20 Best Sugar Free Cake Recipes

Sticking to a healthy diet is such a challenging task, especially if most of the recipes you can get your hands on don’t match your diet restrictions. So, you might be wondering, how can I choose between a healthy lifestyle and pleasure?

Honestly, do you really have to make such big decisions when you can have both? In this post, we will give you the 20 sugar-free cake recipes that will save you from being torn between pleasure and health. These are highly-rated recipes, easy to make with just the right ingredients.

Before anything else, let us tell you what it really means when we say sugar-free cakes.

Sugar-free, according to the Cambridge dictionary, refers to foods that do not contain any sugar. Instead, these have a sweet taste because of artificial sweeteners. Some of the sweeteners that are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration are Neotame, Sucralose, Aspartame, and Stevia.

People who like to bake sugar-free cakes use Sucralose and Stevia as alternatives more often. These recipes we will give you might also contain the same ingredient. If not, the sweetener used is different. Even so, all are considered sugar-free cakes.

1. Sugar-free sponge cake

sugar free cake mix

Our first recipe will be this sugar-free sponge cake– a classic sponge cake but with no added sugars.

This sponge cake recipe is popular because it is airy and light. Actually, this trait is common to sponge cakes. This cake also has low fat.

The eggs you will use for this recipe are the deal breaker. Ensure that it is at room temperature and in good condition.  

2. Sugar-free moist chocolate cake

Any list of dessert recipes will never be complete without chocolate, so here it is! Sugar-free moist chocolate cake.

This is a low-carb recipe that is perfect not just for sugar-free lovers but also for people who are on a Keto diet. You can also modify the toppings for this cake and add some low-carb fruits. This cake is an alternative to cakes you can buy at shops!  

3. Healthy sugar-free banana cake

sugar free cake near me

Another classic cake recipe with a healthy twist, sugar-free banana cake! The owner of this recipe came from a health-conservative family. This recipe is made so they can still enjoy celebrations without fear of violating their sugar-free lifestyle.

If you follow the exact recipe, the cake will somehow taste like a banoffee pie. This cake is also gluten-free and will be suitable for vegetarians.  

4. Almond cake

Here is a sugar-free and gluten-free almond cake! This almond cake recipe is just like bread, in appearance and in fluffiness! So, if you want something simple to pair with coffee or any beverage, rely on this one.

You can make this recipe with ease. You don’t need frosting and other kinds of extravagant toppings. However, this recipe uses stevia sweetener; make sure you have it.  

5. Lemon bundt cake

sugar free cake recipe

Our next recipe has lemon zest, juice, and extract. That said, expect that this cake recipe will be citrusy and perfect for people who love that flavor.

Lemon bundt cake is getting more popular. But this one is different since it is sugar-free. Lemon juice can make a cake moist and fluffy. Yet, be careful not to overuse it on this cake.  

6. Basic sugar-free cake

Looking for a sugar-free cake that you can freely consume every day? We got you!

This basic sugar-free cake is a recipe you can do easily while the end result is still delicious. Also, as we said, this is something you can consume for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

It has few ingredients, so it is affordable. The topping in this recipe is simple, but you can change it.  

7. Carrot cake with orange cream cheese icing

pillsbury sugar free cake mix

Moving on from a basic cake recipe, here is the complete opposite! Carrot cake frosted with orange cream cheese. This sugar-free cake has many ingredients.

Despite it being costly, do not worry since its nutritional value could make up for the cost. It has proteins, calories, and fiber. Indeed, this is a healthy dessert. Just note that this is not a keto-friendly cake; it has carbohydrates.  

8. Keto-friendly lemon cake

Our next recipe is a low-carb lemon cake! This recipe is not a pure lemon cake recipe. Simply because it has a blueberry filling. However, this is still a sugar-free cake because the filling is made without sugar.

You can make your own filling for this one. Also, you can buy ready-made ones at stores. Just ensure that it is sugar-free.  

9. Zero sugar apple cinnamon coffee cake

sugar free cake mix recipes

This suga- free apple cinnamon cake is perfect for coffee lovers. It is best paired with this drink. That’s the reason why it is called coffee cake, not because it has coffee.

This recipe is fast to do. You will only need a total of fifty minutes to yield a twenty-serving cake. Plus, this cake has lots of nutritional value per slice.  

