20 Best Smoked Chicken Breast Recipes

There are several ways to prepare chicken. In fact, chicken is one of the most common poultry worldwide. Chickens were among the first animals to be domesticated and raised as pets. Both the meat and the eggs that humans consume come primarily from chickens, and this is a universal experience, true all around the world.

Thus, it’s normal to have many recipes involving this meat and prepare it as food in various ways. These dishes can also be very specific depending on the culture and area. The simplicity with which chickens can be reared and the fact that nearly all of a chicken’s body can be consumed account for the bird’s widespread presence.

What is Smoked Chicken Breast?

Even though there is a vast list of different ways to prepare chicken, smoking the meat is often regarded as the most flavorful method. This process makes it possible to get an outstanding aroma, delicate and juicy meat. In addition, it is also a straightforward method and better for you to use.

When it comes to smoked items, the most popular of these is the smoked chicken dish. The crust is golden brown, which gives the dish an appetizing appearance and makes it very difficult to refuse.

Smoking chicken breast works so well because this cooking method is more compatible with boneless parts of chickens like the breast part. The juicy nature of the breast is retained, and the marinate flavors are beautifully kept.

And so, when you slice and take a bite, all the flavors explode in your mouth, and the meat is juicy without being raw. Smoked chicken can be used and mixed in many more dishes.

It can be an ingredient in salads, snacks, and casseroles. The utilization of this component is constrained solely by the cook’s creative potential and technical expertise.

From a broader perspective, there are few to no limitations regarding chicken’s culinary potential. However, it is a meal that is tough for the stomach to digest and has high calories. And so it is not recommended for daily consumption.

Just like the broad spectrum of chicken recipes, there are also various ways to smoke your chicken breast. It can depend on the available ingredients or a specific taste you want to achieve. Indeed, trying is part of culinary learning. Here are 20 smoked chicken breast recipes you can try to start.

1. Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

This recipe infuses a homemade seasoning mix and smoke that will wrap the meat perfectly. This smoked chicken breast can be prepared quickly and easily and has a lot of taste.

Another thing about this recipe is that it is versatile and flexible. It can be used in several other recipes as side dishes or something that adds flavor to the meal. You may put it in salads, tacos, sandwiches, and wraps or serve it as a straightforward protein option at dinner and barbeque gatherings.

2. The Ultimate Smoked Chicken Recipe

This recipe is the work of someone dedicated to learning new things and improving recipes for better-tasting food. All ingredients involved are things you usually see in your kitchen or the local store.

In short, they are not hard to find or expensive. All you need to prepare is your patience and cooking skills. This recipe incorporates the right kind of sweetness with refreshing zest!

3. Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

This recipe explains the list of the five most crucial processes that must be taken to achieve a wonderfully juicy smoked chicken breast: the process of smoking at a low temp, brining, drying, searing, and finally cooking at the appropriate temperature.

These stops result in good, non-rubbery skin. All these steps are carefully instructed in this recipe to make sure it helps you achieve the juicy smoked chicken you aim for.

4. Pellet Grill Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

This recipe ensures that your smoked chicken breast dish is not dull. It keeps the chicken with popping flavors that last long, so your chicken breast keeps its top-tier taste even when left for a specific time.

This recipe features a special rub and glaze that helps with flavor absorption, ensuring the best flavor combination for your chicken. The formula is not confusing, and the explanations are handy.

5. Easy, Juicy Smoked Chicken Breast

Easy, Juicy Smoked Chicken Breast

This simple recipe for smoked chicken breasts is a delectable method for preparing chicken breasts. The meat is sure to come out beautifully moist and perfectly seasoned.

This straightforward smoker recipe calls for a chicken rub that’s easy to make at home. Additionally, it works wonderfully on a traditional smoker and a pellet grill. This recipe calls for a smoking duration of between two and three hours, the exact length of which is contingent upon the size and quantity of the chicken breasts.

6. Smoked BBQ Chicken Breast Recipe

This recipe for smoked chicken breasts involves a special rub that anyone may make. After that, the meat calls for a smoking temperature of approximately 250 degrees for about one hour.

As the temperature hits around 145, the recipe will guide you as you paint on the glaze and wait for it to caramelize onto the chicken. Taking the interior temperature of the meat will need a probe, so it would be helpful to have one in this recipe.

7. Traeger Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

Traeger Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

If you are looking for a good protein source that’s at the same time tasty, this Mexican smoked chicken breast is one of the best recipes you’ll come across. Contrary to most lean proteins, this chicken is moist, tender, and tasty.

It allows you to enjoy the flavor while watching your intake. It also works well with sides like rice and beans, sandwiches, tacos, salads, and tortas. It’s also great alone.

8. Simple Smoked Chicken Recipe

Chicken breasts that have been smoked are delicious at any time of the year, but they taste even better when the weather is warm. This recipe introduces a fresh and refreshing approach to smoking chicken.

In fact, it may even be uplifting, and you may consider it an additional ray of sunshine in your day. The ideal way to prepare this dish is to do so while surrounded by the people you care about most.

