20 Best Mango Cake Recipes

Are you a person who loves mangoes? Do you enjoy eating sweets and making your sweet tooth satisfied?

Or do you love baking and making your family and kids enjoy what you make? Look no more, for we’re here to give you 20 Amazing Mango Cake Recipes that you should whip at home and let your children and loved ones enjoy!

These 20 recipes are simple but, at the same time, tasty and will surely leave you hungry for more! So ready your whisk and eggs, and let’s start baking!

1. Mango and white chocolate cheesecake

mango cake recipe

First on the list is this mango and white chocolate cheesecake, that are considered a refreshing treat and a light dessert that can be paired with any given meal– thanks to the superb combination of the white chocolate and the mango.

The taste seems new to you, but fear not! Because who wouldn’t love mangoes and chocolate tandem, right? So give this recipe a try!  

2. No Egg Mango Cake

Second is this Eggless Mango Cake by Bake with Shivesh–which is very simple, and you don’t need quite a lot of ingredients and materials to make this. You can make this recipe without eggs, condensed milk, yogurt, and any other usual ingredients that are found mainly in the cakes.

This cake is deliciously soft and is flavor-packed as well, thanks to the freshness of the mangoes!  

3. Mango and Pineapple Mousse Cake

mango cake near me

This light cake has a mixture of mango, pineapple, and some mousse cake. This dessert is light but has a full and bold tropical flavor inside!

The mousse cake inside can melt inside your mouth with its soft texture with an added crunch, thanks to the base. The ingredients are a little bit demanding and confusing, but it is very much worthy of your time and efforts!  

4. Thai-Inspired Mango Cake

If you want to experience a delicacy straight from Thailand, try baking this Khek-ma-muang Mango Cake—a Thai-inspired Mango Cake. It will take you for about 4 hours to prepare this cake, but you can for sure enjoy it up until two days if you refrigerate it very carefully!

We recommend you doing this cake during the summer season, but you can always savor it at any given time.  

5. Mango and Lime Cake

red ribbon mango cake

This mango and lime cake dessert is very addicting! With the freshness of the ripe mango and some hint of lime—you can make one of the best light cake desserts for the summer!

This cake is simple to make but will surely catch anyone’s attention. The ingredients needed are also very simple yet accessible!  

6. Mango & coconut tres leches cake

The Mango and Coconut Tres Leche cake is a mouth-watering delight cake you are looking for! It is delicious and also very pleasing to look at because of the fresh mango strips with a sweet fold of coconut-enhanced cream.

This cake has three kinds of milk in it: coconut milk, condensed milk, and evaporated milk. There comes the name Tres Leches which stands for three kinds of milk. This cake has a lot of flavors to it, and the moisture is perfect in texture!  

7. Mango coconut cake

mango cake filling

The Mango Coconut Cake is built with a perfect combination of a fluffy and soft coconut layer, squeezing the mango curd in between with a creamy coconut buttercream on top of it all! This cake is very tropical, and it is best when paired with a delicious hot cup of tea, coffee, or any other hot beverages!  

8. Mango and passionfruit meringue cake

A flavorful and zingy taste is what Mango and Passion Fruit Meringue cake has to offer! You should expect a creamy feeling along with the freshness of mangoes and the mouth-watering taste of the passion fruit syrup.

It is also a light cake where you can also try other fillings so you can get other amazing and tasty cake results!  

9. Easy Mango Cake (Whole Wheat)

mango cake recipes

This one recipe is unique in particular because it’s made with only whole wheat flour, butter, condensed milk, and some freshly picked mangoes. This cake has similarities to a pound cake but with the added flavor of mango to make it sweeter, more tropical, fresher, and most importantly, more delicious!  

10. Mango, coconut, and mascarpone sponge

The Mango, Coconut, and Mascarpone Sponge has its fair share of similarities to the pineapple cake that is inverted—because this cake is also baked invertedly. The cake is baked like that for a more beautiful tropical sponge cake result.

This cake is mouth-watering and perfect in the summer season! It would take about 50 minutes to bake this cake, but it is very much worth the effort and wait because the end result will amaze you!  

