18 Best Jidori Chicken Recipes

You might be interested in trying some new type of chicken and stumbled across Jidori. Then, we have the ultimate list for you. In this article, we compiled the 18 Best Jidori Chicken Recipe we found online. Whether you are a new novice cook or a seasoned one, there is a recipe here for you!

What is Jidori Chicken?

Jidori chicken is a delicacy from Japan. It’s a type of pasture-raised chicken famous among many backyard farms. But, you might be asking, what makes this chicken unique?

Well, not only is it pasture-raised, but these chickens also do not consume any processed feeds. They have a diet of grains and insects gathered from the environment. The result is delicious and more flavorful meat. It also has lower fat content than most chicken available worldwide.

This chicken is mainly found in some of the most premium restaurants. Delicately tender, the unique flavor of Jidori chicken is shallow but intense, making this a sought-after menu item. Especially in sashimi form!

Unfortunately, due to the scarcity of Jidori chicken, its high demand can sometimes drive the price. So, if you want to make something special with your Jidori chicken meat, then you might want to check out these recipes!

1. Jidori Chicken Scarparello by Chef Marc

Jidori Chicken Scarparello by Chef Marc

Add an Italian twist to your Jidori chicken by doing this Scarparello recipe by Chef Marc. It has some braised cabbage and creamy polenta as a side, so you know you’re in for different flavors. Also, it is effortless to make with incredibly delicious results.

The dish is a very hearty and flavorful meal. Swimming in a sauce full of Italian seasoning and cheese, you’ll surely enjoy the bold flavors of this recipe.


2. Spanish Style Roasted Jidori Chicken

Spanish Style Roasted Jidori Chicken

If you want a more aesthetically pleasing recipe, then this Spanish-style roasted chicken is perfect for you. Marinated in a blend of spices and herbs, you know this chicken is packed with every bite.

It even has a side of roasted potatoes and carrots, so you know you’re getting a hearty meal. This recipe is perfect for gatherings or family dinners as it uses the whole chicken.


3. Jidori Chicken Marsala

In this YouTube video, learn how to make a delicious classic dish Chicken Marsala Jirdori Chicken! Hosted by an experienced Chef Marc, follow his guide in showing his nephew Roman how to quickly and elegantly prepare this chicken dish.

Discover why Jidori is considered the finest grade of poultry. Along with the Jidori Marsala recipe, you will also learn more helpful tips to elevate your cooking style today.


4. Rosemary Roasted Jidori Chicken

Rosemary Roasted Jidori Chicken

A rosemary-infused Jidori chicken can be your next weeknight meal with this recipe. It has a nice smoky flavor and flavor within every bite as it’s packed with herbs and spices. Serve it with a side of mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables, and you are in for a nice fine-dining-inspired meal.


5. Jidori Chicken In Goat Cheese Sauce

Jidori Chicken In Goat Cheese Sauce

Go a bit fancy with the addition of goat cheese to your Jidori Chicken! This premium chicken dish is a great nutritious option for any night of the week. Although it may sound and look fancy, we assure you that this recipe is easy to make.

Simply seared in butter and olive oil, this delicious entree will impress with its flavor kicker: a tasty chevre sauce. It’s hard to go wrong with this cheesy dish, perfect for a family dinner or special occasion.


6. Jidori Tsukune (Japanese Chicken Meatballs)

Jidori Tsukune (Japanese Chicken Meatballs)

At Rintaro in San Francisco, their tsukune offers a traditional take on the Japanese chicken skewer with an exciting twist. The skewers are coated in mochiko flour and steamed before grilling, ensuring even cooking and providing a subtle bite.

Now you can know the ins and outs of this dish. With this recipe, you can make Rintaro’s Tsukune in the comfort of your home.


7. Roasted Jidori Chicken

Roasted Jidori Chicken

This recipe is a favorite at Green Dragon Tavern and Museum in Carlsbad. Now, you can make it from the comfort of your own home.

Roasted Jidori Chicken is a flavorful dish featuring chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper, then slowly browned in butter for a crispy golden crust. Paired with seared vegetables such as potatoes and mushrooms. It also has some herbs for an earthy taste sensation.


8. Jidori Chicken Provencal

Jidori Chicken Provencal

Get the most out of each ingredient with pan-seared chicken breast, roasted marbled potatoes, and vegetables. Let the herbs and aromatics on the chicken give your dinner the flavors it needs, and enjoy a medley of caramelized vegetables.

