How Many Calories in a Rotisserie Chicken? (Charts)

Rotisserie chicken is one of the most popular roasted dishes. This smokey flavor-packed chicken meat is a star of many family dinners and gatherings. With that said, how many calories are in a Rotisserie chicken?

How Many Calories in a Whole Rotisserie Chicken?



Calories from Fat


Total Fat

80 g


832 mg


2648 mg


1920 mg


176 g

Rotisserie chicken is a prevalent dish throughout the world. Who wouldn’t like it? It’s smokey, juicy, and filled with herbs and spices.

This general preference for the dish makes it an accessible food liked by any age. However, many are concerned about how many calories does a rotisserie chicken have?

As a standard, a whole 680g serving of rotisserie chicken has a caloric rate of 1448. Most of the calories from the rotisserie chicken came from the fat, which amounts to 744 calories.

In its entirety, a serving of rotisserie chicken is healthy for anyone to consume. This factor is especially true with the caloric rate of the dish. It’s an outstanding balance between having a smaller amount of calories and being delicious.

An adult can have around 1200 to 1600 caloric intake every day. This means that a regular adult can eat a whole rotisserie chicken a day without much issue.

With that said, caloric intake is not the only thing you should consider for a healthy diet. Let’s tackle the effects of eating rotisserie chicken.

Calories per Serving of a Rotisserie Chicken

Calories per Serving of a Rotisserie Chicken





42.5 g


One Serving

85 g


Two Servings (Quarter)

170 g



340 g


Whole Chicken



Much like any other food, rotisserie chicken varies in calories per serving. Starting from a half serving, you can have around 90.5 calories, making up about 10-5% of the average daily caloric content.

A two-serving rotisserie chicken is enough serving without sacrificing your health. A 170g serving can have around 362 caloric content which makes for approximately 30% of your daily caloric content.

Of course, this data can differ from which parts of the chicken you are eating. The chart is purely based on the weight of the serving and is a rough estimate.

Depending on your habits and way of life, you can healthily eat around half a chicken serving at maximum. This factor is especially true if you exercise and do many daily physical activities. The activities can burn the excess calories you intake.

Is Rotisserie Chicken Healthy?

Is Rotisserie Chicken Healthy

Who doesn’t like a serving of rotisserie chicken? It’s very accessible if you’re going to buy it, yet also easy to make on your own. However, many ask the question—is rotisserie chicken healthy?

The answer generally to this question is yes. Rotisserie chicken is entirely healthy when eaten in moderation.

It provides a good amount of protein, perfect for filling you up. Not only that, but the potassium content of this chicken dish is also fairly prominent.

However, you can make rotisserie chicken healthier than it already is. You can make this healthier version by preparing your own rotisserie chicken at home.

If you have no idea how to prepare a healthy and delicious rotisserie chicken, here is a recipe you can try out. Lessening the amount of monosodium glutamate and other additives present in store-bought chicken will reduce the health risks.

That said, most store-bought rotisserie chicken is healthy if not regularly eaten. You can also limit the number of additives if you don’t eat or lessen the amount of chicken skin in your serving.

If you are very concerned about the number of calories you’ll have when you eat a serving of rotisserie chicken, try to adjust the side dish you will have with the chicken.

What is the Healthiest Cut of Rotisserie Chicken?

What is the Healthiest Cut of Rotisserie Chicken

Chicken Cut



Chicken Thigh



Chicken Drumstick



Chicken Breast



Chicken Wing



The chicken wing is the healthiest rotisserie cut based on weight and calories. However, this cut provides little to no chicken meat. However, it’s a reasonably excellent cut if you want a chicken part with skin.

If you are looking for a cut with a ton of meat yet a healthy number of calories, chicken breast is perfect for you. It serves a meaty part without bones and a good amount of chicken skin. However, many rotisseries can have drier meat around the breast area.

