicy and tender. The basil and parmesan couple will dance into the mouth to spread their charming taste.

Its cheesy appearance with bits of crushed basil will invite you to the table. You will never forget the remarkable taste.


9. Japanese Chicken Drumsticks

Japanese Chicken Drumsticks

These Japanese chicken drumsticks will dive you into the Japanese flavors. The drumsticks are simmered into the vinegar and soy sauce until the whole moisture is locked inside them. They are glazed with a crispy and sticky coating.

Its uniqueness is its dark reddish color and the five mixed spice powder. It is mostly served with boiled rice as a main course. It is garnished with finely cut green onions and sesame seeds.


10. Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks

Honey Mustard Chicken Drumsticks

These honey mustard chicken drumsticks are prepared with very little effort in just minutes. They do not require marination.

The glaze of honey and mustard will give golden color to the chicken drumsticks and their sweetish aroma is just fun. You can serve these honey mustard chicken drumsticks with mashed potatoes.


11. Baked BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Baked BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

These baked BBQ chicken drumsticks are everyone’s favorite at parties and gatherings. They are the perfect meal to serve on the table for guests.

These chicken drumsticks are prepared with BBQ sauce that can be easily prepared at home. We often cook them in the oven but the grilled BBQ drumsticks are love.


12. Cajun Chicken Drumsticks

These Cajun chicken drumsticks give a unique universal taste. The Cajun flavoring will enlighten your boring dinner.

The spontaneous mixing of spicy cayenne pepper with paprika will develop a truly mind-blowing taste. Believe me, they are really gorgeous.


13. Asian Glazed Chicken Drumsticks

Asian Glazed Chicken Drumsticks

The Asian glaze on these chicken drumsticks is its real goodness. The kick of Asian flavor with the savory and saucy touch is maintained by its crispy texture.

These Asian glazed chicken drumsticks are at the top of Asian cuisine. This is the perfect seasoned recipe for your family dinner. Your husband will give you double thumbs on it.


14. Mediterranean Chicken Drumsticks

This is an awesome amazingly tasty Mediterranean diet recipe. It is not a typical dish but really good for people following the Mediterranean diet.

It stands out from the crowd due to its Mediterranean regional spices and flavors.


15. Spicy Gochujang Chicken Drumsticks

Spicy Gochujang Chicken Drumsticks

Gochujang is a very spicy and hot chilly paste. It is a Korean fermented marinade or glaze. These exciting gochujang chicken drumsticks are so hot and spicy that they will burn your tongue but you will still love to eat them.

This recipe is whole enough to satisfy the people having spices at the level of craze.


16. Tikka Chicken Drumsticks

The tikka masala in these tikka chicken drumsticks will burst the bomb of taste in your mouth. It is a traditional Pakistani and Indian dish.

People love it and are fond of it due to its spices and the smokey flavor of coal. This smokey coal flavor is caught in them by giving the coal steam. It is the most popular street food in Asian countries.


17. Lemon Rosemary Chicken Drumsticks

Lemon Rosemary Chicken Drumsticks

These insanely exciting chicken drumsticks are flavored with sour lemon and fragrant Rosemary. The lemon and rosemary combo is very refreshing and aesthetic.

The drumsticks are thoroughly coated with the mixture to give you a deep impressive taste.


18. Thai Flavored Chicken Drumsticks

These Thai-flavored chicken drumsticks are the perfect introduction to Thai cuisine. They are very juicy and tender with spices. The Thai sauce will give a sweetish sour taste.

It is prepared in very less time with very less work. These chicken drumsticks will make you float in the sea of tastes.


19. Coconut Curry Chicken Drumsticks

Coconut Curry Chicken Drumsticks

A mild coconut flavor is added to the chicken drumsticks with coconut milk. Coconut milk makes these chicken drumsticks rich and creamy.

Coconut oil is used to double the taste but you can use other oils as well. Sprinkle the crushed coconut on the drumsticks and curry to feel extra special.


20. Jamaican Jerk Chicken Drumsticks

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Drumsticks

The tropical taste of Jamaican jerk chicken drumsticks is always a pleasure for people. Jerk seasoning is coated on the drumsticks and then they are roasted or smoked on bbq.

All these recipes are so affordable that you can cook them with a few ingredients. Now a healthy flavorful meal can be prepared in minutes.


21. Lemon Pepper Chicken Drumsticks

Lemon Pepper Chicken Drumsticks

The flavor of lemon and pepper is blended and enriched into chicken drumsticks that taste irresistibly wonderful.

They are very dreamy and delicious with oregano, lemon zest, and lemon juice packed in them. They don’t require a hectic marination. Just coat the ingredients two hours before cooking.



All of them are so versatile that you can eat them every other day without getting bored. Going through this list feels like roaming in the garden of flavors having colorful flowers of different seasonings.

Now you don’t need to worry about what to do at the dinner. Just scroll through the list and you will find the one that will suit your taste.

Please let us know which one of these chicken drumstick recipes is your favorite in the comment section.

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