19 Best Plum Cake Recipes

The holidays become more special when there’s great food on the table. Plum cake is one of the treats you can make for yourself and your loved ones. While it may be popular during Christmas, you can still bake it anytime.

What makes it unique is the preparation that goes with it. It would help if you soaked the dried plums in liquor for months before adding them to the cake. The result is a sweet-smelling and delicious treat.

So, are you excited to whip up a plum cake? We’ve gathered all the best recipes to help you get started. They’re perfect for brunch, any special occasion, or everyday dessert.

1. Summer-into-Fall Plum Cake

plum cake recipe

You can try this recipe if you’re a fan of fresh strawberry cake. It’s a variation of a popular Martha Stewart recipe. It would be best if you used fresh plums instead of strawberries. The plums will transform into a jam-like consistency, resulting in a sweet, filling cake.

Spices like nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon will enhance the cake’s taste. The combination of flavors is a reminder of the glorious summer-into-fall season.  

2. Eggless Plum Cake

Everyone on your guest list can have this eggless and alcohol-free cake. Vegans, kids, or those with egg allergies can enjoy this cake without worry. The ingredients used are also readily available in supermarkets or online stores.

Adding various dried fruits and nuts makes it a festive treat for any occasion. The video’s step-by-step guide is easy to follow. Even beginners will have a fun time making this dessert from scratch.  

3. Easy Plum Sponge Cake

german plum cake

This simple plum cake recipe utilizes Italian plums. They are sweeter and juicier than American plums. Prune fans will be delighted when they taste these fruits in the sponge cake.

The dessert is topped with sugar and cinnamon for a more enhanced flavor. It’s best to serve this cake with whipped cream to make it more memorable. Another good feature of this recipe is the nutritional facts at the bottom for guidance.  

4. Plum Torte Cake

This decade-old recipe is easy and fun to make. You only need simple equipment and ingredients to pull it off. The original recipe calls for plums, but you can also use peaches and nectarines.

This cake pairs well with coffee or tea. You can have it for breakfast, dessert, or as a holiday centerpiece. The vibrant purple plums will pop out of the light brown sponge cake.  

5. Rich Plum Cake

christmas plum cake

This traditional recipe requires you to soak the dried fruits and nuts in liquor. You may use a mixture of beer, red wine, and rum as soaking liquid. This technique gives the cake a rich flavor.

Unlike other plum cakes, this dessert has decadent royal icing. It allows you to decorate the cake any way you like. You can use it as a wedding centerpiece or a unique birthday cake.  

6. Plum Coffee Cake

This beautiful dessert has fresh plums peeking out of the sponge cake. Instead of drying out, the fruit softens during the baking process. This technique creates a flavorful jam.

Additionally, you can make this cake without an electric mixer. So, it’s good news for newbie bakers. The cake is delightfully moist and has the right amount of sugar. It’s perfect for people who are watching their sweets intake.  

7. Easy Plum Cake

plum cake recipes

This easy-to-make cake can be a surefire hit on any occasion. It’s delectable, moist, and easily customizable. You can make twice the yield using a bigger pan.

You may add other fruits, such as blackberries, peaches, and pears. Do you want to level up your cake? Serve it with some cream or vanilla ice cream. It also pairs well with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee.  

8. Yuletide Plum Cake

There’s always something magical about Christmas time. This cake allows you to feel warm and fuzzy all year round. The flavors of dried plums, nuts, and spices bring memories of the holiday season.

The recipe is straightforward. You can see the exact measurements listed and watch clear instructions. The result is a moist and delicious cake that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  

9. Easy and Delicious Plum Cake

plum cake german

Summer is usually harvest time for fresh plums. You can take advantage of this season by baking this delicious plum cake. Aside from the plums, you only need essential pantry ingredients.

The baker suggests baking it in a 9-inch pan for best results. Customize it by adding figs, crystallized ginger, and almond slices. You can add a generous topping of crystalized sugar if the plums are too sour.  

