25 Best Chicken Apple Sausage Recipes

Are you looking for a delicious, nutritious, and exciting recipe to make for friends and family? Then you must make one of these chicken apple sausage recipes.

This year, we say NO to bland, uninteresting recipes. We don’t end up throwing hotdogs into the pan! Chicken apple sausage is too flexible for that.

If you need help with what to do, don’t worry! I have outlined my favorite chicken apple sausage recipes to keep your taste buds tantalized and your stomach filled. Shall we?

1. Glazed Chicken Apple Sausage

Glazed Chicken Apple Sausage

If you love grilled food as much as I do, this recipe is for you!

The glazed chicken apple sausage recipe is perfect for warm nights and hosting dinner with friends and family. The beauty of this recipe is that the grilling incorporates this smoky flavor that enhances the food’s smell and taste.


2. Breakfast Hash

Do you have a tight schedule and want something quick to make for the family? Don’t sleep on this recipe. It’s a satisfying breakfast recipe that’s insanely easy to make, so even if you suck in the kitchen, you can make something everyone will love.


3. Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos

Warning: Don’t try this recipe, or you will never stop making it.

It’s one of my favorite breakfast recipes of all time. Aside from the fact that it’s tasty and delightful, This dish is very filling because it’s a great source of fiber and protein. You can grab and go and still meet your nutritional requirements.


4. Chicken Sausage Apple & Veggie Skillet

When the fall season comes, I think of apples and potatoes. But for some families, this season is jam-packed with activities and tight schedules. This one-pan recipe is perfect if you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen.

Plus, it’s a great way to incorporate vegetables into your dish, a particularly good strategy if you’re trying to get your kids to eat more veggies.


5. Apple Chicken Sausage Strata

Apple Chicken Sausage Strata

Here’s another stress-free breakfast you can try. The apple chicken sausage strata is super delicious because it finely blends sausages and apples in layers of crunchy bread. While it may not be the simplest recipe, the taste is worth your time.


6. Chicken Apple Sausage Pasta

Everyone loves juicy, savory pasta, but what’s pasta without a twist? The chicken apple sausage pasta recipe is highly nutritious and easy to make. You can prepare this dish in less than 20 minutes. Plus, it’s a great option if you’re looking for gluten-free recipes.


7. Apple Chicken Sausage Pizza

Apple Chicken Sausage Pizza

If you love pizza recipes as much as I do and are looking for quick meals to fit into your hectic schedule, check out this recipe!

The beautiful thing about this recipe is that it’s super easy and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less if you use an existing dough. Making your dough from scratch may take longer cooking time.


8. Paleo Chicken Apple Sausage Patties

Do you want an easy, yummy, and HEALTHY chicken apple sausage recipe? Then, pay attention to Paleo Chicken Apple Sausage Patties. The “Paleo” in its name should already give it away.

It’s a fantastic homemade recipe because it’s made from natural ingredients, giving you completel control of the dish.


9. Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash

Sausage and Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash

This classic dish is memorable for one reason: it combines seemingly incompatible ingredients to create a fantastic, blended flavor. The flavor is so balanced that the sweet and spicy ingredients don’t overpower each other. It’s the perfect party dish.


10. Apple Chicken Sausage Salad

This is another easy homemade recipe perfect for those trying to eat healthy or lose weight. Like most salad recipes, it’s effortless to make, and you don’t need much kitchen experience to whip this up. Once you’ve prepared the sausage, all you need to do is mix everything up.


11. Mac and Cheese with Delicious Chicken Sausage

Mac and Cheese with Delicious Chicken Sausage

I know what you’re thinking: Mac and Cheese don’t go well with apple chicken sausage. It’s a weird combination!

Well, this is one rare occasion you’re wrong on all levels. Delicious apple chicken sausage contrasts the mac and cheese, making it the best combo. No flavor overpowers the other. They blend perfectly.


12. Chicken Apple Sausage Stuffed Peppers

This recipe is the most aesthetic recipe on this list. For those that didn’t grow up with stuffed peppers, it’s simply peppers filled with meat, vegetables, and whole grains. They are perfect for quick snacks or for hosting friends and family. They are juicy and savory; you can be creative with what you stuff inside the peppers.


13. Chicken Apple Sausage and Lentil Soup

Chicken Apple Sausage and Lentil Soup

The fall season often has a cool atmosphere, so what better way to survive the season than with chicken apple sausage and lentil soup?

