30 Best Hot Honey Chicken Recipes Your Family Will Love

Due to the sudden changes in the world that leads to people being stuck at home, many have become more experimental with different flavors of hot honey chicken and compare which ones are the best.

In this blog, we will give you what you want. We compiled the 30 hot honey chicken recipes you can quickly try at home. Yes, these won’t consume much of your time!

Here we have the originals and ones cooked with twists like mustard, barbeque, and butter-flavored recipes. You’ll also find Korean-style chicken and one with biscuits and waffles.

Introduction to Hot Honey Chicken

Introduction to Hot Honey Chicken

There’s nothing much to think about when it comes to hot honey chicken. Basically, these are a mixture of chicken and spicy honey. These recipes can be oven-fried, air-fried, pan-fried, or grilled. The cooking method depends on the one who will consume it.

Meanwhile, the hot honey can be store-bought or homemade. Ideally, the latter one, because you can choose how spicy it is using your preferred spices. Nevertheless, if you are more comfortable buying ready-made hot honey, that is fine too!

You see, there are many choices in making hot honey chicken, so what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

1. Hot Honey Chicken

Hot Honey Chicken

You will never go wrong with the originals!

The first one on our list is the primary recipe that opened the eyes of chicken lovers to try the hot honey chicken. Its sweet and moderate spicy taste will satisfy your palate. Adding leeks on top will make it appear more stylish and flavorful.


2. Hot Honey Fried Chicken

The next on our list is a mouth-watering and life-changing recipe. Hot honey fried chicken has contrasting tenderness, juiciness, and crispness. Fry it in a pan with lots of oil to achieve the desired texture of the meat.

This dish is unique because of the flavorful combination of honey and extra chili.


3. Hot Honey Chicken & Rice Bowls

Hot Honey Chicken & Rice Bowls

Are you looking for a full-course meal? This one is perfect! The eye-pleasing combination of rice, stir-fried veggies, and hot honey chicken will make you drool.

A healthy dish that everyone, even kids, will enjoy. Plus, preparing and cooking this hot honey chicken & rice bowl will only take 30 minutes. This recipe is excellent for busy people who don’t want to take their health for granted.


4. Spicy Honey BBQ Fried Chicken

The following recipe is suitable for your next eating session!

If you want hot honey BBQ fried chicken, this one’s for you. The salty yet sweet and spicy flavor will satisfy your craving. The triple coating of chicken made it extra crispy than usual. You’ll know when you try it, so you better do it!


5. Honey Spicy Chicken

Honey Spicy Chicken

Trying new things won’t kill you, especially if it is food!

If you are repeatedly weary of the same old fried chicken recipe, you better watch out for this one. Skinless and boneless chicken is fried and glazed over with honey. Put some garnish atop because this is not your typical fried chicken.


6. Hot Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders

This recipe suits all occasions and meal types. You can eat this for full-course meals or just for a snack.

The chicken tender alone is satisfying to eat, but it is best to glaze or dip it in the lemon pepper spicy sauce that you can make yourself. Either way, it is the best dish.


7. Oven Fried Hot Honey Chicken

Oven Fried Hot Honey Chicken

As the name itself states, this recipe will require you to have an oven. That is not sad news because, as we know, oven-fried chickens are extra crunchy! Pair this over-fried hot honey chicken with corn muffins or green salads.

Preparing and cooking it may use up a lot of your time, so make sure to devour and enjoy eating it!


8. Spicy Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Have you ever heard of the ingredient called coconut sriracha? If not, you better familiarize yourself with it because the following recipe has it.

Spicy honey butter fried chicken is an Asian-style skillet chicken recipe. The ingredients used in this dish may be a bit confusing and intriguing. However, these cause the delicious taste of the hot honey chicken indeed.


9. Hot Honey Chicken and Sweet Potato Traybake

Hot Honey Chicken and Sweet Potato Traybake

Hot honey chicken with sweet potato is authentic, and this recipe is proof. The sweetness of potato and honey is perfectly balanced, which complements the fiery chili spices.

