20 Tasty and Easy-To-Bake Drop Cookie Recipes

Do you want to enjoy the sweet, flavorful taste of warm, freshly baked cookies? But you are afraid that you aren’t an expert baker to produce aesthetically shaped cookies. it’s your lucky day.

Try these simple drop cookie recipes. They are easy to make, and you don’t have to be a professional baker to pull them. These cookies will take very little time to bake because you mix the ingredients, drop them on the baking paper and bake!

To compile this list, we picked recipes with different ingredients. Even though ingredients such as chocolate may cut across most of them, the recipes have other subtle features that make them stand out.

1. Chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies


If you are a huge fan of oats, you will enjoy these cookies. You will love this recipe because it’s non-restrictive in terms of ingredients. With oats, you can use instant oats or rolled oats. Even though rolled oats are the best as they keep you fuller longer.

You can also mill your own oat floor at home if you have a processor. Also, use chocolate of your choice ranging from milk chocolate to dark chocolate to chocolate chip.

2. Soft and chewy molasses cookies

Molasses cookies should be your new addiction if you love the cookie world. This recipe is simple and easy to prepare; your cookies will be ready in just 12 minutes.

When mixing dough, you can add chocolate chips, although this recipe keeps everything simple. One little trick is to use a non-stick spray on your measuring cup so that the molasses doesn’t stick. It works like magic!

3. Lemon ricotta cookies


Who turns down lemon-flavoured cookies? These ricotta-glazed cookies are the real deal. They are super soft and delicious, with an exceptional lemon flavour.

Well, they seem like normal flavoured cookies, but the heavy touch of Italian recooked ghee makes a huge difference. You should try them out, especially if you enjoy Italian recipes. And the ghee adds a buttery, smooth sweet flavour that will have your family asking for more!

4. Holiday cranberry orange cookies

If there is a cookie recipe that will take you less than 16 minutes to put together, it is the orange cranberry cookie recipe. This recipe gives you room to try out all the ingredients you can think of. But still keeps everything simple. It is a soft, buttery cookie with a chewy inside and slightly crispy edges.

5. Almond butter chocolate chip cookies


This recipe will favour you if you are traditional oriented with your baking style. You will either use almond butter or peanut butter. You can also choose your preferred chocolate between chocolate chunks and chocolate chips.

Although the recipe recommends chunks. Another advantage of these cookies is that you can freeze the batter scoops and bake them anytime. So you enjoy fresh cookies every time.

6. Crunchy hazelnut chocolate chip cookies

This recipe is a classic bake-and-go recipe for chocolate lovers. The cookies are crispy on the outside but soft and pillowy on the inside with a slightly nutty flavour from the hazelnuts.

Remember to add your beaten egg drop by drop as you mix; this process yields better results. And you don’t even need a cookie scoop! You can use your spoon, and the cookie will still turn out evenly shaped.

7. Peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookies


These cookies are the classic childhood type your mom served every dessert time. They are ultra-soft, gooey, and delicious. What completes them are the raspberry reserves filled up centres.

The method is so simple that you can bake it with your kids. When the dough is ready, you only need a fork. Make sizeable balls and press a crisscross pattern on each ball while putting raspberry reserve in the middle.

8. Red velvet cream cheese thumbprint cookies

These cookies are soft, chewy, and delicious. What a perfect cookie to complete your day! The red velvet coluor makes them stand out.

They are super easy to shape; you scoop sizeable doughs, drop them on the baking paper, and make a hole in the middle with your thumb. Here is where the cream cheese goes to complement the flavours.

9. Maple-glazed gingerbread cookies


These maple-glazed gingerbread cookies by Pinchofyum are the holiday-friendly cookies you’ve been waiting to try. They are buttery, gooey, and delicious, with a ginger flavour that completes the taste. Simply scoop and drop them on the baking paper.

But you can take the extra step of rolling them in sugar which makes them extra crispy on the edges. Be careful with the dough when rolling, as they are fragile.

10. White chocolate matcha cookies

The cookie colour you are used to is probably nothing close to green, but this one is a game- changer. They are deliciously thick, chewy, and flavour-packed matcha cookies. You should try them already!

