17 Best Unbeatable Bone-In Chicken Breasts Recipes

We all love chicken in lunch and dinner. Here are millions of recipes to cook and season the drumsticks and the boneless chicken. But what about the bone-in chicken breasts?

Have you tried bone-in chicken breast recipes? If not, then I think you need this blog post. After having a look at all these mouth-watering, easy to make, delicious bone-in chicken breast recipes, you will be definitely compelled to try them.

Chicken breasts are sometimes dry and tough if not cooked properly. And chicken drumsticks are a little expensive. To tackle with, you can use bone-in chicken breast recipes to feed your hungry family.

They are so economical and juicy, tender to eat. They are the perfect solution for your dining table.

I have gathered these bone-in chicken breast recipes for you after a long research and experiments. All these recipes are healthy and super easy to make. So, what we are waiting for? Let’s start.

1. Simple BBQ Chicken

Simple BBQ Chicken

My list starts with this BBQ bone-in chicken breast recipe. I always like to make this chicken in dinners as it is super tasty and juicy. It saves a lot of time and is prepared in minutes.

It gives the traditional BBQ taste. It is marinated with BBQ sauce to give a smokey and hickory flavor.

Typical BBQ chicken is grilled to give a perfect taste. But for your ease, you can bake it in the oven or fry it in an air fryer.

Some people remove the skin from the chicken. But chicken seasoned and baked with skin is much crispier and flavorful. The skin prevents it from drying and keeps it juicy.


2. Baked Split Chicken Breast

The next one is baked split chicken. The bone in chicken breast is baked to perfection to beautifully crispy seasoned skin with juicy meat inside.

You can pair this recipe with your favorite sides to give your family a complete meal. I prefer to pair it with mashed potatoes or baked vegetable plater.


3. Zhug Chicken

Zhug Chicken

Zhug chicken is a new addition to my bone-in chicken breast recipes. In this recipe, deliciously cooked chicken is served with zhug sauce and citrus salad.

The zhug sauce is prepared with chopped parsley leaves, cilantro and zhug spices. The zhug condiment is similar to chimichurri. The fragrant herbs and the bright spices give the chicken a refreshing taste.


4. Sofrito Chicken and Cauliflower Rice

Sofrito Chicken and Cauliflower Rice

Try this sofrito chicken and cauliflower rice to decorate your dinner table. The juicy bone-in chicken breasts are seasoned with the sofrito sauce.

The sofrito is a common Spanish sauce prepared from sauteed tomatoes and flavored with different herbs. It can be prepared at home or you can buy it ready-made from the grocery stores.


5. Spicy Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Lime Butter

Spicy grilled chicken with cilantro lime butter is a Mexican-inspired recipe. It gives you a unique taste and you will love its elegant appearance.

To marinate the chicken, just throw the cilantro, lemon zest, lime juice, garlic, and dried coriander into the blender and blend. A really, really easy marination!

Don’t forget to add your love. Truly your family will enjoy the taste and texture!


6. Hot honey chicken

Hot honey chicken

This hot honey chicken is super crispy and juicy to eat. It gives a sweet taste with a punch of hot spices.

The secret of its crunch is its double coating of bread crumbs. A combination of sweet honey and spices are all its goodness.

It is a perfect meal for weeknight family dinners. Along with its charming taste, it can give you good family time.


7. Southern Stewed Chicken

The southern stew chicken is really amazingly awesome. A warm hug of flavors, spices and the aromatic smell from the chicken cooking on the stove is a big deal.

It is very easy to prepare. No hectic marination or cooking.

It might be called a grandma recipe because it is a traditional southern recipe. But the real taste will provoke your emotions and you will feel the deep taste.


8. Chicken & Mushroom Alfredo

Chicken & Mushroom Alfredo

Chicken and mushroom alfredo is an Italian dish. Its combination of classic flavors and spices gives a mind-blowing taste.

It is served with pasta and creamy sauce to enhance the flavor and provide a complete meal. It is garnished with grated cheese and spices.

It’s a treat for the mushroom lovers just like me.


9. Chicken Breasts with Herb Basting Sauce

Chicken breasts with herb-basting sauce are perfect to serve guests at dinners. It’s pretty delicious look is perfect to decorate the dining table.