11. Mango and passion fruit pavlova

mango cake red ribbon

Here’s another cake recipe that you should give it a try! This mango and passion fruit pavlova is an easy-to-make dessert that you can enjoy on any type of occasion. The passion fruit curd on top of the cake with a scent of lime deserves a chef’s kiss on how it tastes unique and delectable!

You can create this cake during any celebrations in your household or any time you want!  

12. No Bake Mango Cheesecake

Next is this No Bake Mango Cheesecake which is definitely a must-have for any celebration at any given time! It has a creamy mousse-like cheesecake that is loaded inside with three huge mangoes!

Incredibly, it’s very easy to bake and a straightforward process with just the help of a food processor. It also doesn’t have any eggs in it, so you would know it is a cheap recipe, too; refrigerate overnight and serve chilled for the best outcome!  

13. Frozen Mango Macadamia Crunch

coconut mango cake

If you want to relax and cool down during this hot weather, we suggest you try this delicious Frozen Mango Macadamia Crunch! It has the sweetest and most delicious flavor—thanks to the mangoes!

It also has a nice ice cream-like texture that will only cost your time under 30 minutes, so you can make as many as you can for your family and friends to enjoy!  

14. Passion fruit and mango cheesecake

This dessert is something like a dream come true for us who loves sweet. Passion Fruit and Mango Cheesecake has a fruity, sweet, and velvety taste that will definitely melt in your mouth.

This cake recipe is also easy to bake which only needs three major ingredients: passion fruit, mangoes, and a no-bake cheesecake.  

15. Mango lime cheesecake

miami mango cake disposable

If you’re really running out of ideas on what cake to bake—try considering on creating this Mango and Cheesecake Recipe. Actually, for people who have no experience in baking, this dessert is their first achievement!

So we recommend you to try this recipe if you are a first-timer. This may be another cheesecake and mango recipe, we all know, but you will for sure love the outcome of this cake.  

16. Ginger cheesecake with fresh mango

Ginger cheesecake with fresh mango is an exotic take on a very traditional dessert. The sweetness and the creaminess of the mango pairs well with the rich and bold ginger.

This cake sure is unique—but it is indeed worth a try because it tastes absolutely flavorful and healthy type of cake and you will certainly want more after tasting it!  

17. Mango macadamia cheesecake

eggless mango cake

Looking for a unique mango recipe with a combination of cheesecake? Well, look no more cause this recipe is what you’re looking for!

This might be your first time hearing the “macadamia” word, but don’t be thrilled—the fresh mangoes, the creamy cheesecake, the coconut, and the macadamia base will surely make this cake a heavenly-tasting dessert! So give it a try and be ready to impress anyone.  

18. Mango Cake by Natasha’s Kitchen

Next on the list is this Mango Cake which only requires you a total of only nine ingredients! But don’t let the number of ingredients fool you—it still looks good and tastes delish despite of the low number of components used!

Though I recommend only using fresh and sweet mangoes for a much better-tasting experience!  

19. Thick Fresh Mango Cake

easy mango cake recipe

This Thick, Fresh Mango Cake will definitely make you fall in love with its chunky and juicy sweet mangoes! I suggest forgetting any other difficult recipe and start baking this one; this cake is very easy to bake, and it is full of moisture and delicious edges–certainly deserves to be in a five-star restaurant!

If you’re still not satisfied with the taste. Try adding whipped cream on top of it, and the taste will be in a drastic change–but in a good way!  

20. Mango cake with lemon icing

Looking for an easy mango cake recipe but also budget-friendly? Then you should try this mango cake with lemon icing! This recipe is affordable, but it is also very delicious!

The mango and the lemon icing works very well together. The cake is rich in flavor, but it is not excessively sweet—so try it at your next family gathering to easily impress anyone!

20 Best Mango Cake Recipes

All in all, here are the 20 Mango Cake Recipes that you can try and create! Some of these recipes are simple yet very delish. While some will require too many extravagant ingredients–nevertheless, you will indeed have a good time making them as much as consuming them!
Make sure to bake enough for the whole family to enjoy. Most significantly, try and experiment with your own recipe too—maybe you can discover a formula that will inspire other people as well!


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  • Prep a Mango Cake Recipe in 60 minutes or less!

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