This dish can be a complete meal too. It has many nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fats. Satisfaction and health benefits in one serving!


10. Southern Hot Honey Chicken

Let us explore the south with this hot honey chicken recipe. It is a great dish to make your family head to the kitchen as quickly as possible.

At first, it is noticeable that this southern hot honey chicken has a different texture than other fried chicken. The unique breading used is the reason behind it. The coating has cornflakes!


11. Easy Hot Honey Skillet Chicken

Easy Hot Honey Skillet Chicken

Easy as it is, this recipe only takes 20 minutes to cook. You won’t need too many ingredients too! It is like the typical hot honey chicken you will see everywhere.

It has a sweet and spicy taste. Serve this with rice, and you’ll love it. This dish is versatile and flavorful at the same time.


12. Honey Hot Chicken Wings

Hot honey chicken wings will never let you down. Even those who are not fond of chicken wings will surely crave them when they see this. As usual, the spice and sweetness are there. That’s a trademark for hot honey chicken.

Fun fact, some diners offer unlimited hot honey chicken wings. Visit those places if cooking this is too much for you.


13. Air Fryer Hot Honey Chicken

Air Fryer Hot Honey Chicken

This hot honey chicken is hooking! Once you nibble it, you will crave it. So, better save some cash for it.

Air fryer hot honey chicken is best when it is hot, literally. Preferably, you should eat it after you remove it from the fryer, but if you can’t take the heat, wait for it to cool down a little.


14. Hot Honey Butter Chicken

Other than honey, you can also add butter when frying a chicken. Hot honey butter chicken appears too oily. It may not go well for people who don’t like greasy foods. But, better try it than sorry.

Nevertheless, the hotness could overpower the greasy feeling when eating this anyway. It is a must-try recipe for everyone.


15. Hot Honey Garlic Skillet Chicken

Hot Honey Garlic Skillet Chicken

Who else doesn’t know that garlic can also add flavor to honey chickens? This hot honey garlic skillet chicken is something that you make multiple times. Not only is it savory, but it is also a low-cost dish everyone can afford. You can cook it quickly too. Lastly, it is versatile and can be paired with almost anything.


16. Hot & Crispy Honey Glazed Chicken Tenders

Hot and crispy honey glazed chicken tenders are like usual. It has a crunchy texture that is perfectly glazed over super hot honey. We know that this is what we are looking for in fried chicken.

You can make your hot honey sauce with just butter, hot sauce, and honey. Of course, the spiciness will depend on you.


17. Hot Honey Crispy Chicken

Hot Honey Crispy Chicken

This recipe promises another crispy chicken. We have plenty of choices for that, don’t we?

Beginner to intermediate cooks can make this recipe at ease. This delicious, perfectly fried hot honey crispy chicken will not consume much of your time and penny. Undoubtedly, many will love this dish! Try it too.


18. Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken (Korean Style)

Hands up for those who love Korean style chickens! The next recipe is spicy honey garlic chicken inspired by the Korean method of frying chicken.

Simple breading and marination will do for this recipe. But, we assure you that this is one of the best. It looked more appetizing because it had sesame seeds garnished on top. Wait, as this dish will capture your heart too!


19. Beer Battered Chicken Sandwich with Hot Honey

Beer Battered Chicken Sandwich with Hot Honey

Yes, you read it right. Beer and sandwich are on the same recipe name for this one. A bit confusing, isn’t it?

There are three reasons why you should try this. The first one, it is satisfying to eat. Second, it is saucy. Lastly, its chicken is beer battered. That is a unique way to batter chicken. This dish is not your typical fried chicken!


20. John Legend’s Legendary Spicy Honey Butter Fried Chicken Wings

Needless to say, this recipe is legendary. It is impressive, and everyone should be able to enjoy it. This dish uses honey and butter at the same time. Note that other ingredients are unavailable in some countries, so you must know how to find alternatives.

Please have patience with this recipe; your effort will be worth it.