The chicken drumstick and thigh are excellent ways to eat fatty meat and skin. A serving of it or two is healthy enough regarding caloric levels. It’s also among the sought-after cuts of chicken, perfect for filling you up.

However, if you want the healthiest cut, you can remove the chicken skin in your serving. It leads to a lower number of calories in your rotisserie chicken. It also limits the sodium and preservatives that you will intake.

What is the Healthy Serving of Rotisserie Chicken?

What is the Healthy Serving of Rotisserie Chicken

The healthiest serving of rotisserie chicken is at around half to one serving or from 42.5g to 85g per day. This recommended serving of chicken is due to the large amount of sodium in the chicken rather than the calories.

Of course, eating two or more servings of rotisserie chicken wouldn’t cause any immediate health concerns. However, overeating this dish serving regularly might cause some health risks in the long run.

Based on the number of calories in the chicken, most will fair fine while eating a whole serving of it in one sitting. However, the amount of sodium is something you should be wary of. Besides that, you can enjoy the dish without any health problems.

It’s also oozing with a good amount of oil and fat, making it a dish to watch out for people with heart disease and chronic kidney infections. You might have to look out for the number of preservatives. It’s essential if you have any phosphorus intake limitations.

Benefits of Eating Rotisserie Chicken

Benefits of Eating Rotisserie Chicken

Of course, we all know that rotisserie chicken is delicious. Its smokey and tender chicken meat is a hit amongst many. However, what other benefits can come from eating rotisserie chicken?

Great Source of Protein

If you want an excellent source of protein, rotisserie chicken is a solid choice. Being a meat dish, it can improve your muscles and general health. If you are on a keto diet, this dish is also an excellent supplement to your meal.

Excellent for Potassium

Potassium is essential for your diet. Fortunately, rotisserie chicken is a delicious choice for it. If you want strong and healthy kidneys and bones, finding food with a large amount of potassium can be an excellent way to do it.

Easy to Cook and Find

Who wouldn’t like an easy weeknight meal? Rotisserie chicken is just an excellent meal. Not only is it available in every supermarket throughout the area, but it’s also reasonably easy to cook for yourself.

Not only is it effortless to find, but it’s relatively inexpensive too. The ingredients are primarily the chicken and any herbs and spices you love. This meaty dish makes for a perfect family or gathering food everyone can enjoy.

Flexible Meal

Regarding the benefits of rotisserie chicken, its flexibility is a significant point. It’s a dish you can partner with any food you want. Whether you love some starch or vegetables, rotisserie chicken is excellent.

Cons of Eating Rotisserie Chicken

Cons of Eating Rotisserie Chicken

Although rotisserie chicken is relatively healthy in moderation, you should consider some cons and factors.

A Large Amount of Sodium Content

Store-bought rotisserie chicken has a significant sodium content—that’s not a secret. Of course, the dish is very savory and needs a lot of salt, herbs, and spices.

2648mg of sodium for a whole chicken is unhealthy for anyone. An average adult should only have 1500 to 2300mg daily, meaning that an entire rotisserie chicken shouldn’t be a regular meal for anyone.

This con is significant for those with heart and kidney disease. People suffering from these diseases are recommended to eat minimal servings of high-sodium food.


It’s no surprise that store-bought rotisserie chicken has many preservatives. It’s done to improve the shelf life of the food.

Although preservatives are not harmful on their own, you should watch out for phosphate additives. With that said, phosphate additives are not dangerous on their own. It’s a relatively safe preservative to use.

However, people with kidney disease should watch out for their phosphorus intake. As long as their serving of rotisserie chicken is minimal, this should be no problem. With that said, you can get rid of these preservatives by not eating the skin or just limiting your serving.

In Summary

With this guide, you can know How Many Calories are in a Rotisserie Chicken? This article is an excellent way to see and overlook the perfect caloric serving of rotisserie chicken for you. With the inclusion of the benefits and cons of this delicious smokey dish, you can know more about the food you are eating.

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