20 Best Protein Cake Recipes

Are you celebrating a momentous event and looking for a cake you can indulge in without guilt? Or you’re craving a sweet cake but too conscious about gaining a few pounds on the scale. If you are looking for a substitute, these 20 protein cake recipes are the way to go.

These cake recipes are loaded with proteins and healthy ingredients like fruits and sugar-free alternatives. Some protein cakes also conform to specific diets like keto, paleo, and gluten-free diets. So ready your whisk and oven, and let’s start baking.

1. Easy Protein Mug Cake


We all know how tedious baking can sometimes be. Luckily, this one-mug recipe only takes a minute or less to cook.

With a gluten-free natural thickener, waiting hours for your pastry to rise is no longer necessary. You can also tweak this recipe by adding flavors like cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla extract. However you like it, this is a good starting base for your protein cake.

2. Fluffy High Protein Cake

Protein cakes can sometimes be dry and bland, but not with this recipe. Here you’ll discover how to make a moist and fluffy cake with over 100 grams of protein.

The macronutrients and the properties of each ingredient are also thoroughly discussed for a better understanding of cake consistency. And to cap it off, a citrusy frosting is added for the creamy texture.

3. Low-Carb Chocolate Protein Cake


A tasty treat without guilt is a win-win for the palate and the weighing scale. Chocolate may sound bad for weight, but not on our watch.

One serving of this protein cake recipe contains only 73 calories and 8.3 grams of protein. It is also a keto-friendly and sugar-free dessert making it healthy. Loaded with Greek yogurt, cocoa powder, and protein powder, it is a recipe you’ll surely enjoy.

4. Chocolate Protein Cake Pops

Make your dessert fun to eat by turning it into cake pops. It is quick and easy to make, perfect for novice bakers. You only have to mix, roll, and decorate.

Yup! No oven is needed to make this protein cake. Decorate it with sugar-free sprinkles for added texture. And with less than half the calories compared to a regular cake pop, it is an excellent dessert for anyone.

5. Cinnamon Swirl Protein Cake


Cake for breakfast, anyone? If you love a sweet dessert before starting your day, you shouldn’t miss recreating this recipe. It is low in calories but contains loads of protein.

With six ingredients, you’ve got a healthy treat on your plate. And no need to worry about all the sugar content. Stevia, a zero-calorie sweetener, is suitable for diabetics and vegans.

6. Strawberry Protein Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are irresistible because of their smooth and filling texture. Thankfully, there’s a recipe that you can relish for much fewer calories and a lower amount of fat.

Traditionally crushed cracker forms the base, but a fiber-rich cereal substitute makes it more healthy. Then a mixture of fat-free and sugar-free ingredients creates the cheesecake. Topped with simmered strawberries and light whipped cream, it’s a perfect guiltless dessert.

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Cake


Cakes with different layers of flavors make them exciting to eat. And that is precisely what this recipe has. It contains four layers of sweet goodness to enjoy.

Starting with vanilla sugar wafer on the bottom, layered with chocolate protein cake, followed by peanut butter protein frosting. Then, topped off with some bourbon caramel drizzle. Just imagine the different textures and flavors you will be getting. Yum!

8. High Protein Oreo Cheesecake

Did anybody say Oreo? Oreo Cheesecake with 14.5 grams of protein is a game changer. For more toned-down sweetness, crushed Oreo cereals form the base.

And we know you love the white filling of Oreo, but the cheesecake filling in this recipe is enough to imitate its goodness. It is sugar-free, fat-free, and loaded with whey protein powder. A treat you’ll surely enjoy.

9. Chocolate Cake With Protein Powder


No sugar, hardly any fat, but loaded with protein is the fitness cake we’re looking to recreate. It is slightly sweet and soft, with a creamy topping that makes it enticing.

You wouldn’t even expect that it only contains 86 calories per serving. You can also add any fruits you like on top for added flavor. Also, remember that the protein powder you’re using is suitable for baking.

10. Low-Calorie Lemon Pound Cake

Pound cake means a pound of butter, sugar, and flour, but not in this low-calorie recipe. It contains a high amount of protein and healthier ingredient alternatives.