21. Hot Honey Fried Chicken Strips

Hot Honey Fried Chicken Strip

Hot honey fried chicken strips are suitable for snacks. Usually, these are bite-sized chicken breaded with flour and buttermilk to make it more crunchy. Best when mixed with a lot of hot honey.

This sweet, ragged, and spicy dish will take your stress away. Undoubtedly, this is comfort food! Savor it anywhere, whenever, and however you want to.


22. Spicy Honey Baked Chicken

If you don’t like the hassle brought by breading and marinating the chicken for a long time, this one is the best for you—no need for the typical process of preparing chicken. Baking the chicken will save you a lot of time.

The honey glazed too is easy to make. With less than five ingredients, your spicy honey-baked chicken is all set!


23. Fried Chicken Biscuits with Hot Honey Butter

Fried Chicken Biscuits with Hot Honey Butter

There’s no stopping when it comes to hot honey chickens. The next recipe has biscuits, do you believe that? Well, not the whole ones, only the split and flaky biscuits.

If you are eyeing quite an adventure and a twist for your hot honey chicken, this sandwich-like dish will give you that.


24. Hot Honey Mustard Chicken

This hot honey mustard-flavored chicken brings new life to the typical ones. Just fry the meat and mix the glaze, and done. Enjoy the life-changing taste of this dish.

To some, the idea of hot honey mustard chicken seems unappetizing. However, we encourage you to try this dish even once, especially for people who don’t want mustards!


25. BESTO Hot Honey Chicken and Waffles

BESTO Hot Honey Chicken and Waffles

This recipe might appear a little gross, especially for those unaware that this combination already existed in the 1930s. What a long history!

Since people are becoming more experimental with food, this dish had another spot in the limelight. It piques curiosity, and we cannot blame them. After all, who would believe that hot honey chicken and waffles are a great pair?


26. Sticky Spicy Honey Chicken

Sticky spicy honey chicken is a simple dish that you can make in your oven at ease. It is meant to be so glutinous; hence you must use a spoon and fork when you eat this. However, we advised that you devour it using bare hands for a better experience. You can use hand gloves too if available.


27. Oven Fried Southern Hot Honey Popcorn Chicken

Oven Fried Southern Hot Honey Popcorn Chicken

Another southern-style chicken, but this time with popcorn! The breading used for this chicken has cornflakes to make it more crunchy. The chicken is baked; that’s why it is considered an easy recipe.

An extra special sauce made from butter, chili garlic, and garlic flakes is drizzled over the chicken. Indeed, this is a recipe everyone should try.


28. Hot Honey Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wings

We’ve already traveled to many places because of these recipes. This time, we will go to the Caribbean! Most of the spices in this recipe are from the Caribbean. Jerk chicken is an inspiration for this one, but the hot honey turned this dish 360 degrees.

Hot honey Caribbean jerk chicken wings will need many spices and seasonings– beware of that.


29. Nashville Hot Honey Chicken and Biscuits

Nashville Hot Honey Chicken and Biscuits

Nashville is the place where this hot honey chicken craze is inspired. Hence, we will not end this blog without this place’s touch.

Nashville hot honey chicken and biscuits is a burger-like or sandwich-like dish. The meat is drizzled with hot honey, while veggies are also highly recommended if available.

Overall, this dish will make you drool because of its insane taste!


30. Hot Honey Chicken Meatballs

Hot honey chicken meatballs are good for snacks, especially for children. Its shape and taste are not typical, so people are fascinated with it. The meatballs are perfectly spiced, juicy, and tender on the inside but crunchy on the outside. It is well-cooked when that happens.

If you like to cook your hot honey chicken meatballs, cook considerably because one piece per person is not enough!



There are vast choices included in this list. From different origins and inspiration to various cooking methods and ingredients, we are sure that this blog helped you.

Do not forget to add these 30 hot honey chicken recipes on your next food trip journey. Again, discover and try something new, and avoid conforming to what’s in front of you!

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