9. Easy Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

Easy Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

When smoking chicken breasts for the first time, it can be an overwhelming experience. There is no need for that because you can get all the guidance you need. It’s so easy that anyone can do it!

This Easy Smoked Chicken Breasts recipe is the best one to use when you’re just starting off. The ideal side dish for this smoked chicken breast recipe is either a potato salad or a broccoli salad.

10. Cured and Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

This chicken breast recipe walks you through the steps of curing and smoking the meat, which ultimately results in soft and moist meat. This dish calls for cold cuts of meat.

In terms of the necessary tools, this recipe calls for a cold smoke generator called a smoke daddy to be fitted to a standard gas grill. Overall, the instructions for the recipe are relatively simple to comprehend.

11. Applewood Smoked Chicken Recipe

Applewood Smoked Chicken Recipe

This Applewood Smoked Chicken will blow your taste buds away with its incredible flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. The chicken is rubbed with brown sugar, garlic, and smoked paprika to begin the process.

You get an astonishing flavor explosion in your mouth by combining all of these spices. This recipe has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Even while it could take a bit of time and work, having a soft, juicy, and tasty dish is worth it.

12. Smokerless Smoked Chicken Recipe

Your favorite baked, grilled, and roast chicken recipes might be rapidly replaced by this recipe’s juicy, smokey chicken. This video will undoubtedly help you learn and advance your culinary skills, mainly smoking.

The ingredients are also essential, so it’s no problem even for a newbie learner. This recipe also includes guidance in slicing up a whole chicken, which could be helpful, especially for beginners.

13. Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

This recipe for quick Smoked Chicken Breasts is prepared on a pellet grill. The preparation is straightforward. The juicy and tasty chicken breasts have been stripped of their bone and skin.

This dish covers the chicken in a dry rub that features the ideal proportions of savory, sweet, and fiery ingredients. In addition, this recipe does not need to brine or marinate the meat. The smoking process also takes only one hour, making it an ideal dish to prepare on busy nights.

14. Smoked Chili Chicken in Sauce Recipe

Put a twist to your usual smoked chicken breast recipe by spicing it up with sauces according to your preference. This recipe has been recommended by many because of the level of taste.

Sometimes, you would want to break away from bland-tasting chicken breast recipes, and this dish is a perfect thing to try. This is also an ideal recipe for people who like spicy and savory chicken.

15. Easy Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

Chicken Breast Recipe

This recipe offers not only a dish that will please your mouth and stomach but also your eyes from how delicious it looks. This recipe intricately explains and teaches you the essential parts of the process when smoking chicken breasts.

This recipe is a good guide in making every chicken breast flavorful, succulent, and tender by using a brine, a rub, a glaze, and a cooking method that is low and slow.

16. Perfectly Smoked Juicy and Tender Chicken

This recipe talks about a fool-proof way to smoke chickens. The method can produce multiple smoked chicken breasts, with everyone having a fantastic texture and good flavors.

With an emphasis on the importance of brine, this recipe will help you enhance your brine and become a game-changer when it comes to smoking chicken breast. The formula includes a brine recipe for your reference, or perhaps, you want to try it too.

17. Matcha-smoked Chicken With Mango Rice Salad Recipe

Matcha-smoked Chicken With Mango Rice Salad Recipe

The combination of matcha can be a new concept, but there’s no need to worry as diversity is also a fine thing for smoked chicken. This unique recipe calls for a double dose of matcha. These doses incorporate an acidic and zesty flavor.

The next step is to smoke them over a combination of rice, sugar, and matcha. These steps not only help to cook the meat but also impart an irresistible flavor of salty smoke complemented by emerald matcha’s delicate taste.

18. Smoked BBQ Chicken Recipe

This recipe introduces a simple smoked chicken recipe. Naturally, the instructions are straightforward to follow too. While this can have a relatively higher number of steps, it is to ensure that you will get the details, even the tiniest ones.

This recipe ensures you get precisely good results, meaning a smoked chicken breast that’s tasty, perfectly cooked, and hassle-free. There are a couple of techniques for you to learn in this recipe.

19. Fantastic Bourbon Smoked Chicken Recipe

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This recipe yields some of the most delicious and mouthwatering chicken you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. One of the methods in this recipe involves bathing the meat in butter and enhancing the flavor by incorporating the bourbon flavor in the brine.

It might shock you how relatively minor alterations significantly affect the chicken. This recipe for smoked chicken is already so delicious and savory that it does not require any additional garnish.

20. Smoked Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

Yes, smoked chicken is excellent and tasty, but it’s made even more delectable with the addition of more delicious ingredients. This recipe will give you more than what you expect. If you like cheese, this recipe is something you might like.

With this recipe, you will have pleasurable smoked chicken bites with cheese, dressing mix, and bacon bits. This might be worthy of a spot in your favorite smoked chicken breast recipe.

20 Best Smoked Chicken Breast Recipes

As chicken is one of the most flexible ingredients, there are still so many things to learn and experiment with in specific cooking methods like smoking. If you are still learning and experimenting with styles and techniques, these 20 smoked chicken breast recipes may help you start your journey in smoking chicken meat.


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