20 Best German Cookie Recipes You Should Try

Cookies are such a lifesaver. Gone are the days when you would only eat cookies for dessert. Now, you can have cookies for breakfast too! And there are varieties of cookie recipes, including low-calorie types. That is why you don’t know what you are missing if you’re a cookie lover and haven’t tried out German cookies.

Luckily, we have a comprehensive list of the 20 Best German Recipes for you to follow through and experiment with. To compile this list, we chose recipes that are simple to make with locally available ingredients.

In cases where ingredients are unavailable, you are free to make your own, and they turn out as original. Some recipes may look similar but have different ingredients.

1. German chocolate thumbprint cookies

german cookie recipes

If you love German chocolate icing, you will absolutely love this recipe. It is convenient as you can use a cake mix and homemade coconut pecans.

The home-made is better than the canned as the canned can be overly sweet for you if you want to moderate the sweetness. But with the frosting, you shouldn’t substitute. The result is deliciously chewy chocolate cookies that combine beautifully with the icing topping.

2. German Eggless butter cookies

Have you baked these German eggless butter cookies? You should try them out. You will enjoy the entire process, from preparing the dough to baking the cookies.

What stands out about this recipe is dividing the dough into four equal batches. And then, you add different ingredients such as matcha powder, cocoa powder, and dried cranberries. And baking takes 20 minutes.

3. German Lebkuchen recipe

traditional german cookie recipes

These are traditional German cookies popularly made during Christmas, but you can bake them anytime. You will require a blend of festive spices, which are either hard to find or are pricey outside Germany.

But this recipe got you covered. It directs you on how to mix various spices to form the original main ingredient. The German Lebkuchen is deliciously spicy, soft, and chewy.

4. Elisen gingerbread cookies

The Germans call these cookies elisenlebkuchen. You should try baking them; you will never bake another cookie recipe again. They are soft, delicious cookies packed with many German spices. Sometimes, you may not find these spices in your local store.

But this recipe got you covered. There is an option to make your own spices at home.  Do you want to enjoy gluten-free, flourless cookies? Give it a shot!

5. German thumbprint cookies

german cookie recipes easy

You can never go wrong with thumbprint cookies flavored with vanilla and apricot jam! They are deliciously buttery mouth-watering cookies. What stands out about this recipe is you don’t need to chill your dough like other classic recipes.

And you can use your favorite flavor of jam, including homemade lemon curd, which we recommend you try. In only 12-14 minutes, you will love the results. Just don’t overbake them.

6. German Stollen cookies

Okay, these cookies are definitely not stolen, as the name suggests. The name is derived from the German stollen cake. The snow-ball-like cookies are soft and delicious and taste like fruit cake.

Stollen cookie recipe will shock you with its numerous ingredients, but the results are worth the energy. Butter and powdered sugar tops up everything to complete these dessert delicacies.


7. German spitzbuben cookies

easy german cookie recipes

The spitzbuben are Germans’ favorite jam cookies. You will notice that most of these recipes are packed with jam toppings; they only differ in flavor.

This recipe is a classic family cookie suitable for Christmas time. You can always use your favorite fruit jam. Just ensure that the jam doesn’t have real fruit pods. The result is a delicious battery-crunchy cookie.

8. German springerle cookies 

If you thought you had seen enough of the German cookie shapes, you were wrong. Because springerle cookies are here to disapprove you. These cookies are so much fun to bake.

Apart from the recipe ingredients, you will need a cookie mold to make imprints on your dough. Remember to let the imprint dry out before baking your cookies. You can use as many molds design as you wish.


9. German chocolate macarons

authentic german cookie recipes

If you love German chocolate cake, you may instantly love these chocolate macarons. These cookies are triple the sweetness of the cake. The shells make a huge difference.

German chocolate maracons are classic cookies with a sweet, crunchy shell on the outside and a soft, chewy inside with just enough chocolate flavors! For perfect results, don’t skip any step of the recipe.

10. Black and white cookies

They are the classic buttermilk cookies popularly referred to in Germany as Amerikaner. Black and white cookies are easy to make and are ready in under 13 minutes.