The secret tip? If you want to maintain the original green matcha colour, use regular brown sugar, as the dark brown sugar consumes all the green colour.

11. Delicious brown butter chocolate cookies


If you enjoy chocolate cookies, you will fall in love with this recipe. Instead of using chocolate chips that stay chip-shaped, this recipe substitutes them with chocolate wafers. And the results are magical.

Chocolate wafers melt during baking which leaves thin chocolate layers within the cookie. These cookies are soft, delicious, and pillowy. When you prepare the dough prior, remember to thaw it before baking.

12. Pumpkin spice cookies

You will be totally addicted to this latte recipe. It makes delightfully moist cookies with a crunchy and slightly spicy topping.

If you want better results with your cookies, use 100% pure pureed pumpkin. For this recipe, canned one yields better results than homemade. What is more; you will also add expresso coffee, but dark coffee will also work for you.

13. Lime cookies glazed with coconut shreds


You have not tasted authentic coconut cookies if you haven’t tried this recipe. We agree that it may not involve your whole family gathering around the kitchen table to make memorable cookie shapes and sizes, but the final taste is worth it.

Plus, they’re easy to make. Just scoop the dough and gently roll it into small balls, then bake! All the coconut and lemon glazing happens afterwards.

14. Delicious salted caramel chocolate chip cookies

If you love soft chewy cookies, what will stop you from baking them every day? They are deliciously melty in your mouth with a touch of saltiness. If you want, you can regulate your salt or skip it.

Although it’s the salt that gives you that sweet-salty taste. To balance out, your flavours use unsalted butter as opposed to salted one, so the dough doesn’t come out overly salty.

15. Cinnamon sugary snickerdoodle cookies


If you love sugary cookies, try this recipe. These are super soft, chewy cookies with a cinnamon touch. But you shouldn’t confuse them with butter cookies. To help you bring out the distinct difference in your cookies, add tartar cream.

This cream gives your cookies a tangy taste making them typical snickerdoodles. What if you want to substitute cream of tartar with another ingredient? Well, use baking powder, baking soda, and lemon juice.

16. Confetti sugar cookies

Confetti cookies are extremely soft, chewy and delicious with slightly crunchy edges. They are loaded with sweet rainbow sprinkles to add more flavour to your cookies.

When mixing the dhow, ensure your melted butter cools down and begins solidifying before adding other wet ingredients. Also, chill your dhow for 30 minutes before baking; otherwise, your cookies will over-spread on the baking sheet.

17. Brown chocolate chunk cookies


If you are a chocolate cookie lover and require easy-to-make drop cookies, try this recipe already. You don’t have to worry about excess sugar content like in most sugary cookies because the chocolate chunks and powder make the cookies just sugary enough.

What is the top tip? Use a cookie scoop to ensure evenly sized cookies. Also, remember to sift your dry ingredients so the cocoa powder won’t give you hard during mixing.

18. Irresistible tahini chocolate chip cookies

This recipe has a special ingredient; tahini which gives your cookies a nutty, salty and delightful flavour. When mixing your dough, substitute half cup of butter with a half cup of healthy tahini.

Because tahini has sesame oils that will cover up for the half cup of butter. The results are irresistibly chewy and delicious cookies that your family will absolutely savour.

19. Chewy white chocolate cookies


You will enjoy baking this cookie recipe if you are a chocolate lover. You will combine actual expresso powder with white chocolate chips. What if you don’t have expresso powder?

Still bake the cookies, but use powdered or granulated coffee of similar quantity. For perfect results, the dough needs to chill for 30 minutes before baking. These cookies are soft, creamy and with a light touch of coffee taste.

20. Banana chocolate chip cookies

Do you have ripe bananas lying in your kitchen? You can turn them into a cookie treat for family and friends. Banana cookies are soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

If you want to taste more banana flavour, add extra bananas. Just ensure your bananas are nicely ripe. After baking, let your cookies sit on the baking sheet longer so they can completely bake in the middle.


There you have it! No more excuses not to enjoy yummy cookie treats as you now know about these easy drop cookie recipes. They are simple and require little expertise to size them up. Also, these recipes are flexible and give you room to substitute the ingredients you don’t have.

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