10. Original Plum Cake

This plum cake version is inspired by a recipe printed in the New York Times. It’s an easy and quick dish that anyone can do. To make this delicious plum cake, you don’t have to be a seasoned baker. It calls for pitted purple plums.

A quick trip to the farmer’s market can provide you with the freshest produce for your cakes. It’s best to allot an hour and a half to bake your cake.  

11. Viennese Plum Cake

This cake is a family recipe passed from one generation to another. It’s a delicate and moist treat with a special streusel topping.

The recipe is flexible since you can use either frozen or fresh plums. You need to adjust the measurements for the best results. It also includes nutritional facts to guide you on your fitness journey.  

12. Easy and Flavorful Plum Cake

plum cake india

This recipe holds a secret ingredient. Do you want to know what element that is? It’s sour cream! This dairy product makes the cake moist and flavorful. The addition of olive oil gives it a unique yet delightful taste.

You can skip the butter altogether. It also calls for fresh plums, so the harvest season is the best time to make it. This quick and easy recipe is best with coffee or tea.  

13. Blood Plum Cake

kerala plum cake

This German recipe utilizes plump and juicy blood plums. This kind of plum is sweet and tart, making it an excellent choice for desserts. You can also use canned plums as an alternative.

The recipe’s author suggests baking it in a flan. Then, you can arrange the sliced plums in a circular pattern for an excellent presentation. It’s best to serve this cake with whipped cream on top.  

14. Plum Crumble Cake

Plums are indeed the star of this recipe. You need to prepare one kilogram of plums to make this cake. It’s different from the other recipes since it’s square and has a crumbly topping.

You’ll have a fun time lining up the plum halves. Instead of a batter, you’ll need to make dough. It’s another way of showcasing the plums’ flavors. It may be different, but it’s equally good.  

15. German Plum Cake

german plum cake recipe

There are several ways to make German Plum cake. This recipe starts with a basic batter made delicious by plump plums. The crumbly streusel topping is a sweet finishing touch.

This treat is usually served in Germany during afternoon snacks. They pair it with a good cup of coffee for a perfect meal. You can recreate this recipe at home for an authentic European experience.  

16.  Plum and Lime Upside Down Cake

Do you have some juicy plums in your pantry? It’s time to make this plum and lime upside-down cake. Food editor Rachel Gurjar will walk you through the step-by-step instructions. You’ll learn how to make a rich caramel sauce.

This sweet liquid quill balances off the lime’s tartness. The result is a perfectly balanced treat for the whole family. It proves that the often-overlooked plums can be a star in the kitchen.  

17. Easy Yoghurt Plum Cake

upside down plum cake

A beautifully presented cake that’s also delicious is heaven-sent. This recipe marries both features. It’s a light and refreshing dessert made more delectable by yogurt. The recipe calls for red plums, but you can use black plums, too.

It’s an easy cake to prepare that you’ll have time to enjoy afterward. You may serve it for afternoon tea or bring it to a potluck. For sure, your cake will be the center of attraction.  

18. Summer Plum Cake

One of the best ways to enjoy summer fruits is to make a cake. This fluffy and moist dessert uses plums in season. It’s best to use freshly-picked fruits for the best results. The cake is not too sweet.

It’s perfect for people watching their sugar intake. You can adjust the s=sugar depending on how tart or sweet you want your cake. Serve it with some vanilla ice cream for a heavenly treat.  

19. Martha Stewart’s Plum Cake

plum cake indian

A recipe from Martha Stewart will surely be a crowd-pleaser. Despite being a culinary icon, she made the directions easy for readers to follow. The result is a fluffy and delicious cake.

The addition of sour cream makes it moist. The recipe requires three plums, but you can add more to make it richer. Plum jam or plum jelly are also great alternatives.

19 Best Plum Cake Recipes

Fruity desserts are great for summer or holiday gatherings. The plum cake recipes in this article can impress your loved ones. You can serve it at brunch, afternoon tea, or any special occasion. It’s best paired with coffee, tea, and good company.


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