The best part is that you’ll only use a pan to make this! So, it’s perfect for those lazy weeknight meals.


9. Miso Jidori Chicken

Miso Jidori Chicken

Miso Jidori Chicken will tantalize your taste buds with bold, savory flavors. Wrap in a blanket of rich and umami miso sauce; the thighs only needs a short preparation effort and time.

It makes it a quick and easy meal or ramen toppings and rice dishes. Serve it topped with sesame seeds and a scattering of green onions for that authentic Japanese touch!


10. POM Jidori Chicken with Potato Puree

POM Jidori Chicken with Potato Puree

POM stands for pomegranate sauce, which might be pretty new to many! If you want to exercise your cooking prowess, then this gourmet-style Jidori Chicken in POM and potato puree might be your new challenge. It’s quite a process, but the result is a restaurant-worthy deal. A perfect way to up your experience eating Jidori!


11. Easy and Quick Jidori Chicken

Easy and Quick Jidori Chicken

This quick and easy recipe features minimal seasoning and heavily relies on the natural flavors of the Jidori. After prepping up the chicken and tasty sauce, all you need to do is pop it in the oven and lean back to relax.

A new favorite on lazy nights or for elegant guests, this one-pan dish will be something everyone looks forward to at dinner time!


12. Jidori Chicken Recipe with 5 Health Benefits

Jidori Chicken Recipe with 5 Health Benefits

This easy Jidori chicken recipe features savory flavors with a hint of sweetness to it. The chicken pieces are slow-cooked in soy sauce, sake, sugar, cornstarch, and other fantastic ingredients for an explosion of savory enjoyment.

This recipe can serve as a main dish at any gathering you make, or you can simply have it for dinner! Whatever the occasion may be, this Jidori Chicken Recipe won’t disappoint and will leave you coming back for more.


13. Braised Jidori Chicken with Saffron

Braised Jidori Chicken with Saffron

Treat yourself to a tender and flavorful experience with Braised Jidori Chicken with Saffron Onions, Fregola Sarda, and dates. This Jidori chicken is braised in white wine, butter, and saffron oil sauce combined with sweet grilled onions. The recipe also introduces a couple of sides that you can make along with your chicken.


14. Jidori Chicken Recipe with 7 Best Nutrition Facts

Jidori Chicken Recipe with 7 Best Nutrition Facts

This savory Jidori Chicken recipe is the perfect balance of sweetness, saltiness, and nutrition. It starts with marinating boneless chicken thigh meat or breasts in a mixture of honey and soy sauce. The honey gives the chicken a beautiful glossy appearance that caramelizes in the oven or on the grill.

The tender, juicy pieces are then cooked over high heat for just a few minutes to get a crunchy outer edge while still retaining moisture on the inside. The output is an addictively flavorful meal that’s easy enough to make any night of the week – not to mention very healthy and nutritious, too!


15. So Delicious Roasted Jidori Chicken

So Delicious Roasted Jidori Chicken

This Herbes de Provence-flavored pan-baked chicken is an enticing and quick meal. It’s served with wild mushroom, rosemary, garlic, and roasted fingerling potato slices. So, if you’re looking for excellent flavors and a gourmet feel, then try this recipe out!

The best part? Prep time is only 20 minutes, then the cooked meal is ready in 25!


16. Easy Jidori Chicken

Easy Jidori Chicken

Many might not be looking for an easy and simple recipe if you’re going to use Jidori chickens. That said, sometimes letting its natural flavors shine is the best way to enjoy this meat.

So, if that sounds good to you, then check out this recipe! It uses minimal sauce and spices and heavily relies on the chicken broth, sake, and the flavors of Jidori.


17. Jidori Chicken Recipe by Ania’s

Jidori Chicken Recipe by Ania's

Ania’s recipe brings out the natural flavors of Jidori chicken. Using minimal ingredients, you’ll taste the notes of this chicken in its purest form. It’s popped in the slow cooker, resulting in a juicy, soft, and comforting meal. You can add this dish to traditional Japanese sides, such as white rice!


In Conclusion

With these 17 Best Jidori Chicken Recipes, you can now find the best one for you! Ranging from easy to more complex ones, you can choose the one based on your skill level. Let us know if you tried some of the recipes!

Best Jidori Chicken Recipes

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