Basted chicken breasts with thyme, rosemary, marjoram and sage give a unique taste. Its skin is baked until it is crunchy and crispy.


10. Chicken with orange and chorizo

Chicken with orange and chorizo

Sauteed chicken and chorizo are steamed in orange juice. It gives a unique royal taste. The contrast of sweet orange and the flavors of chorizo makes this dish extra special.

Its soft texture and salty savory taste will make you addicted to it and you will be cooking it on every other day.


11. Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken

Slow cooker pineapple chicken is a Hawaiian recipe. It gives you the best comfort food. In this recipe, bone-in chicken breasts are cooked in a slow cooker with fresh chunks of pineapple.

The pineapple juice makes the chicken juicy and tender. The flavor of pineapple is enriched in the chicken to give a nice satisfying taste to the taste buds.

I also add some crushed pineapple and extra pineapple juice for extra flavor. You can use fresh or canned pineapple, both will do well.

For a delightful journey into Slow Cooker Chicken dishes, you might enjoy exploring our ‘26 Best Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes‘.


12. Garlic Soy Roasted Chicken With Mushrooms

Garlic Soy Roasted Chicken With Mushrooms

Try this garlic soy roasted chicken with mushroom to give a change to your ordinary dinner. As I am a mushroom lover, I am obsessed.

Whenever I am stuck on what to cook, I always or mostly end up on this garlic soy roasted bone-in chicken breasts and mushrooms.

This bone in chicken breast recipe flavored with soy and garlic feels really dreamy and aesthetic.


13. Corn Meal Crusted Chicken

Corn Meal Crusted Chicken

At first when I found this recipe, I thought that it will not be much tasty. But later I tried and I was like…not bad!

The bone-in chicken breast is crusted with corn meal and flavored with rosemary. The chicken is first dipped in beaten eggs, coated with corn meal and, then baked in a preheated oven.


14. Bone-in Chicken Ditalini Soup

Bone-in Chicken Ditalini Soup

Bone in chicken ditalini soup is a nutritious joy. Its soul healing taste is refreshing and mindful. You can use your own favorite veggies in the soup.

This hearty hot soup will warm you in the chilly nights of winter. My mother often makes this soup for me when I am sick as it is healthy too.


15. Brined Herb Bone-In Chicken Breasts

Brined Herb Bone-In Chicken Breasts

Sometimes ,the breast meat becomes too dry to eat givinig no flavor. So, to make it more flavorful and juicy, chicken is first brined.

The herbs like bay leaves, rosemary and lemon are added to the water. The bone-in chicken breast is soaked in this water for the desired time.

Then seasoned and then baked. The brine makes the chicken so flavorful, juicy and tender. It is so delicious to think, how tasty it would be to eat?


16. Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken

Nothing can beat crock pot balsamic chicken. It looks so pretty and mouth-watering. Its smell awakens my appetite.

Its uniqueness is the balsamic vinegar. It is generally less acidic than ordinary vinegar. It is made from grapes in Italy. It might be expensive but it’s really, really good.

It’s my and my family’s all time favorite. Last time I made it in a friends get-together. Believe me, it rocked!


17. Rustic Garlic Roasted Chicken with Asiago Gravy

Rustic Garlic Roasted Chicken with Asiago Gravy

This rustic roasted chicken is one pot meal with its super tasty asiago gravy. The asiago gravy is made from asiago cheese which is fully packed with flavors. My mum and dad love this gravy.

The bone-in chicken breasts and the garlic cloves are roasted to give an amazingly mindful taste. Their shiny golden-brown color always waters my mouth.

You can serve it with your favorite veggies. Roast the veggies under the chicken, they will fully absorb the flavors of the chicken.

Best Unbeatable Bone-In Chicken Breasts Recipes

17 Best Unbeatable Bone-In Chicken Breasts Recipes

I have tried all of these recipes one by one. But I am still confused about which one is best. All of them are so delicious and heart-warming. I often prefer bone-in chicken breasts as they are very economical and budget-friendly and take very less time to prepare and cook. Try them today!
So, this was my list of bone-in chicken breast recipes. I hope you will like it. Please show your love in comments. That’s all was my experience. Please tell us about your experience in the comment section. If I missed your favorite one then please let me know. I will love to hear back.


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