20 Best Cake Flour Recipes

Pastries and cakes are classic and fancy food that can be eaten any time of the day; pancakes for breakfast, bread for lunch, and cakes for dessert. People may see it as an oven-baked masterpiece that primarily uses flour—but little do they know, flour also has a wide variation.

Cake flours are one of them, which is a low-protein flour that gives the fluffiest, moistest, and jiggly cakes ever. Coined from its name, cake flour is often used for cakes, but the truth is, you can also use it for a long list of pastries!

If you have ample cake flour at home, explore some more in baking! Below is a list of delectable recipes suitable for every taste palette that you could make for a sweeter and tastier family dinner!

1. Frosted Sugar Cookies

cake flour recipes

Looking for the perfect cookies? You might want to try baking sugar cookies. These cookies will surely be loved by the kids as it gives happy Christmas vibes.

This cookie recipe only takes 50 minutes to create 24 cookies—indeed, perfect for a snack. What are you waiting for? Grab those ingredients, ready your apron, and start the baking! Believe me; the kids will ask for milk to dunk those cookies!

2. Vanilla Cake

What could ever go wrong with vanilla? The perfection of its sweetness and warmth would catch everyone’s heart at parties—as vanilla is the safest choice for everyone, including picky eaters.

Your family and guests would surely want a versatile cake with pillow fluff texture; hence, it is your sign to opt for cake flour. Follow this recipe from butter cut bakery to bring sweetness to your dinner nights!  

3. Chinese Lotus Seed Buns

swans down cake flour recipes

All the way from East Asia, these Chinese Lotus Seed Buns might become your new pastry favorite! Coined from its name, it is made from lotus flower seed that gives the aroma and taste of a chestnut flavor. Working this together with low protein flour such as cake flour will make it undeniably great results!

4. Moist Chocolate Cake

A sweet tooth favorite! Undoubtedly, those who crave sweets frequently choose chocolate because who could resist it? Chocolate will be the main star of your table if you serve this tonight.

A cup of cake flour, quality cocoa powder, eggs, sugar, and milk are some ingredients you need to create an exceptionally soft cake, and it will do the magic.

5. Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake

swans cake flour recipes

Spice up your breakfast with something aromatic and sweet! This cinnamon roll recipe gives the edge of buttery and sweet fluffy cake.

The fun never stops there; cream cheese frosting is also necessary to get that delicious flavor that flatters the base flavor. Get ready to be swirled to the taste of this cake, especially when you eat it with a pair of hot milk or coffee with a friend or family.

6. Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberries are better with a sweet and tangy flavor but best when turned into a Japanese strawberry shortcake. This recipe from Gracias Treats presents techniques and processes on how to make one that will always satisfy your expectations.

Even if you have bought a strawberry with a hint of sourness, worry not because its frosting will complement it having the perfection of sweetness and sourness that will create an impeccable result. A sponge cake that melts in your mouth? I am down for it!

7. Butter Cookies

swan cake flour recipes

Another pastry staple coming into your house! Butter cookies are butter-infused biscuit that surely makes your house smell like a bakery when you make them.

If you have a tight schedule, but you’re craving cookies, try this recipe that you can make in under 20 minutes with only six ingredients! Catch everyone’s attention, even just with the cookie’s aroma.

8. Butter Cake

Trying out your beginner’s luck? Butter cake is the way to go! As butter cake is the easiest cake to make, according to some, this also serves sweetness and fluffiness just like any other cake!

The failure percentage in this recipe is very low because overmixing would not be an issue; In fact, you will probably need a lot of patience to mix the batter to create that light and soft texture that everybody loves.

9. Quadruple Chocolate Chip Cookies

king arthur cake flour recipes

We all know that chocolate chip cookies are the perfect cookies for every sweet tooth. From the crispy outside to the ooey-gooey chocolate, this recipe served the best giant chocolate cookies.

This recipe highlights using Cake flour as it is the secret to soft cookies that melt in your mouth. Quadruple chocolate in a cookie means quadruple happiness in every bite!

10. Cream Cheese Pound Cake

If you are tired of good plain pound cake, you should try this cream cheese-flavored pound cake! Pound cakes sometimes end up as dry and hard cakes and even lack flavor. Worry not because this recipe by Felicia Reign demonstrates how to create the perfect cream cheese pound cake with only seven ingredients!