When assembling ingredients, remember to have them at room temperature before you start mixing your dough. You could also substitute Nutella in place of icing. Also, space out your batter blots on the baking paper because they expand when baked!

11. German Vannillekipferl

vintage german cookie recipes from fredericksburg texas

Most German cookies must have been designed for Christmas! The vannillekipferl are traditional German cookies made mainly from milled groundnuts and formed into crescent-like shapes.

It’s the vanilla dusting that completes them. You can make them at any time of the year and not just during Christmas. One pointer; do not use eggs and baking powder if you want the melty feel in your mouth.

12. Bunny German cookies

With these bunny German cookies, you will agree that baking is an art. Baking them will take you back to your art modeling class.

Obviously, molding a bunny out of dough takes time, but you should give it a shot, especially if you have small children. They will thank you! These cookies are not only cute but will deliciously melt in your mouth.


13. Pfeffernusse spiced cookies

old world german cookie recipes lapp cookies

These are classic German cookies that translate to peppernuts in English. Interestingly, they don’t even have nuts, but you will love them instantly. If you live outside Germany, you may not find the lebkuchengewürz (combined spices).

But this recipe guides you on making your own. The ingredient that you shouldn’t leave out is the white pepper. You’d rather supplement it with black pepper if you can’t find it.

14. German Coconut cookies

These coconut cookies are insanely delicious and smell like bakery cookies. When you bake this for your family, there will never be any remnants to freeze.

They are easy to bake and super crispy on the outside, with a soft and creamy inside. You can substitute all-purpose flour with wheat flour, and the cookies will still turn out great.

15. German Butter Cookies

best german cookie recipes

As the recipe name suggests, these are delicious buttery cookies, suitable for the holiday season but still perfect throughout the year. This recipe is easy to make. In fact, you can even make them with your children!

You know how children get creative with shapes. They will shape the cookies into practically anything. But star-shaped is the most popular. Be sure to give the glaze enough time to dry.

16.German Bethmännchen cookies

If you love almonds, you might love this bethmannchen cookie. It is simple to make and ready to go within 15 minutes. In place of milk, you would enjoy the cookie more if you use plant milk instead of regular milk.

You are free to arrange the sliced almonds in any pattern you like. The egg yolk and plant milk topping before baking enhances the crispiness.


17. Buttery spritz cookies

dotabindly german cookie recipes

If you love creating memorable baking experiences, this recipe may be for you. It is a simple butter-egg cookie recipe, but the baking process makes it exciting.

You make these cookies by squirting flour using a piping bag or a cookie press. Don’t have any of those? worry not; a normal Ziploc bag will do. You can sprinkle coloring with sandy sugar before baking to complete the flavors.

18. German honigkuchen

hippen tuile german cookie recipes

Who doesn’t love honey? These honey cookies are the classic sugary, chewy cookies with a pinch of cinnamon. You have to try these cookies; you will love them.

When making the dough, remember to put them in the freezer for 15 minutes for better results.  And about sizing, just use your hands to size and shape them to your preference.

19. German Almond Horns

bavarian german cookie recipes

Are you looking for a gluten-free German cookie? Try German almond horns. These cookies are basically almond-type. They are made from almond flour, then concealed in sliced almonds and dipped in chocolate.

So they are low-calorie type and vegan-friendly. Don’t worry. The ingredients are easy to find and can ban be substituted.  For instance, you can use almond paste in place of almond flour.

20. German Nussecken

You have probably seen many round-shaped or oval-shaped German cookies, and here are triangular ones that you should not wait to try.

German nussecken are standard German nut corners with a hazelnut topping dipped in chocolate after baking. The apricot jam topping adds flavor to the short-bread dough at the bottom of the baking paper. Your family will never have enough of these German cookies!



With this list of German cookie recipes, you won’t have to fly to Germany to taste their cookies. You can bake them right in your kitchen.

The recipes are easy to make, and their ingredients are accessible at your local store. moreover, you could make your own spices and bake these deliciously festive cookies.

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