The cake has a tangy taste from the lemon, and the texture replicates the traditional pound cake. You’re likely to get four slices from this serving but fret not because it only has less than 200 calories.

11. Pumpkin Protein Cake


Living on a slow morning calls for a freshly baked pumpkin protein cake. It is dairy-free and packed with proteins, helping you fuel for the day.

Adding salted caramel chocolate chips and coconut whipped cream on top makes you enjoy the cake more. Then, bake it in an oven-safe skillet or pan to complete the breakfast experience.

12. High Protein Blueberry Vanilla Mug Cake

Get a high-protein treat in under two minutes with this mug cake recipe. Expect a slightly sweet vanilla and cinnamon flavor combined with the pronounced blueberry taste. Then, top it with more blueberry to add an acidic taste. You can make this for breakfast or as an alternative to whey smoothies.

13. White Chocolate Raspberry Protein Cheesecake


One slice of this cheesecake can give you 20 grams of protein. The balancing taste of white chocolate, raspberry, and buttery crust makes it a delightful treat.

Alternative ingredients can also be seen in the blog post to tailor them to your preference. And if you are feeling inventive, sprinkle some pistachios or coconut flakes for added texture.

14. Banana Protein Cake With 100% Pure Whey

Keeping your body healthy does not always mean steering away from tasty desserts. Treat yourself to a guiltless banana protein cake with just six ingredients. Also, here’s a tip: ripe banana makes awesome-tasting cakes. Mix the banana in the batter and slice some as a topping for a brimming fruity goodness.

15. Superb Keto Peaches ‘N Cream Shortcake


Not only does this recipe looks appetizing, but it is also filled with protein and peachy flavor.

The whey protein isolate provides a fluffier and lighter texture to the shortcake. Using almond flour makes the cake denser, so whey is a better alternative. Try this tender and moist shortcake on your next breakfast or dessert.

16. Low Calorie & High Protein Vanilla Cake

Satisfy your sweet cravings with this low-calorie and high-protein vanilla cake. Per 100g serving of this cake, you’ll get 152 calories and 16 grams of protein.

Prepare your trusty mixer because mixing whey with a hand whisk is challenging. Also, baking it in tube pans creates a beautiful shape and evenly cooked layers.

17. Protein Coffee Cake With Crumble Topping


A cup of coffee plus a slice of crumble cake? Well, sign us up! This recipe contains 18 grams of protein per one serving. While it does not include a coffee ingredient, expect other flavors like nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. This recipe yields three servings, perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

18. Best Biscoff Protein Cheesecake

Biscoff tastes like a mixture of butter, spices, and brown sugar packed in one biscuit. If you enjoy the bare taste of it, wait until you try a slice of Biscoff cheesecake.

This recipe contains 15 grams of protein per serving and is also low in calories, perfect when you’re on a  diet. To finish the recipe, add crumbles of Biscoff on top for added texture and flavor.

19. Angel Food Protein Cake


With five ingredients, you can make this light and fluffy angel cake. Mixing all the ingredients takes 15 minutes to finish and 45 minutes to bake.

So if you plan on serving it for any occasion, it is best to prepare beforehand because another three hours is needed to cool the cake. Indeed! A good cake takes time to bake

20. Anabolic Protein Apple Cake

Apples are often seen in pies, but they also make a perfect addition to cake recipes. And no need to make the base from scratch.

With white toast bread, you can create a protein apple cake. Now let’s talk about the insanely good macros of this recipe. The whole cake contains a total of 45 grams of protein and 85 grams of carbs, yielding four servings.

Take Away

Protein cake recipes are great alternatives if you are looking for a treat packed with macronutrients. The list also provides different cake styles you can enjoy on any occasion. Whether you like cheesecake, shortcake, or even an angel cake, you can find it all on the list.

A friendly reminder before we end this blog: the taste of the cake depends on your choice of protein powder. Choose a powder that you enjoy the taste profile. Consider the level of sweetness as well, and you will come up with a great cake. Happy baking!


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