11. Cream Cheese Cookies

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Who would dare to ignore a creamy and cheesy cookie? Everyone will surely love these cream cheese cookies made from scratch!

As simple as it sounds, you will only need less than ten ingredients to make these addicting cookies. Be mindful of using cream cheese and cake flour to achieve those cloud-like soft cookies. Rest assured that this will be your next hit.

12. Coconut Cake

Do you miss summer, especially that tropical vibe? Then this heavenly coconut cake is the perfect cake for you. The whole coconut itself will be used to get the most coconut flavor you will ever try.

The coconut milk, coconut juice, and coconut flakes greatly compliment the cream cheese frosting and light cake texture that would be a heaven-earth cake for its lovers.

13. Peach Cobbler Pound Cake

softasilk cake flour recipes

Nothing compares to peaches in season. During Summer, the abundance of sweet peaches is harvested, which calls for a Peach Cobbler Pound Cake! We would not want that hard-pound cake; therefore, a soft and lighter topping would need cake flour.

Peaches might be harder to peel than any fruits but believe me, this is worth your time as the recipe itself does not require too much effort. Fancy up your summer nights with the best summer fruit—Peaches!

14. Crispy Classic Waffles

It is nice to wake up in the morning with a hot coffee and a waffle to pump up your day. Truth be told, we crave that crispy-edged waffles with soft insides that are a classic staple for everyone.

This recipe flew all the way from Korea to serve us the best but easy waffle that will only require nine ingredients to win your hearts.

15. Vol-au-Vent Puff Pastry

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Make every day a special day with pastry all the way from the city of love, Paris, France. Vol-au-vents are puff pastries that have a hole in the middle made to be filled with the filling that you prefer.

From its name, as complicated as it sounds, you will need six ingredients to create this and a list of numerous ways to perfect it. For your next dinner night, choose your desired fillings and fancy up that party.

16. Lemon Blueberry Cake

Jazz up that blueberry cake with something tangy! You will need ample ingredients with this; you will especially need to prepare both batter and its frosting.

Truth be told, it is a tedious process to make, but the Sugar geek show made it easier by presenting techniques that could help you prepare this cake! The fresh hint of lemon infused with the blueberry is perfect for summer freshness!

17. Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

swan down cake flour recipes

Treat your taste buds to something dessert-flavored with citrus! The orange will be the star of this dish since it will offer your cupcakes hints of both sweetness and tanginess.

The combination of orange and vanilla flatters them together, especially when it is topped with a soft base cake that would make you stack the secret ingredient–cake flour. Ever thought of a refreshing dessert? This could satisfy your cravings!

18. Tiramisu Cake

Feeling a little bit down? Try Tiramisu. Coming all the way from Italy, Tiramisu is a dessert with a coffee flavor that is served at the end of the meal to hopefully cheer you up.

Tiramisu cakes were invented as an inspiration for Tiramisu as their popularity rose in later years. A Japanese baker developed this recipe, which enhances the flavor of tiramisu while highlighting airy and soft sponge cake made with cake flour. A simple recipe with a fancy taste? Your guest will surely line up for it!

19. Homemade Lemon Meringue Pie

soft as silk cake flour recipes

Are you still using those pre-made pie mixes? This is your sign of stopping and making it from scratch.

This recipe only uses all-natural ingredients and is as easy as 1-2-3! Totally perfect for beginner bakers! It may take ample of your time, but great hard work earns great response too! Serve this dish at your next family dinner, and it is ready to steal everyone’s heart.

20. Japanese Souffle Cheesecake

A delicacy that would surely suit everyone’s pallet. Japanese are famous for their souffle pancakes which are known for their jiggly characteristics—but they have also incorporated them into an actual cake.

This souffle cheesecake has no different from souffle pancakes; It is both fluffy and jiggly. This Japanese baker always uses cake flour in his recipe because of the soft end results it has. Despite its short list of ingredients, it is Simple yet delectable!

Final Thoughts

Cake flour is often depicted as the flour used for cakes, but it is more than that. The list above significantly shows that it can be used to bake cookies, waffles, and pie!

For any occasion, whether parties, bake sales, or just for a snack, a soft and light dessert is the way to go. Therefore, If you have ample cake flour in your pantry, try these 21 Recipes to bake with your cake flour and let us know in the comments how it turned out.

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