How to Store Cake?

Do you need to bake a cake in advance? Or do you have leftover cake? Did someone give you a cake, but you want to eat it later?

Whatever the situations are, you need to store them correctly. Proper storage is the key to maintaining the cake’s quality. This article reveals tips on how to keep cakes. These simple hacks can help you enjoy your cake anytime you want.

How to Store Frosted and Unfrosted Cake

Every type of cake has its storage guideline. It will depend on whether the cake is frosted or unfrosted.

Storing frosted cakes


It’s best to store a frosted cake in a cake keeper or cake dome. An overturned mixing bowl can also do the trick. Place the cake in your chosen container on top of a table or counter, away from direct sunlight. Make sure also to avoid placing the cake near a stove or any heat-producing appliance.

Wrapping the frosted cake in plastic wrap is unnecessary. It may stick to the frosting and become messy. It’s okay not to wrap the cake since the frosting will serve as its protective barrier. You can keep the frosted cake for up to five days at room temperature.

Storing unfrosted cakes


It’s best to wait for the cake to cool before storing it. A hot pastry produces condensation that may mess up the wrapper. After the cake has cooled down, you may do the following steps.

  1. Use plastic wrap to pack each cake layer.
  2. Wrap each piece tightly and secure the sides, bottoms, and tops.
  3. Place the wrapped cake layers inside a ziplock bag.
  4. Lay them down on the kitchen counter.

You may keep the cake for up to five days. Please ensure they are not exposed to any heat source or direct sunlight.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to store frosted and unfrosted cakes.

How to Store Cut Cakes and Fruit-Filled Cakes

Storing cake slices can be tricky. It would be best if you also gave extra care to cakes with fruit fillings. The following tips can help you keep these types of cakes correctly.

Storing cut cakes

Moisture starts to escape as soon as you slice your cake. Dried-out cakes grow stale quickly whether they’re frosted or unfrosted. You have the following options to keep the cut or leftover cake.

First Option: Use more frosting

  1. Cover the cake’s edges with additional frosting.
  2. Place it inside a food keeper or a plate with a cover.

Second Option: Use a plastic wrap

  1. Press a sheet of plastic wrap on the cake’s exposed sides.
  2. Cover the whole keep with the plastic sheet.
  3. Store it inside a cake keeper or food container.

Please note that you can keep the cake for up to three days. Both methods require room temperature for best results. It’s best to store the cake in a cool, dry place, like a kitchen counter.

Third option: Freeze the cake

  1. Put the cake slice on a dessert plate.
  2. Cover it tightly with plastic wrap.
  3. Cover it again with aluminum foil.

Storing cakes with fruit fillings

Fruit-filled cakes require special care. They don’t hold well in the freezer. It is because this cake type has fruit that’s mostly water. When water freezes, it expands. This process destroys the cake’s structure. It will also make it soggy when defrosted.

Room temperature is okay if you plan to eat the cake within the day. However, the cake may lose its quality after 24 hours. The bottom line, cakes with fruit fillings are best consumed freshly baked.

Suppose you’re planning to bake a fruit-filled cake ahead of time. It’s best to bake the layers and store them. You may follow the instructions mentioned above. You may add the fruit fillings and toppings a few hours before serving.

Is It Okay to Refrigerate a Cake?


There are better ideas than refrigerating cake. The fridge’s humidity makes the cake lose its moisture. When the cake becomes dry, it will be crumbly and tough.

When can you refrigerate a cake?

Sometimes, storing the cake inside the fridge is better than keeping it at room temperature. You may refrigerate the cake given the following situations.

  • The cake contains perishable ingredients such as whipped cream, fresh fruits, mascarpone, or ice cream.
  • The kitchen is hot or busy with cooking activities.
  • The weather is hot and humid.

How to refrigerate a cake

Wrap unfrosted cakes in plastic wrap before placing them in the fridge. This technique protects the cake from losing moisture. It can also prevent your pastry from absorbing the different smells inside your fridge.

Meanwhile, you must chill frosted cakes for 15 minutes before storing them. The icing needs to harden so you can easily pack it in plastic wrap. It’s best to place the wrapped cake inside a cake keeper for extra protection. It can also keep it fresh for up to one week.

Is it okay to freeze a cake?

It’s okay to freeze the cake, especially if you want to keep it for a long time. It’s a great way to keep frosted and unfrosted cakes fresh for extended periods.

How to freeze the cake

The following are ways to freeze cakes properly:

  • Use the bakery box: Cover the container with two layers of plastic wrap before freezing.
  • Use a cake keeper: Place the cake inside the container and snap the covers shut.
  • Use plastic wrap: Cool the cake layers and cover them with a double layer of cling wrap.

3 Tips on Storing Cake


The following are more tips to help you store your cake correctly.

Tip 1: Consider the cake’s ingredients

First, analyze the cake’s ingredients. Then decide on a storage technique. For example, a cake topped and filled with fresh fruit must be refrigerated. On the other hand, a cake with buttercream frosting will keep it fresh at room temperature. Generally, cakes with perishable additives or garnishes need to be kept cold.

Tip 2: Protect the cake with frosting

Aside from enhancing flavor, frosting also serves as the cake’s protective barrier. However, you need to ensure that the frosting is not made of perishable elements. The technique is to slather a generous amount of frosting before storing it.

Tip 3: Be creative and improvise

An overturned mixing bowl works well as a cake dome. You may also use some toothpicks to protect the frosting from the plastic wrap. Lastly, a food container with snap-on locks can be an excellent cake slice container.

Learn more about storing cakes in this video.


Sometimes, you might need to store your cakes for a few days or weeks. Knowing how to store cake correctly will keep it fresh and delicious. The cake’s ingredients will dictate the best method to wrap and store your cake.

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