18 Delicious Chicken and Egg Recipes for Every Occasion

Have you thought of trying out some dishes with chicken and egg in them? You can combine these two ingredients in a number of creative ways to produce some really great tasting food.

The secret, of course, is in the combination of flavors. Why not try out some of the best chicken and egg recipes I’ve chosen for you? In all the recipes, both chicken and eggs are put in the spotlight.

With each recipe, the choice was easy for me, because something unusual grabbed my attention. Sometimes, it was the way the dish is presented that stood out, or the recipe interpreted a classic egg recipe in an original way, using the chicken.

1. Chicken and egg fried rice

Chicken and egg fried rice

A good fried rice dish always makes us feel as though we are experiencing something of the flavors of the east.

In this chicken and egg fried rice dish, the touch of soy sauce, combined with the garlic and onion blend to infuse the chicken, eggs and rice with a characteristic salty flavor.

When you’ve cooked the rice, the trick is to stir fry the other ingredients quickly over high heat and add the rice at the end.


2. Chicken breast and egg

The key to this chicken breast and egg dish is to fry the chunks of chicken breast in hot butter to seal in the flavor.

This is then combined with the thick creamy sauce, which uses just salt, pepper and oregano to produce a great flavor. The beauty of the dish is that you can easily adapt it to feed just one person or the whole family.


3. Crispy chicken and egg sandwich

Crispy chicken and egg sandwich

A sandwich is not always just a sandwich. And a chicken sandwich isn’t just a chicken sandwich when it features eggs.

The fun element in this recipe for a crispy chicken and egg sandwich is that the egg is fried and put on top of the bread. This makes the dish something of an inside-out sandwich. The flavor lies both between and outside of the bread.


4. Fried egg with chicken

There is no reason that fried eggs need only need to be breakfast food. With this recipe for fried egg and chicken, this well-loved staple becomes the basis of a great lunch or light dinner alternative.

The recipe does use cooked chicken breasts, that are fried with onion, then combined with the egg. This is a really great way to use left-over roast chicken too.


5. Chicken frittata

Chicken frittata

A frittata is a popular dish for breakfast and brunch. You can also serve it quite confidently at a party.

This chicken frittata can be prepared in two parts: the chicken, vegetables and flavoring are fried together, then the cream, eggs and peppers are beaten together and poured over this mix.

As the dish cooks, the chicken pieces will rise to the top. You can garnish the dish with fresh herbs.


6. Chicken, egg and rice dish

There is something about a bright, beautifully fried egg looking up at you from on top of a dish that asks you to try the food. You can think about this chicken, egg and rice dish as being layered.

First, there is a layer of steamed white rice. The fried chicken is spread over the rice. Then, a freshly fried egg is set atop the chicken, as the crowning glory. It’s best to fry the egg as you are setting out the rice and chicken.


7. Amy’s garlic egg chicken

Amy’s garlic egg chicken

When someone puts their name on a recipe, there has to be something special about it. This delicious recipe for Amy’s garlic egg chicken is no exception.

The key here is, of course, garlic. Everybody loves garlic, right? If not, you have to agree that garlic adds a lovely flavor to any dish. In this recipe, it’s the combination of the egg yolk and the garlic that gives the dish the edge.


8. Quick one egg and chicken recipe

You know when you come home, exhausted and find you have practically nothing to cook for supper?

For this quick, delicious quick one egg and chicken dish, all you need is one chicken breast, some eggs and a few small touches to produce a delicious supper in minutes. Follow the video steps to a tasty meal.


9. Chicken and egg omelet

Chicken and egg omelet

This must be the most perfect way to combine chicken and eggs. The chicken and egg omelet is a delightfully light outside ‘wrap’, while the combination of gruyere cheese and shredded chicken creates a creamy filling.

The salt and pepper add just enough seasoning to bring out the taste, while the chopped spinach makes a great combination with the other ingredients.


10. Chicken breast with egg and gouda cheese

Eating on a budget can be a bit of a challenge. This recipe for chicken breast with egg and gouda cheese makes things easier for you to keep within your limits.

It takes a few ingredients, one pan and only minutes to produce a delicious dish where diced chicken breasts nestle in a bed of eggs and spices. The final, perfect touch is given by the grated gouda cheese you sprinkle on top.


11. Chicken and egg scramble

Chicken and egg scramble

It is the green chilis in this chicken and egg scramble that give this take on an old favorite a unique flavor. The dish uses cooked, shredded chicken, which means you can easily use those leftover pieces, or the remains of a roast chicken.

The eggs are the last ingredient to be added, so they retain their slight fluffiness and pick up just that bit of the flavor which has infused the chicken and vegetables.


12. Famous Turkish chicken and egg recipe

There is nothing like frying your breakfast eggs on a nest of tasty chicken. The recipe for Turkish famous chicken and egg begins by frying chicken in a mix of oil, chili sauce, masala and pepper.

When this part of the dish is cooked through and the flavors have melded, the eggs are broken into the pan, over the chicken. The trick is to keep the eggs soft so they can become a sauce for the chicken.


13. Chicken and egg hash

Chicken and egg hash

This recipe for chicken and egg hash combines sliced up chicken breasts with diced bacon, cubed potatoes and chopped onions in one pan.

You can substitute the bacon with bits of other meat for a different flavor; or with mushrooms and spinach to complement the chicken. This will quickly become a favorite standby dish in your home.


14. Egg chicken curry

In this chicken curry recipe, the question about the chicken and egg takes on another angle. Which is the most significant and tasty ingredient?

The recipe combines caramelized onions with chicken, both cooked in a flavorsome spice mix. Hardboiled eggs are added towards the end of the cooking process.


15. Crustless chicken quiche

Crustless chicken quiche

The characteristic ingredient in a tasty quiche is cheese and bacon. This recipe for crustless chicken quiche adds chicken to these basics, which gives the crustless quiche a greater depth of flavor.

There is cream in the recipe, which produces a rich, thick consistency. This dish is the perfect indulgent recipe for a quiche.


16. Egg chicken pasta

You may wonder if the secret of a pasta dish is the pasta itself. This egg chicken pasta dish proves that the wonder of a pasta dish is the sauce, especially when it uses egg and chicken.

The key is in the flavor, which lies in the combination of ginger, masala and red chili powder. These ingredients are mixed into a paste and used as a marinade for the chicken.


17. Chicken scotch eggs

Chicken scotch eggs

Scotch eggs are apparently not from Scotland, so you won’t be cooking any traditional dish with this chicken scotch egg recipe. What you will create is an innovative spin on the basic scotch egg dish.

Instead of creating a nest of breadcrumbs for the egg, you mix in the chicken mince. It’s the combination of the herbs and mustard with the chicken mince that gives the dish its flavor.


18. Chicken deviled eggs

This recipe for fried chicken deviled eggs with honey and lemon is an original take on the classic recipe for a popular finger food. There are two phases to the recipe.

The chicken is cut into chunks that are coated with a flour mixture and deep fried. These are placed on the stuffed and peeled boiled eggs, then drizzled with a honey and lemon sauce to create a tasty alternative.

18 Best Chicken and Egg Recipes

Chicken and eggs are a great combination in some tasty recipes, for breakfast, lunch, a snack, or even a light supper. This list of the best chicken and egg recipes presents plenty of opportunities to create tasty dishes for when you feel like preparing a quick, unusually tasty dish.


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