The flavor from the chicken apple sausage beautifully contrasts that of the lentil soup, creating a healthy balance. It’s easy to cook because all you have to do is throw the ingredients in the pot and leave it to simmer.


14. Chicken Apple Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Most people make the typical breakfast casserole with regular sausage, but have you tried it with the chicken apple sausage? My goodness!

It enhances the dish’s flavor and has less fat and calories, perfect for those on weight loss journeys. If you have potatoes, don’t hesitate to add them.


15. Chicken Apple Sausage Skewers

Chicken Apple Sausage Skewers

Are you looking for a chicken apple sausage recipe for your next grill? This recipe is all you need. They are super easy to make and are perfect for sharpening your grilling skills. The sausage is very flavorful, so grilling it adds smoky flavor that enhances its taste.


16. Sheet Pan Chicken Apple Sausage

It doesn’t get better than a sheet pan dinner. It’s tasty, delicious, filling, and effortless to make. It doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes to prepare. You can prepare this recipe using chicken apple sausages, vegetables, potatoes, maple syrup, and olive oil.


17. Sausage and Mushroom Omelet

Sausage and Mushroom Omelet

This is easily one of my favorite recipes of all time. Of course, you know that sausages and eggs are a beautiful combo. The beautiful thing about this recipe is that there are no set guidelines.

You can be as creative as you want with this recipe, as long as the major ingredients, egg and chicken apple sausage, is present.


18. Chicken Apple Sausage Bites

Are you looking for the best appetizer for hosting friends and family or simply spending time with loved ones? Don’t sleep on this recipe. The sausage emits a unique flavor, making it the perfect appetizer as you prepare the main dish.

Unlike what many people believe, this recipe is not as complicated as people think.


19. Chicken Apple Sausage Kale, and Rice Soup


Looking for another chicken apple sausage soup recipe for the cold weather? Here you have it! I like this recipe because it’s healthy, suitable for cool weather, and perfect for family dinners, especially if you have kids. It’s a fantastic way to add vegetables to their diet.


20. Chicken Apple Sausage with Sweet Potatoes

Potato lovers, gather here for a selfie!

Everyone knows that sweet potatoes blend with almost anything; chicken apple sausages are no exception. The chicken apple sausage emits a sweet flavor that complements the potato flavor, creating an excellent combo.


21. Penne, Peppers and Chicken Apple Sausage Saute

Penne, Peppers and Chicken Apple Sausage Saute

If you love spicy food, check this recipe out.

It’s a satisfying dish that adds chicken apple sausage and hot bell peppers to enhance the pasta’s flavor, making it perfect for a weeknight dinner. If you don’t like the recipe being too spicy, you can tone it down.


22. Butternut Squash and Apple Chicken Sausage

Another easy-to-make, homemade recipe is the butternut squash and apple chicken sausage recipe. You only need four ingredients- chicken sausage, spices (cinnamon or garlic powder), apple, and butternut squash- to make this delicious dish.

Perfect for breakfast or lunch, especially when you don’t have time to make elaborate meals.


23. Italian Chicken Gnocchi

Italian Chicken Gnocchi

I have always been a fan of Italian foods, but this recipe took it to a new level. The conventional Italian Chicken Gnocchi typically uses only gnocchi, sauce, and diced or shredded chicken. But if you want to take this recipe to the next level, add the chicken apple sausage to emit a unique flavor and enhance its taste.


24. Cabbage, Apples and Sausage

Cabbage, Apples and Sausage

Are you looking for an easy chicken apple sausage recipe that is HIGHLY nutritious? Try this one. Cabbage, onions, and apples have so many nourishing benefits. The sausage boosts the food’s overall flavor.


25.  Honey Mustard Sweet Potato and Chicken Sausage

Honey Mustard Sweet Potato and Chicken Sausage

You’re in the stone age if you’ve never tried honey mustard and apple chicken sausage. Both are great alone but make the most delicious family meal when combined. The beautiful thing about this dish is that it’s durable. You can store it in the freezer or reuse the leftovers.

Final Words

I have carefully curated these chicken apple sausage recipes to suit every taste preference. All you have to do is choose one that you like and go with it. It doesn’t matter how good you are in the kitchen. Many recipes on this list are super easy to prepare.

Chicken Apple Sausage Recipes


25 Best Chicken Apple Sausage Recipes


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