10. Sugar-free walnut cake

Looking for something crunchy in every bite? This sugar-free walnut cake will give you that. Since this is a walnut cake, you can expect crunch or crispiness. Just beware if you have any allergies.

This is a great, delicious, and healthy recipe. It is low in carbs which are also perfect for the keto diet.  

11. Red velvet layer cake

sugar free cake recipes

Our next recipe is for our red velvet cake lovers here. This sugar-free recipe is still sweet because of xylitol– the sugar substitute. One recommendation for making this recipe is to use powdered xylitol.

You can make this two-layer red velvet cake recipe with ease. Preparation time is around an hour and ten minutes.  

12. Fruit cake

If you want a more fruity cake for your occasions, this fruit cake should be on your list. We all know that fruit cakes are supposed to be sweet, as all cakes are, but this one is not just sweet but also healthy. This recipe uses jaggery as an artificial sweetener.

This fruit cake can also be made without the oven and eggs!  

13. Pineapple lush cake

lemon sugar free cake

Who says pineapple can’t be on cakes too? Our next recipe is a sugar-free pineapple lush cake. If you only want to focus on one fruit, unlike the previous recipe, try this.

This recipe can be made within forty-five minutes. It’s so easy and fast since you can just use ready-made products like cake mix and canned pineapples. Follow the proper instructions, and this cake will be a crowd-pleaser!  

14. Tres Leches sugar-free cake

Not only does this recipe have a beautiful name, but the appearance is also eye-pleasing!

Tres Leches sugar-free cake has three layers. People often find this recipe delicate and hard to make. But what you really need to do is only ensure that the measurements of the ingredients are accurate. When you do, you will get a milky, moist, and soft cake.  

15. Sugar-free hummingbird cake

sugar free cake recipes for diabetics

One fantastic thing about our following recipe is that it doesn’t need a sugar alternative anymore. Hummingbird cakes are made of bananas, which is a sweet fruit as is.

But this exact recipe does not only use bananas. It also has pineapples, passion fruit pulp, and apple purée, which all add extra natural sweetness.  

16. Quinoa chocolate cake

Quinoa is a popular cereal that people eat on a regular basis. They often mix it with other food. But who would expect that this could be ground and be an alternative to regular flour in cakes?

Some people think that this cake will have a bitter taste. Well, that will only happen if you don’t clean the Quinoa properly. Eat this sugar-free Quinoa chocolate cake guilt-free!  

17. Chocolate strawberry cake

gluten free sugar free cake

Do you love strawberries and chocolate but are afraid to ruin your diet? Well, worry no more because this chocolate strawberry cake will get your back. You won’t feel guilty anymore.

This cake has four layers. It has frosted strawberry buttercream and is also drizzled with chocolate ganache. You can make sixteen servings of cake in just forty minutes with this recipe.  

18. Sugar-free vegan plum cake

Next on our list is a sugar-free vegan plum cake. This cake is perfect for holidays, where gatherings usually happen, and you do not know if your guests are health conscious or not! So, it’s either serve a healthy cake like this or be sorry later.

This recipe is also alcohol-free, unlike other plum cakes. It also has a clean festive appearance.  

19. Coffee cake

sugar free cake frosting

Here’s our real coffee-flavored sugar-free cake! This recipe uses stevia and erythritol as sugar alternatives.

If you are looking for a bitter cake, you should consider making this cake. However, you are still advised not to over-add the coffee powder so that the bitter and robust  flavor is just tolerable. This is a great cake if you want to explore new flavors!  

20. Sugar-free coconut cake

For our last recipe, here is a sugar-free coconut cake!

This cake is fluffy and can be paired with any drink. You can also eat this any time of the day since this is just like ordinary bread. Eat this coconut cake without guilt because it is healthy.

Expect a chewy and crunchy texture when you eat this!

20 Best Sugar Free Cake Recipes

We are done introducing the 20 sugar-free cake recipes we gathered just for you! Now, do your part and try any of these and let us know what you think of them!
Indeed, a healthy lifestyle is a must. But you don’t have to quit the pleasure of eating what you want, especially with the help of these healthy cake recipes.


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  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Sugar Free Cake Recipe in 60 minutes or less!


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